Trying Aerial Silks With The Try Guys

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
    ✂ Our Collab on The Try Guys' Channel:
    Wow brb while I sign us up for INTERMEDIATE SILKS!!!!!! we had SO much fun putting our newfound aerial skills to the test and can't wait to see what kind of ridiculous circus fun we can try next! make sure to check out the video we filmed on The Try Guys' channel - DIYing old 90s craft kits! Major throwback vibes.
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  • Katie poluyansky
    Katie poluyansky 4 hours ago

    No one:
    Keith: - rants about his love for silk-

  • brownie gg
    brownie gg 18 hours ago


  • Mr. Banks
    Mr. Banks Day ago


  • MooMoo44 Love
    MooMoo44 Love Day ago

    I have done silks for 7 years and I am so excited to watch you try them

  • Michala Webb
    Michala Webb 2 days ago

    You're so lucky you get to hang out with the try guys I've always wanted to they're so cool

  • Geni Blaze
    Geni Blaze 3 days ago +1

    Two words: POLE DANCING

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time 3 days ago

    Of course Eugene’s good at it

  • Zairah Naz
    Zairah Naz 4 days ago +1

    5:08 everyone ready for Eugene to do it for probably the first time...........because we all know what gonna happen........he does it so perfectly its in time lapse.......😂😂😂😂

  • Creative Panda Girl
    Creative Panda Girl 4 days ago +3

    Lauren: I am the least flexible person I know

    Me: I can’t touch my toes or do a push-up or even a bridge

  • Lauren Nuggets
    Lauren Nuggets 5 days ago

    "I have to poop" the realist thing 😂

  • Kailyn Fuller
    Kailyn Fuller 6 days ago +1

    I actually do silks, so seeing some of my favorite people doing this was so cool! ❤️ 😍

  • Rachel Stelling
    Rachel Stelling 7 days ago

    Keith is literally me in any athletic situation

  • Christopher McPherson

    Where do you get this music from?

  • Trash
    Trash 10 days ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Ned: i HaVe A bAbY

  • 11 days ago

    She looks like a beautiful goddess

  • tara payne
    tara payne 12 days ago

    Ok so I do this and it is HARD so I'm actually really impressed

  • The random artist1015
    The random artist1015 13 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Blue Izzbelle
    Blue Izzbelle 14 days ago

    Eugene is a dancer soooo
    And also he is flexible

  • G Blue
    G Blue 14 days ago

    It’s fun😁💜💜

  • G Blue
    G Blue 14 days ago

    I have done this before

  • Twitches
    Twitches 15 days ago

    We aren't aloud to do aerial in shorts or crop tops cause if the burn

  • Marykutty Joseph
    Marykutty Joseph 15 days ago

    I think because that Lauren had hear it look more beautiful and she has white hairs it looks outstanding

  • Hanathestupid Dummy
    Hanathestupid Dummy 15 days ago

    the Aerial teacher looks mad and it is SCARY

  • Michelle Porter
    Michelle Porter 17 days ago

    Lauren is so hot omg stop this

  • Kristine Braddy
    Kristine Braddy 18 days ago


  • Layla Garcia
    Layla Garcia 18 days ago


  • Dreamer Girl
    Dreamer Girl 20 days ago +1


  • Angela Oznarac
    Angela Oznarac 20 days ago +1

    **my wife has left the chat**
    **Ned Fulmer added I have a baby to the chat**

  • Brayton and Gracie Fuentes

    Again Eugene is.more talented than all of us.

  • Take a shot Elliott
    Take a shot Elliott 21 day ago

    This makes me wanna do this so much

  • Julie Firkin
    Julie Firkin 21 day ago

    No injuries except for the foot silk burn

  • Avery Garner
    Avery Garner 23 days ago

    You see the hoops in the background that’s what I do it’s called Lyra 🤗

  • Hannah Mills
    Hannah Mills 25 days ago

    Yes I love when people try aerial. Honestly if you keep at it there’s amazing opportunities. I’m performing at a guns and roses concert and then next summer I’m working on a cruise ship. So honestly if you like it kept with it.

  • Aella Doppke
    Aella Doppke 26 days ago

    As an aerialist it was really fun to watch these guys try silk
    Ned and Eugene were better than I was when in started

  • Em ‘s Animals
    Em ‘s Animals 27 days ago


    Literally Nobody:

    Ned: I have a baby now
    Ned: I also have a baby

  • Wolfy B 123
    Wolfy B 123 28 days ago +1

    I do that every Friday. It’s so fun I recommend!!!

  • Becky Levesque
    Becky Levesque 28 days ago

    You guys should come to elevate yoga in phx it's way easier

  • It's just Liza
    It's just Liza Month ago

    To me this is halarious b/c I do aerial

  • lenny st.clair
    lenny st.clair Month ago

    I missed her 😢

  • Ariyanna amoako
    Ariyanna amoako Month ago

    why did you guys have to break up with your boyfriend you were the best cupple on youtube

  • Savannah Garcia
    Savannah Garcia Month ago

    Omg 1:28-1:30 ned in the back is he trying to be Wes or practice lol

  • maddie Fluff
    maddie Fluff Month ago

    Keith’s face the whole time is like “why am I hereeeeeee”???????????

  • Nicola richards
    Nicola richards Month ago

    Omg Ned! That was amazing!!

  • Anita Väli
    Anita Väli Month ago

    the instructor is giving hee-hee vibes.

  • Farrah De Leon
    Farrah De Leon Month ago +1

    For all you Zach girls: 4:58 TRUST ME...




    • iNews
      iNews Month ago

      Farrah De Leon 🤮

  • ADay InALife
    ADay InALife Month ago

    Sofie Dossi has entered the chat

  • Sarahhh
    Sarahhh Month ago

    I want to do that with my curtains...😂

  • Skylar Schilffarth
    Skylar Schilffarth Month ago

    Eugene being good at everything

  • Alisha Cleaver
    Alisha Cleaver Month ago

    I’m a naturally flexible person and I’ve done aerial silks and Lauren u did way better than em

  • Makayla Wells
    Makayla Wells Month ago +1

    "Ik very excited to teach you" -says with the most monotone voice and most blank face

  • Kengela Botes
    Kengela Botes Month ago

    I do classes it's actually really fun 😊

  • btsvlover ya
    btsvlover ya Month ago

    When I saw this Eugene is going to be good at this already

  • cat dance
    cat dance Month ago +1

    I can do it all professionally
    Like if u love the greatest showman

  • Annabelle
    Annabelle Month ago

    Ahah ahah... I do this stuff. Same Lauren same.

  • Monkey Mab
    Monkey Mab Month ago

    I need to know where to get Eugene’s pants

  • Emo blob
    Emo blob Month ago

    Yo why did they teach them straight fabric first? On the knot is so easy and i would consider them the basics.

  • rosey dandelion
    rosey dandelion Month ago

    I'm just watching this now and I already know Eugene is going to be perfect at it

  • Cristina Fernandez
    Cristina Fernandez Month ago

    The try guys should try gymnastics.

  • Sarah Khan
    Sarah Khan Month ago

    i do silks hoop and trapeze

  • Jay The Therian
    Jay The Therian Month ago

    I’m signing up for aerial silks on Friday!! This was so entertaining!!

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B Month ago +3

    Where my aerialist at ??❤️ (silks are awesome !!)

  • the marshmellow thing

    What is Eugene doing in the back

  • Donna Twogood
    Donna Twogood Month ago +1


  • Donna Twogood
    Donna Twogood Month ago

    0:43 because begginners rarely do videos or performances

  • Sokhom Pech
    Sokhom Pech Month ago

    Why do I always think asians are so talented at so much stuff?

  • He went -I AMMM who I am-

    I wanna so this so badly but im like -2 flexibel

  • Theresa Quinn Fisher

    omg Jessica looks like Molly Bruke

  • Maria Atariguana
    Maria Atariguana Month ago

    Hey ✨✨

  • Luna Sol
    Luna Sol Month ago

    *_after attending a compulsory seminar_*

  • XxGamer GirlxX
    XxGamer GirlxX Month ago +1

    Keith hates heights, yet is tall

  • PinkBerry Plays
    PinkBerry Plays Month ago +1

    I kinda ship Lauren and Eugene. #Euren

  • Lisa Torres
    Lisa Torres Month ago

    You guys should try Pole dance that would be awesome and soooo funny omg

  • haneen
    haneen Month ago

    keith’s the best part of this vid

  • martika clark
    martika clark Month ago

    Aerial yoga is different then aerial silks one is more giving thanks and using the silk as a prop to help get deeper and stronger. Aerial silks or circus art is more dance expression, there's also a difference in the fabric used the length and how it's hung. So if anything she should have done more research and then choosenen what would be more beneficial to the try guys.

  • Tanisha Kumar
    Tanisha Kumar Month ago

    Ned: so like i have a baby

  • Lora Lee
    Lora Lee Month ago

    Just a bunch of jacking around.

  • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
    Ellie-Hope Suzanne 2 months ago

    What condition does Zach have?

    • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
      Ellie-Hope Suzanne 18 days ago +1

      @F H oh, thank you! ❤

    • F H
      F H 23 days ago +1

      Zach has ankylosing spondylitis - his immune system attacks his own joints and his body tries to replace them with bone, and has already done it to part of his spine. He's on a lot of medication to stop the process and help with the pain.

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 2 months ago +4

    I love how on Lauren’s channel (a DIY channel) They do aerial silks, and on The Try Guys channel (trying new things) they do 80’s crafts.

  • Annale Doan
    Annale Doan 2 months ago

    my back hurts....

  • Anna Papa
    Anna Papa 2 months ago

    Anyone here actually do silks?

  • Serena raine
    Serena raine 2 months ago

    I like how aerial silks and circus stuff is a “trend” now when I’ve been doing it my whole life

  • Daisy Rayner
    Daisy Rayner 2 months ago

    I train on Ariel silks every wick

  • Maya Mekonnen
    Maya Mekonnen 2 months ago

    Eugene + Lauren=❤️ like if you ship too

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman 2 months ago

    Anyone notice when Lauren asked if she looked sexy in the first trick, only Eugene responded hahaha the only supposed single try guy 😂 I know she has a bf but I laughed a lil 😊

  • Egglintine
    Egglintine 2 months ago

    I do aerial to
    Its a pain sometimes

  • Indie Mross
    Indie Mross 2 months ago

    Who else loved the intro?

  • Kayla LK
    Kayla LK 2 months ago

    Its so weird to see the try guys with DIY edits lmao (its the dreamy insperational music that sends me)

  • Minstrawberry0gurt !
    Minstrawberry0gurt ! 2 months ago

    Eugene being good at everything/showing off for the 454.245.245.980 time

  • Jijiplayzz Xoxo
    Jijiplayzz Xoxo 2 months ago +3

    Eugene can do anything and everything even when it’s his first time. \(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)/

  • Yeni Gomez
    Yeni Gomez 2 months ago +1

    Do a video with Sofie dossi

  • Mary Ann Tia
    Mary Ann Tia 2 months ago

    Me 98% of the vid: thats rly impressive
    Me 2% of the vid: i hope markiplier doesnt see this

  • Vinny Verma
    Vinny Verma 2 months ago +2

    Eugene and Zach stretching before the act and Ned and Keith fooling around!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Olivia Larocque
    Olivia Larocque 2 months ago

    I have Arial silks at my house

  • Stephine moratto biggest fan

    Your cam was so unfocused

  • Jordyn Adridge
    Jordyn Adridge 2 months ago

    Hi Jessica

  • Anna Carter
    Anna Carter 2 months ago

    Sometimes I reallyyy hate Ned

  • stephanie schneider
    stephanie schneider 2 months ago +1

    Eugene looks like the korean historical actor flying around doing karate moves

  • auntydale
    auntydale 2 months ago

    In the 1992 movie Sidekicks, Jonathan Brandis daydreamed that Chuck Norris told him that trick to climb a rope in gym class.

  • Ivy Martin
    Ivy Martin 2 months ago

    My psycho brain read the thumbnail as serial killer

  • Athea Smith
    Athea Smith 2 months ago +2

    Ik I am late but that Ariel place is where my friend goes