Segway Shoes!!! Segway Drift W1 Unboxing and Review!

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
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  • Sopie hello the gamer
    Sopie hello the gamer 7 hours ago

    If you like this comment you get to be her friend! ( 1 like means i get to be her friend to)

  • Manju Yashvanth
    Manju Yashvanth 2 days ago +1


  • Alvin Kaunda
    Alvin Kaunda 3 days ago

    I love You Justine...#LovefromKenya

  • BenjaminLee2009
    BenjaminLee2009 6 days ago

    6:48 "have you seen anything cooler than this?" yes, ijustine. yes i have. its called walking.

  • Ahmad Ismail
    Ahmad Ismail 16 days ago +1

    Your friend wanted to try your stuff and you did not let him. May I never have friend like you.

  • games fire
    games fire 19 days ago +1

    Sou do Brasil não entendi nada

  • Shelke
    Shelke 21 day ago

    I can walk faster than this Segway shoes.

  • Gaming with CC
    Gaming with CC Month ago

    Look at what are world has become

  • XxRoblox_QueenxX :3

    They remind me of heel-eases

  • rocachick860
    rocachick860 Month ago

    Lol he said, “what are those!” 😂

  • Tina tankersley
    Tina tankersley Month ago

    Straps... Safety first

  • Azaria Mardon
    Azaria Mardon Month ago

    How much

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio Month ago

    Wow ! 😚

  • Blanca Villanueva
    Blanca Villanueva Month ago

    These need straps

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright Month ago

    Way cool but I know I would fall on my butt LOL

  • Adrian Manzo
    Adrian Manzo Month ago

    There are gonna be a lot of torn Acls from those

  • Rebecca Koch
    Rebecca Koch Month ago +1

    And how much did those cost?😫😭
    Maybe in the future when everyone will have those I’ll be able to buy some 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Man Of Sky
    Man Of Sky Month ago

    Start 3:10
    _ _ _

  • That unicorn 39
    That unicorn 39 Month ago


  • Jaycine Kennedy
    Jaycine Kennedy Month ago

    One wheel roller blades without straps

  • v griffith
    v griffith Month ago

    I still have my roller skates my dad bought me 30 yrs ago..those look cool but there is nothing like old fashion skates😁

  • weasel1btr
    weasel1btr Month ago

    She’s funny.. I like her positive vibes..

  • Tay
    Tay Month ago +1

    How am I just now seeing this Heelys 2.0 sorcery?

  • RoseBud
    RoseBud Month ago

    These the types of shoes Germa66 wear

  • Ali D
    Ali D Month ago +23

    This is like lazy skating. It's skating without the actual workout... ☹

  • liolik beautiful
    liolik beautiful Month ago

    😯 wow !!!!!

  • jennyroo *-*
    jennyroo *-* Month ago

    Core strength Queen!

  • omg skinny
    omg skinny Month ago +32

    Or.... just buy roller skates 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    They needed to make these with straps smh

  • Jada Baker
    Jada Baker Month ago

    How much money u got.., a lot

  • Everliza A
    Everliza A Month ago

    This is a weird device that we don’t need at all. They are basically rollerblades without the shoe. Not that impressive. As humans we’ll buy anything that looks hi tech🙄

  • Wasan Haidar
    Wasan Haidar Month ago

    #segwayshoe im from kurdstan iraq

  • w w
    w w Month ago

    Lmao segway completion complete lmao

  • Nick de Rohan
    Nick de Rohan Month ago

    Carpark and footpath is what we call them in Australia lol cool hover shoes!

  • Orce Shutinoski
    Orce Shutinoski Month ago +4

    So good to disabled people to try this. Bravo!

  • Andrea Wolff
    Andrea Wolff Month ago

    Wow very cool. I'm 48 n I'm a quad skater from back in the 70s n 80s n 90s n up till 2015 until I had n accident n can no longer skate. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine these. N by the way nice voice u should think about a job at signing lol

  • ThisIsJaclyn
    ThisIsJaclyn Month ago +6

    “Geez im going to make so many friends today “ 😝😂

  • dead by light girl
    dead by light girl Month ago

    How much do they cost

  • kishor patel
    kishor patel Month ago

    Bane h

  • Madelin Claire G
    Madelin Claire G Month ago

    Isn’t that just a hover board cut in half

    • Everliza A
      Everliza A Month ago

      Madelin Claire G Yup. Stupid

  • Yzabela Emperador
    Yzabela Emperador Month ago +44

    8:12 - 8:14 reminds me of dr. Phils show transitions and color grading😂😂😂

  • Bruno Hm
    Bruno Hm Month ago

    Q guapa la chica :)

  • Celine laary
    Celine laary Month ago

    Lol 😱😍🤩

  • Heardit All Before
    Heardit All Before Month ago +8

    They need a strap or something then I'm in.

    • Kawaii kiwi
      Kawaii kiwi Month ago

      What if you fall... then you face plant that’s not a smart idea...😬

    • patricia :P
      patricia :P Month ago +1

      Heardit All Before but what if something happens and u have to get off them?

  • GetReal 4Real
    GetReal 4Real Month ago +3

    Hover boards don’t even hover. They need to change the name

  • Gymnastics For Life
    Gymnastics For Life Month ago +1

    I think these are sweet

  • ıt's m3
    ıt's m3 Month ago


  • Emma Irvine
    Emma Irvine Month ago

    How much did they cost

  • alex nguyen
    alex nguyen Month ago

    How much for those shoe ?

  • ChiefAutographSeeker
    ChiefAutographSeeker Month ago +1

    She was definitely one of those bratty little girls that hogged all the toys in the sand box!! Hahaha

    UNDERHILL Month ago +12

    These are not better than a pair of Heely's.

  • Jon Tan
    Jon Tan Month ago

    I got that

  • mia18zap
    mia18zap Month ago

    Seems so unneccersary...

  • unchiekun
    unchiekun Month ago

    Yay yoga pants

  • Lexi M
    Lexi M Month ago

    Hi Justine you are so cool

  • Amalia Gabor
    Amalia Gabor Month ago

    Cool shoes!

  • Вадим Андронов

    Stupid toy for dumb dumb west! Lol

  • Rechelle Brave
    Rechelle Brave Month ago +12

    *Oh yippy! Seperate hoverboards for each foot instead of one big one! That way, when it blows up, it'll only be one of your feet that gets mangled instead of both.*

    • hey now
      hey now 4 days ago +1

      It was the cheap hoverboards that caught fire, npt products from segway

  • Ali babanin bir ciftligi varmis

    its not so awesome that its like!

  • rina raffi
    rina raffi Month ago +1

    Its so cool

  • rina raffi
    rina raffi Month ago +1

    Its like healli shoes the sneaker shoes with the weals on the bottom but what you have is bigger

    • beteeho
      beteeho Month ago

      Heelys are not powered

  • repetitive reality
    repetitive reality Month ago

    Invention for lazy people.

  • Tiso
    Tiso Month ago

    looks dangerous....

  • Blaam Blaam Vlog
    Blaam Blaam Vlog Month ago

    Hello Guys Follow Me on RU-clip

  • Mummyofthree
    Mummyofthree Month ago

    Wow that’s pretty cool! And hey very cool to see Mat again. Hope he’s good. Miss him in the Vlogs.

  • Queen K
    Queen K Month ago

    Did anyone seen the add before this video?

  • Brenda serrano
    Brenda serrano Month ago

    is cold

  • JoeDaBarba
    JoeDaBarba Month ago

    You're a singer too huh?

  • S.K L
    S.K L Month ago

    Why couldn't she explain that she was a tour guide?

  • Sachin Sharma
    Sachin Sharma Month ago +1

    Love u babe i m from india

  • Frida Fälth
    Frida Fälth Month ago

    how much they would like to buy if it is available and buy.

  • Shan Rez
    Shan Rez Month ago +1

    Who remembers when wheelies shoes were a thing?

    Put a battery in them and u got yourself a segway shoes for less money

    • Ellen Styles
      Ellen Styles Month ago

      @Shan Rez I always wanted them but never got them🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Shan Rez
      Shan Rez Month ago +1

      @Ellen Styles oooh really that's crazy I used to have some when they were popular 😂😂💀

    • Ellen Styles
      Ellen Styles Month ago

      I literally have a girl in my school who's like always wearing those... Jup I was kinda surprised that these things still exist xD
      (Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or idk😂)

  • carol muresan
    carol muresan Month ago

    This things are shitty as hell

  • Ashleigh Benade
    Ashleigh Benade Month ago

    Can you talk Afrikaans in a viedio

  • Khail kerbie Ulama
    Khail kerbie Ulama Month ago

    Who knows that JOIN BUTTON?

  • Bingxie Zhang
    Bingxie Zhang Month ago

    You can be very creative with them, check out my daughter's hover bunny shoe.

  • Karina G
    Karina G Month ago

    Ich hab die auch 😂😘

  • Lilly Cawley
    Lilly Cawley 2 months ago

    They are so cool

  • Javaria Shahid
    Javaria Shahid 2 months ago


  • Shroud Gaming
    Shroud Gaming 2 months ago

    U look beautiful

  • Game Bro
    Game Bro 2 months ago


  • Ricky Naomi 15
    Ricky Naomi 15 2 months ago

    I love your singing voice

  • Noa Shaham
    Noa Shaham 2 months ago

    I have this in my house

  • Abam Long
    Abam Long 2 months ago

    Pussy is walking

  • Elisa Nj
    Elisa Nj 2 months ago


  • Dinialislam-
    Dinialislam- 2 months ago

    Is so Amazing

  • Elvina Rusli
    Elvina Rusli 2 months ago

    Hi does anyone know what the type of shoes (Adidas not Segway) she's wearing ? I've seen it few times but couldn't found it on google i wanna buy it helepp 😂😂

  • Rucha Pavagadhi
    Rucha Pavagadhi 2 months ago

    If you were a genius you would have known the kilogram pound conversation 😂 lol you're not genius.

  • Alexandra's Awesomeness
    Alexandra's Awesomeness 2 months ago +2

    It’s wheelys 2.0

  • reviewing Apple products


  • loveunicorns forever
    loveunicorns forever 2 months ago

    But it was to nice to unpackage that is so me

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 2 months ago

    Surprised you live in the same building as nadeshot.

  • Slime Ruby
    Slime Ruby 2 months ago

    How do you get down/'remove those "alien shoes"

  • Jodi Trueman
    Jodi Trueman 2 months ago

    Never even been on a Segway

  • Lolsplay〈3
    Lolsplay〈3 2 months ago

    Hay un poco de exageracion en tu video, un saludo a los cabros del IBC , salu2

  • Jose lisboa santos Lisboa

    Eu ia te comer todo dia sua bruxa loca 😨

  • Sarah Fischer
    Sarah Fischer 2 months ago +1

    I subscribed to ro and now you its the best day ever

    • Sarah Fischer
      Sarah Fischer 2 months ago

      i am replying to myself but I do not care

  • Anissa’s Life
    Anissa’s Life 2 months ago

    When she sang when she wanted to touch the wheels I thought she was ro❤️

  • Joy Klein
    Joy Klein 2 months ago

    Do those explode or not

  • J C0917
    J C0917 2 months ago +8

    I dint know u lived in a apartment

    • beteeho
      beteeho Month ago +1

      Creepy comment