Keith Eats Everything At Wendy's

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • The bitch is back! 💁‍♀It's finally here! Watch Keith eat everything off the menu at Wendy's! #EatTheMenu
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Comments • 12 541

  • MagiMythies
    MagiMythies 36 minutes ago

    imagine if this was on twitter >_

  • Accapella Enthusiast
    Accapella Enthusiast 3 hours ago

    Culver’s menu

  • A Whiting
    A Whiting 5 hours ago

    I went to school with a girl that looks exactly like kieth in the Wendy’s wig. And she removed hair from her mouth the same way

  • Kassie Baca
    Kassie Baca 8 hours ago

    I like how Keith knows what a torta is

  • Life of Em
    Life of Em 10 hours ago

    The Wendys girl from Buzzfeed is probably screaming bloody murder as she watches this video💀

  • Dom 13
    Dom 13 10 hours ago

    I wish I got paid for this

  • Korrine Nelson
    Korrine Nelson 17 hours ago

    If they every came to my job and ordered this much stuff in the drive thru I would secretly hate them while smiling

  • Katie Snowwhite
    Katie Snowwhite 18 hours ago

    I can't handle the wig

  • Trinity Courtoreille
    Trinity Courtoreille 19 hours ago

    The side Caesar salad is my go to at Wendy’s when ever I go I get that and usually only that 😂

  • Destiny rainbow loom vieos

    I'm hungry now

  • BeezWax
    BeezWax Day ago

    Crunchy fries is where its at

  • Shan Ny
    Shan Ny Day ago

    You're making me hungry...

  • Batman2567
    Batman2567 Day ago

    I love when fast food business help out, it makes this video more wholesome~

  • kha
    kha Day ago

    slurp the menu starbucks edition

  • Vaping Gaming
    Vaping Gaming Day ago

    You forgot Rootbeer Float. It used to be on their menu, but now it's on their Secret Menu (still on their computer when ordering). It's more ice-cream than rootbeer & same price as a frosty. Sooooo good!

  • Shiro Zexal
    Shiro Zexal Day ago

    the sad music with the disappointed chewing.... art

  • Oli
    Oli Day ago

    i was instantly offended when Keith shit on the nuggets 😤

  • Allison Griffen
    Allison Griffen Day ago

    Wendy’s has the best fries out of any fast food place what the heck

    • Ned Orton
      Ned Orton Day ago

      I like them. I put them right with Burger King behind Carl's juniors.

  • Panda Chubz
    Panda Chubz 2 days ago

    Keith's tummy protection squad where u at??

  • stine Kartevoll Lie
    stine Kartevoll Lie 2 days ago +6

    Alex: You cant publish this
    Keith: *publishes*

  • Freddy Thornton
    Freddy Thornton 2 days ago

    does anyone know the music at 5:05? i love it!!

  • Aayush Das
    Aayush Das 2 days ago

    What do they do with the food after this VIDEO????

  • Erin Demir
    Erin Demir 2 days ago

    Wendy’s are my favorite fries!!!

  • Kailee McGuire
    Kailee McGuire 2 days ago +1

    Speak for yourself I love their fries

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton 2 days ago

    Bro you got no taste buds.

  • Caspen W
    Caspen W 2 days ago

    At 32:12 he turned into a hormone monster

  • Oraa Opal
    Oraa Opal 2 days ago

    i work at wendys! its pretty interesting to see what other people think of our food!

  • Nikki Stewart
    Nikki Stewart 2 days ago


  • joeylondonxo
    joeylondonxo 3 days ago

    4:53 when you’ve had enough of Miss Wendy

  • wafflethief
    wafflethief 3 days ago

    My favorite part of these videos is Keith slowly losing his capacity for speech due to the impending food coma

  • jessica smith
    jessica smith 3 days ago

    can you try wendys in canada

  • Mini Melon
    Mini Melon 3 days ago +1

    I love Wendy’s fries though! Wayyy better than Arby’s or McDonald’s fries 🍟

  • Garrett Brennan
    Garrett Brennan 3 days ago

    You forgot to dip the nuggets in the chocolate frosty!

  • Aidan Thompson
    Aidan Thompson 3 days ago +1

    When the guy with the star of david necklace eats the baconator

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 4 days ago +2

    Keith can't do math he said nuggets taste like nothing that =0 the he says that the spicy one's taste one thousand times better 0x1000=0

  • Sincerely Cass
    Sincerely Cass 4 days ago +1

    Why do I love watching these but also feel like I need a really long shower afterwards?

  • Jane Winter
    Jane Winter 4 days ago

    20:15 How the hell is he single ?

  • Neo Hermitess
    Neo Hermitess 4 days ago

    Is there a running joke about keith hating the food babies or something? He is so unenthused when they're there it's almost rude, especially when compared to how he treats the men.

  • Willaby Zarkute
    Willaby Zarkute 4 days ago

    maybe Canadian and American Wendy's are different... but Wendy's fries are the only ones here that rival McDonalds'

  • Jess The VSCO
    Jess The VSCO 4 days ago

    yb is wearing a pippi longstocking wig

  • janet ramirez
    janet ramirez 4 days ago

    Wing stop!!!

  • Levi Chrisemer
    Levi Chrisemer 5 days ago

    Shouldnt Keith’s last name be

  • pleaserpilots
    pleaserpilots 5 days ago

    omg i love alexs eyes

  • Heather Latta
    Heather Latta 5 days ago

    Keith sounds progressively more like a game show host AND more drunk with each food item. Amazing.

  • dustin sandoval
    dustin sandoval 5 days ago

    Just to clear the air the Popeye's and Chick-fil-A battle Popeye always wins hands down the chicken sandwiches the f****** best

  • TheKingOfSton
    TheKingOfSton 5 days ago +1

    I wish I was there to finish the food they didn't eat I love Wendy's

  • Esther de Araujo
    Esther de Araujo 5 days ago

    why does keith actually get drunk on food in these videos, like he couldn't stop talking about alex being single and he legit seemed drunk lol.

  • Selene Jarowicz
    Selene Jarowicz 5 days ago

    Keith: says fries are unsavable with frostys
    Me: super nice af
    Me: I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up.

  • Selene Jarowicz
    Selene Jarowicz 5 days ago +7

    I’m dying rn Bc Keith said Alex will never get a gf if he doesn’t like waterfalls

  • Selene Jarowicz
    Selene Jarowicz 5 days ago

    ALLEEEEEXXXXX 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Also I would love to date alex

  • Selene Jarowicz
    Selene Jarowicz 5 days ago

    Keith mentions alex in this episode saying he’s single
    Me: who’s alex???
    Me: * looking at Brian on here * he cute 👀

  • Selene Jarowicz
    Selene Jarowicz 5 days ago +4

    I feel so bad for Keith
    Jared asked him how he does this show
    And they edited it out
    10/10 I’m sure he cursed or didn’t even hide how he hates how he’s destroying his body

  • Maria Elena P
    Maria Elena P 6 days ago

    Btw always thought Alex is hot as fuck

  • Cprag
    Cprag 6 days ago

    I love Wendy’s fries. Wendy’s is my favorate fast food. Love this series

  • roald dahl
    roald dahl 6 days ago +5

    "this is what arbys was trying to do" Best line ever.

    ps though.. i want to stab the cash tegister every time someone asks me my name so they can attach it to my burger number.

  • Peyton Merwin
    Peyton Merwin 6 days ago

    Okay people, RECAP; What Fast Food Chain hasn’t he eaten yet?

  • Aiden Decker
    Aiden Decker 6 days ago +1

    12:35 😂😂😂

  • Emily Valcourt
    Emily Valcourt 6 days ago +2

    I was like oh I definitely won’t watch 40 mins of Keith eating yet here I am at the end of the video

  • Animal Alliance Gaming Bois

    He should do a trying everything at every fast food place

  • Gianna
    Gianna 6 days ago

    6:52 my reaction when I see myself for the first time in the morning