JC and Joey (Singing Bee Parody)

  • Опубликовано: 26 ноя 2007
  • Joey Fatone 11/26/07, with surprise guest none other than the AMAZING JC Chasez. :)

    Credit goes to thepassionatefan.net, I'm just uploading it so those with dialup or other slow connections can enjoy.

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  • Headcartoon
    Headcartoon 5 месяцев назад

    They never use that other guy from the band.

  • SKiNNY
    SKiNNY 9 месяцев назад +4

    This is the first time I hear Joey actually singing

  • Courtmillett94
    Courtmillett94 9 месяцев назад +2

    My two favorites from *NSYNC 😘😘

  • Kevin Howard
    Kevin Howard 11 месяцев назад +1

    10 years later Ellen is STILL owning it. I think the name of this video should be "Try not to sing along"

  • Ryno Scheepers
    Ryno Scheepers 11 месяцев назад

    lol Joey is a typical fun dad

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique Год назад

    I got the most of them right. #proud

  • Konsker
    Konsker Год назад

    love nsync

  • kola bear
    kola bear Год назад

    The funniest thing about this video is that the Ellen show has been going for at least 10 years?!?!

  • lewisalpha911
    lewisalpha911 Год назад

    That's what you get for making music more than listening to it. It's okay..

  • Taliya R
    Taliya R Год назад +6

    Awh you can tell they missed each other so much and that JC doesn't listen to much mainstream music lmao.

  • Shayne Butler
    Shayne Butler Год назад +1

    Joey had an edge

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Год назад +3

    1:37 I wonder if picked up that dance move from N'SYNC because it's one of my go toos lololol

  • Mourie Kwin
    Mourie Kwin 2 года назад +9

    JC is so cute

  • Ricky Tjahyadi
    Ricky Tjahyadi 2 года назад +34

    JC was so sexy and still sexy now!

  • Cynthia Suell
    Cynthia Suell 2 года назад +102

    Hot damn JC is so sexy!!!

  • Martin Kreps
    Martin Kreps 2 года назад +1

    To me much more? It's "You know I loved you more". LOL!

  • H Zaragoza
    H Zaragoza 2 года назад +20

    I remember when Joey was on an episode of Hannah Montana xD

    • TheSimsCrafter
      TheSimsCrafter Год назад

      It was called "Bye Bye Ball".

    • Deven Thomas
      Deven Thomas 2 года назад +2

      yesssss 😍 beautiful

    • michelle august
      michelle august 2 года назад +6

      He was on a few episodes playing the owner of an italian restaurant

    • H Zaragoza
      H Zaragoza 2 года назад

      +codysimpon1231 It should be somewhere on RU-clip. Just type in "Joey Fatone on Hannah Montana."

    • R S
      R S 2 года назад

      what?! which one?!

  • Bea A
    Bea A 2 года назад +56

    Haha, they are so funny! And JC is so hot! I usually don't like when guys wear tight pants, but on JC I'll make an exception!

  • Sam Nick
    Sam Nick 2 года назад +19

    JC remember nothing hahaha

  • Annika Marie
    Annika Marie 3 года назад +43


    • CaapriceTube
      CaapriceTube 2 дня назад

      Oh man, yeah I really feel for you 2000s babies.
      I was 13 when they went on "hiatus".
      At least you didnt have to wake up early in the morning to tape music videos on a VHS tape.
      All you know is RU-clip.

    • Sandra Bustillo
      Sandra Bustillo Год назад +2


    • luchiane
      luchiane Год назад +1

      Annika Marie I feel so old!!! 😩😩😩😩

    • #MissKingdomVII
      #MissKingdomVII Год назад +9

      God you just made me feel old. LOL

    • Trinity Boo
      Trinity Boo 3 года назад +1

      +Lexi Greinke same

  • carolyn oosterbaan
    carolyn oosterbaan 3 года назад +8

    Omg, Joey, how could you screw up "Heard It Through The Grapevine?!"

  • Awfully Nice
    Awfully Nice 3 года назад +26

    its 2015. Joey hugging JC and I AM CRYING! :'(

  • angela fuentes
    angela fuentes 3 года назад +33

    Ellen should have just given them both NSYNC songs :)

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B 4 года назад +17

    JC obviously doesn't listen to much music haha!

  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 4 года назад +33

    Joey was always the fat one. It's kinda rude to make him make it his last name tho. Joey FAT ONE.

    • Tinker B
      Tinker B Год назад +8

      Joey was actually skinny at first. He got fat with the second album.

    • mochi
      mochi 4 года назад +30

      yeah same with lance... he has to sing bass because he's a Bass

  • crazyjoce
    crazyjoce 4 года назад +7

    That was fun for me! There should be some kinda take home game like this...

  • Indy The Great
    Indy The Great 4 года назад +49

    The 2 best singers in Nsync in my opinion. Just listen to Joey's verse in "I Thought She Knew"

    • Takeme Rightnow
      Takeme Rightnow Год назад +3

      And the verses of It's Christmas from their Christmas album.

  • J StarMoore
    J StarMoore 4 года назад +72

    JC IS SOOOO HOT w that 14 yr old girl waist!

    • Noel Bolin
      Noel Bolin 10 дней назад +1


    • Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker Месяц назад

      J StarMoore You are jealous !

    • Deven Thomas
      Deven Thomas Год назад

      J StarMoore well ok then😊😂

    • RocketRoketto
      RocketRoketto 4 года назад +9

      +Johnny Pineda hun, you dont have to tell me twice. i second this ;)

    • J StarMoore
      J StarMoore 4 года назад +9

      +RocketRoketto UGH hes smoking. i have had many wet dreams about that man when he came out on nsync, i was like 10. *sigggh* i cuddled my pillow pretending it was him.

  • kycologist
    kycologist 4 года назад +34

    Joey is so silly lol. They did give him the easy ones but idk why I thought JC would beat him with his eclectic music taste.

  • Edrolin Moises
    Edrolin Moises 4 года назад +64

    JC is so sexy!

  • RazorbladeGirly
    RazorbladeGirly 4 года назад +10

    Guess who's winning!

  • Kenneth Coleman
    Kenneth Coleman 5 лет назад +51

    They gave Joey ALL the easy songs -_-

  • ceivaz
    ceivaz 5 лет назад +16

    Omg Joey is so funny and sweet! He was my favorite of the Nsync boys but my cousin always tried to pressure me into liking Justin...lol

  • adhilAKApeekaboo
    adhilAKApeekaboo 5 лет назад

    well guess you were wrong! thankfully :)

  • Mirna Mercuri
    Mirna Mercuri 5 лет назад +3

    OMG joey has a voice

  • amber kline
    amber kline 5 лет назад +1

    The vma's with was just it in one video jc said there isn't gonna be a tour aren't recording

  • nd674
    nd674 5 лет назад +4

    The VMA awards proved otherwise. It was Justin's show but he was generous enough to reunite the group although it was for a short time but it was still awesome :)

  • Shar Babe
    Shar Babe 5 лет назад +7


  • Siren
    Siren 5 лет назад

    lmao so funny

  • kinkleXberry
    kinkleXberry 5 лет назад

    I hope so, too, however BSB didn't exactly 'come back' from anything: The only difference is that Kevin returned.

  • Angela Villanueva
    Angela Villanueva 5 лет назад +1

    well they had a reunion for the vma show this year

  • Tiana Saunders
    Tiana Saunders 5 лет назад

    that account has been deactivated

  • 90sTeenPopGeneration
    90sTeenPopGeneration 5 лет назад

    Is true but and now? xD lol Is the same 90 seconds of "reunion" vmas

  • StrangR Bird
    StrangR Bird 5 лет назад +1

    C'mon people! Why all the guys did such hype with making an official NSYNC twitter and so on? Why Lance Bass haven't stopped raving all the time about the guys since the VMA? Don't wanna be fool, but they're hiding a secret. Do you remember? JC denied even the VMA reunion and see what happened! ;)

  • Tee Ow
    Tee Ow 5 лет назад

    say what ?

  • Jordan Groff
    Jordan Groff 5 лет назад +3

    Hope they have a comback tour just like backstreet boys

  • Jordan Groff
    Jordan Groff 5 лет назад

    Hell yeah they actually did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • experiment0003
    experiment0003 5 лет назад +6

    they're reuniting for JT. Once again, It's all about Justin Timberlake.

    • Michael B
      Michael B Год назад

      experiment0003 they all say there’s no resentment but it’s so obvious JT doesn’t want to be associated with *NSYNC anymore

  • Trung Dung
    Trung Dung 5 лет назад +1

    lol can't help laughing at Joey 1:38 lollll

  • Tinker B
    Tinker B 5 лет назад +2

    Joey has the second best voice of NSYNC

  • Tinker B
    Tinker B 5 лет назад +2

    Er, Like A Virgin is from the 80s and Bye Bye Bye is from the 00s lol.

  • Josh Gubbins
    Josh Gubbins 5 лет назад +1

    It's funny how they were to sing 90s songs, but since you've been gone is by Kelly clarkson, and I have nothing against her, but she became a star when season 1 of American Idol ended

  • prettyinthepink77
    prettyinthepink77 5 лет назад +1

    that awkward moment when a lot of these songs are in pitch perfect...

  • Emma Perkins
    Emma Perkins 5 лет назад +1

    if only NSYNC could be reunited. this I could wish they could promise

  • Michael I. Haber
    Michael I. Haber 5 лет назад +7

    Now get Justin, Chris, and Lance to join them!! Like this if you think there should be an NSYNC reunion tour?!!

  • kasey1905
    kasey1905 5 лет назад +4

    Joeys all like "I can never do a gotdamn thing without one of these a-holes showing up!'

  • mileycyrusfan197
    mileycyrusfan197 6 лет назад +1

    love how joey also knows the lyrics to since you been gone

  • kaz her
    kaz her 6 лет назад

    "every little thing i do never seen enough for you" I miss the old NSYNC days... I never got the chance to see them live in concert..

    TASHA SPIZELLI 6 лет назад

    Joey fatone sounded way better than JC... Italian represent.

  • Lauren Paton
    Lauren Paton 6 лет назад +1

    I fangirled so hard just now. THEY ARE MY TWO FAVORITES!

  • halofreak4t5
    halofreak4t5 6 лет назад +1

    I agree so much, I'd trade that Bieber kid for some god given boyband talent such as N'Sync any day of the week

  • Helena Malina
    Helena Malina 6 лет назад +2

    Believe me, you're not the only one :'(

  • Fleur
    Fleur 6 лет назад +4

    jcs pants o_O

    • anne sison
      anne sison Год назад

      Is hot. Was hot. Whatever. Haha

  • Stephanie Alaia
    Stephanie Alaia 6 лет назад +1

    @thenewdonoffilm and it's Fa Tone not fat one if your hater get off the page!

  • Stephanie Alaia
    Stephanie Alaia 6 лет назад +1

    OMG why can't they reunite already i love and miss my boys sooo much

  • thenewdonoffilm
    thenewdonoffilm 6 лет назад

    It always funny that the Fat One in NYSNC was Joey FATONE... HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • mkd937
    mkd937 6 лет назад +2

    Let's all take a minute, and thank Ellen DeGeneres.

  • MrNoize44
    MrNoize44 6 лет назад +15

    JC is still fucking hot!!!!

  • Bridgette
    Bridgette 6 лет назад

    That would be amazing :o omfg.

  • allistar34
    allistar34 6 лет назад +1

    joey still got pipes!

  • guiltypleasure131
    guiltypleasure131 6 лет назад +1

    JC you suck at this but you are still HOTTTT!

  • Ro Mont
    Ro Mont 6 лет назад +6


  • Kalyov
    Kalyov 6 лет назад +1

    aw thats so cute, look at them together!

  • Bobsworld76
    Bobsworld76 6 лет назад +1

    Why don't they just get back together and replace Justin. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to replace one person. It might even be better.

  • monkookoo
    monkookoo 6 лет назад

    this made me laugh seeing them together =)

  • gigi coffe
    gigi coffe 6 лет назад +4

    i love JC but he really suks at this game....!!

  • ziled023
    ziled023 6 лет назад

    well who knew justin and jc both lesbians. lol. love my boys though

  • ShiningLily3
    ShiningLily3 7 лет назад +2

    I've...never heard Joey actually sing by himself before. He's not bad. :3

  • KeniaF2010
    KeniaF2010 7 лет назад +2

    Oh Ellen, why do you torture us so!? N'sync come back to us who still believe!!! :'(

  • Helena Pappagianis
    Helena Pappagianis 7 лет назад +1

    Joey didnt seem to thrilled that jc was on He was just like 'mhm'.I love joeys voice,hes got some amazing pipes on him.He was always my favorite&wish he got more spotlight in nsync days.JC&JT ALWAYS outshined him.He never even got solos in their songs.Even now, ellen brings JC on to outshine him, thinking we wont tune in JUST for joey. Well we would. I hope at least this proves that Joey CAN shine.This was just a little peak of how good he can sing. &I LOVED it and LOVE him, always =]

  • Augiegrl12
    Augiegrl12 7 лет назад +7

    Oh god! 2 hot NSYNC members! YEOW! JC you are forever the hottest NSYNC member. But Joey, you've gotten good looking!

  • Jaida Blizard
    Jaida Blizard 7 лет назад +2

    I love JC. He failed so bad though haha. I'm only 13 and I knew those lyrics

  • Monbebe88
    Monbebe88 7 лет назад +1

    Joey will always be my favorite member of Nsync

  • Lee Wang
    Lee Wang 7 лет назад

    how can they sing it wrong? they sing those songs for a living...

  • twixxygirl67
    twixxygirl67 7 лет назад

    @Lexiisays hahhahahaha thats just jc i looooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee HIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

  • D.S MIN
    D.S MIN 7 лет назад +5

    JC is very cool. 너무 멋있어^^

  • Tum Izzy
    Tum Izzy 7 лет назад +1

    i feel like i want to Grab Joey Fatone Crotch XD

  • Adirondaque
    Adirondaque 7 лет назад

    Joey aka The Fat One! (TY Robot Chicken)

  • roseanne !!!
    roseanne !!! 7 лет назад +9

    lol JC"You gave the kid 'Bye Bye Bye'" :D

  • Denski Den
    Denski Den 7 лет назад +1

    What song it is at 1:48 that JC got??

    • Taliya R
      Taliya R Год назад

      Denski Den
      Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson

  • HiHai Ladi
    HiHai Ladi 7 лет назад +1

    After the break up of the group, I've seen JC making appearances with Joey and Justin many times. With Lance, he's still buddy buddy with Joey BUT I've never seen any of the four with Chris out in the public spot light any more. Why is that?

  • lilreject88
    lilreject88 7 лет назад +1

    Came across this last night and it honestly made my night!

  • Jordan maxwell
    Jordan maxwell 7 лет назад +5

    Jc is so cute

  • fireworksandsunshine
    fireworksandsunshine 7 лет назад +1

    Haha ily Joey XD

  • Bridgette
    Bridgette 7 лет назад +2

    Omfg. JC looks so sexy here.

  • MLA786zasy
    MLA786zasy 7 лет назад +3

    @TheoHektor joey got rlly fat in the later yrs of nsync, sorry 2 say it, but now he just luks old. JC is sooo effin cut nd beautiful, aged like fine wine ;)) like a tall glass a wine ;) also, joey is actin a lil immature here, jumpin around while JC was calm and collected and hottt ;))

  • digthewarmth
    digthewarmth 7 лет назад +7

    She could be my wh*re? LOL
    Joey's awesome and JC is so cute.

  • clayufcmusicfan
    clayufcmusicfan 7 лет назад +6

    Look at the look on joeys face when jc enters,just reunite already you know in your hearts you want too. They are all brothers on the inside.

  • Javonte Treble
    Javonte Treble 7 лет назад +1

    ♪somethin' I bought in the store♪ LMAO

  • NostalgicNatasha
    NostalgicNatasha 7 лет назад +3

    @sydward01 I usually hate when men wear those, but on JC, I don't mind at all. :-)