Princess Anne, Trudeau Shade President Trump

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • James Corden recaps another busy news cycle, starting with the continuation an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, who has had a pretty rough trip to the United Kingdom highlighted by Princess Anne passing on the chance to greet him, and several world leaders captured on camera making fun of Trump's press conferences.
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  • Nancy P
    Nancy P 7 days ago


  • Toschi worlds
    Toschi worlds 9 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for any world leader who has to spend any time with him. I would pay good money to hear an honest, behind-closed doors opinion about him.

  • alice goddard
    alice goddard 10 days ago

    Trump’s a drug addict but a really nice guy

  • Yossy Rada
    Yossy Rada 10 days ago

    Anne literally just said "is just me", as if the Queen was expecting any other guest to salute but is just her own daughter. This show is in decline.

  • Rev Helper
    Rev Helper 13 days ago

    The US President Donald Trump is intellectually superior to all other world leaders

  • Icram Chaban
    Icram Chaban 15 days ago

    At least we can laugh the pain away

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th 18 days ago +1

    I want to kick every Trump hater out of America, and banned the rest. You're all brain dead.

  • Peppi the Tibetan Terrier

    Queen: *Can you help me move this orange panda on along with his **#bebetter** accomplice?*
    Princess Anne: *You’re on your own Mummy*

    NATALIE DENISE SPERL 27 days ago

    my Melania lol

  • P M
    P M Month ago

    There’s a shit ton of Canadians that would take Trump over JT anytime

  • aaron V
    aaron V Month ago


  • obi1 kiyomi
    obi1 kiyomi Month ago

    I’m Canadian and my step dad is British he likes trump I absolutely despise Donald trump and my stepdad said that what Donald trump said about Canada was true and I went off on him

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago +1

    Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our nation and an absolute disgrace to the presidency.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes Month ago

    WOW who are you going to laugh at when Trump go,, you better hope Trump dont take you with him

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy Month ago

    That was great night tv.

  • funmakinmoney99
    funmakinmoney99 Month ago

    70% of Canadians did not vote for TURDEAU!!! I personally hate him!

  • sanjay saha
    sanjay saha Month ago

    Donald Trump is most stupid president in the world.

  • Meg Conquest
    Meg Conquest Month ago

    I mean, seeing as how it's literally a hobby of Canadians, including(and maybe especially) Canadian children, to make fun of Trump... James Corden isn't wrong.

  • Theresa Noble
    Theresa Noble Month ago

    Anne is her Father's Daughter! No bullshit to her! I was very proud of our Prime Minister, your President is a joke!

  • Andre Pettersson
    Andre Pettersson Month ago

    "Constitutional legal scholars" aka "democrat shills"

  • Nicola B
    Nicola B Month ago

    Why is he still in power?

  • Isabella Ludovico
    Isabella Ludovico Month ago

    Unsubscribing. Disrespectful of the greatest president the United States has ever had

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent Month ago

      Hey! George Washington never received disrespect.

  • faarsight
    faarsight Month ago

    Look at Angela Merkels expression when Trump is about to answer. Hehe

    • highspeedtubing
      highspeedtubing Month ago

      Merkel is a disgrace to her once proud country. She doesn't like Trump because she cannot manipulate him as she did Obama. Stand on your own feet more taking advantage of the USA. MAGA2020

  • Christien du Preez
    Christien du Preez Month ago

    How can anyone not listen to this bally fool and go....YUK!!!!! james Corden, what a bloob.

  • Hena E
    Hena E Month ago

    666 dislikes
    *Me: Satan is that you?*

  • selfLove2020
    selfLove2020 Month ago

    I have never in my life seen a white house couple be rejected all around the world! this is why they are jealous of the Obama's

  • Deloris Orr
    Deloris Orr Month ago

    😱😱😱 Trump talks about people ever day on Twitter but when people
    say something about him he can’t
    take it.
    That’s like a kid who always hitting
    and biting other kids but when he
    meet his match he can’t take it.
    If a person can’t take trash talking
    don’t say anything about anyone keep
    your 👄 Close.

  • Little Change
    Little Change Month ago

    Doesn’t everyone get it, Canada is small insignificant country, but Trudeau is a complete moron. He was not caught on a cell phone, Trudeau was just standing in front of Hugh TV cameras. Canada is absolutely financially crashing, if it weren’t the states taking our exports we be F-Ed. And our dope smoking drama teacher PM is gonna blow that.

  • Tedison
    Tedison Month ago

    Ok ang jokes perodi sya magaling mag deliver

  • Tedison
    Tedison Month ago

    Waley sya

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly Month ago

    Trump is winning the Democrats dirty tactics are failing.

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent Month ago

      Winning isn't everything, you know.

  • Hedy Epp
    Hedy Epp Month ago


  • Vladimir Trumpenstein

    What if Trudeau waits on signing NAFTA 2.0 until after the election? 🤭

  • A T
    A T Month ago

    How come no one commented on Angela Merkel’s face 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robbie Craughwell
    Robbie Craughwell Month ago

    Piers Morgan fkt it all up by picking the wrong horse to ride! Dont do the same James! The bubble your living in could so easily pop.

  • Ouroborus
    Ouroborus Month ago

    If you morons knew what was actually going wouldn't be laughing........humans are so far behind the curve. Lightyears behind.....

  • Lina Buron
    Lina Buron Month ago

    Im Canadien and Trump insulte Trideau and also Macron of France I dont blame Trudeau

  • Jeri Hewitt
    Jeri Hewitt Month ago

    oh this is so so funny and Princess Anne . thank you

  • Clara McClung
    Clara McClung Month ago

    I could watch Princess Anne’s reaction over and over. In fact, that exactly what I just did🤣!

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago

    That POS Truhoe is NOT a Canadian.

  • Metro Mmdk
    Metro Mmdk Month ago +1


  • joanne olsen
    joanne olsen Month ago

    How embarrassing

  • Slamurai Matt
    Slamurai Matt Month ago

    Trump wants to take his ball and go home.

  • Bee D
    Bee D Month ago

    Well you were fun while you lasted.
    Goodbye to you.

    JAZERLIGHTS Month ago

    God Bless President Trump!

  • Diana Pizarro
    Diana Pizarro Month ago

    Go Princess Anne!

  • Diana Pizarro
    Diana Pizarro Month ago

    Good! He has some ego to think no one laughs at him! The WORLD is laughs at him.

  • The Me Me
    The Me Me Month ago

    i thought impeachment was a french dessert.

  • The Me Me
    The Me Me Month ago

    what kind of nuts do they have. any roasted nuts or they all straight nuts.

  • doug field
    doug field Month ago

    wrong ! the impeachment hearings are full of witnesses that are witnesses for their opinions only and could not say they had first hand knowledge of Pres Trump doing anything wrong , the dems lost the election badly in 2016 and have been working on impeachment from then , the proof will be on Nov 3 2020 when Pres Trump wins reelection with more than the 63,000,000 votes that he got in 2016 ! all you libs have tissues handy !

    • doug field
      doug field Month ago

      @Ty Sargent i will put my money on Trump , and sanders let the dems get away with rigging the 2016 election against him , i would have some faith in bernie if he had stood up for himself and not bent over and take it like a little girl what hilary and the dems did to him

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent Month ago

      Or is it you who will need tissues when Trump loses to Bernie Sanders and AOC?

  • Linda Bowman
    Linda Bowman Month ago

    Used to like this 'comedian', unfortunately he's become trashy, slagging off a sitting president of a country for 'laughs'. A president who gives his salary to charity, has lowered unemployment to 2.01%... USA now has booming economy, making country far safer from drugs pouring in from south...cut ties from scam climate change Paris rubbish, saving trillions!!! good chap

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent Month ago

      Sure. You have no defense, so you use phony statistics.

  • Little Change
    Little Change Month ago

    Trudeau is ruining Canada 🇨🇦, says there is not enough money for the military veterans, but brings in thousands of immigrants gives them a cell phone and a monthly salary and the right to vote almost immediately. Some immigrants have even said Trudeau is corrupt, he is just buying them off to win an election.
    Trudeau is so inept, read Canadian news. World leaders convention, big cameras filming the event, and he standing there acting like a asshole and a moron. The incident wasn’t caught on a cell phone it was caught on big studio cameras.
    Watch his news conference the next day lie deny stumble, lie deny stumble, repeat.
    Now the whole world knows Trudeau is a moron. Even his own voters think 🤔 Trudeau dim witted.

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Renee Connolly
    Renee Connolly Month ago

    They scrambled my feed, the shockers! Just as it got to President Trudeau, they stopped the video!

  • Baffour Kyei
    Baffour Kyei Month ago

    Trump is just the bug Boss. These guys fear him and he actually got the job done. No reason to stay on in meetings with some cry babies. He got the business done,

  • Sue Brown
    Sue Brown Month ago


  • kimber newman
    kimber newman Month ago

    So you JAMESCORDON don’t think you should alert the US PRESS on the FACT DJ has an ENGLISH PRESS go friggin SILENT to Trump’s remarks just to see-I mean SEE bc of silence Trump then says I A MEAN HE’S A NICE GUY

  • A. Goos
    A. Goos Month ago

    Ship all the wannabe overseas talk show host back to England and bullshite Australia, they lived the dream time to send them back, Enough of them and others whispering crap in our ears. We know..

  • A. Goos
    A. Goos Month ago

    Hail to the minute men around the world Established since 1750s so it is today, Don't Thread on US.

  • Paola Cajares Living in PA Review OMG 😱