Few minority offensive coordinators to blame for lack of head coach hires - Louis Riddick | Get Up!

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Louis Riddick joins Get Up! and explains that the problem with a lack of diversity in recent NFL head coaching hires is due to few minorities being given the opportunity be offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches.
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Comments • 188

  • lion man
    lion man 11 days ago

    The black guy made no sense.

  • Mike North
    Mike North 4 months ago

    No, its a IQ difference. The white privilege is between the ears.

  • Zachery Francis
    Zachery Francis Year ago +1

    Maybe they aren't good coaches. It's not about race, it's about winning...just more race baiting.

  • Dan Livni
    Dan Livni Year ago

    Leslie Frazier could be a good coach

  • maticpower90
    maticpower90 Year ago

    They didn’t want us to play quarterback either back in the day 😂 now look at the league now. Best young qbs are all black. Literally. Besides Andrew Luck 😂😂

  • maticpower90
    maticpower90 Year ago

    Leagues full of blacks but they not good enough to be a head coach 🤔😂 yea iight. Most whites in the league are trash, besides o linemen. But they can coach? Oh ok 😂

  • maticpower90
    maticpower90 Year ago

    Whites hate talking about race lmao. Triggered pigs 🐷

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith Year ago

      blacks want a monologue not a dialogue about race....we all know how that goes....we bez da victimz...agree or you raycisssss

    • Freddy Johnson
      Freddy Johnson Year ago

      Is that why you'd only say that on social media outlet and not aloud in public... Yea that actually makes a lot of sense

  • maticpower90
    maticpower90 Year ago

    The stupid ass white people in this comment section is the problem with America lmao. Of course you white people wanna dislike the video and say ignorant shit. Blacks aren’t getting the same opportunity as whites. Period. How ironic that blacks make up 80 percent of the league but it’s only a couple hand coaches and 1 general manager? You think black people don’t know football?? You think them dudes ain’t retiring trying get into coaching?? While people like kliff kingsbury could have a losing big 12 record and get a job 😂😂😂. Shits ridiculous. White owners and general managers are more willing to give people that look like them opportunities. They over look black coaches. It’s hundreds of black assistant coaches with the same exact resume as a lot of these white coaches but there not getting a fair shake. If you watch a nfl game and check the sidelines most the position coaches are black. How ironic 😂😂 fuck outta here. White Americans are blinded and naive and bias af

    • Freddy Johnson
      Freddy Johnson Year ago

      Ok...You do realize that the white owners don't actually share revenue with random white fans right... Your mad at random white people who don't have a say in the matter and you think they care...

  • Aj Surles
    Aj Surles Year ago

    Broncos new offense of coordinator why not eric bieniemy?

  • JuDaH_PT
    JuDaH_PT Year ago +1

    Well when black coaches start coaching the offense, defensive coordinators will become the next “thing”... Then they’ll have another excuse for not hiring black people...

  • Geoff Thompson
    Geoff Thompson Year ago

    Vance Joseph, former Broncos head coach, was just hired by the Cardinals as defensive coordinator. And Todd Bowles (Jets) was brought on by the Buccaneers for the same role. They were both formerly head coaches, and may be head coaches again soon.

  • Tee Givens
    Tee Givens Year ago

    How about all the black players take their money and pool it into a collective and start their our league, hire their our own coaches then let's see how long the NFL/NBA will survive....we damn sure know where the true athletic talent lies and in the end we won't have these issues

    • Freddy Johnson
      Freddy Johnson Year ago

      They won't have enough money for that...ever....There's a lot more jobs that need to be done besides just hiring a couple of coaches...You think a player is really going clean up a whole stadium just to prove they don't need white owners...

  • James Spadaccini
    James Spadaccini Year ago

    This is total fucking bullshit. Number 1 there are African American NFL coaches in football right, maybe not so much offensive coordinator but still the fucking coach of there football team. So can someone explain to me how that’s racist?

  • David Spencer
    David Spencer Year ago +1

    This is a non problem that is being made a problem

  • Darsh
    Darsh Year ago

    Cut the politic bullshit. Blacks need to quit pulling race card. There's more blacks getting paid in NFL than whites so stfu

  • Sean P
    Sean P Year ago

    Shannon Sharpe is qualified why doesnt he get hired ?

  • Bryan Acosta
    Bryan Acosta Year ago +1

    Clicked on ESPN video to watch guys talk about sports..... Wtf do I get??? SJW.... Smh

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez Year ago +4

    Cardinals wanted to interview Eric Bieneme but he declined. He also declined and interview with the Bengals and Jets. So not much those teams can do.

  • Willie Caolho
    Willie Caolho Year ago +1

    Doesn't ESPN realize that regular people don't think nor care about race as much as they think?

  • Stanley Palaima
    Stanley Palaima Year ago

    Maybe it’s cause they make up only 13% of the population and so in that regard it should be at around an 8-1 ratio but clearly these broadcasters have their heads up their azz, or maybe the elephant in the room is blacks are more athletic so usually they just focus on playing the game were as there white counterparts are usually slower or not as fast and focus on the film room or jobs that require more thinking aka quarterbacks, kickers, coaching ect. But these pussyfooting cowards won’t speak the truth cause PC BS!

  • Black mixed with Black

    We need to start our own league!!! Remember the negro league was way bigger than the MLB just sayin!!!!

  • big man Y
    big man Y Year ago

    They dont want to hire minorities in the league period

  • FallopianJones
    FallopianJones Year ago +1


  • George Cotton
    George Cotton Year ago +5

    Each and every one of these coaches DESERVED to be fired. Period

  • john johnson
    john johnson Year ago

    Yeah the nfl is so racist that 95%+ of the players r black

  • sladesurfer
    sladesurfer Year ago

    Black people always complaining.. what about Asians and Mexicans in the nfl. Zero.

  • Dab City
    Dab City Year ago

    Hue jackson sucked bad!! Lynn in SD is good!!!

  • The Amani Billups Podcast

    Us black folks just gotta step our game up lmao all we do is complain 😂😂

  • Ymillz88
    Ymillz88 Year ago

    Blacks dominates the field but whites dominates the stands, sideline n press box. That's jus the way it is

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood Year ago

    They may lack the basic necessities

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich Year ago

    The issue is the owners. They want white guys in front of the cameras. Not black guys that's why they don't have jobs in college or D2 & D3 some of these hires are just creating a pool of coaches that can coach different teams. Ala Gase! Some of these guys have 3 and 4 different stops yet an African American gets one shot and that's pretty much it. It's the average. Something needs to be done especially since the NFL is 78.9% black. What's the issue if it's not the owners.

  • Y D
    Y D Year ago +3

    You’re crazy if you think the NFL cares about race. They want to win why? The money they will hire who ever they think is the best candidate. But what Espn is doing here is serving to their masses which is mainly Black males.

  • trojandarkhorse
    trojandarkhorse Year ago

    Im looking for the next Anthony Lynn. He has more playoff victories than McVay.

  • Cave Beast
    Cave Beast Year ago

    I'm not sure if I'm 100% correct, but the NFL is really bad at trying to get the next coach like__. For example, when Dungy and Lovie doing well. Shortly after that you saw Herm Edwards, Marvin Lewis, Hugh Jackson, Rivera, Mike Singeltary, and others get hired. There obviously is a problem in the NFL with the lack of minority coaches, but I also don't see any black offensive coordinators who are coaching unique high powered offenses or high flying dominate black coaches in college. Let me know if I'm forgetting about someone who fits that mold that the owners are looking at right now.

  • trojandarkhorse
    trojandarkhorse Year ago

    ̶A̶r̶i̶z̶o̶n̶a̶ Josh Rosen Cardinals

  • lanceolot007
    lanceolot007 Year ago

    Why the hell dose it matter if the coaching staff is white or black? Wtf... it's stupid that there has to be a 1/1 ratio of white/black workers in a work setting. What happened to best man or woman EARNS their position in a work place. Not be entitled to a job because of skin color. ESPN is cancer

  • JustCallMeRock
    JustCallMeRock Year ago

    Lmao why is there never talk for white nba players, ESPN quit with this race baiting bullshit, black coaches will get hired and fired, just like white coaches and all other races, jeez smh

  • Christopher Salsbury

    Oh look at that, ESPN race baiting. Eat a dick espn

  • mrgetitdone85
    mrgetitdone85 Year ago

    It’s weird how most minority coaches come from a defensive back round.. u can clearly see the new fad is young white Gap looking model coaches

  • owner owner
    owner owner Year ago

    First Take Full Recap Commercial Free Watch Now 1/11/19

  • Adam Lehmann
    Adam Lehmann Year ago +2

    Fueling racism, good job espn

  • Andrej Veljanoski

    How bout them clapper coaches(Jason Garrett)

  • Jose Zuniga
    Jose Zuniga Year ago +1

    This is why Espn is losing viewers

  • Jason Sarloos
    Jason Sarloos Year ago +2

    black males represent 6% of US population. 6.7% of NFL coaches are black males. And the problem is?


    American blacks = SJWS
    Crying racism 24/7
    You don't see other minorities crying racism 24/7

  • Slappy Longstrokem
    Slappy Longstrokem Year ago +2

    Lets do some math. 13% of the population is black, 70% of the NFL players are black, 15.5% of head coaches are black.
    Now, I propose we fire at least one more black head coach and fire about 60% of all NFL players and exclusively hire Whites, Asians, and Mexicans for a while, just to make it more fair and diverse. I think everyone would agree that it would be very progressive.

  • Running Coyote
    Running Coyote Year ago +1

    Who cares there's plenty of black people in the NFL. What about any Asians

  • Natural American XR7

    Minoritys 😆😃😂😅How about black ppl unite (Cowards) all it take is kids saying I'm not going to a College without black representation There will be 40 unqualified coaches tomorrow ✌

    • everything is overrated
      everything is overrated Year ago

      @Natural American XR7 shut up

    • Natural American XR7
      Natural American XR7 Year ago

      @everything is overrated I won't shut up I just need my ppl to wake up 25/30billion in NFL salaries & you can't take care of these kids to make a Stand By the way this isn't a response its for the kid that reads this

  • Lowkey OJ
    Lowkey OJ Year ago +1

    Sports should stay sports

  • E BO
    E BO Year ago +9

    ESPN loves to stir the race pot. If the most qualified minority candidate did not get hired then I would agree that it’s a problem in that case. If the most qualified candidate did in fact get hired and they happen to be white then that is not a problem. The most qualified for the job should get it period.
    They are essentially implying without meaning to that those minorities are not good enough on their own merit and need an extra boost just to satisfy a subjective view of social justice. Or that the system is against them which I would then argue why would the oppressing system want to help them? If they want to hold you back they are not going to change things to help you out. So what is the true solution here?
    Plus when they say minority they really mean black because I’ve yet to see an ESPN show (unless I missed it but I doubt it’s happened) be up in arms because of the lack of Hispanic or Asian jobs in pro sports.
    In before hateful and ignorant comments from people who won’t understand what I’m saying here. They things they perpetuate actually hold black people back more than they help.

  • JE Y
    JE Y Year ago +5

    The scarcity in black coaches is the same as the scarcity in white RBs... the good ones are still need development.
    The lack of black owner is the same as the lack of white DBs... not enough blacks are wealthy enough to buy a team and not enough white boys are athletic enough to be DBs... and if they are.. they stick to being WRs even if they are likely to fade into obscurity.

    • JE Y
      JE Y 11 months ago

      @the future the past huuuuh??? being smart and disrespectful isnt connected... youre reaching too much man.. calm yor tits. idgaf about that kneeling shit

    • the future the past
      the future the past Year ago +1

      It must be the same when only blacks kneel for the national anthem then, the whites are too smart to disrespect the country we live in or our fallen soldiers...is that the point your trying to make here? I dont understand, glad to see christian mccaffery setting some records at rb

  • Tristen 2 7
    Tristen 2 7 Year ago +6

    I’m just here for the comments lol

  • thejinks1531
    thejinks1531 Year ago

    Why is at all about race with this guys

  • Dwayne Sanders
    Dwayne Sanders Year ago

    Why is it always about race in sports?

    • In Sauce We Trust!
      In Sauce We Trust! Year ago

      Big Papa It’s America my G. Race is involved in everything. Where you from? Jupiter? You know what they say about folks from Jupiter lol

  • lockneck monster
    lockneck monster Year ago +26

    Why is there 70% black players and not more diversity. Aren't we all equal.

    • Mike North
      Mike North 4 months ago

      @crazymonky256 They have higher IQ's

    • Anthony Hilton
      Anthony Hilton 9 months ago

      People pay for entertainment not to sound racist white players other than Brady aren't marketable like black players. Their boring now if a white player acts like black player when it comes to appeal he's elevated to a marketable commodity.

    • Marcus Middleton
      Marcus Middleton Year ago +3

      Rk Bman dumb troll

    • crazymonky256
      crazymonky256 Year ago +5

      Natural American XR7 doesn’t that also apply to coaches as well? So white coaches might be more talented?

    • Natural American XR7
      Natural American XR7 Year ago

      Not in talent

  • Ray Cyst
    Ray Cyst Year ago +2

    who cares? what happened to Xs and Os? Football shows that never discuss football.. pathetic

  • Tyson Fury
    Tyson Fury Year ago +3

    Here's a thought, maybe, most black coaches suck balls.

    • Tyson Fury
      Tyson Fury Year ago

      @In Sauce We Trust! if 90% are white coaches... idiot ... somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and/or draw.... dumbass... not every white coach can win fucktard

    • In Sauce We Trust!
      In Sauce We Trust! Year ago

      Tyson Fury if most black coaches suck, why the ones that are coaching have a good team with winning or turnaround seasons, you imbecile.

    • Tyson Fury
      Tyson Fury Year ago

      @In Sauce We Trust! Whats that even mean... most NFL teams, period .. are coached by whites dummy...

    • In Sauce We Trust!
      In Sauce We Trust! Year ago

      Worst teams in the NFL are coached by mostly whites in 2018 same for the NBA in 2018.

    • Imjushere SoIwontgetfired
      Imjushere SoIwontgetfired Year ago

      Just like most whites...... look at the jobs and coaches who never make playoffs in their tenor as head coaches.

  • Gabriel Carrasco
    Gabriel Carrasco Year ago

    People need to realize it's about organizational structure and not about race. Good teams simply aren't going to can a good coach. Even if they are not a good coach as long as they are routinely getting in the playoffs those jobs aren't going to be available. So McCarthy in GB, Tomlin in Pitt, Belichek in New England, John Harbaugh in Baltimore, Pete Carroll in Seattle. Those jobs aren't open until recently in regards to McCarthy. Even middle of the road teams like Dallas, Bengals, Houston, they aren't going to fire their coaches because they are afraid of starting over. When you bring in a new coach, philosophies and schemes change. You saw in Oakland how getting Gruden transformed that roster and it's not always for the better. You may go on a 3-5 year drought of not being good, and owners aren't keen on sucking for years. And the positions that are available are typically available because the players on the team aren't very good, and impatient ownership like the Browns get rid of coaches very quickly not allowing them to install their system. So on a bad team a white coach is just as likely to get fired as a black coach if their team sucks regardless if they have good players or not. Now sure, maybe start training minority coaches more in the lower levels to take on that HC role, but it's not that teams dont' want to hire minority coaches, it's that there are only a few openings per year and coaches that get fired regardless of race are fired too quickly.

  • yo momma's toilet
    yo momma's toilet Year ago +1


  • To Pi
    To Pi Year ago

    Put all the best black players on one team and all the best white players on another and give them Bill Belichek the black team still wins by 40 at least.

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith Year ago

      we saw how great all white countries are and how shitty all black countries are lets try that again and see who has the better outcome