Sci-Fi Short Film "Hyperlight" | Presented by DUST

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
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    "Hyperlight" by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
    Two elite astronauts wake up in the abyss of space; they return to their stranded ship and discover the surprising reason behind their mission's catastrophic failure.
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Comments • 1 836

  • DUST
    DUST  Month ago +16

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    Google Play:

    PALIN SMITH 2 hours ago

    Where is Uncle Buck? Quarter, rat, mole.

  • David De La Toba
    David De La Toba 13 hours ago

    I just wanted to flick it off

  • AJ King
    AJ King 17 hours ago

    Great performances, direction, CG work, etc... Decent setup, though the ending was really predictable. Either way, solid short.

  • Lucy Hartmann
    Lucy Hartmann 20 hours ago +2

    Who else thought their speaker had died during the first 40 secs?

  • gamerzs of the 20's ff gamerz

    What it's look like some time warp i like it

  • jennifer slack
    jennifer slack 21 hour ago +1

    At guy as dead how as he a life / as he a alien 👽👽

  • O Ceviche Band
    O Ceviche Band Day ago

    love transmission ,yeah!

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons 2 days ago

    The truth will be obvious when someone finds the bodies.

  • bheemraj badera
    bheemraj badera 2 days ago

    Love from India...

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins 4 days ago

    Moley Moley Moley

  • Urban Gardener Raising Rabbits Central Illinois

    good show but, the background sound overpowered the actors voices

  • Leonardo Corbucci
    Leonardo Corbucci 5 days ago

    Visually perfect! Great actress and very good concept! Also the art Director Rocks! ;)

    SHERMAN YOUNG 5 days ago

    4 🌟

  • lilahdog 568
    lilahdog 568 5 days ago +1

    "Faster than light technology paves the way for interstellar travel" it's been decades since a film has been THIS hopeful about future advancement

  • Entranced.Occult.Matrix

    Not to be rude but how do ppl get casted to be in dust films? Is casting ever done on the east coast?

  • Airplane Mechanic
    Airplane Mechanic 5 days ago

    actress is gorgeous.

  • Peggy Franzen
    Peggy Franzen 6 days ago

    I like your indie shorts.Thank you.

  • Barton Paul Levenson

    I don't like Emiliana for murdering Philip, even if it wasn't "her" Philip. Murder is still murder.

  • Eunha mburger
    Eunha mburger 6 days ago +5

    I thought an alien entered the ship lmao

  • mason lu
    mason lu 6 days ago


  • DerTobi™
    DerTobi™ 7 days ago

    "Solaris", in cheap..!!!
    But (of course) no Credits given to "Stanisław Lem" or "Steven Soderbergh", what a shame..!!!

    • bolekz
      bolekz 6 days ago

      or tarkowski!

  • Tommy Gomes
    Tommy Gomes 7 days ago


  • Koro Plays
    Koro Plays 7 days ago +1

    Doing a full burn for such a short distance is a massive waste of fuel

  • Benjamin Evans
    Benjamin Evans 8 days ago

    you have an "AWESOME" SCI-FI mind I have not seen anything this good in many years..

  • Uday Natt
    Uday Natt 8 days ago +5

    'thanks for *"taking care"* of me'

  • Clayton Tharp
    Clayton Tharp 9 days ago

    What happened to clear acrylic globes for helmets, just like the Braniff (remember that airline?) stewardesses wore?

  • General Gaming WR
    General Gaming WR 10 days ago +1

    That actor looks like he could be Hikaru Nakamuras brother

  • Asher Smith Films
    Asher Smith Films 10 days ago +1

    glad to see they still have capri sun in the future (5:24 )

  • Jenn Smith
    Jenn Smith 10 days ago +3

    I just discovered this channel...all I can say is WOW!! By FAR the best short films ever!! So well done, thank you for your content!! 🇨🇦🙏🏻❤️
    Looks like they entered a time warp/parallel time line that coincided with the old consciousness/present with a future /parallel existence... but who knows , regardless, awesome content!!

  • GeoLitz
    GeoLitz 10 days ago

    If you are writing science fiction, PLEASE understand science. The main plot device in this film made no sense.

    • GeoLitz
      GeoLitz 8 days ago +1

      +Harpreet Singh the film never addressed why there was a temporal deviance, also one organism doesn't stop functioning because there is a duplicate. The writer wanted these things to happen and was to lazy to create a story world where these things made sense... it's like if JK Rowling wanted Harry Potter to fly and then just made him fly with no explanation. If there are no rules anything can happen, so there is no story.
      It's just super lazy writing.

    • Harpreet Singh
      Harpreet Singh 8 days ago

      what made no sense would you explain?

  • David Riley
    David Riley 11 days ago +1

    Well done101 perspective you best start making your own movies you seem to have a comprehensive grasp of all that look forward to your first film, watch out Dust???

  • Sourav Acharya
    Sourav Acharya 11 days ago


  • Mephallica
    Mephallica 11 days ago

    Moley moley moley moley...

  • Dead Wave
    Dead Wave 12 days ago

    That was messed up..

  • KomamuraSajin
    KomamuraSajin 13 days ago

    Impressive visuals, terrible acting, and poor writing make it seem like time travelling is normal with hyperlight technology without any form of explanation. It might be a low budget short film, but there are definitely better ones. B- student film project.

  • qember hesenov
    qember hesenov 13 days ago

    Wat neim movies?

  • AdultToons
    AdultToons 14 days ago

    Ada just staying silent af after what that bitch did to Philip 1.0

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks 14 days ago

    What are we suppose to get from these short films again?

  • Scott H
    Scott H 14 days ago

    Please make a full length movie i will buy it

  • Peter K
    Peter K 15 days ago +7

    That was intense. Another brilliant production

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 15 days ago

    Hey here's an idea! Stop over analyzing and either like it or not!

  • Jo Evan
    Jo Evan 15 days ago

    Ok... So... the team that came to help the distress signal was really just themselves from a time paradox involving the faster than light travel. So, two chicks and two guys are in the same place at the same time. One of the chicks dies.. Then... The chick has to make a hard choice about living with the guy who she has been harboring hate for for a really long time and knew they if she was to live with this guy for an extended period of time, she need to get the hate out by killing the guy. Then, after she kills him... They live live happily ever after in space.

  • hectorkingjr
    hectorkingjr 15 days ago


  • Julrax Gro
    Julrax Gro 16 days ago


  • vVrathh PS4
    vVrathh PS4 16 days ago


  • Neil Kushner
    Neil Kushner 17 days ago

    its a space time dufus boiga with a side of dreck

  • Cherif Dz
    Cherif Dz 17 days ago

    allah is the only one who can give a life and he the only one who can take it

  • Lee Clasen
    Lee Clasen 17 days ago +1

    Every Single Episode is AWESOME !!!!!

  • Thom Al
    Thom Al 17 days ago +2

    Sci-Fi is traditionally NOT gynocentric.

  • you5711
    you5711 18 days ago


  • Benedict Furagganan
    Benedict Furagganan 18 days ago +10

    The actress was impressive. I think she’s Canadian. Jeananne goossen from living dead and fear the living dead.

  • waqt group
    waqt group 19 days ago

    Thank you the rus.subtitres ))

  • Siliance Gaming
    Siliance Gaming 21 day ago +1

    ultra plasma solar recharge inniated and dark energy fusion activated

  • Mon
    Mon 21 day ago

    Just another Morty to a Rick

  • Goudhaantje
    Goudhaantje 23 days ago

    Warning: Nextcolony starts in a few weeks from now on the steem blokchain. Join before you regret it.

  • Истина только

    Стрёмная история...

  • Lellex Odessa
    Lellex Odessa 23 days ago

    Cool story. I actually didn't see the end coming. I thought the guy going to get the tools was going to decide to kill the one in a coma so that A) she couldn't kill him and B) he could kind of solidify his own idea of reality or something. Didn't think she'd do the killing first.

  • Mi Ra
    Mi Ra 24 days ago


  • Juke Boks
    Juke Boks 24 days ago

    Nguyen anh nguyen is like Walter Walter

  • kokLiang chung
    kokLiang chung 25 days ago


  • Not Gay
    Not Gay 26 days ago

    any comments about gravitational beam emitter from the manga called BLAME!

  • Hinatsuru Ai
    Hinatsuru Ai 26 days ago

    useless Ada

  • Lens Herr
    Lens Herr 26 days ago

    Keep dreaming boys cuz that's all it will ever be.

  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi 26 days ago +2

    11:02 that was his mistake, never be rude to a woman.
    This movie is better than entire clover field paradox series.

  • Romeo Colonello
    Romeo Colonello 27 days ago

    Wait wait wait... They are in space so no sound should be able to produce. Explain why they are sounds of thrusters in their crafts

  • Sadiq Husain Khan
    Sadiq Husain Khan 27 days ago +3

    Why does Philip say he's (other him) gonna find out before dying?

    • Vaibhav Tripathi
      Vaibhav Tripathi 26 days ago +1

      The Phil in comma will find out what just happened.

  • top kek
    top kek 27 days ago +39

    *_”How many people are on the ship?”_*
    *_”How many living beings are on the ship?”_*

    *_Literally got goosebumps xd_*

    • William McClumpha
      William McClumpha 3 days ago

      scratdu11 Same here! That was such an amazing movie!

    • scratdu11
      scratdu11 5 days ago +2

      It reminds me of the scene in Sunshine when [SPOILER] Kapa finds out that the captain of the previous ship survived ans is now on their ship. [/SPOILER] Same feelings!

    • Koro Plays
      Koro Plays 7 days ago +1

      I was expecting a cat tbh

    • Pwnstar
      Pwnstar 10 days ago +2

      Yeah, that was a good one.

  • Nandan Hegde
    Nandan Hegde 27 days ago +1

    could you stop saying "your future is DUST" it sounds a bit creepy!

  • Rhianne Moll
    Rhianne Moll 27 days ago

    Meh. Boring and the only point of this piece is a CGI wankfest.

    • Dan Bingham
      Dan Bingham 26 days ago

      Thank you for your opinion. It's wrong, but thank you nonetheless.

  • Gerardo Cardozo
    Gerardo Cardozo 28 days ago

    compleja historia de amor

  • pankaj punia
    pankaj punia 28 days ago +1

    am i watching a time travel case......

  • erroneousdays
    erroneousdays 29 days ago

    I had thought of time loop. The other Philip said 'we weren't like that'. Ever? So that's the con to my theory. But Emmeline said 'I am sorry for whatever she did'. So this Philip finds out and they break up.
    Of course this theory would have more of a chance if the time difference was more than two hours. Which it isn't.
    Loved the video and the fact that it makes my brain go all tingly.

  • John Noone
    John Noone 29 days ago

    Wish that people in movies wouldn't walk so slowly towards whatever. No one walks that slow if danger is present. It's unbearable to move so slowly. Let's make this more realistic. if you're going to approach the danger, you would do it swiftly, not drawn out. It's strictly a bad tactic to impress suspense on the audience. Please stop using this in filmmaking. It's a staple for every one of these sifi or horror shorts.

  • BM LEE
    BM LEE 29 days ago

    Is this film made in China? I don't like chinese cheap and low quality product.

  • DB collection Animation

    sir you have to make the whole movie its the best sci-fi movie

  • Raph Ael
    Raph Ael 29 days ago

    What does she say at 6:30?

  • Liêm Nguyễn Hữu

    Nguyen Anh Nguyen là ai vậy?

  • Abdus Samad
    Abdus Samad Month ago

    AR invasion

  • Dennis Smeets
    Dennis Smeets Month ago

    Take what little money I have ,make a movie I beg of thou!

  • cbc cnc
    cbc cnc Month ago

    There themes are deep they dig into the human pshyce

  • Timothius Zamora
    Timothius Zamora Month ago

    10:42 How the hell would she just know that???
    ...& as soon as he started talking repairs...
    I'm all *he gunna make her kill him*

  • Timothius Zamora
    Timothius Zamora Month ago

    As soon as Adda said "...this ship" I knew there was a doppelganger....XD

  • Patrick Palmer
    Patrick Palmer Month ago

    Loved it

  • Morgan David
    Morgan David Month ago


  • Hector Heathcote
    Hector Heathcote Month ago

    Does this mean that if we ever develop FTL travel, the people on the ship will have to kill their other selves when they arrive at their destination because there will be two of each? WTF?

  • Thanos GNS
    Thanos GNS Month ago

    Orbital physics 0/100

  • Dan Grange
    Dan Grange Month ago


  • Cyber Spot
    Cyber Spot Month ago

    Believe me you#dust out of the world you have a grate future ahead...

  • Sushil Rana Magar
    Sushil Rana Magar Month ago

    We as a human should also do the same as the aliens have done I know we can’t do that space thing but we can do that in earth by not killing animal and sending animals to their home and not making them our pet . What if aliens in this Vedic would have kept the actor and made him their pet

  • Richard Emerson
    Richard Emerson Month ago +5

    At last!!! This is the short seen in Blackmagicdesign's Resolve artwork. And now I know "the rest of the story". And's been worth the wait. Thank you, DUST!

  • Valdemar Fink
    Valdemar Fink Month ago +4

    Why would you not include sound design, mixer and composer in credits?

    • GS4444
      GS4444 Month ago

      Maybe same person as something else

  • One French Toast
    One French Toast Month ago +2

    Flying around in space in tight compact boxes sounds like fun

  • Corey Cheng
    Corey Cheng Month ago

    wow :D

  • Allwyn Fernandes
    Allwyn Fernandes Month ago

    I am the one... Jet Li ... Kill yourself from other reality that makes you more powerful

  • Ned Bazinga
    Ned Bazinga Month ago

    awesome film..but please ask the actress to laze that nasty mole on her face. It looks gross.

  • George A.
    George A. Month ago

    Savagery!! 😮🤣

  • Stephen Townsend
    Stephen Townsend Month ago

    Awesome film.

  • chaitu chaitanya
    chaitu chaitanya Month ago +2

    it was good scifi story but i would be even better if it was full run time movie