Ceballos with an incredible debut! | Arsenal 2 - 1 Burnley | Highlights

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Alex Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang got the goals that saw off a doughty Burnley side - but it was Dani Ceballos who stole the show on his home debut.
    Our loan signing from Real Madrid was outstanding, full of clever flicks and turns. And there was substance as well as style, not least when Ceballos' won a tackle to set up Aubameyang for the winner.
    Lacazette fired us ahead with a typically tenacious piece of play, holding off two defenders and getting a low shot away even as he lost his footing in the box.
    Ashley Barnes equalised just before the break and, for a while, the visitors did look capable of springing a shock.
    But Nicolas Pepe's half-time introduction gave us extra impetus and, with Ceballos pulling the strings, Burnley were forced back.
    Eventually the pressure told, Aubameyang collecting Ceballos' pass and cutting inside onto his right foot to arrow a shot into the bottom corner.
    It was a battle at times, but ultimately our pace and flair was too much for Burnley. And Ceballos? He was different class.
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Comments • 649

  • Brandon Maldonado
    Brandon Maldonado 7 days ago


  • Deep Biswas
    Deep Biswas 11 days ago

    The way Ceballos celebrated looked like it was his goal. That's the kind of passion we need in every player ! 🔥

  • Alax rp07
    Alax rp07 13 days ago

    Dani Ceballos es el peor jugador del mundo

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 13 days ago

    ya veras Unai va a sacar petroleo de el.

  • Didin Samsudin
    Didin Samsudin 17 days ago

    Belum waktu nya membuat gol,,gundozi

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 18 days ago

    Arsenal scoring 2 against Burnley what a great victory.

  • Frank Ssali
    Frank Ssali 20 days ago

    simply lovely.

  • Nairete Games
    Nairete Games 23 days ago

    Dream League Soccer?

    MANSEKKTA 24 days ago

    Come on and Buy smalling

  • Kipas Lipas
    Kipas Lipas 25 days ago

    Liverpool kirim salam

  • Aiz Creator
    Aiz Creator 26 days ago

    pope is very good GK...

  • Nelson Wleh
    Nelson Wleh 26 days ago +1

    You've to get off Wellnock and Guendozi from the starting team.

  • Myname is
    Myname is 26 days ago +1

    he didnt even score why incredible debut im confused

    NGOC KIM NGAN NGUYEN 26 days ago


  • MD Salah
    MD Salah 27 days ago

    increatable football,,,,,,,,,

  • maman of maman
    maman of maman 27 days ago

    I am an arsenal fan from Asia. I think Arsenal are a team with boring games in the world

  • anak sukabumi
    anak sukabumi 27 days ago

    spirit arsenal

  • estancox
    estancox 27 days ago +1

    As a Real Madrid support, we lose the best midfielder the last season. But im Happy he's on Arsenal, you are so Lucky, you'll se one of the best spanish player in history. Only he needs is time...

    • Coajdka
      Coajdka 26 days ago

      You dont support Real Madrid if you think so xd i hate real and i have to say that the best was Casemiro

  • Pragyan Roy chowdhury
    Pragyan Roy chowdhury 28 days ago +2

    I hope Arsenal finally wins the PL this time

  • Ichal Livan
    Ichal Livan 28 days ago +3

    For arsenal fans around the world just pray for madrid buying pogba so ceballos would be the permanent gunner

  • Kizito William
    Kizito William 28 days ago +1

    Arsenal is going to win the Emirates cup next summer. You heard it here 2nd.

  • Triyok Hariyadi
    Triyok Hariyadi 28 days ago


  • Adhi Dwiyana
    Adhi Dwiyana 28 days ago +1

    Dont talk bs too many. Back then reyes was really good at the beginning. But fail to show consistency.
    Ceballos is still very young lack of high competition experience. Dont make to much bs just by seeing jis first game.

  • Igor Shumilov
    Igor Shumilov 28 days ago +2

    Didnt see the match. Cant understand "incredible" Ceballos - 1st pass was corner (Laca is incredible), 2nd - tackle after his own mistake (Auba is incredible). + Mistake before Burnley goal. Nothing incredible IMHO

    • Albert Hofmann
      Albert Hofmann 27 days ago

      You didn't see the match and you give your opinion, stupid

  • bambang gento
    bambang gento 28 days ago

    ceballos 💪💪💪

  • Andy Laflare
    Andy Laflare 28 days ago


  • sulis tiyowati
    sulis tiyowati 28 days ago

    Whats up with the subtittle? it's aubameyang not obama young

  • Manuel Zamora
    Manuel Zamora 28 days ago

    We miss him at Betis in Spain. Buena suerte ; )

  • george asher
    george asher 28 days ago

    Good start for Arsenal.

  • W2_WijayaWiguna Channel

    Plisss subsriber chanel me

  • Immortal Official
    Immortal Official 29 days ago

    Ozil kok gk di bawa ya apa pindah

  • mm8
    mm8 29 days ago +1

    As a Real Madrid supporter: we don't deserve a player like that. I'm mad at Zidane.

  • Ste98
    Ste98 29 days ago

    Where are the defence?

  • Deniz Arshavin
    Deniz Arshavin 29 days ago +1

    Ceballos + Ozil

  • Kuluno Jonathan
    Kuluno Jonathan 29 days ago

    in the middle of the match, what do players do when they want to urinate?

  • Muldan EM
    Muldan EM 29 days ago

    King of premier league is manchester united 🔥

    HAK KAZE 29 days ago

    02:51 there's 2 david luiz

  • เออก็ เราไง


  • Frimmbits
    Frimmbits 29 days ago +26

    Can't wait for Man City vs Burnley.
    Pope denies Jesus.
    Jesus scores past Pope.

  • Dev Ninbu
    Dev Ninbu 29 days ago

    Mantap Dani

  • Hamza Kalam
    Hamza Kalam 29 days ago +1

    Arsenal are going to the champions league if they play this good

    • Nanker Phelge
      Nanker Phelge 29 days ago

      Aye...might be a four team race this year for first place ...Liverpool, City, Spurs n Gunners.

  • ahad ali
    ahad ali Month ago +4

    Who else thought ceballos had scored in this match?!🤣

  • Its Me
    Its Me Month ago +4

    Remember lads he's ours (RM fan)

    • Its Me
      Its Me 25 days ago

      @Yuvanesh Silvanathan just stfu and remember u guys loan him

    • Yuvanesh Silvanathan
      Yuvanesh Silvanathan 27 days ago

      Its Me you guys will never use him. He’ll be a bench player who’ll waste his talents.

  • lovetrilogy
    lovetrilogy Month ago

    great David seaman. he will be a great goalkeeper

  • nia priyanti
    nia priyanti Month ago

    so, what so incredible about ceballos debut? he didnt score

  • mohamed sehbib
    mohamed sehbib Month ago +1

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  • Franco
    Franco Month ago +1

    I'm genuinely happy for this guy

  • Neng Fitriani Somantri

    When Ozil??

  • Azam Rohani
    Azam Rohani Month ago

    Liverpool power adrian king hero super cup

  • mnabilsh
    mnabilsh Month ago

    Nicholas Pope
    Nicolas Pepe

  • Farid Fauzi
    Farid Fauzi Month ago

    oh man.. now i remember fabregas.. full of spirit when he was young..

  • Django Z
    Django Z Month ago

    No that's the only game for Ceballos, cause stupid Xhaka is back!! 😠😡

  • Karim
    Karim Month ago


  • Axío Wéí
    Axío Wéí Month ago +1

    Ceballos better on arsenal than on real madrid

  • Trieu Van
    Trieu Van Month ago

    His passion is great

  • Mubarack Ibraheem
    Mubarack Ibraheem Month ago

    Spanish players are the most technical in epl..

  • Hugo Cruz
    Hugo Cruz Month ago

    Ceballos just let the other guy pass in the equalizer

  • Abiezer Acosta
    Abiezer Acosta Month ago +1

    I’m so exited for Arsenal this season

  • Noah Ndunde
    Noah Ndunde Month ago

    Ceballos the propeller!!! This lad reminds me of Santi Carzola!!

  • black p
    black p Month ago

    Dani Ceballos is only using Arsenal for work experience