Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #56 (REACT)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
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    The Reactors take on this very special MLB edition of the Try Not to Smile or Laugh Challenge, featuring MLB's San Francisco Giants Hunter Pence.
    Content featured in this episode:
    No one gets it
    Gum on Head 1
    Gum on Head 2
    Kids Snags the Ball
    Ball in Catwalk
    Unleash the Freeze
    Beard Rub
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    This episode features the following special guest:
    Hunter Pence
    This episode features the following Reactors:
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    Laugh Challenge #56 - Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #56 (REACT)
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    REACT  Year ago +473

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  • YouGotRekt2143 / Dabbinga Boi

    ''That guys hair looks like a troll doll.''

  • mintes mehari
    mintes mehari Year ago +2

    Chelsea is beautiful 😮

  • JackLiberty0
    JackLiberty0 Year ago +1

    No, I'm so heartbroken that Tori lost, I was really hoping she would win :'(

  • Mind_ Que
    Mind_ Que Year ago

    The last one got me

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Year ago +1

    My grinning and laughing is not for the videos but the people watching

  • Joey
    Joey Year ago

    Chelsea marry me!!!!

  • Raymond Kimbrojr
    Raymond Kimbrojr Year ago

    you guys have the most subs look YOU GUYS HAVE 8.1M?!?!

  • Judester Gaming
    Judester Gaming Year ago +1 this is hilarious

  • Judester Gaming
    Judester Gaming Year ago +1

  • Follower
    Follower Year ago +1

    React to 'Girl cries like a supercar'

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack Year ago


  • Lottie Goodenough

    Tori was so close😫 YOU'LL GET IT NEXT TIME GURL

  • cărţi magice
    cărţi magice Year ago

    React to my little AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Austin Steifel
    Austin Steifel Year ago +3

    I'm begging you right now, please have a reaction to Vanoss and his crew, I beg of you please, I will love you forever if you do

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay Year ago +2

    I love it when Chelsea cracks.

  • ParsProTotoSB
    ParsProTotoSB Year ago

    React to Konis Hupen :D

  • Shakira Vandenberghe

    Do a try not to laugh BTS edition

  • SemiAwesomeGil
    SemiAwesomeGil Year ago

    Hunter Pence looks and sounds exactly like WWE's Daniel Bryan. 😂

  • LedZep's X
    LedZep's X Year ago +2

    They should react to the best *C'MON Man!* videos

  • Miguel Carbo-Aguilar

    Elmo as Donal trump

  • Andrew Beyer
    Andrew Beyer Year ago +5

    7:02 I was at that game

  • Diamond Ninja4
    Diamond Ninja4 Year ago +4

    Skip to 1:20

  • emgrace
    emgrace Year ago +1

    You should do a try not to react challenge. They have to watch videos without speaking or showing any expression. Guaranteed fail for the cast

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby Year ago +1

    Kacey's deadpan reactions of "that was really funny" was the funniest part of this.

  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson Year ago

    Eww the giants

  • Tex Tepig
    Tex Tepig Year ago

    You should react to Moto trombone epic

  • MrQ000000
    MrQ000000 Year ago

    Before watching the exploding bird better be here

  • canchaser2
    canchaser2 Year ago

    Gotta love Cabrera's humor

  • natalie
    natalie Year ago

    why does tom look like the guy from chainsmokers

  • Nathanael Collins
    Nathanael Collins Year ago +1

    My brother says I'm only allowed to watch kids version ;(

  • TheFademercy
    TheFademercy Year ago +1

    can u make them react to carl poppa

  • Can we get to 5000 subs w/ No videos

    The yuliasi gurial

  • Lilly dunn
    Lilly dunn Year ago

    you need to put Cockatoo running around yelling absolute nonsense (subtitles) without laughing or grinning!!

  • Mr. Slappy
    Mr. Slappy Year ago +2

    90% people laugh after watching the reactors laugh!

  • Lilianna Barron
    Lilianna Barron Year ago +1

    Go Astros (the guy with the weird hair)

    • Cum Swapping
      Cum Swapping Year ago

      *IF YOU WANT,*

      4:26 ✩ React to Russ

  • a nice rat
    a nice rat Year ago +3

    teens react to The Neighbourhood

  • William TheRobloxChickenMasterXD

    Make them react too we like to party

  • sytytyslankha
    sytytyslankha Year ago +11

    Hunter Pence rocking that KindaFunny hat :J

  • Rest easy SK
    Rest easy SK Year ago

    0:05 I thought that was Conner McGregor df 😂😂

  • Tail Violet
    Tail Violet Year ago


  • PinkDiamond 16
    PinkDiamond 16 Year ago +1

    Damn it. I'm watching this on the 28th.

  • Michael and Kyle Donovan and Lydon

    Do an NFL one

  • TGS
    TGS Year ago +4

    Teens react to look what you made me do

  • TGS
    TGS Year ago +5

    React to look what u made me do

  • TGS
    TGS Year ago +3

    React to Taylor swifts look what made me do

  • Patman
    Patman Year ago +2

    Show them Vine Video- Don't you yell at your mother. Like if u agree.

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Year ago

    React to Russ

  • Kamila
    Kamila Year ago +10

    You know what would be tough? Try not to Laugh when they are watching old Try not to Laugh episodes. This is what always makes me laugh not videos but their reactions.

  • LongFaceJohn
    LongFaceJohn Year ago

    Hunter Pence is such a legend!

  • Vince Olga
    Vince Olga Year ago

    Yo, please put this in the next one:

  • Juan David Hand
    Juan David Hand Year ago

    Chelsea looks like Cassie from skins :3

  • Erek D._.
    Erek D._. Year ago

    my name is Munenori Kawasaki, im a Japanese ~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!

  • Êáû Dë_Mý Fàñđöm Ĺífé

    That last one really got me..the way he cups his beard.. :D lmao!

  • TheReapJack
    TheReapJack Year ago

    I almost lost it when the commentator said Krusty the Clown.

  • The Ruthlezz Gamer
    The Ruthlezz Gamer Year ago +2

    Representing the bay hunter pence 🤘🤘

  • Punisher
    Punisher Year ago +3

    That Flash shirt thought

  • Murphy The Dog
    Murphy The Dog Year ago +1

    GO ROYALS!!!

  • Steve Andrikides
    Steve Andrikides Year ago

    do scuicide frog

  • Steve Andrikides
    Steve Andrikides Year ago

    dosuicide frog

  • Sophia
    Sophia Year ago

    I love how the mets where in this

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover Year ago

    Hunter Pierce I have your baseball card

  • Wolf Prince
    Wolf Prince Year ago +1

    CHELSEA!!!! 😍😍

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Year ago +1

    katie i love you

  • mike nike
    mike nike Year ago +3

    kinda funny hat

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa Year ago +2

    You should of had a hunter pence blooper in the videos

  • Nikhilesh Nerambally

    Make them watch Taher Shah's "Mankind's Angel".

  • Adam Jammer
    Adam Jammer Year ago +13

    Can't believe only 2 people made it! I didn't find any of them even remotely funny.

  • Ilovesims❤
    Ilovesims❤ Year ago +2

    Damn Daniel u did it again..........😂😂😂

  • Felipe Arias
    Felipe Arias Year ago +1

    Do one with WWE Superstars and Divas

    TOPKILL Year ago +3


    TOPKILL Year ago +3

    its so FUNNY

    TOPKILL Year ago +3

    react to doggo upgrade !

    TOPKILL Year ago +3

    react to doggo upgrade !

    TOPKILL Year ago +3

    react to doggo upgrade!

      TOPKILL Year ago +1

      please its so funny

  • CP3
    CP3 Year ago +2

    Where in the backyard video

  • Jefin Majo
    Jefin Majo Year ago +2


  • Vivianee Alabata
    Vivianee Alabata Year ago +4


  • 包子腊肉
    包子腊肉 Year ago +2

    my father watched every “try not to smile or laugh” videos but he never laughed.I can't understand how he did that

  • Tabris Fru Lar
    Tabris Fru Lar Year ago

    Tom, Alberto andTori 😍
    Oh yeah!!
    Just throw me some Madison and then it's perfect.

  • Chesty La Rue
    Chesty La Rue Year ago +5

    oh man that last one got me. I can't help but laugh watching a man get his beard cupped.

  • Netanel Botwinik
    Netanel Botwinik Year ago

    How do I send a video?

  • Alison Alves
    Alison Alves Year ago

    React to pabllo vittar 😍😍😍

  • 671SportsNetwork
    671SportsNetwork Year ago +4

    3:36 Yuli Gurriel has the best hair in the league lol.

  • Salome K.
    Salome K. Year ago +2

    pls let them react to youtube poop

  • assrol
    assrol Year ago +6

    3:14 Alberto trying hard not to laugh, but he cant stand

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller Year ago +2

    I won, but 5:00 almost got me.

  • SuperSpaceJanitor9000

    I tried to send a video but it didn't go through. Oh well

  • Sammy Aryaputra
    Sammy Aryaputra Year ago

    Have them react to this video called "cooking by the book but its donald trump".

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM Year ago +4

    Hunter was wearing a Kinda Funny hat. That's cool.

  • CrTonKdD
    CrTonKdD Year ago +1

    for the next one do the wooohoo half way there wooohoo leman and pear

  • christian langdale
    christian langdale Year ago +4

    Can you do try not to laugh challenge at comedians (Mock The Week)

  • Khill- -Magma
    Khill- -Magma Year ago +1

    Yay I won

  • Elei Villegas
    Elei Villegas Year ago +1

    Is Bryson still part of your React family? Because I just finished the 59 videos in this playlist and noticed that Bryson always laughs at the first video. Hahahaha!!

  • Gabriel Espinosa
    Gabriel Espinosa Year ago

    Kinda Funny Hat on Hunter Pence

  • Dan K
    Dan K Year ago

    poor tori :"(

  • Bryan Terry
    Bryan Terry Year ago +2

    I hope hunter is still okay after Stephanie...

  • TOXIC Lil Naruto
    TOXIC Lil Naruto Year ago

    I love how i can laugh but they try so hard not to

  • Madi B
    Madi B Year ago +2

    The funny thing is my initials are MLB