Who Is A Thief? 8 Detective Riddles To Boost Your Analytical Skills

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Boost your analytical skills with a set of 8 detective riddles! These crime riddles and tricky puzzles will help you improve your powers of observation and increase your deductive skills. Solving this kind of tricky riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills.
    00:14 - Here is a new episode of Detective Rid for those who love solving difficult crime riddles! This criminal case will rack your brain and improve your detective skills!
    04:28 - Who lies? Check out this tricky riddle that will boost your IQ and test your logic. Be careful to the details and you'll easily find the answer!
    05:38 - Will you become the detective of the month for catching this sly smuggler or we let him slip away once again? You're here to capture one of the smartest criminals in our country, so don't let us down! Use 100% your logic and imagination, you should think as if you were that criminal. Hurry up, he's leaving right now. Any ideas? Check his luggage too, there can be something we've missed. Come on, we can't let him go! A detective riddle with answer to challenge your brain!
    06:48 - Modern kids aren't so easy to be tricked, are they? Test your brain and try this cool logic riddle that will boost your IQ level. How quickly will you spot the mistake here?
    08:02 - A set of visual puzzles that will turn on your brain power! These optical illusions will help you train your eyes and imagination ;)
    10:02 - A tricky detective riddle to boost your brain and make you think quickly and logically! You will have to solve this crime riddle having only two photos as the only evidence. You can call it your first test, recruit! Will you prove you deserve your place and title?
    11:31 - A short logic riddle that will trick the brains of the most experienced solvers! It's hard to believe, but kids can crack this one in just a few seconds while adults rack their brains hard and can't figure it out. A hint: look closely and analyze even the smallest details!
    12:50 - Who stole Pringles? Can you find the thief? Share your ideas on this teaser in the comments!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last visual riddle!
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  • 7-Second Riddles
    7-Second Riddles  5 months ago +17

    12:50 - Who stole Pringles? Who's a thief? Share your thoughts on this puzzle in the comments!
    16 riddles to wake up your brain: ru-clip.com/video/ktGTz1gmvtc/video.html

  • Starlight Woof Woof
    Starlight Woof Woof 4 months ago

    11:21 The Guy In The White Shirt! He Looks Shorter In The First Picture. In The Second Picture, He’s Suddenly Tall!

  • Rahithya Chinta
    Rahithya Chinta 5 months ago

    It's the red t-shirt boy,i just know he did it!

  • Minecraft Girl
    Minecraft Girl 5 months ago

    WHO STOLE PRINGELS LOL XDDD THAT'S GOOD I can't breath!!!!! Lol hahhahahhahahahahahhah XDDDDDDDDDD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😖😖😖😖😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

  • Theniceguy 2245
    Theniceguy 2245 5 months ago


  • Seth Runyon
    Seth Runyon 5 months ago

    If a ship is moving the flag can still move

  • Pandora Smatilova
    Pandora Smatilova 5 months ago

    5:10 - I already know it was Edward. Because you have to be at least 21 years old to get into a nightclub, and Edward is only 14.

  • Jeff Harper 101
    Jeff Harper 101 5 months ago


  • Jackie Rookie
    Jackie Rookie 5 months ago +1

    11:10 it was the guy with the white shirt and how did grow that fast

  • Wöłfý Pûp
    Wöłfý Pûp 5 months ago

    My money's on B her pockets are too fat

  • Wöłfý Pûp
    Wöłfý Pûp 5 months ago

    White shirt guy did it

  • Rosie Jameelah
    Rosie Jameelah 5 months ago +1


  • yousef salman
    yousef salman 5 months ago

    1:44 who realized that he spelled night wrong?

  • gamoep01
    gamoep01 5 months ago

    Wanna see something awesome?
    Click here!!!!
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  • Kitty Polar
    Kitty Polar 5 months ago

    Att night jonathan was playing soccer att school wth :/

  • Natalie Di Fiore
    Natalie Di Fiore 5 months ago +1

    1:44, why does it say nigh instead of night??

  • go stoopid go crazy go stupid

    8:00 ya ita a windless day but the ship is still moving and obviously the flag isnt gonna stay still when its moving😑

  • Cookies are the best
    Cookies are the best 5 months ago

    Can anyone find the mistake?


    Answer:it's Night not Nigh

  • Iwona Gutte
    Iwona Gutte 5 months ago


  • Ellie Underwood
    Ellie Underwood 5 months ago


  • Thanos
    Thanos 5 months ago

    I stole the pringles i like pringles..

  • Vera Vera
    Vera Vera 5 months ago +1

    I just eat pringles

  • pirzadi Aneeqa
    pirzadi Aneeqa 5 months ago


  • pirzadi Aneeqa
    pirzadi Aneeqa 5 months ago

    the one who's in white shirt..coz he is much taller than when her entered the meausium

  • *Gacha_ Rose*
    *Gacha_ Rose* 5 months ago

    B B B B

  • Shweta Goyal
    Shweta Goyal 5 months ago

    11:20 boy with white t shirt stole the shoes bcz his height increased at exit

  • Keila Amezquita
    Keila Amezquita 5 months ago

    For 11:24 , I think the man holding a smart phone in the white shirt is the one who stole the shoes because as you can see, in the entrance . . . he is shorter than all of the people but then in the exit, he is taller than in the entrance.

  • Cutest DoggeverFunnyDoge

    On 1:28 DID u notice they are Years on the door 🤔
    Again on 1:28 ARE U SAYING GIRLS CANT BE STRONG??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😐😐😐

  • andre beaureau
    andre beaureau 5 months ago

    b did

  • andre beaureau
    andre beaureau 5 months ago

    c did

  • andre beaureau
    andre beaureau 5 months ago

    the man in the white shirt cause he was shorter in the first one the other he's not

  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia 5 months ago


  • Kaylehs World :D
    Kaylehs World :D 5 months ago

    Girl b

  • Maria soriano
    Maria soriano 5 months ago

    The Pringle’s are in her hair no hair is shaped like that

  • Mary Xox
    Mary Xox 5 months ago

    9:59 WHO RUNS LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!!

  • Mary Xox
    Mary Xox 5 months ago +2

    Fire extinguisher is TOO HEAVY FOR A GIRL HUH Maybe we should text that theory!!!

    • E McN
      E McN 5 months ago

      Me: *reads too heavy for a girl* hmm I better go check comments for other angry females

  • Haylie Eilerman
    Haylie Eilerman 5 months ago

    A the pony is weird

  • Ashlyn Knight
    Ashlyn Knight 5 months ago

    (I have problems😂😂😂😂)

  • amazing Lyrics
    amazing Lyrics 5 months ago

    A stole the pringle’s because of her ponytail.

  • John Fuell
    John Fuell 5 months ago

    I ' t was the the guy on his phone how does someone grow that much in a short amount of time

  • Maggie Cheng
    Maggie Cheng 5 months ago +2

    1:47 anyone else notice the typo?

  • mitanda perez
    mitanda perez 5 months ago

    Yhae. It. Was. TVE. Green. One

  • ifezue family
    ifezue family 5 months ago

    12:50 A because her ponytail is like a shape of a Pringles container!

  • Cheeky Chocolate Club 🍫

    1:29 This is sexist, girls have it way harder and they’re not as appreciated! Its 2019 start acting like it is, seriously where did you come up with this idea? I hope you feel ashamed of yourself/yourselves. I’d like to see you in a girls shoes for the day.

  • Cheeky Chocolate Club 🍫

    1:29 I hate you.

  • self-pity official
    self-pity official 5 months ago +1

    This is sexist

  • Camila Widman
    Camila Widman 5 months ago +1

    At 11:23 it was the guy with the White shirt and phone because when he was in line for entrance he looked short and when he was leaving he looks taller

    NATALIA BRAGADO 5 months ago

    I was examining that picture for 10 mins straight and I finally figured out who stole them!
    The guy in the white did it, he was short in the first picture and then he got taller!
    I was so ready to see if I was right but then it said Comments
    I screamed and thought I would never know if I was right and then I looked at the "Comments"

  • Gacha Abby •
    Gacha Abby • 5 months ago

    11:08 it's the man in the white cuz in the entrance pic he was short and in the exit pic he was taller so he must be wearing the shoes!

  • Lolita D'souza
    Lolita D'souza 5 months ago +1

    A stole Pringles, the little ponytail is weard

  • Trickygirlygirl 109
    Trickygirlygirl 109 5 months ago


  • chloe
    chloe 5 months ago +1

    Can I have likes I never get any

  • Amar kumar Ghosh
    Amar kumar Ghosh 5 months ago

    A stole the Pringles as we can see her pony shape is of Pringles box

  • Amar kumar Ghosh
    Amar kumar Ghosh 5 months ago

    The man in the white dress stole the shoes as he was shorter when he came inside but got taller while getting out

    RISHABH ROY 5 months ago +1

    The person who is reading the book did it

  • Madison B.
    Madison B. 5 months ago

    The guy in the white shirt. He is taller near the exit then entrance

  • RubyHurcules 225
    RubyHurcules 225 5 months ago

    Why Doritos also add more riddles and less (comments$

  • Beautyby Batey
    Beautyby Batey 5 months ago


  • Amy Unicorn
    Amy Unicorn 5 months ago

    What the hell is wrong with you!?! Your so sexist! Bitch girls can be stronger than a lot of boys! 😡

  • muhammed adeoti
    muhammed adeoti 5 months ago

    it was the guy with the white shirt

  • LightBlue Carrot
    LightBlue Carrot 5 months ago

    13:30 Everyone- blonde girl in her hair, brunette girl in her bloose and boy on his head...

  • LightBlue Carrot
    LightBlue Carrot 5 months ago

    11:20 Man in white shirt, because he is taller in exit than in entrance.

  • Teela Walke
    Teela Walke 5 months ago


  • Teela Walke
    Teela Walke 5 months ago

    sorry but

  • Dritan Bunga
    Dritan Bunga 5 months ago +9

    A stole the pringles cause she has a very weird ponytail

  • Onur Örnek
    Onur Örnek 5 months ago

    The woman with red hair and purple shirt, her boobs are the shoes

  • Sarah Raih
    Sarah Raih 5 months ago

    Awesome! I cleaned my head now!😎

  • Akane Haribo
    Akane Haribo 5 months ago

    10:02 the thief is the white shirt.
    Because he becomes taller when he out.
    12:50 the A girl stolen the pringles, "pringles ponytail"??

  • Elite VanGuard
    Elite VanGuard 5 months ago +12

    11:29 the person in white bcs in the first pic he was short and then in the second pic he was taller
    Edit: thx for pinning my comment

  • Thunder Iceberg
    Thunder Iceberg 5 months ago +10

    1:31 "A fire extinguisher is a pretty heavy weapon for a girl"
    Wtf is that supposed to mean?

    • Thunder Iceberg
      Thunder Iceberg 5 months ago

      @Pyscho -Z maybe...
      Isn't it easy for everyone tho?

    • Pyscho -Z
      Pyscho -Z 5 months ago

      That its too heavy for somebody to carry

    • Thunder Iceberg
      Thunder Iceberg 5 months ago +1

      Same. I couldn't find anyone who had something to say about it so I figured that's an opportunity for me to.

    • E McN
      E McN 5 months ago +1

      I immediately went to the comments to see if anyone else was a little urked

  • Smiley Duddy
    Smiley Duddy 5 months ago

    I love detective rid because he is a smart one

  • AMAred
    AMAred 5 months ago

    Which word contains 26 letters but only three syllables?

  • Hanne Vd toom
    Hanne Vd toom 5 months ago +4

    A stole the pringels look her hair

  • Jamshy Farook
    Jamshy Farook 5 months ago

    I got 5 levels correct

    JAMILL FAN 5 months ago

    I think army is army fam in BTS im so sily😂😂😂

  • Faiza Tashmeem
    Faiza Tashmeem 5 months ago

    The man with white shirt stole the legendary shoes

  • Kristianne Ojeda
    Kristianne Ojeda 5 months ago

    Not creative.😞.

  • Mario Roblox
    Mario Roblox 5 months ago +2

    11:23 the guy with the red shirt

  • Mario Roblox
    Mario Roblox 5 months ago +2

    love your vids

  • Moon KaWa
    Moon KaWa 5 months ago +5

    A...because her ponytail is in weird shape,just like that of pringles

  • tysonthekid
    tysonthekid 5 months ago +1

    ☺️🇦🇺 to everyone reading this, i hope u all have an amazing day/night! u all deserve happiness ☺️🇦🇺

    if ur still reading this part, i am a small youtuber, hoping to achieve my goal of 100 followers to make others laugh/be happy!

  • NightOwl YT
    NightOwl YT 5 months ago +1

    11:21 white shirt red hair he magically grew 3 inches

  • xteyv a
    xteyv a 5 months ago +1


  • Look at this guy Helmet
    Look at this guy Helmet 5 months ago +3

    And if you come early
    Comment me if you come early
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  • Shubhi Saxena
    Shubhi Saxena 5 months ago +13

    Quite creative and i got all of them correct... It refreshed my mind again

  • Look at this guy Helmet
    Look at this guy Helmet 5 months ago +1

    If your late
    Then be early next time
    Like me
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  • Srishti Jain
    Srishti Jain 5 months ago +31

    'the fire extinguisher is a pretty heavy weapon for a girl' so stereotypical

    • Au Revoir
      Au Revoir 5 months ago +1

      Well u gotta narrow down some clues

  • ASALI Online Tv
    ASALI Online Tv 5 months ago

    I came to like this channel, coz it inspires me tooo

  • Mac Hepler
    Mac Hepler 5 months ago +3


  • moonx light
    moonx light 5 months ago +2

    the man in the white shirt did it, when he left he got a little bit taller so he must’ve put on the shoes or something

  • Mac Hepler
    Mac Hepler 5 months ago


  • Mac Hepler
    Mac Hepler 5 months ago

    read head, because there whack (this is a joke, not trying to be mean)

  • FD4L Tv
    FD4L Tv 5 months ago +9

    Who noticed that at 1:45 they said ''nigh'' instead "night"

  • physics made easy
    physics made easy 5 months ago

    The red t shirt girl ...?Because she is looking at cctv camera ...Not the selfie camera

  • Kenzie Ash Gaming-DIY-Art
    Kenzie Ash Gaming-DIY-Art 5 months ago +3

    Amazing! I only got 5 right! Love your videos!

    • 7-Second Riddles
      7-Second Riddles  5 months ago +1

      Thank you so much! I'm sure that next time you'll get more ;)

  • whoisbillgates ?
    whoisbillgates ? 5 months ago +2

    This video was posted at the same time as my night time revelation to be a detective

  • Gacha Queenie
    Gacha Queenie 5 months ago

    One thing I hate on this channel....
    Them: *who killed her?*
    Me: the guy in the red shirt
    Them: *comments*
    Me: -_-

  • Jason Chicko
    Jason Chicko 5 months ago +12

    12:51 the red girl if you agree

    • Kylee's Korner
      Kylee's Korner 5 months ago

      @Charleology you are a literal genius!

    • Charleology
      Charleology 5 months ago +2

      It was the man in white. When he entered the museum he was short, but when he went out he was as tall as the first lady.

    • Mary Xox
      Mary Xox 5 months ago

      Nope it was the strawberry blonde girl

  • An Unknown Army
    An Unknown Army 5 months ago +26

    11:21 the guy in the white shirt did it. he is taller than before he entered.