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Official Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
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  • Call of Duty
    Call of Duty  Month ago +3242

    What are you most excited about in #ModernWarfare2? 👀

  • PlayedByRunE
    PlayedByRunE Month ago +11288

    Edit: did not expect this many reactions and I can't reply to everyone, so shout out to everybody that contributes to keeping the campaigns alive!!
    Original Comment:
    so happy to see that younger people still care about campaigns, the hardest thing about being a 30+ yr old gamer is that you aren't the target audience anymore, the devs cater to a younger crowd, so im happy that the younger COD crowd is still into what im into

    • Mr GoatFish
      Mr GoatFish Month ago

      as a 32 year old i feel the same.

    • Thiru Anand
      Thiru Anand Month ago

      Thanks for praising younger cod players
      We'll never let campaign to die

    • SpeedingPodli
      SpeedingPodli Month ago +2

      Campaign = The best.

    • Joca Martins
      Joca Martins Month ago

      campaign> multiplayer

    • Sam Walton
      Sam Walton Month ago

      The campaigns are why I play COD.

  • Popudopulus
    Popudopulus Month ago +68

    I love to play the campaign to get to know the characters, the journey you go through with them in the story, and a feel for the new weapons. I've told my boss I need 3 days off to make a website, but really I will be playing COD. How crazy is that? 🤣

    • flux FN
      flux FN 14 days ago +2

      That's crazy 🤣🤣

    • FothDimen
      FothDimen Month ago +4

      😂 enjoy fam

  • dibujando con
    dibujando con 6 days ago

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his content for us. Love the videos!

  • jxseu
    jxseu Month ago +28

    It’s only a matter of time until we get photorealistic graphics, this looks incredible

  • spongeaang98
    spongeaang98 Month ago +8

    I know it will NEVER happen with this franchise but I'd love a game in the series where they solely focused on story mode only. They'd be able to do it so well.

  • Yetr
    Yetr Month ago +3008

    I hope they never get rid of the campaigns even if they are the hardest to make. I love a great story with great writing and proper endings. This one looks solid!

    • JOSEF Mengele
      JOSEF Mengele 29 days ago

      @tucko11 hahahahahhahahahaha watch out everybody

    • tucko11
      tucko11 29 days ago +1

      Any of you young cats who stay at home with ma and can afford a ps5 or Xbox series x let alone a one wanna invite a old cat over to play ?😂 I’ll buy beer or root beer

    • Charles Case
      Charles Case Month ago +1

      @Giga Chad the multiplayer is the real reason people play cod campaign is just a bonus

    • JoshPlayZ
      JoshPlayZ Month ago

      Black Ops 4 entered the chat

    • JOSEF Mengele
      JOSEF Mengele Month ago

      Cold war was the final best story let this series die

  • qwer 1234
    qwer 1234 29 days ago +1

    Please NEVER change Call of duty!!!! I love call of duty i just freaking love it. Im playing it for a couple of time now and it is just absolutely fun and it has the best and smooth movement. Noone is like Cod really just thank you to the developers!

  • Cold Hoops
    Cold Hoops Month ago

    Not a fan of RPG games or COD in general, but, I love the fact the setting is set in the present.
    Give the game a different type of vibe you typically wouldn't get from other games

  • Cluckin' Bell
    Cluckin' Bell Month ago

    I’ve been emotionally attached to the characters I see on the screen (soap & ghost) since I was a kid, and nothing made me happier playing the insanely well made campaigns back in the day especially MW2 and BO2. I just hope they keep making campaigns cuz that’s like the backbone of CoD and it can keep a lot of veteran and OG🔥 CoD fans retained

    • 👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me
      👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me Month ago

      ⤴⤴⤴Congratulations, you have been selected among my winners this week message me to acknowledge your prize 🎁🎁🎁

  • Ronin
    Ronin Month ago +7

    This has a Sicario feel to it, love it! I excited to play COD in the Chicago map, my home city!

    • Text_me_on_Telegram@TheRedBrad40
      Text_me_on_Telegram@TheRedBrad40 Month ago

      Appreciate all the support on this fam! If this video does well message me for reward as you have been selected among the shortlisted ps5 giveaway 📦📦📦

  • Bradley Fleming
    Bradley Fleming Month ago +2352

    Don't ever stop campaigns. Truly a beautiful thing. The detail and polish to this and stunning. Very excited

    • MrVibrato
      MrVibrato Month ago +1

      Stop campaign, please

    • godwin
      godwin Month ago +2


    • Jacob Marin
      Jacob Marin Month ago +1

      @ШαrLiΚe Шrαϯh they didnt do that treyarch did. This game is made by infinity ward...

    • Lunar Neptune
      Lunar Neptune Month ago +1

      @Dean Knows Best gangsta

    • Dean Knows Best
      Dean Knows Best Month ago +1

      @Lunar Neptune No.. I'll pay 100 for the deluxe

  • Hooded Dreamers
    Hooded Dreamers Month ago +13

    This was everything I wished for and more. The end line gave me goosebumps.

  • Really_Dazed
    Really_Dazed Month ago

    The campaigns will always be the solid foundation to the lore behind the game. Something the mechanics and atmosphere can always fall back on.

  • Jordan - RamblinAround

    I feel the campaign sets the mood for the game play. If the devs are making a gritty campaign, it gets them thinking on that path for multi-player. I feel that no campaign actually hurts multi-player. Just my take though.

  • sakthi boopesh
    sakthi boopesh 25 days ago +1

    The game was released one day before my bday and I got this as a present. I really enjoyed it and the campaign was very emmersive and interactive.

  • J D
    J D Month ago +1706

    The team involved with this game are clearly some of the best in the business. The amount of polish, detail and fidelity are incredible

    • WellCookedPotatoes
      WellCookedPotatoes Month ago

      @Fros78 if they can't make the game work on last gen then they shouldn't be selling it for $70

    • Fros78
      Fros78 Month ago

      ​@WellCookedPotatoes The PS4 and XB1 released in 2013, they're almost 10 years old. Be happy they actually still make games for them. I Don't think a better looking game than Red Dead Redemption 2 will come out for last gen anymore. Same as how The Last Of Us 1 and GTA V were the last hoorah for the PS3 and 360. People need to understand that technology is moving forward and last gen is a limiting factor when making multiplayer games which have crossplay with newer platforms, even the PS4 Pro and XB1X are a huge limiter. Either get a next gen console or just build a PC. If you can't do either, then don't be surprised at how games look on last gen.

    • Cry more
      Cry more Month ago

      Tell them to bring back trickshots and quickscopes

    • Just a random Person I guess
      Just a random Person I guess Month ago

      @J Moto Rides You completely ignored the part where he specifically mentioned *”on last gen”*

    • Spook
      Spook Month ago

      Pretty sure they have literally every cod studio on this game

  • Camilo A. Boque
    Camilo A. Boque Month ago +1

    Esse jogo ficou sensacional, parabéns a equipe, jogo liso, gráfico perfeito, armas muito bem feitas, as personalizações das armas são muito realistas, perfeitoooo

  • l03J
    l03J Month ago

    Thank you for making the game’s campaign available early! Been loving it, can’t wait to start playing multiplayer!!

    • Troy Derraugh
      Troy Derraugh 29 days ago

      disc came in the mail, no game on it!!! If you don't have internet you can't even play the campaign, even when you physically walk out of the store with the game.

  • TotallyToonsTV
    TotallyToonsTV Month ago +2

    As far as Modern Warfare goes the campaign has always stood out above everything else for me and I want to play THIS one too. Too bad I'd probably have to sacrifice my entire hard drive to play it. I'm getting tired of doing that.

  • Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    If there is any respect I have still left for COD then it’s definitely for the campaign

  • Roniixx
    Roniixx Month ago +5286

    If there is any respect I have still left for COD then it’s definitely for the campaign

    • Tvted
      Tvted Month ago

      Same even if the multiplayer is bad in call of duty you always know the campaign is finna slap

    • Rian Ree Barrientos
      Rian Ree Barrientos Month ago

      MP is for the sweaty cheater streamers. hahaha

    • OperatorGriz
      OperatorGriz Month ago

      I absolutely LOVE the campaigns

    • Alexander Magnus
      Alexander Magnus Month ago

      @William Choochootrain And people willingly ingest fentanyl

    • Dung Pham
      Dung Pham Month ago +1

      I've been interested in COD campaign since the first COD many years ago. I miss the time when my friend and I took our turns to enjoy it, so much fun. But after Advanced Warfare, the campaign became worse and worse. Lets hope this year will change

  • Kelmo-ZH
    Kelmo-ZH 29 days ago +3

    Modern Warfare ll is literally the best game ever, i played it before & it is insane 💪💪

  • AdamHartGaming
    AdamHartGaming Month ago

    I’m actually most excited for the campaign. Not often I feel that way when it comes to COD but it looks great so far!

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty Month ago

    I’m so exited, for this campaign is just, 🔥 cutscene everything about this trailer is heart pumping! Cant wait to play it! 🟢

  • David Wilton
    David Wilton Month ago

    The MW1 was one of the best COD's I have ever played, I have high hopes for MW2 especially the campaign.

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust Month ago +2127

    It's insane how cinematic the cutscenes look now. It's like watching a military action movie.

  • nkr dinla
    nkr dinla Month ago +2

    I've been playing COD campaigns ever since 2003, so many great memories.

  • Gucci
    Gucci Month ago

    I know these campaigns are a big investment to make, but after MW2019 I need more! Can't wait to play this

  • JBJblaze is BLAZERiel
    JBJblaze is BLAZERiel Month ago +3

    'You're the commander of a foreign terror organization.'
    'I can say the same to you.'
    Purest gold moment from Call of Duty yet!

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru Month ago

    This actually looks real. Like the cutscenes look… real. IW and all who helped them should be proud of themselves. This boutta be one of the greatest FPS games of all time

  • Aiden caldwell
    Aiden caldwell Month ago +3331

    These cutscenes look so real that they remind me of the live action cod trailers we used to get back in 2010

    • Peoduction
      Peoduction 29 days ago

      @Victor Valencia - Valencia Media Yet the cutscenes are CG.

    • Peoduction
      Peoduction 29 days ago

      @Shirohige the cutscenes are CG.

    • Scott F
      Scott F Month ago

      Why do people care about the cutscenes. We should be focused on the gameplay and quality of the campaign itself especially the length.
      It will probably be 8 missions long lol

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson Month ago

      @GTF AW was one of the first titles, mainly only title that had crazy realistic cinematic scenes and the gameplay matched the cinematic graphics.

    • GTF
      GTF Month ago

      The CGI is amazing but remember Advanced Warfare's compaign, it was more real

  • Certified Banger
    Certified Banger Month ago +2

    The "I can say the same to you" response was the coldest, most brutal comeback I think I've heard in a video game in quite some time.
    Pretty excited to play this

  • xRxsentful
    xRxsentful Month ago +1

    This was a well developed champaign, looking forward to it!👍🏾

  • shani yan
    shani yan Month ago

    The campaign early access has to be one of the best things IW has done and just goes to show how much faith they have for it.

    • 👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me
      👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me Month ago

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  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed 2 days ago

    I know it’ll never happen but an open world campaign-only COD would be AMAZING

  • Futives
    Futives Month ago +1929

    so happy we can campaign without worrying about missing the multiplayer grind

    • JHontz1917
      JHontz1917 Month ago

      Me too, I usually use the campaign also to fine tweak my controls and or graphics for the game. Having it a week early will give me plenty of time to do that and be ready for miltiplayer.

    • Matty G
      Matty G Month ago

      I'm glad I'm not that sweaty

    • Mr Durva
      Mr Durva Month ago

      ​@Deathcore666 so what if the trailer is short?

    • Lufei Kun
      Lufei Kun Month ago


    • Bpard
      Bpard Month ago

      Hey guys I’m trying to reach 2,000 subscribers and it would be awesome if you guys checked my sniping video out!!

  • Kabal82
    Kabal82 Month ago

    Campaign was a banger. So many great moments, diverse mission and nostalgia throwback to the OG game.

  • SelfmadeB98
    SelfmadeB98 Month ago +1

    "These things take timing and violence... I can do both" literally gave me the chills

  • Bustoff68
    Bustoff68 29 days ago

    Started way back with cod 4 online . Being a older guy at the stick I’m glad you still put smaller maps in the online game . Kinda evens the game with the no scope younger players. Also no jump packs so you don’t have look over your back more then normal.

  • lt535
    lt535 Month ago

    It's actually pretty incredible how accurate the face models and animations are on the characters. This is the closest to real life looking humans i've seen in a video game and it ain't even close.

  • Matthew Rumble
    Matthew Rumble Month ago +770

    I hope they never get rid of the campaigns even if they are the hardest to make. I love a great story with great writing and proper endings. This one looks solid!

    • Matthew Rumble
      Matthew Rumble Month ago

      @Stayc nah no one wants a always online game

    • Eldritch Morgasm
      Eldritch Morgasm Month ago

      Personaly I ONLY care about a story-campaign

    • 73_Sameer bhumij
      73_Sameer bhumij Month ago +1

      @Stayc Then, why people were so angry at the time of BO4.

    • Bpard
      Bpard Month ago

      Hey guys I’m trying to reach 2,000 subscribers and it would be awesome if you guys checked my sniping video out!!

    • LovelyPirates00
      LovelyPirates00 Month ago +10

      @Stayc Shut Up, What about those gamers without a 24\7 Internet connection. 😐
      But your opinion is noted, Go, Play Destiny.

    GLΛDIΛTOR Month ago +2

    This game will be incredible.

    PLASTIC 丨 FOODS Month ago +1

    Imagine Getting MWIII in 2025 and Black Ops 2 Remastered At The Same Time❤

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen Month ago

    I pre-ordered the vault edtion and can't wait to play! I'm really excited for the campaign also. Hopefully I'll be able to play it in a couple more days!

  • Klayton Correr
    Klayton Correr Month ago +1

    A equipe reunida 141
    Estamos aguardando esse, belo jogo aqui no brasil !

  • Harun Alizade
    Harun Alizade Month ago +766

    I haven't seen such a realistic CoD game. It looks gorgeous! Those face mimic animations, graphics, models, details...

    • Dylan Johns
      Dylan Johns Month ago

      @OfficerRambo what 😂, I don’t know what women you’re talking about but what I’ve seen it all looks normal and realistic and also please say a name because I have no idea what man in the game you’re talking about.

    • Harun Alizade
      Harun Alizade Month ago

      @iTzShadow Yup, I can't understand ppl, who say that it's an old game

    • Harun Alizade
      Harun Alizade Month ago +1

      @Chris Kalfas I already did, but this trailer looks much better than that, it's a level-up for CoD

    • Jeu Vidéo II Hizq
      Jeu Vidéo II Hizq Month ago

      MW2 Beta-Ground War is what Battlefield 2042 should've been,

    • AlexDeGhost
      AlexDeGhost Month ago

      @ExiLe ZH It probably won’t :(

  • Velocxty
    Velocxty Month ago

    I am genuinely excited for this one.
    #ModernWarfare2 ⚡️

  • Pervy Sage
    Pervy Sage Month ago +1

    I’m glad Ghost is getting the recognition he deserves 🤙🏻

  • シKrazyK707
    シKrazyK707 Month ago

    It’s great to actually be excited for a cod game again

  • Prince Drew
    Prince Drew Month ago +1

    Call of duty modern warfare YOU NEVER MISS‼️….2019’s game was on its own league but this one seems to be up there with previous greats already 😮

  • Weenie Hut
    Weenie Hut Month ago +1454

    I… love this trailer. Taking the MW2019 route for filming cutscenes in a virtual space with a camera, hence why it feels like a movie. It’s filmed like a movie but in a virtual environment, I love it

    • Shadow
      Shadow Month ago

      @Idiot Idiot Ever since I saw Operation Kingfish I have wanted a movie about Prize, Soap, Roach, Ghost and whoever I'm forgetting.

    • Weenie Hut
      Weenie Hut Month ago +1

      ​@F K It's motion capture and CGI, but not all hand animated, they used a REAL cinema camera implemented into the virtual space, which is why it visually produced like a movie, unlike pretty much every other COD.

    • FOG TOWN
      FOG TOWN Month ago


    • Weenie Hut
      Weenie Hut Month ago

      Most of the cutscenes were motion capture yeah, but they haven’t always motion captured the camera itself by adding it as a real element that is tracked around the scene, like how they were filming the Mandalorian in a virtual background

    • F K
      F K Month ago +1

      You mean like motion capture like literally every game ever made?

  • AL
    AL Month ago +13

    Anyone rewatching this trailer after completing the campaign ?

  • N_ V
    N_ V Month ago

    I havent played COD in 10+ years but I always watch the campaign on youtube every year

  • Ádám Pandula
    Ádám Pandula Month ago

    I love the campaigns of the CoD games, MW is my fav, both the original and the new one. Price 4ever. But to tell the truth comparing this trailer to the previous one, well I liked the previous one more. Still waiting for it. And glad to see, that Im not the only one who buys it for the single player part.

  • Bloody Air
    Bloody Air Month ago

    I kinda miss full first person cutscene from earlier games.
    It just so immersive.

  • Mike Mathers
    Mike Mathers Month ago +737

    "These things take violence and timing. I can do both"
    Killer line.

    • Jaio 369
      Jaio 369 Month ago +1

      @Zheson 5-Speed it's like the Wolf quote: "But are we all killers here, no?

    • Vinicio Wint
      Vinicio Wint Month ago +1

      Idk why, but it reminds me of this quote from the Dark Knight Returns for some reason:
      “It wasn’t easy to make, Clarke. It took years and cost a fortune; luckily I had both. You’re feeling it now, aren’t you? What the rest of us live with every day; Your own mortality. Don’t worry, you’ll survive, the kryptonite’ll work it’s way out of your lungs soon enough. But I didn’t have to go easy on you. A different binding agent, a stronger mix; I want you to remember that. I wanted to remind you to stay out of my way, in all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

    • Zheson 5-Speed
      Zheson 5-Speed Month ago +8

      I prefer the last one. "I could say the same to you". War is a like a coin, it has 2 sides to it. They are both heroes and terrorists to each other.

    • VRexG
      VRexG Month ago +2

      he actually said bofe. he can't speak properly from all the whiskey

    • ken ellis
      ken ellis Month ago

      🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • Edward Belk
    Edward Belk Month ago

    Can't wait to get this game it looks awesome

  • WizMerc
    WizMerc Month ago +1

    PHENOMENAL. That’s all I have to say after playing through the campaign. A complete masterpiece. 🔥

  • Connor
    Connor Month ago +3

    The absolute best cod campaign of all time. Stunning work Infinity ward & co. This is what the true fans love!

    EX0DUS GAMING Month ago +1

    They should make a call of duty tv series with new characters and returning ones with this animation it’s incredible

  • Chevalier
    Chevalier Month ago +667

    The story/setting is giving me Sicario vibes, loving this

    • Currently Ballin
      Currently Ballin Month ago

      @Bubba such a banger of a movie

    • El Sancho
      El Sancho Month ago +1

      @Keith M yeaaaah bro same . Yeah for sur cod did this since mw1 . Its clearly scene from movies reproduction !

    • Keith M
      Keith M Month ago +3

      Even the music gives me "The Beast" vibes. Should be an interesting campaign, wonder if there will be any direct Sicario Easter eggs/references. The convoy scene definitely looked like it took inspiration from Sicario. I wonder if we'll be going back to Brazil (The Favelas from the original MW2), because it sounds like a terrorist group is attempting to smuggle WMDs into America across the southern border. And that makes me wonder how Al-Asad, Makarov and the Zakhaevs will fit into this.

    • El Sancho
      El Sancho Month ago

      @Bubba there are unbelivably realistic and amazing !!!

    • Wolfgang64
      Wolfgang64 Month ago


  • AgeDrain
    AgeDrain Month ago

    As someone who played the first campaign and haven’t touched war zone I’ve been looking forward to this.
    Not my Soap or Ghost but this looks promising.

  • Pedro S
    Pedro S Month ago +1

    That’s what players want a badass offline campaign and online co op on the side

  • Amir Ranjbar
    Amir Ranjbar Month ago +2

    Time to replay the modern warfare campaign in preparation for this next week 🤘

  • Jared MN
    Jared MN Month ago +1

    I look forward to COD campaigns like they're movies.

  • Kelvin W
    Kelvin W Month ago +1073

    I am 52 yrs old and only started playing COD of any kind 4 months ago. The campaign was fantastic. I get destroyed in warzone but still love it. Looking forward to all of it.

    • Drippy
      Drippy 11 days ago

      @King Komodo I would say yeah, this game much better than the previous, story wise and pvp wise

    • Kugan Ausuvalingam
      Kugan Ausuvalingam 23 days ago

      Welcome onboard sir, *salute

    • Watermelon
      Watermelon 26 days ago

      Should of played the old CODs sir, Im age 26.
      I played Call of Duty 4(2007), Call of Duty world at war(2008), & THE BEST Modern warfare 2(2009), that's why this is such a big deal for old & longtime COD fans, this the Modern warfare II(2022) trying to bring the feeling back & slightly different for people.
      I havent played any COD or any games at all(zero)since I sold my xbox360 10yrs ago, now only play COD mobile(7 months in).
      You should atleast play the campaign for the Call of Dutys I said, Call of Dutys heart & soul comes from the campaign, that's how the franchise grew so well(people started to play online, more & more because they loved the campaign)
      Unlike Battlefield- Battlefield lacks feelings in the story & characters.
      (Like a bad mediocre movie)

    • UnholyPepe
      UnholyPepe Month ago +1

      play World at War. that is all i will say

    • Nick DeLuca
      Nick DeLuca Month ago

      Playing the black ops 1 and 2 campaign is a necessity. it it seriously the best thing i ever played , when listening to the story and how everything adds up , they really did a fantastic job. happy you’re here to enjoy it now!!!

  • Zach Silby
    Zach Silby Month ago

    I love these types of military action movies, and the campaign scratches that itch, too. I can't wait to play more campaign, and if this tanks, then I also found a copy of Splinter Cell 3 on XBOX this weekend, completing my collection of every Splinter Cell in the xbox series (minus the cross-gen duplicates)

    • Text_me_on_Telegram@TheRedBrad40
      Text_me_on_Telegram@TheRedBrad40 Month ago

      Appreciate all the support on this fam! If this video does well message me for reward as you have been selected among the shortlisted ps5 giveaway 📦📦📦

  • Samuel Loegan
    Samuel Loegan Month ago +1

    Man this is like a movie and game rolled into one and BAM! You got this ^_^

  • Spartas Edge
    Spartas Edge Month ago

    I'm most excited about actually owning the campaign that I'm buying to be actually on the disk. I hope that I'm not disappointed and that this isn't as it is than the last couple of entries in the series where you have to install the campaign online, which seems ridiculous. It makes more sense surely, to have the predominantly online reliant part, the multiplayer modes installable from online.
    If the campaign isn't on and installable from the disk, i won't be getting it. Ged up with this unessessary and convoluted way of playing the campaign, that the series has been guilty of the last few years.
    If a story/offline mode is not on the disk/physical mecia, it defeats the whole point in buying it in that form for those that want to own it.

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi Month ago +1

    never been this excited for a campaign, mainly play competitive but I can’t lie this looks fire definitely gonna get my hands on this campaign

  • DEAL151
    DEAL151 Month ago +2138

    I don't care what anybody says, I'm pumped for this sequel and can't wait to play it with all of you.

    • Animarcs
      Animarcs Month ago

      @Sgt Roach I genuinely didn't understand your reply; please fix it ;-;

    • Sgt Roach
      Sgt Roach Month ago

      @Animarcs nah

    • Animarcs
      Animarcs Month ago

      @Sgt Roach grammar?

    • Sgt Roach
      Sgt Roach Month ago

      @Animarcs most RU-clip comments that say that are not

    • Gamevidz
      Gamevidz Month ago

      Is the new COD game Receiving bad reviews?

  • KAI
    KAI Month ago +1

    ‘These things take violence and timing. I can do both.’
    Captain Price lines are always spine-chilling, 🔥. The writers are on point.

  • Richard Manzanarez
    Richard Manzanarez Month ago +1

    Looks amazing great work!!!!!! Im super hyped

    • 👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me
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  • Brandon Rosales
    Brandon Rosales Month ago +1

    Almost looks like the story is inspired partly by both Sicario films. Love it.

  • Wellington Silva
    Wellington Silva Month ago

    Compra so pela campanha, que é sempre muito boa..

  • StoneMountain64
    StoneMountain64 Month ago +8322

    I love the are still doing campaign and didn’t give up on it

    • Stonest
      Stonest 7 days ago

      The campaign is the best part

    • JLOCC
      JLOCC 17 days ago

      ​@- Hosanna Amen brother❤️❤️🙏🙏

    • Ciel
      Ciel 18 days ago

      @Just a random Person I guess like black ops 4?

    • GhoSTIn
      GhoSTIn 28 days ago

      They should have given up on this one

    • Fritz Weber
      Fritz Weber 29 days ago

      The campaign is what I really appreciate. Playing with all the repulsive squeakers is no fun.

  • Jake G.
    Jake G. Month ago +3

    Just did the whole campaign. You guys did amazing on this one!

    • NWO Spidey
      NWO Spidey Month ago +1

      Yes yes yes 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Zinoxe
    Zinoxe Month ago +2

    I deadass at first couldnt tell if this was real life, a movie trailer, or game trailer. The graphics is beyond insane here

  • Badvoc
    Badvoc Month ago +1

    I am getting massive Sicario and Wildlands vibes from this trailer, looking forward to this one!

  • Dunny Hype
    Dunny Hype 28 days ago +2

    One day these games are gonna look more real then real itself

  • ItsJavii
    ItsJavii Month ago +409

    No matter the state of cod games nowadays, the one thing that i do always look forward to in them is the campaign’s. They almost never fail to amaze me. My gf loves to watch me play the campaigns cause they are like watching movies to her, love it 😂

    • ItsJavii
      ItsJavii Month ago

      @James Pyles Most def brother !

    • Mystic User
      Mystic User Month ago

      @James Pyles Same here 👍

    • LifeIsShørt
      LifeIsShørt Month ago +1

      Does she have a female cousin by any chance from the ages of 19-24? Asking for a friend :)

    • Mystic User
      Mystic User Month ago +1

      @ItsJavii Multiplayer is meh.
      Zombies I do like, less now than before, but can still be fun.
      Black ops is where I put most of my zombie game hour on.
      Which is pretty much all of them. 😁

      MR EVO EX OLED Month ago +1

      @James Pyles likewise that’s my only way

    COMMZARD 27 days ago +3

    “You the commander of a foreign terror organization”
    “I can say the same to you”
    Boy that aged so well like wine

  • MrGodsChaos
    MrGodsChaos Month ago

    These graphics look amazing. This could be a completely CGI movie with how amazing it looks

  • Trumps hair-flap
    Trumps hair-flap Month ago

    I’m so ready for this.....CANT WAIT!

  • Adam West
    Adam West Month ago +1

    I love how they rebooted the MW series, the first one was great and an awesome way to reboot it, this one looks awesome and I love how they got involved with mexico and the cartel, i swear it looks like a scene from the SICARIO movies

  • TheLudmilita
    TheLudmilita Month ago +766

    I only play this game for the campaigns, please never stop making them!

    • Reilly 72
      Reilly 72 28 days ago

      The comment section is the biggest npc interaction I’ve ever seen

    • Someone
      Someone Month ago

      @Raul Menendez cod can't be cracked since mw 2019

    • Arnostic
      Arnostic Month ago

      @CaidenOnFridge I don’t like playing the multiplayer that much anymore but when I do I usually run around on shipment spamming the rpg and claymores or c4. People get sooooo mad haha

    • Cole Hargreaves
      Cole Hargreaves Month ago

      @skull face What do you mean? Fifa is the same thing over and over because it's just football matches with slightly better graphics with each game, but with Call of Duty the campaigns it's different every single time. The online is what stays the same every time, just TDM, SnD, FFA and some others the keep repeating with every game. I play Call of Duty's 95% of the time for the campaign.

    • Lunar Neptune
      Lunar Neptune Month ago

      I seen Dr Lupo playing the campaign it looks really cool but I can just watch him play it and literally just watch the movie that it is and not pay anything. What is the point in playing the campaign

  • Latin King Koopa
    Latin King Koopa Month ago

    I had a blast with MW'19's Campaign. I can't wait to play this on the 21st!

    • 👉@Mr_PokeRev👈 Telegram Me
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      ☝️☝️☝️Congratulations, you have been selected among my winners this week message me to acknowledge your prize 🎁🎁🎁

  • TheRockinProduction

    Wow! These graphics are top notch! Great job Infinity Ward!

  • Geeky Gamer
    Geeky Gamer Month ago

    It is looking really realistic and amazing

  • Lucas Frost
    Lucas Frost Month ago +2

    These boys put TOO MUCH effort into this game and THAT'S why I'm gonna pre-order it RIGHT NOW

  • WhosImmortal
    WhosImmortal Month ago +697

    This campaign is about to be crazy 🔥

    • HumanoidApple
      HumanoidApple Month ago

      @WhosImmortal Oh yeah lol. I think it was bugged because I am using the web version of yt

    • Leo 07
      Leo 07 Month ago

      Hey hi how ya doin

    • Mickey Roulette
      Mickey Roulette Month ago


    • Hamed Ajaga
      Hamed Ajaga Month ago

      General Moreshower???

    • Iconic
      Iconic Month ago +2

      @HumanoidApple he is verified

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht Month ago

    characters. Can't wait to play it!

  • Tommy3 Official
    Tommy3 Official 6 days ago

    This campaign was amazing

  • Friso Flor
    Friso Flor Month ago

    In a few years this is gonna be big nostalgia

  • fuzzyvcjr
    fuzzyvcjr Month ago

    I can't wait to play as roach again! He was one of my favorite characters from all of the call of duty games

  • Nemsk
    Nemsk Month ago +658

    I can tell they’re really proud of this one, who’s playing Early Access with me?? LETS GOOO 🔥

    • The Average One Gaming
      The Average One Gaming Month ago +1


    • Daniel De La Cruz
      Daniel De La Cruz Month ago


    • CaptainUseless21
      CaptainUseless21 Month ago

      @Deputy Ghost Not really. I just didn't realize they were bringing him back.

    • Eric Cartwright
      Eric Cartwright Month ago

      @CaptainUseless21 Hopefully not, this is a reboot after all. Coulda sworn they advertised Vargas as Rojas (the man Soap tackled unto a car in OG MW2) when they initially revealed the characters.

    • Visionmid Games
      Visionmid Games Month ago

      Bro 🔥🔥✊

  • Revenine aka Revan
    Revenine aka Revan Month ago

    Campaign is amazing, 6,5h of pure joy and my favourite AC-130 missiong is back!! I only missed some Chopper Gunner sequence... Jawdrop from the first mission, IW is the only CoD worth buying imo, campaigns in both V and CW were meh in comparison. Waiting for the MP to start!

  • colaboytje
    colaboytje Month ago

    Who thought that CoD would be back to being among the best SP FPS around? I didn't.

  • Anshul Meshram
    Anshul Meshram Month ago

    This is going to be an Amazing Campaign