Hela | Marvel 101

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • As the powerful goddess of death, Hela believes that her dominion knows no bounds. This week on Marvel 101, witness the clash of the Asgardians and test how far the rule of Death can reach.
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Comments • 445

  • Kategari
    Kategari 8 days ago

    Mmm, someone's lookin' Hela Fine

  • Shailee Dalwadi
    Shailee Dalwadi Month ago

    Daughter of Loki???

  • radha rajeshsrimathy
    radha rajeshsrimathy Month ago +1

    Who is marvel fan put a like

  • SouL 2k
    SouL 2k Month ago

    she had some big purple D

  • Ana AM
    Ana AM Month ago +4

    bring her back to the mcu

  • Anton A.
    Anton A. Month ago +3

    Cursing Thor with immortal life was creepy. I remember reading that issue as a kid and being genuinely terrified of that idea.


    Muslim MÜSLİMAN IM Türk üm ve olan varmı ?

  • Sunny Manohar
    Sunny Manohar Month ago +2

    So that’s why Thanos came as soon as possible after Hela died

  • Ajgar Bhai
    Ajgar Bhai Month ago

    hela x thanos

  • SmileFlowerTV
    SmileFlowerTV Month ago +1

    Will Hela come back in A4? I think Hela was discovered by Thanos in the Asgasd ruins. But I think Hela went to find something for Thanos that didn't appear in A3. If there is no infinity stone, I think Thanos is not Hela's opponent.

    • Chiamaka Lesedi
      Chiamaka Lesedi 16 days ago

      I want Hela back in Avengers EndGame! She deserves more screentime than 15 minutes in a movie for 2 hours because we have not seen her full potential. If she is truly dead then what a weak the imagination to have Hela for just one movie! But If Thor could survived in space and could survived to a star then Hela could've survived too. I want to see more of her evilness and baddass behaviour.

    • 2 Dumme 1 Gedanke
      2 Dumme 1 Gedanke Month ago


  • Slicky Saturn
    Slicky Saturn Month ago +5

    THANOS and HELLA sitting on a bench and KISSING😂😂

  • sohaib ahmed
    sohaib ahmed Month ago +2

    She is hela strong

  • Benjamin Noel Caro
    Benjamin Noel Caro Month ago +2

    When Hela seems like the goddess from shadow fight 😅😅

  • TheWalkingMad
    TheWalkingMad Month ago +1

    Theres a new endgame trailer out

  • Muddassir L.
    Muddassir L. Month ago


  • Venkat Ads
    Venkat Ads Month ago

    How the tesret came out from gosse

  • Fantasy Wizard Of Imagination

    Hela should totally be the mcu’s version of lady death!

  • The Gray Ghost
    The Gray Ghost Month ago +2

    the real Viking Mythology Loki is not the Adopted son of Odin or the brother of Thor he was a servant that turned evil.He had 4 Children one son Nari to his wife Sigyn and 3 children to a frost giant named Jotunn a daughter Hela a giant Serpent Jormungandr and a Giant Wolf Fenrir. 🐍🐺
    Yes the Giant Wolf Fenrir Was Loki's Son as Well. 🐺😮🐺
    P.S. Viking Mythology Thor has as a brother called Tyr.

    THE GAMEREZ Month ago

    0:10 hela is daughter of look 😂😂

  • md nadeem
    md nadeem Month ago +1

    Confirmed: Hela in end game...

  • Anantha Krishnan
    Anantha Krishnan Month ago

    Daughter of who??

  • Murugan CR7
    Murugan CR7 Month ago

    I will be waiting to April 29 for Avengers 4 Endgame💖💖

  • Girish Savant
    Girish Savant Month ago

    We want trailer 2

  • Girish Savant
    Girish Savant Month ago +1

    Plz when will avengers tv spot will come

  • RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
    RedmiNote5Pro Gaming Month ago +2

    Hela be back on Endgame

  • Angel Alejandro Pulido Ahuja

    9 marvel series for kids no for adults please

  • Ethan Soderstrom
    Ethan Soderstrom Month ago

    It would've been a whole lot better if they made her Loki's daughter in the movie Ragnorok

  • Matheus Lisboa
    Matheus Lisboa Month ago

    Eu criei um personagem chamado Ultra ele é irmão da Capitã Marvel 😥😥😥😥😭

  • Jirayut Pumpoung
    Jirayut Pumpoung Month ago

    I wanna see Super Giant (Black Order) in Avengers Endgame.

  • Lovewith Koenigsegg
    Lovewith Koenigsegg Month ago +2

    I like cate blanchett

  • Dipali Mahata
    Dipali Mahata Month ago

    Post some comics free in Google play

  • Dalton Roller
    Dalton Roller Month ago

    This was a LOT darker than Hela in Thor: Ragnarok

  • Gir
    Gir Month ago +1


  • UD Prime
    UD Prime Month ago

    Hela was the daugter of odin

  • Homicidal Daddy
    Homicidal Daddy Month ago +1

    I was curious how she'd interact with Thanos given she's waaay stronger than MCU Thor but also wants to rule the world and like, I was not expecting to find out they got down like that in the comics LOL.

  • Rahul Upadhyay
    Rahul Upadhyay Month ago +1

    Omg hela is daughter of loki

  • miranda agustin
    miranda agustin Month ago

    I made hero hello marvel

  • miranda agustin
    miranda agustin Month ago

    Hello marvel

  • ZekromInfinty
    ZekromInfinty Month ago

    Wtf i thought she was daughter of Odin i seriously hate when they change stories for movies and stuff

  • Avent
    Avent Month ago


  • Logan Snelbaker
    Logan Snelbaker Month ago +1

    I was wondering who she would team with in end game

  • Raptor 667
    Raptor 667 Month ago +1

    Finally Hela’s true family is back, why they changed it for the films was just pointless and unnecessary.

  • Raj zs
    Raj zs Month ago +1

    Plz drop avengers end game trailer 2...

  • Juan Leiva
    Juan Leiva Month ago

    I want to see Angela and Enchantress in the MCU.

  • Mikey Dog
    Mikey Dog Month ago

    So, nothing like that idiotic MCU Ragnarok film then. Possibly the worst MCU film they've made so far.

  • Mother Chaos
    Mother Chaos Month ago +2

    Question: Why did you change Hela's origins for the Ragnarok movie?

  • Ahmet Muhammet Tutkun

    Yok A101 amk

  • Lucas Nascimento
    Lucas Nascimento Month ago

    They changed her father in Ragnarok. In the movie, Odin is her father but in the comics is Loki. I don't know why they changed it...

  • Mason Kitchens
    Mason Kitchens Month ago

    this video hela short

  • Chiamaka Lesedi
    Chiamaka Lesedi Month ago

    Hela deserves more screentime than 15 minutes in a movie for 2 hours because we have not seen her full potential. I want her back so much!

  • Inflameddrip 180
    Inflameddrip 180 Month ago


  • True Army
    True Army Month ago +1

    India se ho Bhai hamare group ko join kro T series ko support kro👍

  • Eclipsical
    Eclipsical Month ago

    It would've cost you zero dollars not to show Hela and Thanos kissing yet you still did it and now I need intense therapy--.

    HAIDER JAWADWALA Month ago +3

    Hey marvel
    I really wish i could see spiderman's superior spiderman comic in a movie

    Wish although

  • Azoz Azoz
    Azoz Azoz Month ago +6

    Hey look at Loki's daughter!
    (Or Loki's "creation" i guess)

  • Nitish Kumar
    Nitish Kumar Month ago

    movies are good.. comics are for kids 🤣🤣

  • Cylie Myrus
    Cylie Myrus Month ago

    I come to YT for background noise, not to read. Would've gotten a book if i wanted to read

  • ya boi krudley
    ya boi krudley Month ago

    this video is hela good ;)

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez Month ago

    In the MCU she was Odin's daughter, sister to Thor 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jojo 1961
    Jojo 1961 Month ago

    So they pretty much confirm offcial that hela is loki daughter in the comics now, anyway if only hela had white eyes and a really full horn helmet then she would be cooler or she should be ruling hel then the whole invade asgards with laser guns crap that the film did.

  • Diwaker
    Diwaker Month ago

    Is it in any way related avengers 4??

  • Noey Black Official
    Noey Black Official Month ago +1

    I can't wait to watching avengers endgame movie.....

    ÎRØÑ PÅTRÎØT Month ago

    Avengers trailer 2 please

  • Winter Stranger
    Winter Stranger Month ago

    What!..Thor is the uncle of Hela!

  • UNKNOWN error
    UNKNOWN error Month ago +4

    Excuse me, I have the hall print of Captain Marvel. Can I upload on my RU-clip channel?

    • Rohit kadian
      Rohit kadian Month ago +2

      upload on any torrent
      give me the link

    BSJ IN YO HOUSE Month ago +3

    Hela good looking:)

  • Kx Entertainment
    Kx Entertainment Month ago

    Helloouu we alll want a neww extended endgame trailer !!!!!i m a greatest marvel studio fan..release as soon as posssible please🤯

  • Redha A Rachman
    Redha A Rachman Month ago +2

    *Both greens, make sense* 😉😅

  • Terrl 783
    Terrl 783 Month ago +3

    I can't believe Hela destroyed Thor's Hammer in Thor: Ragnarok

  • Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad Month ago

    Hela is daughter of Loki.

  • D. E.
    D. E. Month ago

    The amount of simple casuals here in the comments is honestly disappointing lol

  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand Month ago

    What the Hela..😋

  • sithlordsoup
    sithlordsoup Month ago

    Cate Blanchett was hott in Thor 3.

  • sylvester war bringer
    sylvester war bringer Month ago +4

    So both the mythology and comic says Hela was the daughter of Loki.. then why they changed it in the movie?
    It like how Jane Foster is Thor's girl but myth says Sif.. weird relationships xD

  • BarruRaihan
    BarruRaihan Month ago

    I love u Marvel 👏💕

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen Month ago

      I love Marvel too.❤️What I hate is Marvel Studios.💔

  • Thammathat Sappasiri
    Thammathat Sappasiri Month ago +15

    Hela was always loki duaghter they change for the movie

  • jimmy just jeremy
    jimmy just jeremy Month ago +30

    Here come the thirst comments about Blanchett

  • Albergue wM
    Albergue wM Month ago

    Endgame trailer 2 please

  • Israel Raju
    Israel Raju Month ago

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  • Israel Raju
    Israel Raju Month ago

    Like my comment

  • Harvey Whittle
    Harvey Whittle Month ago +2

    I was watching Thor Ragnarok as this came into my notification box

  • sangam sahu
    sangam sahu Month ago +1

    𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔠𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔶 𝔟𝔢𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔡 𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔨𝔰 𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔰𝔬𝔟𝔢𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔫 𝔶𝔬𝔲!”

  • just for beginners
    just for beginners Month ago +2

    Seriously dudes ???? How how Hela is daughter if Loki ?!?!!!

    • Morningstar
      Morningstar Month ago

      She is daughter of loki, in Greek mythology and comics.

    • Redha A Rachman
      Redha A Rachman Month ago +1

      *Both greens* 😉

    • raja vignesh
      raja vignesh Month ago

      In comics Hela is daughter of loki , they changed it for the movie.

    GOD FELLA Month ago +5

    How Many of you Waiting for AVENGERS 4 😀


    • Vansh Shukla
      Vansh Shukla Month ago

      I am waiting for Avengers End Game just After Avengers infnity war shows end in theatre in 2018.

  • 1k subscribers
    1k subscribers Month ago +2

    Where is avengers 4 trailer 2??

  • TheMagicManInTheSky
    TheMagicManInTheSky Month ago +170

    Hela is the daughter of Loki in the comics and the mythos,they changed it for the movie

    • Lock .e
      Lock .e Month ago

      Anton A. Yeah and remember how no one cared about them

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. Month ago

      +Kusum Papneja, Thor Ragnarok made Marvel comics' greatest hero, a guy who could destroy planets with a single blow, into a jester. Don't forget how that movie killed Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun. Pathetic. These three are Thor's brothers in arms. Their deaths deserve to be gut-wrenching, not cringe-inducing.

    • Kusum Papneja
      Kusum Papneja Month ago

      +Anton A. thor Ragnarok was awesome!!!! Better than ur shitty dc's batman!

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. Month ago

      +Lock .e, Thor The Dark World was not dark, despite dark being in its title. It was the opposite. It had terrible humor throughout the entire movie. The movie even tried to make Loki's death comedic. Thor works as a dark character, and decades of great comic book stories prove that. Just read Thor: Vikings by Garth Ennis. It's the darkest, goriest Thor story ever, and it's great.

    • Lock .e
      Lock .e Month ago

      Niar Thunder you remember what happened when Thor went dark cough cough Thor the dark world and everyone hated it

  • Vox
    Vox Month ago

    The daughter of LOKI? WHAT?

    • Vox
      Vox Month ago

      I will, I followed the movies until now, she was shown to be the daughter of Odin in Thor : Ragnarok

    • Morningstar
      Morningstar Month ago

      Or the mythology.

    • Morningstar
      Morningstar Month ago

      Read comics.

  • Narava Tanishk
    Narava Tanishk Month ago


  • Ugbemugbem Osas
    Ugbemugbem Osas Month ago +71

    What were you the God of again?

  • trex advent
    trex advent Month ago

    Is she better at being Thor's big sister or Loki's daughter?

  • trex advent
    trex advent Month ago +1

    Is she better at being Thor's big sister or Loki's daughter?

  • Arnaud Brz
    Arnaud Brz Month ago +5

    I would love to see her again (in Avengers 4 ?) :(

    • Chiamaka Lesedi
      Chiamaka Lesedi Month ago

      Me too! She deserves more screentime than 15 minutes in a movie for 2 hours because we have not seen her full potential, I love her so much

  • Appsro Gaming
    Appsro Gaming Month ago

    This isn't endgame trailer

  • trex advent
    trex advent Month ago

    What would happen if she fought Thanos? Are we going to see her return in the MCU?

  • Strider Xanthos
    Strider Xanthos Month ago

    Had no idea Hela was the daughter of Loki, guess the MCU must've changed that. I like how they handled her in Ragnorak. Actually if they make another Marvel vs Capcom game far in the future, I'd love to see her playable or as a boss battle somewhere down the line especially when she has a cameo in Hsien Ko's Arcade ending.

  • Bueno Facundo
    Bueno Facundo Month ago +18

    Drop Avengers Endgame Official Trailer 2, It's gonna big hit

  • olytomliger 007
    olytomliger 007 Month ago

    hela the daughter of loki that is very wrong and i say omg

  • Lakshya Apurva
    Lakshya Apurva Month ago

    I don't think hela is Loki's daughter??


    love from India, Marvel Entertainment

  • Mokshit shah
    Mokshit shah Month ago

    How can hella be loki's daughter??