Paul Kalkbrenner | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
  • Dive into The Story of Planaxis...
    Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever,...
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  • Dimitri Jouin
    Dimitri Jouin 9 days ago

    Love you légende ❤️

  • Paul Mergener
    Paul Mergener 26 days ago

    Ich als alter Sack bin von der Causch
    Gesprungen. Bei der Musik wirklich Klasse der Paul und seine Musik die Gefàllt mir. Einfach Spitze hàtte so Auspfliepen kònnen.
    Aber Geil der Typ.
    Tolle Musik.

  • Hawk L
    Hawk L 27 days ago

    Old school new wave style with modern tech. PK is OG Gangster!

  • João Martins
    João Martins Month ago

    1000 dislike this video. I bet that 100% of them are the ones that are chanting that Dimitri Vegas bullshit

  • Ricardo Munduruca
    Ricardo Munduruca Month ago

    that's awesome! 👏

  • João Martins
    João Martins Month ago

    Bunch of retardeds chanting "ohhhh ehhh" in a PK live set. This is no Dimitri Vegas or wtv da fuck he is called

  • Nova Lightning
    Nova Lightning Month ago


  • gabro131313
    gabro131313 Month ago

    estas son las cosas que me hacen creer en un mundo mejor

  • Le crâne de xewer
    Le crâne de xewer 2 months ago

    Magnifique comme chaque années, plein d'émotions

  • Will RUMII
    Will RUMII 2 months ago +1

    king of Berlin

  • RJ
    RJ 2 months ago

    Guy is great. So unique.

  • getin
    getin 2 months ago

    Quality quality tunes, but can all these wankers stop making heart shapes? So so annoying and once again wank.

  • Aleksandra Bunko
    Aleksandra Bunko 2 months ago

    26 min - what song is it 🙌🏻🥺

  • Rhythm Records
    Rhythm Records 3 months ago +1

    FEED YOUR HEAD is so good

  • J.A Rod-Reci
    J.A Rod-Reci 3 months ago

    Activado DJ,ahora agamos que todos los mundos muestren lo mejor que llevan dentro,sin
    saberlo aún,es tiempo de abrir los hojos de tu imaginación y ver realmente el paraíso donde estamos,,never look back🎶👽🗝🇬🇹❤✌🏳the world have to be safe,no matter what it take.

  • Viktoria Gurkova VideoObzor


  • MrGloubiboulgaBoy
    MrGloubiboulgaBoy 3 months ago

    Ce qui me fait chier avec ces grands Dj c'est qu'ils font leurs Mix chez eux ( pas en live, trop risqué.. mais ça demande quand même du travail..)
    Et en Live ils font du cinéma..
    Mais c'est ça la mode...

  • Rainer Bode
    Rainer Bode 3 months ago

    paul,falls du das liest,;,ich bin auch,sagen wir mal,infiziert.!.ich hab ne klassische musikausbildung.-,hab ein gut aufgeräumtes studio und laß mir nichts vorschreiben...vor allen dingen nicht von idioten,die keine ahnung haben

  • Rainer Bode
    Rainer Bode 3 months ago

    der macht seine sounds selber und die anderen idioten sind nur neidisch.ich bin berliner und weiß,wie es im haifischbecken zugeht.-,kann man nix,dann meckert man.-,

  • Rainer Bode
    Rainer Bode 3 months ago

    die idioten,die sagen,das is nix,sind zu blöde

  • Hummungus The Lord
    Hummungus The Lord 3 months ago +1

    There It is pretty good mates..👍👍

  • Maximilian Peter
    Maximilian Peter 3 months ago


  • Alvaro Muñoz
    Alvaro Muñoz 4 months ago

    PK simplemente BRUTAL

  • Yury Akseenov
    Yury Akseenov 4 months ago

    People like Bill got this under control

  • Andre Toy
    Andre Toy 4 months ago

    The blonde ladie at 42:57 ... 😊

  • Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw 4 months ago +1

    If only you could smash the like button a thousand times!

  • mickiewicz30
    mickiewicz30 5 months ago +1

    Why she screaming Armin Van Burren

  • Rossini Rozendaal
    Rossini Rozendaal 5 months ago +3

    17:27 this is Master

  • Rhythm Records
    Rhythm Records 5 months ago

    Feed your head

  • Danilo Stefanelli
    Danilo Stefanelli 5 months ago

    Best dj and best music!!! Big Paul!!

  • ferlottes
    ferlottes 5 months ago +1

    No paul in 2019 ?? Outch ! Votre festival devient hiphop commercial ou quoi ? Geez

  • Paul Layton
    Paul Layton 5 months ago

    Deja vu.

  • Kozz Mozz
    Kozz Mozz 5 months ago

    If I go to tomorrowland, its solely for PK, all the rest i have seen so far is just shite, Except for Mr. Cox !

  • Cherkov Binfaggenov
    Cherkov Binfaggenov 5 months ago +1

    Paul you blow everyone away. Im sitting here & for the last few months watched train wreck, after train wreck with Coachella, & Lalapoolaza. Artists who just don't have it. And then YOU, a true musician, not a DJ I love your music.!!! You can by the crowd the DIFFERENCE you make compared to every other artist. And this is last year!!!

  • 4am
    4am 6 months ago


  • Augustine Dundos
    Augustine Dundos 6 months ago

    I was here

  • Piotr Kowalski
    Piotr Kowalski 6 months ago

    Track list plaese somebody ?

  • max ferreiro
    max ferreiro 6 months ago

    im so sad .. for him.. that he have to play there.. paul du best der groesste! comma zurueck! scheiss auf den kram!

  • Aimar Luis
    Aimar Luis 6 months ago

    Seguro es la musica que escuchan los D10ses en el olimpo. TOTAL RESPECT. not aoki, not cakes, only magic music electronic .👊🎼🎼🎼

  • John Murray
    John Murray 6 months ago

    The Boss on form as always

  • Junior494 Esol494 EsoL Crew

    Ask Alice

  • radek choromański
    radek choromański 6 months ago +1


  • wladan
    wladan 6 months ago +1


  • рома Е
    рома Е 6 months ago

    the music for the real soulmates

  • freeyourmind
    freeyourmind 6 months ago +1

    Even polish and dutch people would wear a german jersey because of paul😜

  • Lum
    Lum 6 months ago

    donde esta 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 perros

  • Alexandra Weiß
    Alexandra Weiß 6 months ago


  • Magali Leriche
    Magali Leriche 7 months ago

    Je l aime à mort!

  • G Fabrizio
    G Fabrizio 7 months ago

    I just watching this guy behind the booth and what I see that is incredible. He is into what he is doing. It's called PASSION!!! Very rare to see this kind of passion from the nowadays djs.

  • alex andre
    alex andre 7 months ago

    my dream🥺❤️

  • ferlottes
    ferlottes 7 months ago

    Paul le Magnifique !!!

  • player Jeremy
    player Jeremy 7 months ago


  • Dr Late Night News
    Dr Late Night News 7 months ago

    Awesome ✌️👍

  • Николай Кренделев

    He BEST

  • cosma shiva
    cosma shiva 7 months ago

    Einmal spielen!?!?

  • Ak parti 2023 REYIZ
    Ak parti 2023 REYIZ 7 months ago

    Paul yavrum Deutschland 🇩🇪🇹🇷

  • Andre Toy
    Andre Toy 7 months ago

    "Go Ask Alice when she's ten feet tall" 🤩

  • Eli M
    Eli M 7 months ago

    Anyone Summer 2019?😎🙌🏻

  • kay leipert
    kay leipert 8 months ago

    Erstmal ne Tüte rauchen bei 6.30 min.! Peace Bruder!

  • Alex
    Alex 8 months ago

    Me encanta verlo pinchar petardo en boca a gusto.....que crack de tío!!!