"Alientologists" sci-fi short film - DUST Exclusive Premiere

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
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    "Alientologists" by Tyler Rabinowitz
    When Earth no longer exists, neighboring aliens examine human artifacts that float around in its place-like paleontologists learning about ancient ancestors.
    This is the story of a curious alien struggling to fit in with his robotic co-workers and how his accidental discovery of a mysterious box full of noise leads his team to understanding humanity’s most special gift: song and dance.
    More about the film and filmmaker:
    Full Credits:
    Charlie - Danny Gardner
    Adrian - Kurt Csolak
    Rudy - Macy Sullivan
    Young Charlie - Trevor Brooks
    Written & Directed By - Tyler Rabinowitz
    Produced By - Tyler Rabinowitz, Nicole Quintero, Madeline Stephenson, Debbie Walters Associate Producer - Jamie Sweeney
    Director of Photography - Oren Soffer
    Editor - Joanie Educate
    Choreographer & Casting Director - Caleb Teicher
    Production Designer - Mary Kerrigan and Violet Overn
    1st Assistant Director - Adrian Anaya
    2nd Assistant Director - Will Thede
    Gaffer - Jacob Bittens and Leo Purman
    1st Assistant Camera - Alex Schaefer and Ahad Mahmood
    2nd Assistant Camera - Laura Hilliard and Lewie Kloster
    Key Grip - Owen Smith-Clark
    Best Electric - Remington Long
    Dolly Grip - Sam Wolff and Katelyn Rebelo
    Sound Mixer - Julian Cahill and Sam Stevenson-Yang
    Boom Operator - Julian Cahill and Alessandro Altman
    SFX Makeup Designer and Key Stylist - Nicole Melillo
    Assistant to Designer/Stylist - Ben Larned
    HMU Assistants - Ashley Rider and Shivani Shrestha
    Directorial Assistant - Samuel Fischer and Tiffany Liu
    Art Assistant - Zach Nutman, Jeremy Truong, and Claire Stacey
    Miniature Model Design and Build - Nic Rabinowitz and Dashiell Chrisner
    Production Assistants - Richa Lagu, Danielle Juhl, Chandler Garber, Anike Niemeyer, Kyle Sims, and Jack Launder
    DIT - Owen Lazar and Julien Devlin
    On Set Photographer - Tiffany Liu, Shivani Shrestha, Jeremy Truong, Emily Wilson
    Dramaturg - Caroline Casey
    Sound Design & Mix - Will Mayo
    Composer - Rahm Silverglade
    Sound Recording Producer/Engineer - Mickey Alexander
    Assistant to Engineer - Mayra Otsuhone
    Score Transcript - Ryan Tutton
    Score Recording Assistant - Jonathan Evans
    Score Mix and Master - Rahm Silverglade
    Flute and Clarinet - Jasper Dutz
    Trumpet - John Otten
    Saxophone - Daniel Berkey and Joel Steinke
    Trumbone - Nick Lee, Jeffery Miller, Eric Miller
    Color - Erik Choquette
    VFX Supervisor - Josh Depew
    Matte Painting - Tomer Rousso
    Composting - James Hosken, Ben Floss
    Tracking and Compositing - Mathew Roscoe
    GUI and Titles - Nick Tyler
    Creative Advisor - Mary Lambert
    Poster by Nick Tyler
    © Tyler Rabinowitz Films, Inc. 2017
    Made possible with the generous support of Arri Rental, Panavision, the American Tap Dance Foundation, and NYU Tisch School of the Arts.
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Comments • 1 285

  • Martha Gillespie
    Martha Gillespie 20 hours ago

    So that's where all those odd socks went.

  • Acie Farris
    Acie Farris 21 hour ago

    Really, they instantly know how to tap?
    Stupid, am disappointed.

  • Paul W
    Paul W 22 hours ago

    Now, ordinarily I don't post comments or ratings on these short videos/movies, some don't inspire me, some start out good then poop out, or end too soon, or go completely over my head, and some are just plain stupid. And that's where I thought this one was headed but, I still had some ice cream left, so I watched it to the end. I know, I know, nevertheless, this one gets a Damn Good rating! Kudos to the writers, and especially to the aliens with tap shoes on, what a great performance!!! Now go do something better .....!

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott Day ago +1

    Omg at 11:00 they killed that shit! I was so HYPE lol the way they was getting crunk had me so lit bobbling their heads while they gettin off I love it!!

  • Swedish Goat
    Swedish Goat Day ago

    Me wanting to watch aliens re-discover earth:

    Blue man group:
    **tap dance**

  • ikeeptime
    ikeeptime Day ago

    See....our stuff is all aliens want. Build a space wall!

  • richard bidinger
    richard bidinger 2 days ago

    Just like everything DUST shares with us, this was awesome.

  • Ivan Vincent
    Ivan Vincent 2 days ago

    when he loooks outsde the window i expect that they destroyed earth,
    didnt see earth,
    looked closely,
    saw earth destroyed but not by the aliens,
    me not disappointed

  • SuperPorchswing
    SuperPorchswing 2 days ago

    I don't usually drag myself off my ass to comment (although there are many very good films on this channel) but this is one of the best sci-fi shorts I've ever seen. Really smart. Great tap dancing. Kudos.

  • Forever Pink F.
    Forever Pink F. 3 days ago

    A few years after Trumps second election....

  • samantha gregorikosis

    Thzank you. I smiled non stop for 15 minutes. I needed to be up lifted today. You did it. Absolutely fantastic.

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe 3 days ago

    What powered the juke box?

  • M.Fadhil Haekal
    M.Fadhil Haekal 4 days ago

    Why does it has Subtitles ?
    And i like they use Bubblewrap as Rank (i think) . Haha

  • Steve Sheldon
    Steve Sheldon 4 days ago

    Sooooo gay

  • Candice Montgomery
    Candice Montgomery 5 days ago +2

    Bravo!!!!!!!!!! Loved this film. Could not stop smiling

    • DUST
      DUST  5 days ago

      Sci-fi can be fun too

  • Stephen Byron
    Stephen Byron 5 days ago

    744 Justin Beiber fans didnt get it.

  • A G
    A G 5 days ago

    This film is absolute nonsense. However, I still very much enjoyed it and its emotional point is not lost on me.

  • daniela miriam lopes pereira

    they are fired for this job!

  • daniela miriam lopes pereira


  • Nopetard
    Nopetard 6 days ago

    This was absolutely amazing writing. This truly made my night.

  • The Tranquil Tiger
    The Tranquil Tiger 6 days ago +2

    The Blue Man group crossed with that one Star Trek episode with the Ford F-100 in the bay, brilliant XD

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor 7 days ago

    Couldn't stop grinning.

  • Nowl Wane
    Nowl Wane 8 days ago

    In the darkness of space, you must wonder if you're badass enough to withstand the challenges.
    What can destroy a planet? (Warhammer 40k

  • michael wertzy
    michael wertzy 10 days ago

    I like the space-floating "brass ears"!

  • AnnaPxx
    AnnaPxx 10 days ago

    Bet music and dance will be banned in their country/planet. Underground rave parties will be the next step ;-)

  • Kathryn Sheetz
    Kathryn Sheetz 10 days ago

    one of the best! concept, and execution superb

  • Anita Foster
    Anita Foster 11 days ago


  • Richard Emerson
    Richard Emerson 11 days ago

    "After You're Gone" against the sight of destroyed Earth... what other choice is there? But Blue Man Group from Mars (or wherever) is hysterically funny!

  • Bob Gras
    Bob Gras 13 days ago

    Real entertainment while brain piquing the audience is back. nothing from Dust disappoints. Rod Serling, Carol Bernet and Jackie Gleason would approve.

  • The Overling
    The Overling 14 days ago +1


  • cody hacking
    cody hacking 14 days ago


  • jack flak
    jack flak 15 days ago

    It's a groovy thing.....

  • John Chase
    John Chase 15 days ago

    This one was very fun. Nice departure from the usual DUST films.
    Great !

  • RED
    RED 15 days ago

    Loved it Smiled all the way through it So simple, so clever just beautiful

  • csjaugiedog
    csjaugiedog 15 days ago

    Quite well done indeed!!

  • Lasagna !
    Lasagna ! 15 days ago

    This is so cute omg!!!

  • Jim Hiscott
    Jim Hiscott 15 days ago

    Lol. I love it when he gets the idea to put the tapping shoes on his feet lol.

  • Randall Petersen
    Randall Petersen 15 days ago

    Huh. Who knew that even aliens use Detolf display cabinets from Ikea.

  • Infinite Sentient
    Infinite Sentient 16 days ago

    Can't seem to locate my fucks to give for tap dancing

  • Wadinskij
    Wadinskij 16 days ago

    what am i doing here in the middle of the night

  • C S
    C S 17 days ago

    Makeup is rather.... Not applied properly

  • Mark Springstead
    Mark Springstead 17 days ago

    Kree :)

  • smack down76
    smack down76 17 days ago

    By far the best one I've seen so far. Never liked tap dancing up until now. Or maybe I just didn't like humans doing it ?☆☆☆☆☆☆☆👍

  • Colin Palmer
    Colin Palmer 17 days ago

    That was brilliant!

  • Talyn Tedd
    Talyn Tedd 18 days ago +1

    smurfs in spaaaaaaace

  • Mike Flevos
    Mike Flevos 18 days ago

    The dancing aliens face when that next song with the drums comes in😂😂😊

  • ReachingBeyond Skies
    ReachingBeyond Skies 18 days ago

    I could swear their wearing yoga pants

  • Werner Kujnisch
    Werner Kujnisch 19 days ago

    Sub titles would have helped... I can't understand a word they are saying .... LOL.

  • Etan Kohcz
    Etan Kohcz 19 days ago

    Tap,, dancing, ,??, , , too, much, , for me!!!!

  • Etan Kohcz
    Etan Kohcz 19 days ago

    I was waiting, , for them to begin speaking,, , Klingon , ,, , at least,, something , I might,, comprehend!!!!

  • Don't You Dare Subscribe

    Firstly i this short movie stupid and secondly they all sound like minions but stupid !!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 20 days ago

    Wonderful! Thank you for making the world a better place.

  • Jason Fryer
    Jason Fryer 20 days ago

    I was soooo waiting for Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" to come on at the last minute!!!

  • John Childress
    John Childress 21 day ago


  • Wilson Maingrette
    Wilson Maingrette 21 day ago +1

    If u listen closely at 1:44 it said "u little cock" I can not make this up thk me later

  • Kenzi J
    Kenzi J 21 day ago

    I hate to sound racist but sometimes it's hard to tell who is doing what, blue people just all look the same to me.

  • Antonio L
    Antonio L 22 days ago

    It's been said that you can't take it with you. That's why God created Antique Collectors. and as the blue face alien glances out into space towards our planet he wonders what type of people were they did you create such beauty? The reality is and more than likely blew themselves up.

  • Diana Mariño
    Diana Mariño 22 days ago

    COOL, ME GUSTA!!! ∆

  • Fiona Cahill
    Fiona Cahill 22 days ago

    Wonderful fun film.

  • rmyAddison
    rmyAddison 24 days ago +1

    Loved it.....silly, happy, talent.......made me smile !~!~!

  • KaijuGamer
    KaijuGamer 24 days ago

    Defidently sharing this

  • SmartK8
    SmartK8 24 days ago

    Story is the tap dancing and music went viral that year on Xaralon VII.

  • Tesparg
    Tesparg 25 days ago

    guy who wrote this was smoking some superstar shit stuff....sublime

  • kirk kopak
    kirk kopak 25 days ago

    what are we trying to sell here? shoes, cd's, a cleaning service?

  • Miriam Millen
    Miriam Millen 26 days ago

    How can you not love tap-dancing aliens?! Thank you for making me smile.

  • Multiverse 44
    Multiverse 44 27 days ago

    Freaks out when seeing a jukebox lol

  • Phinehas Priest
    Phinehas Priest 27 days ago +1

    Dust makes 3 kinds of films:
    1) a complete short film.
    2) a series of events that seems like they just pulled an incomplete clip out from a film.
    3} random nonsense as an artsy fartsy collage apparently intending to be thought provoking but failing.
    This was a #1

  • David Rominger
    David Rominger 27 days ago

    In the final analysis, at least we got music right.

  • Youtubewithisaac
    Youtubewithisaac 27 days ago

    Proposterous and delightful. This was brilliant and had me smiling the whole way through

  • jfcc9086
    jfcc9086 28 days ago

    The car plate was upside down. They could not read or understand the culture. What do they get. Music. I wished for 80' rock lol, I got a tap dance. Fair enough! Good one!

  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor 28 days ago

    I pretty much forgot they weren't blue aliens for a bit. Till he looked out at Earth.

  • max Payne
    max Payne 28 days ago

    Wildly imaginative and excellently acted much better than the doom and gloom of so much sci fi

  • Doug G
    Doug G 28 days ago


  • Ildefonso Perez
    Ildefonso Perez 29 days ago

    Best thing I've seen in ages. It just deserves an Oscar or whatever. This is art, comedy, musical, universal, eternal. And the most important: full of love. That little thing we all are desperately searching.
    It is true that there are many similarities with the Blue Man Group but still a piece of genuine art.
    Right now, Im going to watch it again: I need it.

  • Cedrexic Moseley
    Cedrexic Moseley Month ago

    Dust is running out of imagination

  • Vincent Lajoie
    Vincent Lajoie Month ago

    Blue Man's untitled for very advertised treky people..

  • VideoGameGeek1970
    VideoGameGeek1970 Month ago

    Amazing short!

  • Lou Cifer
    Lou Cifer Month ago

    Now if only we could insure that music was the biggest legacy aliens would ever inherit from mankind
    Thatd be great, , ,

  • lw216316
    lw216316 Month ago

    Years ago there was a TV movie about aliens who picked up signals from Earth. They came to Earth to visit. The reason? Not to conquer, not to explore, etc....it was because they loved to laugh and they had picked up TV signals of old comedy shows.

    So who did they contact when they came to Earth? Not politicians or scientists etc. Nope, they got in touch with 'ordinary Earthlings who loved to laugh.

    Unusual and clever, that one. And this one too.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Month ago

    Don't ever make another musical again. If you do. I'll never watch another video. FIRE the morons that wrote this!!!

  • Haunani Pao
    Haunani Pao Month ago

    The language of music and dance is all about joy of expression, regardless of species. :) well done. I really enjoyed the imaginative set design.

  • Daniel Triplett
    Daniel Triplett Month ago

    Great short film, Laughed my butt off, they found something wonderful on our dying little planet

    I AM KURGAN Month ago

    Its the alien cletus! Deliverance in space! Lmao

  • edesir
    edesir Month ago

    Weird how I understood them better than the people I work with everyday.

  • paul coulthard
    paul coulthard Month ago


  • dewfall56
    dewfall56 Month ago

    I guess aliens might appreciate human art like music and dance. I’m surprised there was no old car floating around out there.

  • Bobby Cullari
    Bobby Cullari Month ago +1

    I was hoping they's beam a nuke aboard...

  • jim johhnston
    jim johhnston Month ago


  • acemax2803
    acemax2803 Month ago +1

    I think the (made-up) moral of the story is that you can study something so seriously, but we need to be reminded that it’s also worth enjoying the process

  • justachick
    justachick Month ago +1

    absolutely brilliant! Loved every bit of it!

  • 1 Happy GUY
    1 Happy GUY Month ago +1

    Loved IT!!! Very Entertaining and Fresh!!!

  • Omtatsatup
    Omtatsatup Month ago

    gravity nil levity one

  • Alex Dobre
    Alex Dobre Month ago

    Ahhhh woof woof!

  • BlueScreenOfDead
    BlueScreenOfDead Month ago

    no wonder soundsystems are getting so good for the last years here, ET wants to tap dance trough the galaxy and brings joy to everyone !

  • Marcus Foxelhaus
    Marcus Foxelhaus Month ago

    That was sooooo different. I loved it :-D

  • Gender Solid
    Gender Solid Month ago

    Watched this on my t.v so only came back for the comments,so many serious people man lighten up it's entertainment not a documentary! I enjoyed it,very original.

  • j v
    j v Month ago

    your future is dust

  • Paul Goodwill
    Paul Goodwill Month ago +1

    A bit silly sit quite enjoyable :)

  • oterra64
    oterra64 Month ago

    Too amazing

  • Ashley Kirlew
    Ashley Kirlew Month ago

    Super cute ❤️