The Real Reason Adam Sandler Didn't Get An Oscar Nomination

  • In the lead-up to the 2020 Academy Awards, set to air on Sunday, February 9, Adam Sandler was near the head of the pack for Best Actor contenders. For his performance as Diamond District jeweler and self-destructive gambling addict Howard Ratner in the Safdie brothers' crime thriller Uncut Gems, Sandler had most everyone believing he'd land at least a nomination for the coveted award.
    However, when the list of 2020 Oscar nominations rolled out, Sandler's name was nowhere to be found, despite the fact that viewers everywhere thought he'd be a shoo-in.
    Now, The New York Post has run quotes from an anonymous Academy member who commented on some of the actors who didn't score Oscar nominations this year: Dolemite Is My Name star Eddie Murphy, Hustlers lead Jennifer Lopez, The Farewell actress Awkwafina, and, of course, Sandler. The nameless actor revealed the real reason why Adam Sandler was snubbed, and the answer isn't pretty.
    Let's not forget: Adam Sandler is a seriously funny actor.
    He's split sides in films like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, and more, gaining fame as much more than a former Saturday Night Live player. In the 2000s, Sandler ventured into more dramatic territory with Spanglish, Punch-Drunk Love, and Funny People, effectively proving he wasn't a one-trick pony.
    But at a certain point, Sandler's track record grew spotty when he began signing on to films that were, well…less-than-spectacular. He racked up Razzies, basically the ugly step-sister to the merit-based award ceremonies, for Just Go With It and Jack and Jill, two of Sandler's worst movies ever, and tarnished his reputation in the process. It's only been in recent years, through his turns in films like Netflix's The Meyerowitz Stories and now Uncut Gems, that Sandler has begun to shed his "King of Bad Movies" moniker. Keep watching the video to see the real reason Adam Sandler didn't get an Oscar nomination!
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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +135

    Did Sandler get snubbed?

  • Zainab Al
    Zainab Al 5 days ago

    When the name adam sandler pops we always feel exited and that happy and fun energy. And not any actor can provide that when u kno hez in a movie.

  • Zainab Al
    Zainab Al 5 days ago

    Hez the best. Not an oscar can tell. I have never seen a bad movie for adam sandler to be honest.

  • Drew Fierros
    Drew Fierros 7 days ago

    You do realize that Adam is also an accomplished stand up comedian and that when he jokes about getting revenge it shouldn't be taken literally

  • Michael Michaels
    Michael Michaels 19 days ago

    At this point, acting awards, musical awards, even review sites (rotten tomatoes) are a poor accredited representation of how “we the people” actually feel.

  • Francisco Casero
    Francisco Casero Month ago

    I liked just go with it:/

  • Arthur Broady
    Arthur Broady Month ago

    Yes but they gave Roman Polanski an Oscar in 2002. Hypocrites.

  • ImLayonKing
    ImLayonKing Month ago

    I only watch Oscars because Eminem is in it

  • ImLayonKing
    ImLayonKing Month ago

    Oscars don't deserve a Talented actor like Adam Sandler.. I thought Oscars was for talent, not pretty faces....

    Not a brand my ass.. Adam is a Legend

  • Only Platinum EDM
    Only Platinum EDM Month ago +3

    "Uncut Gems" was my 2nd favorite movie this year behind "Parasite". This year was stacked with great performances, who would he have replaced ?, I wanted him to at least get the nomination, but understand why he didn't compared to other performances this year. The Oscar's got Best Picture right going to a Korean Film that deserved the Golden Globe as well, Joaquin Phoenix was also the right pick for best actor. Sandler is on the right track, amazing performances in Punch Drunk Love & Uncut Gems. "Give it up for Kevin Garnett as well".

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    No one cares about the award shows anymore, I mean damn they’ve all been more about Kobe than any of the actual subject matter, they even insult the people they’re awarding. This movie was the best movie I’ve seen this past year. Joker was trash in comparison

  • HomerMan
    HomerMan Month ago

    Coz he sucks. Move on

  • Andrew parker
    Andrew parker Month ago

    If that’s how the oscars are run then they should be shut down / boycotted. With that being said I saw uncut with Sandler and I never thought at any point in the movie wow what an amazing performance. The movie as a whole wasn’t great in my opinion.

  • Neth BT
    Neth BT Month ago

    Oscars nominations is all about bribery....Although I firmly believe PARASITE deserved every accolade it got, It would be naive to think that people behind that film didn't get involved on some type of lobbying or bribes

  • Sainath Maddi
    Sainath Maddi Month ago

    Oscar's should be given for performances not brands and shit

  • Zett76
    Zett76 Month ago

    "Let's not forget, Sandler is a seriously funny actor."
    Is he, though? Is he? Is he, really?

  • dammtri
    dammtri Month ago

    His performance in Uncut Gems was mediocre to above average at best. Absolutely nothing noteworthy or exceptional. There are literally dozens of actors who were more deserving of an Oscar nomination than him. Just cause you act without your trademark obnoxiousness, doesn't mean you deserve an Oscar nod.

  • Phil Lee
    Phil Lee Month ago

    I hope he continues down the dramatic path

  • Rodolfo Ruiz
    Rodolfo Ruiz Month ago

    Oh no that only means hes gonna make a shitty shitty movie now

  • Jolene Vilis
    Jolene Vilis Month ago

    The idea of Adam Sandler getting a best actor award is abhorrent to me! I can think of no actor more deserving of a career encompassing Razzie Award for the Worst actor EVER than Adam Sandler.

  • Georgina B
    Georgina B Month ago

    how does making a bad movie affect them?

  • Chanoramik
    Chanoramik Month ago

    i mean who cares, Adam Sandler has the fans and the bank, id trade that for one Oscar any day

  • Faithful Collections

    LoL. You guys seriously think that just because Adam Sandler finally took on a serious role that he's now Oscar worthy!? Lol. Maybe if he takes some serious roles for the next 20 years and he: does a few historicly significant films, a few independant movs, get a few nods against worthy actors, dramas, coming of age....then come talk to me about Adam frickin Sandler winning an Academy Award. LOL

  • Gregory F.
    Gregory F. Month ago


  • Dr. Arthur H. Tafero
    Dr. Arthur H. Tafero Month ago +1


  • shonz88
    shonz88 Month ago

    99% of Oscar movies are never seen by anyone and their actors use the award to get bigger roles in popcorn movies that people actually want to watch. Do you really want to win an Oscar if Grown Ups and Billy Madison are on the air 40+ years later while people don’t even know who you are on stage holding an Oscar? Sandman wins again

  • Shannon Noll
    Shannon Noll Month ago +1

    Was it just me or was Uncut Gem a very irritating movie, just how the characters would keep yelling and repeating themselves in every conversation.

  • juan leal
    juan leal Month ago +1

    Just go with it is one of my favs 🤦🏻‍♂️ people always hating ,


    The oscar belongs to joaquin but adam should get the nomination.

  • IIndonesia
    IIndonesia Month ago

    just go with it is the best movie what you on

  • Drew Stephens
    Drew Stephens Month ago +1

    The direction, the acting, and the score, were out of this world, like that gem, and it was uncut. 2019 set the bar high for 2020. All I know is, I see a lot of people with Opal now, this film set a new trend in the stone market.

  • SonOfTheShogun 11
    SonOfTheShogun 11 Month ago

    As incredible as Sand-man was in this film, his best performance is and always will be Barry Egan from Punch-drunk love. One of the most underrated performances of all time, that was one of the most realistic portrayals of awkwardness, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder ever filmed on camera.

  • Papa_ Rolli
    Papa_ Rolli Month ago

    Just go with it was good wtf

  • nfl20
    nfl20 Month ago

    He's been in the game for a long time and really put on on one of the best performances of his career. What a shame

  • Nad Nad
    Nad Nad Month ago +2

    Hustlers didn't deserve a mention much less a nomination. That movie was trash!

  • Mario Paulo
    Mario Paulo Month ago

    That´s racism...judging an actor based on his body of work when an actor should be judge solely based on the movie in question. The Academy should win a Razzie because of this absurd mentality!!!

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad Month ago

      How is this racism? Sandler is white. Bias? Yes. Discrimination? Maybe. Racism? No

  • Na-man
    Na-man Month ago

    Oscars sucks. Can you believe it Johnny depp, Tom cruise, will smith, adam sandler, jim Carrey, brad pitt haven't won a single Oscar but a hoe like Brie Larson gets one

  • Boro Hall
    Boro Hall Month ago

    What can excuse?

  • Boro Hall
    Boro Hall Month ago

    What those one movie have to do with all other movies this sounds really really white

  • Melvyn Millz
    Melvyn Millz Month ago

    he was joking about making a bad movie if he didn't get nominated you dumbass. you knew that.

  • Pro Jey96
    Pro Jey96 Month ago

    ... I like just go with it
    Whats wring with the movie?

  • robhigg2203
    robhigg2203 Month ago

    If the academy has that great of a memory then why does the best picture Oscar more often than not go to the nominated movie that came out the closet to the cut off date? It's nice to give that kind of attention to lessor known or not as financially successful movies of course but it's hardly best picture of the year when the film in question came out in January of the following year, just in time for a February awards show.

  • Freeman
    Freeman Month ago

    They only give awards to people who buys the award.

  • adam vafelmann
    adam vafelmann Month ago

    You know that what Sandler said on the Stern show was a joke right?

  • handymandy20
    handymandy20 Month ago +1

    Jack and jill 2

  • Coady MacMillan
    Coady MacMillan Month ago

    That would just hype up the oscars more if they nominated him, isn't their whole goal and want "views"

  • Daug Mulumba
    Daug Mulumba Month ago


  • Ike Jugend
    Ike Jugend Month ago +2

    The Real Reason: he wasn’t that good

  • Franco sanchez
    Franco sanchez Month ago +1

    Bra the Sandman was killed n his movie n didn't get a nod foh he nva died n none of the movies I watched of him they tried my guy frfr

  • Antonio Ivan
    Antonio Ivan Month ago

    What a shitty reason. I've always thought that The Academy Awards are pure bullshit but this reinforces my opinion.

  • david mathews
    david mathews Month ago

    If this is true, the oscars are shit.

  • Adagio Breeze
    Adagio Breeze Month ago

    Just Bribe Academy voters like Leo and Meryl’s Reps do

    • Adagio Breeze
      Adagio Breeze Month ago

      Cliff Booth = Sheep

    • Cliff Booth
      Cliff Booth Month ago

      Adagio Breeze besides that Streep and Leo are phenomenal and gave better performances than sandler, so stop posting shit you don’t know.

    • Cliff Booth
      Cliff Booth Month ago

      Adagio Breeze can you prove your statement????

  • Toby Argall
    Toby Argall Month ago

    Because it was a rubbish movie. That’s why.

  • C F
    C F Month ago

    Because this wasnt made by a huge studio and the awards shows are all about them sucking their own d**k?

  • Georgus me tortoise

    Just like logan smh

  • Ricardo Campello
    Ricardo Campello Month ago

    The channel videos are awesome! Please put subtitles in Portuguese, Brazil thanks!

  • J LO
    J LO Month ago

    If true, this confirms what most have said under their breath about academy voters and the acadamey award itself... It's simply an elitist fanclub "his brand doesn't scream Oscar nomination"...

  • Josh McFarland
    Josh McFarland Month ago

    I want to own a Oscar.

  • Vafa Bartlett
    Vafa Bartlett Month ago

    Did we forget these are studio bought...thank you Academy for this amazing honour and thank you studio for paying for it

  • townrumor
    townrumor Month ago

    Oscar are privileged idiots with no class

  • JD
    JD Month ago

    The movie sucked that's why he did not get an Oscar.

  • MR Esotericana
    MR Esotericana Month ago

    Because he is devoid of talent!

  • Happy Arnold
    Happy Arnold Month ago

    Because the film wasn't that good.

  • johnny massa
    johnny massa Month ago

    Because he is a straight white male.... anything else is a lie

  • Tony bubonic
    Tony bubonic Month ago

    Who gives a famn about an Osvar

  • Tony bubonic
    Tony bubonic Month ago

    Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers should never be mentioned for any award. That movie sucked.

  • Ali Gillani
    Ali Gillani Month ago +1

    I used to think that Oscars nominations were based on the performance not on the perception.

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman Month ago

    Harvey Weinstein was bad enough academy. Ripping off Brokeback Mountain for best picture. The list goes on........... Adam was phenomenal in this movie. The Academy is not for the fans. The Academy isn't even fair.

  • Dan Higgins
    Dan Higgins Month ago

    Because the movie sucked.

  • Dan Higgins
    Dan Higgins Month ago

    Because the movie sucked.

  • Jawon Stokes
    Jawon Stokes Month ago

    But we know Adam Sandler's has real skills even if he had a couple bad movies.

  • Cupid Hart-James
    Cupid Hart-James Month ago

    “Spanglish” was awesome.

  • Tommah1000
    Tommah1000 Month ago

    This video jumped over about 10 years of recent Sandler movies, which solidified him as Hollywood top biller.

  • Lucifer Apollo
    Lucifer Apollo Month ago

    Lmao.. it's because he and the writer/director brothers gave too much of the game away about what it's like in these communities and this profession. They don't like their affairs to be in too big of a spotlight.

  • That SriLankanGuy
    That SriLankanGuy Month ago

    Was I the only one who thought just go with it was a decent movie?

  • Fred Kinkton
    Fred Kinkton Month ago +5

    The people who give out the Oscars are also Jewish, love diamonds and they’re pissed at Adam for portraying them so well.

  • steviefranchize21
    steviefranchize21 Month ago

    sucks because it shouldn't be about "brand" it should be for an individual's talent in any particular movie. people running the oscars should definitely know better.

  • maxx1mus1041
    maxx1mus1041 Month ago

    Adam Sandler So doing another s***** movie because you didn't get nominated yeah sure do it then you wonder why you'll continue to not get nominated cuz your movies absolutely f****** suck so you do one good movie and that's it

  • MinCraige
    MinCraige Month ago

    This video gives evidence that he was snubbed and even leads me to believe that they are, at times, partially rigged. This video reveals allegations that members of the Academy look at “brands” instead of acknowledging great acting performances.

  • Tony Richards
    Tony Richards Month ago

    He and Tiffany Haddish are the two most unfunny and annoying actors.