Top 10 Worst Cheaters in Sports

  • Published on Mar 5, 2013
  • Top 10 Biggest Cheaters in the History of Sports
    Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat... Unless, you're these athletes. WatchMojo picks the top 10 sports cheaters of all time.
    List Entries and Rank:
    #10. 197East German Women’s Olympic Swim Team It’s Time to Pump You Up
    #9. Ben Johnson Can’t Run from the Law
    #8. Rosie Ruiz A Lie of Marathon Proportions
    #7. Tim Donaghy Who Refs the Refs?
    #6. Pete Rose You Bet Your Life
    #5. 191Chicago White Sox The Black Sox
    #4. Half of the MLB Juiced Up
    #3. ?
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  • Dee N
    Dee N 15 hours ago

    People who broke rules to get an athletic advantage over opponents are cheaters...gambling doesn't qualify. Although I imagine those on the wrong end of those calls made by that basketball ref felt they were cheated out of possible scores/wins, and fans of Pete Rose feel cheated out of ever seeing him in the's not the same as illegally edging out your competition. IMHO

  • Clean Shaven Doom
    Clean Shaven Doom 2 days ago

    Gambling isn't cheating.

  • Trombone Zach
    Trombone Zach 2 days ago

    There is really no proof Pete Rose cheating. Gambling is betting money, not a baseball game.

  • Angry Grizzly
    Angry Grizzly 2 days ago

    Simone Biles,Venus and sereena Williams

  • Xanthine VLOGS
    Xanthine VLOGS 3 days ago +1

    what about the boxing cheater?

  • Luke Tesinsky
    Luke Tesinsky 4 days ago

    That's BS Pete Rose bet that his team would win. He worked his
    @$$ off

  • Jason 0790
    Jason 0790 5 days ago

    Lol the Olympics is full of steroids all sides its a joke only a few get called out it

  • Toe Eater
    Toe Eater 5 days ago

    Pete Rose wasn’t doing sports gambling til his career ended

  • Dillon Dana
    Dillon Dana 5 days ago

    Antonio margarito?

  • Orange Rabbit
    Orange Rabbit 5 days ago

    My grandpa always gets in a fight with me and my granny about the Pete Rose thing.


    ITSMLGCANAD A 6 days ago +1

    Why does a Canadian beating someone seem fishy huh?

  • puttputt524
    puttputt524 6 days ago

    This is why I find cyclists untrustworthy.

  • Ashutosh Khanna
    Ashutosh Khanna 7 days ago

    Ricky pointing Cricket

  • SticcyStaton
    SticcyStaton 7 days ago

    "If you're not cheating you're not trying"- Eddie Guerrero

  • Jah' Kwon Lewis
    Jah' Kwon Lewis 7 days ago


  • Randy Rogers
    Randy Rogers 7 days ago

    Lance didn't do anything that everybody else wasn't doing. The playing field was level.

  • Leo Peridot
    Leo Peridot 7 days ago

    I hope I never see the day where Pete Rose is allowed to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rose did everything to deny, lie, and obstruct the investigation. Rose gambled that he could beat the system, and lost.
    I can see why Rose is upset at MLB. You have other players who admitted or got caught using steroids and their records stand. McGwire should've been banned from MLB too. How any team would want McGwire as a coach is beyond me. That's like having Lance Armstrong be your coach for a cycling team. A pedophile priest be your youth director at your church.

    • Leo Peridot
      Leo Peridot 4 days ago

      @Jmanowar22 It certainly explains why MLB can't ban all of them. In this case, there's safety in numbers.

    • Jmanowar22
      Jmanowar22 7 days ago

      Dude all the players in the MLB are roided up. Take a look at Stanton

  • rojovo74
    rojovo74 7 days ago

    What about Gaylord Perry? He DID cheat, yet he's in the HOF. Ain't right to me. I guess you could call him the real-life version of Eddy Cheevers (Chelcie Ross' character in the 1st Major League movie) lol.

  • Max DC
    Max DC 8 days ago

    You need to check your facts before you make a video. Pete Rose didn’t bet on games while he was playing

  • Noah Hazell
    Noah Hazell 8 days ago

    Pete’s was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

  • You Tube
    You Tube 8 days ago

    I watched a game of the Detroit Pistons with Larry Brown coaching. Tim Donahee was a referee that was calling fouls on non-contact plays against the Pistons during the first half. Tim Donaheshe called yet another non-contact foul in the third quarter and called a Pistons player an A HOLE. Larry Brown ran out on the court screaming at Tim Donahee "You can't talk to a player like that." Larry Brown must have said "You can't talk to a player like that" ten to twelve times! i'll never forget that because it was one of the last years that home games were shown over antenna television.

  • Edgar Navarro
    Edgar Navarro 9 days ago

    How is gambling cheating?

  • Carlton the meme dealer

    Where’s Zaza Pachulia at?

  • Lucas Bowe
    Lucas Bowe 10 days ago

    Pete rose didn’t cheat he gambled on himself and his team that they would win

  • Joseph Cottier
    Joseph Cottier 10 days ago

    Barry bonds never failed a drug test. He might have done it but there is no proof just hearsay.

  • Joshua Davison Becklund
    Joshua Davison Becklund 11 days ago +1

    where's tom Brady he's the biggest cheater of all time !!!!. he should be striped of all of his championships

  • Stw3art14
    Stw3art14 11 days ago

    You lost all your credibility when you put Rose on this list

  • soolly 357
    soolly 357 11 days ago

    Barry Bonds never confirmed anything.

    ALAIN BELLEMARE 11 days ago

    paralympics is not about mentally disability

  • Brock Bartley
    Brock Bartley 11 days ago

    Poor content

  • Jake Sullivan
    Jake Sullivan 12 days ago

    Watch mojo:PeTE Rose CHeated

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 12 days ago

    Shoeless joe didnt throw it.

  • TheSnakehunter
    TheSnakehunter 12 days ago +3

    Why isn't Brady on this list? Deflated footballs and smashed his cell phone to cover it up.

  • BlueBotMemes
    BlueBotMemes 12 days ago +1

    *Half of MLB*

  • Saint Philadelphia Saint Philadelphia

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  • Christian Albert Jahns

    Where's Boris Onischenko? I believe he was the best cheater of all time

  • Nicole Long
    Nicole Long 13 days ago

    The Tim dude is the angel Hernandez of the nba

  • countryboyq
    countryboyq 13 days ago +1

    Pete Rose never cheated! He gambled on other games! Never on any games in which he could have any effect on the outcome. The best god damn hitter in baseball is not a cheater. He had a gambling problem and MLB is holding a grudge because of it. Its a shame.

  • Alex
    Alex 14 days ago

    watch mojo GTFO harding didn't cheat

  • aa534ro n
    aa534ro n 14 days ago +14

    1% of the comments: great video!

  • Brady Cook
    Brady Cook 14 days ago +1

    1 should be the Girl Scout on steroids in dodgeball

  • Brady Cook
    Brady Cook 14 days ago

    I was almost positive that eight men out would be 1

  • Zack Zembower
    Zack Zembower 15 days ago

    Also I get steroids/PED's not being allowed in contact sports due to injuries but if someone wants to take them in baseball so be it, I knew plenty of guys that took them and still didn't get any better you don't inject talent it helps more woth recovery, strength and endurance which is why so many older athletes take them to stay in the game and you would too if that was your dream. If you claim this is a lie then you wouldn't last in pro sports because PED's are all through them

    • gamelvr1
      gamelvr1 13 days ago

      Nobody with a shred of intelligence or morals cheats

  • Zack Zembower
    Zack Zembower 15 days ago +2

    Pete Rose never bet on games he played in or coached that's not cheating/shaving points or anything of the sort! Micheal Jordan gambles like crazy and he's an icon...

    • Fred McCrary
      Fred McCrary 11 days ago

      he didn't bet on every game he managed. Therefore he was able to save pitchers and players (mostly pitchers) for games that he did bet on. He made his relief choices based on the pitchers he wanted fresh for the games he had money on.

  • Spider Web
    Spider Web 15 days ago +2

    South Korea national soccer team in 2002 world cup

  • Matthew Taubensee Skate

    You suck wajimojo

  • SuperAnimal Farm
    SuperAnimal Farm 15 days ago

    Watch mojo is stupid Pete rose didn’t cheat

  • Yoboy Dolphin
    Yoboy Dolphin 15 days ago +23


  • THACERT z86
    THACERT z86 15 days ago +1

    No. Pete Rose really didn't do any thing wrong the people who were in charge of the MLB at the time didn't like him so they saw his gambling as an opportunity to take him down

  • Surge_Panther
    Surge_Panther 16 days ago

    Canada winning a race. Sounds fishy.
    Canada has left the chat.

  • Sawyer Fun and Games
    Sawyer Fun and Games 16 days ago +1

    Pete rose didn’t cheat

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 16 days ago +7

    Rose never bet AGAINST the Reds...NOT CHEATING.

    • Fred McCrary
      Fred McCrary 11 days ago

      he didn't bet on every game he managed. Therefore he was able to save pitchers and players (mostly pitchers) for games that he did bet on. He made his relief choices based on the pitchers he wanted fresh for the games he had money on.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 16 days ago

    Ladies aren't supposed to look like this? uh...transgender...sorry but you are wrong. sexist bigot.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 16 days ago

    Rose didn't cheat at baseball...he bet on baseball...just breaking the world...

  • Justin Goetz
    Justin Goetz 16 days ago +1

    How did Pete rose cheat

  • ESkrrt Games
    ESkrrt Games 16 days ago

    My name is Ben Johnsen

  • Theshark15z
    Theshark15z 16 days ago

    I don't know why Tanya is on her?? She didn't cheat, but Marion Jones did and it was not mention.

  • Gabriel Barrowman
    Gabriel Barrowman 16 days ago

    Steroids are a performance enhancer! It’s like taking pre workout or supplements. Top athletes take this stuff because it’s common amongst others.

  • WOTBbetter
    WOTBbetter 16 days ago

    This video is bs just because of Pete rose being in it......he shouldn’t have been banned for life people who used steroids should have.

  • OG Arnold
    OG Arnold 17 days ago +1


  • JoeTheShow 17
    JoeTheShow 17 17 days ago +2

    I guess ARoid is under the steroid section so yay

  • Dominique Roseberry
    Dominique Roseberry 17 days ago +3

    Did anyone forgot the Patriots by chance?

    • gamelvr1
      gamelvr1 13 days ago

      @Darth Sansari Pats were the ones caught. Whoever would have been caught would have had the same treatment.

    • Darth Sansari
      Darth Sansari 13 days ago

      gamelvr1 So why not put the entire NFL on the list?

    • gamelvr1
      gamelvr1 13 days ago

      @Darth Sansari the Pats still did it though. Which means they did cheat

    • Darth Sansari
      Darth Sansari 15 days ago +2

      Spygate was just to make an example of the Patriots so the rest of the teams would follow new rules that restricted where u could record from. Basically the rest of the league was doing it but the Patriots got in trouble. Deflate gate was bullshit that simple physics could explain and there are other teams like the Steelers and Cardinals who were actually caught deflating the footballs to get an advantage. Just shut up.

    • T and T and Jacks Mountain Men
      T and T and Jacks Mountain Men 15 days ago

      Dominique Roseberry for real tho

  • Shadeau #GU
    Shadeau #GU 17 days ago +24

    Dislike video for putting Pete Rose ln on this list... Gambling isnt cheating

    • Fred McCrary
      Fred McCrary 11 days ago

      he didn't bet on every game he managed. Therefore he was able to save pitchers and players (mostly pitchers) for games that he did bet on. He made his relief choices based on the pitchers he wanted fresh for the games he had money on.

  • donald ducks creapy gay uncle

    How dare you use I tonya in your thumb nail she never cheated

  • J.J. Blackner
    J.J. Blackner 17 days ago +2

    They were called the black Sox because they cheat, racist? I think so

  • Lee & Jason
    Lee & Jason 17 days ago

    Juventus are frauds

  • Amir Ghorbani
    Amir Ghorbani 18 days ago

    lol to defame a legend like pete rose is fucked... hes not a cheater and he should not be labelled as one.

  • The Real Sheep
    The Real Sheep 19 days ago

    How bout the Renault ING F1 Team at the Singapore GP?

  • mlb5525
    mlb5525 19 days ago

    Just here to see how many people whine for Pete Rose.😆
    I don’t think he needs any help, he’s done nothing but whine since he was convicted and sent to prison.

  • ZolithePro1
    ZolithePro1 19 days ago +3

    im the worst cheater

    iv never cheated in sports

    that just shows how BAD i am at cheating

  • Calvin The goat
    Calvin The goat 19 days ago +1

    Alex Rodriguez

  • Liam Hehn
    Liam Hehn 19 days ago

    A Canadian won? this is suspicious

  • Kram Newton
    Kram Newton 20 days ago

    Bull shit, is it cheating if everyone else is on roids too?(Lance)

    DJ SHUFFL3R OFFICIAL 20 days ago +2

    Uh..... Where's Tom Brady?

  • Arxrr
    Arxrr 20 days ago

    Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame

  • Malibu Stacy
    Malibu Stacy 20 days ago

    Outrageous.....worse than wearing a push up bra.

  • Mollie Curry
    Mollie Curry 20 days ago

    Where’s Tom Brady???

  • Humanforfreedom 95
    Humanforfreedom 95 21 day ago

    Hitler told you communism was garbage. You didn’t listen. Now you must take the consequences.

  • Cabe Martin
    Cabe Martin 21 day ago +52

    Betting does not enhance your performance

    • Fred McCrary
      Fred McCrary 11 days ago

      he didn't bet on every game he managed. Therefore he was able to save pitchers and players (mostly pitchers) for games that he did bet on. He made his relief choices based on the pitchers he wanted fresh for the games he had money on.

    • Shadeau #GU
      Shadeau #GU 17 days ago +1

      enough said! 👏

  • Seth Winters
    Seth Winters 21 day ago +4

    Surprised there wasn't more baseball players.
    Sammy Sosa and Mark Maguire took steroids.

    • Seth Winters
      Seth Winters 17 days ago

      Sebas Askren , yeah but Sammy Sosa wasn’t mentioned and he was on roids

    • Sebas Askren
      Sebas Askren 17 days ago

      Seth Winters mark was in the video? Twice actually

    • ZER0
      ZER0 19 days ago

      Seth Winters most of the list are baseball related, the probably didn’t want to get repetitive

  • shrapnel77
    shrapnel77 23 days ago

    I know its only little league baseball, but Danny Almonte deserves a nod. Along with every national Taiwan team from the 70's and 80's.

  • S.M.A
    S.M.A 24 days ago

    Luis Resto

  • Abstract log
    Abstract log 24 days ago

    I wouldn't say Pete rose cheated. I don't think his gamboling ever. Effected the outcome of the games so how is they cheating?

  • 13TimeChampions
    13TimeChampions 25 days ago

    1-10. Tom Brady...

  • Aaron Tolbert
    Aaron Tolbert 26 days ago +2

    Like to forgive Pete Rose

  • JL- eggomyeggo
    JL- eggomyeggo 26 days ago

    Carl Lewis was soooo clean. Just like Marion Jones, Flo-Jo and Lance Armstrong.That race in 1988, everyone was juiced. Except good ol' Carl of course.

  • Randall Boggs
    Randall Boggs 26 days ago

    Pete Rose didn’t cheat. He never bet against his team and he never bet on games where he played. Baseball has screwed him. I understand if he would receive a temporary ban but a lifetime ban, COME ON BASEBALL! When baseball needs him, they use him to benefit the game, but he wasn’t allowed to attend his own son’s major league debut. That is ridiculous! He does so much for baseball and the MLB treats him like trash.

  • Ronan McCowan
    Ronan McCowan 26 days ago

    What about Justin gatlin

  • Rusty Ironloins
    Rusty Ironloins 26 days ago

    Where are Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson and Marion Jones?

  • jamesonsix19
    jamesonsix19 26 days ago

    Dude in what world is what Pete Rose did cheating? I will never understand this. He was well before my time but records don't set themselves. The guy is the all-time hits leaders (among other records), if he was cheating by trying to throw games then he wasn't very good at it, downright terrible and as a manager even if he wanted to there is only so much you can do to affect the game without getting your players on board to help. I'll take someone betting on the sport they play/coach in over some juiced up guy hitting 70 homeruns. Or over the guys who cheated with the biggest advantage in history and that's the players up until the 1990's snorting coke before and during games. Those to me were the biggest advantages any players have gained from cheating in baseballs history and yet many are in the Hall of Fame, go figure.

  • Randall Jewart
    Randall Jewart 27 days ago

    Pete rose didn’t cheat he didn’t bet against his team he bet for his team to win he shouldn’t be banned for life but players can beat there wife and still play

  • SithBatDude _XD
    SithBatDude _XD 27 days ago +2

    I think Tom Brady should be on this list. no hate to patriots fans :)

    • arkevo 04
      arkevo 04 23 days ago

      jake ツ haven’t had time to change my profile pic, fucking ain’t fortnite now lol, too lazy to change it, also ????????

    • jake ツ
      jake ツ 23 days ago

      Bruh u have a fortnite pfp ur opinion doesn’t matter

    • arkevo 04
      arkevo 04 24 days ago

      SithBatDude _XD I ain’t a pats fan and I think you should shut the fuck up, be ashamed of yourself

  • Jalen Johnson
    Jalen Johnson 27 days ago +2

    Pete Rose didn't really cheat. Unless you count betting for your own team to win, then it is cheating

  • Edward Bliffin
    Edward Bliffin 27 days ago

    Refs as a whole should be #1

  • Will Sterrett
    Will Sterrett 28 days ago +5

    Is someone coaching you or advising you?
    “No I advise myself lol”

  • Bepe Gabianni
    Bepe Gabianni 28 days ago

    Lance sucks

  • Lil' Sebastian
    Lil' Sebastian 28 days ago

    Rose didn't cheat

  • Blues Hockey
    Blues Hockey 28 days ago

    Steroids were illegal back when mark migwier played dip shits

  • StW_Griz
    StW_Griz 28 days ago

    Pete rose bet on his team not against them

  • Studio Zoey
    Studio Zoey 28 days ago

    Tonya never cheated🤦🏼‍♀️