Coldplay - Daddy (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Daddy is taken from the new album, Everyday Life, out now. Listen / buy now from
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    Directed by Åsa Lucander
    Produced by Aardman Animations
    Puppetry by Brunskill & Grimes
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  • Melin Naura
    Melin Naura 10 hours ago


  • Vik
    Vik 11 hours ago


  • Đức Tiến Nguyễn
    Đức Tiến Nguyễn 12 hours ago

    I have no chance to remember you. I just wanna have a memory with you. Just a look is enough but impossible. You're so far away.

  • sheila p
    sheila p 13 hours ago

    Coldplay is Always super cool for sad songs 😭😭😭😭

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 13 hours ago

    [Verse 1]
    Daddy, are you out there?
    Daddy, won't you come and play?
    Daddy, do you not care?
    Is there nothing that you wanna say?
    I know
    You're hurting too
    But I need you, I do
    Daddy, if you're out there
    Daddy, all I want to say
    You're so far away
    Oh, you're so far away
    That's okay, it's okay
    I'm okay
    [Verse 2]
    Daddy, are you out there?
    Daddy, why'd you run away?
    Daddy, are you okay?
    Look, Dad, we got the same hair
    And Daddy, it's my birthday
    And all I wanna say

    Is you're so far away
    Oh, and you're so far away
    That's okay, it's okay
    It's okay
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) You're so far away
    Won't you come and won't you stay?
    Please stay, oh, please stay
    Won't you come and won't you stay?
    One day, just one day

  • Mr Shang shi ahu
    Mr Shang shi ahu 13 hours ago


  • Ocky TV
    Ocky TV 14 hours ago

    Playing this song in my car, my kids crying.

  • Giorgi Begashvili
    Giorgi Begashvili 15 hours ago

    Daddy, I love you so much!💓 💓 💓😭

  • Алексей Вардересян


  • Wayne D-Way
    Wayne D-Way 17 hours ago +1

    Father passed away this april to lung disease, Thank you, my favorite band, and to the amazing Chris Martin for warming my heart everytime i hear this :')

  • Erry Bali
    Erry Bali 17 hours ago

    This song make my more missing my daddy.. after he's gone....i feel alone... since my marriage broken he always be best friend and spirit for me

  • tiger boy
    tiger boy 17 hours ago +1

    Love the story told here. With the little girl who's sailing through life when she finds that her father had died ( was thinking the red and blue lights were that of an ambulance) and looses her ors and is stunted in her way of life. She trys to keep going (the kite)but it dose not last long. She eventually goes over board and sinks (and altho brutal to say dies) finding her self with her father again. Some one she has been looking for since the beginning of the song. Would think of the song as one looking for your lost Dad and Ends with you together again. 😢

  • Sherly 04
    Sherly 04 18 hours ago

    Dad .. i just want you know that i always love you no matter what you've done to us,
    you are the reason we always praying for ,
    i hope just one day , you'll really come back to us , loving us dan taking care of us and just focus on us .
    ( sincerely , your little girl who has same hair with you ) 🧡♥️

  • Azrai
    Azrai 19 hours ago

    Please stop cutting onions 😭

  • Kumar Mukul
    Kumar Mukul 19 hours ago

    Thanks for writing such a beautiful song.

  • Hgtgc Gfdfv fgh
    Hgtgc Gfdfv fgh 20 hours ago +1

    This is what I love about Coldplay there songs tell us different kinds of stories all about life, adventure,love,sadness, joy, and most growing up all in our own harsh conditions

  • Lorenzo Spada
    Lorenzo Spada 22 hours ago

    I Coldplay sono il mio complesso preferito del XXI secolo.
    Purtroppo hanno raggiunto il massimo con la meravigliosa Viva la vida, dopo di che sono peggiorati notevolmente e non hanno raggiunto, se non in casi rari, il loro standard di Yellow e Fix you (e di molte canzoni di X & Y e dei loro album antecedenti a Viva la vida).
    Dell'ultimo album salvo 3 canzoni (Orphans, Arabesque e Daddy).
    Daddy e' un pezzo dolcissimo, in cui si riconosce la classe eccelsa del gruppo.
    Per chi ha perso il proprio padre ha un significato enorme, un po' come la irraggiungibile Father & son di Cat Stevens.
    Ho identificato e suono 35 belle canzoni di questo grandissimo gruppo.
    Non e' normale che un gruppo abbia prodotto un.cosi elevato numero di belle canzoni.
    Sono cifre superate, secondo me, solo dai Beatles, Rolling stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin e Bee Gees.
    In Italia solo da Lucio Battisti, I Pooh, Mina, Celentano, Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Edoardo Bennato, Pino Daniele, Fabrizio De Andre' e forse dall'Equipe 84.
    Nel loro ultimo album I Coldplay si rivelano straordinari con questo pezzo di una classe eccelsa.
    Meraviglioso anche il video.

  • Sami islam
    Sami islam 22 hours ago

    Peace on you daddy

  • maki maman
    maki maman 23 hours ago


  • Coksky 27
    Coksky 27 23 hours ago


  • Belen Andrada
    Belen Andrada 23 hours ago


  • Océane Crey
    Océane Crey Day ago

    Heureusement que pour certains groupes radiohead a existé..

  • BTMovieSecondChannel

    The back vocals from 03:58 to 04:08 are so genius.

  • Top History
    Top History Day ago

    I haven't cried for a song before, but it made me.

  • kedekasdf
    kedekasdf Day ago

    Очень круто!!! До слёз!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • iNTERS22
    iNTERS22 Day ago

    Sad Coldplay :(

  • DeBono-san
    DeBono-san Day ago

    Dad, you passed too soon, you feel so far away. But I'm ok, don't worry.
    I love you.

  • Hardhya A.H
    Hardhya A.H Day ago

    I miss my daddy, it's been 2 years you past away 😢

  • blue raff
    blue raff Day ago

    This song melts my heart. It hurts and warms at the same time.

  • Adezyalina Poerwadiredja

    Daddy... It's my birthday... Today. I miss you...
    I lost my father few years a go so suddenly. So much i wanted to say but couldn't say...

  • goin in ballz deep

    when your dad is physically here but mentally so far away 😔

  • ifiasr 3
    ifiasr 3 Day ago

    This song should popular than other songs of coldplay

  • Mo Star
    Mo Star Day ago

    Too depressive. What is going on with the coldplay?

  • Clara Fernández

    Thank you Coldplay, you’re making real music. My daddy passed away 4 years ago and I feel like he died yesterday. See you in heaven my angel.

  • Amulya Neerav
    Amulya Neerav Day ago

    Reading the comment section, I feel like one of the fortunate ones. My heart goes out to all of you. My Papa is here, he loves me dearly and so do I but we don't say it as much as we should.
    Love you, Papa.

  • Fatima.H .Daham
    Fatima.H .Daham Day ago

    Ah sh$t here I am going to cry again🙂💔
    I hate when I am reminded of you father R.I.P

  • Samitam
    Samitam Day ago

    Dedicating this song to one of my friend who is very close to my heart, who means SO MUCH to me, who shared her story with me that touched every corner of my heart. I wish, i could give her a long unbreakable tight hug while listening this song.
    We don't talk anymore and may be we will never see each other again but I am dedicating this song to her and i wanna say, "We love you. We love you so much. Maybe we don't know how to express our love in a way that is meaningful to you but we love you. We love you so much, you are adorable, you are special and we will always love you.❤❤
    You lost people you love at a very early age. We can't replace a lot of things that you miss most, But we love your existence. We cherish your childish character inside of you, embrace your deep dark angry personality. Your father would love her little daughter in a way that we can't even imagine, but we love you so deeply that you can't imagine too. ❤️☺️
    Your father is proud of you, wherever he is❤
    Dads who are no more in the world but they will be always alive in their children's heart's 💙💙💙
    #tml #mmn
    Coldplay ❤

    • Samitam
      Samitam Day ago

      Thank you. Appreciate that

  • Maryline Verachten

    Un petit bijou ! Que d'émotions!! Je l'écoute en boucles. Merci!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Valdés


  • maria aparecida
    maria aparecida Day ago

    Lindo vídeo e música. Parabéns!!!🌷🌷🌷🌷.

  • kunal Rohitas
    kunal Rohitas Day ago

    So much said in 5 minutes ♥️

  • Ian Lin
    Ian Lin Day ago

    I miss you daddy

  • Wahyu Kusuma Dewi

    You're so far away 🙂💔

  • jackdanijel1979
    jackdanijel1979 Day ago +1

    When my mom was 25 years she lost her daddy 😭😭😭😭😭😭! I never saw him alive, but my big brother had seen, before he died! I cry 😢 when I listen this music but I am still happy that I have my daddy! miss you grandpa 👴!

  • Mr. Z's Music Lessons

    Such a beautiful and sad song.

  • shiva shibayan
    shiva shibayan Day ago


  • Giba Bsjjsjsj
    Giba Bsjjsjsj Day ago

    The Character reminds me of Greta thunberg

  • nia shofiana
    nia shofiana Day ago

    If i can back home. I missed them so much.

  • Florencia Minelli

    Creo que no solo se refiere a padres sino también a madres. En la mayoría de los casos son las madres las que hacen funciones de padres también ; las que llevan adelante la familia con su amor y bondad. Siempre poniendo la ternura y amor por delante de todo; del dinero; de la falta de tiempo; del estar cansados para atender a los hijos

  • Lawan :3
    Lawan :3 Day ago

    love this song.. 😔❤️

  • Bertha Hermosillo
    Bertha Hermosillo Day ago +2

    4.7 dislikes. ?? They don't understand our beautiful sentimental ❤

  • Aom K
    Aom K Day ago

    I've never expected Coldplay to hit me this hard

  • Reika Febriyanti
    Reika Febriyanti Day ago +1

    Seperti ku yang tak tau keberadaan papah ku terakhir bertemu umur ku 2 tahun, pertanyaan itu yang selalu ada di pikiran ku selama ini 🥺

  • skyler
    skyler Day ago +1

    it hurts so much knowing my parents, my dad, will never love me for who I am. out of all my siblings, I'm the one that ended up being gay, the one that got pushed aside for being different and hated. I just wish I could hear my dad, say at least once, that he loved me. I know it will never happen. I'm sorry for being a terrible son, and a terrible brother. love you dad.

  • Sandra Duarte
    Sandra Duarte Day ago

    O AMOR VERDADEIRO é lindo e livre e puro. Saudades

  • Douglas Mose
    Douglas Mose Day ago

    TRUTH,,ART,,LIFE all captured in 4 minutes. Coldplay knew they were gonna take the world by storm even before they came up with a name. Viva Art! Viva Music! Long live the King!

  • Rainkid
    Rainkid Day ago +7

    Hello world!! We are a new band called Rainkid and we try to make music haha ♪♪
    Check it out and give us some feedback, we would love that 😃
    Peace Rainkid 💜


    Coldplay (🙅‍♂️)

  • Heidi Black
    Heidi Black Day ago


  • Elsa Prisila
    Elsa Prisila Day ago