Rapunzel’s Moondrop Incantation Revealed & Explained! (Evil Magic): Discovering Tangled

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
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    No longer is Rapunzel the bearer of healing, sun magic. She now bears the burden of a magic that can end life itself. The incantation of the moondrop releases an evil power within Rapunzel, and by the end of this video you are going to fully understand where this darkness came from.
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    Because of the decisions by King Frederick, his daughter Rapunzel became tied to ancient magical entities and over the years since her birth she has slowly began to learn about those connections. Through her discussions with members of the brotherhood and her discoveries in the temple of Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel has discovered the dark powers that lie within her. Even though at one point she was capable of sustaining life, she now has the incantation that can take it away.
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  • Wotso Videos
    Wotso Videos  8 months ago +691

    I love Tangled The Series! I can't wait to see what will happen next! If you would like to stay up to date with when I discuss Tangled again make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @WotsoVideos ! Thanks for watching and have a magical day!

      GALACTICOLMENS 8 months ago

      I believe that the reason why Rapunzel’s hair grr back gold is because of her sunflower magic still within her. If it weren’t for that she would have grown out long dark hair.

    • Adam Crystal
      Adam Crystal 8 months ago

      I want to cuz Punky black it'll work

    • Adam Crystal
      Adam Crystal 8 months ago

      Love evil upon somebody in Monticello me watch videos of it

    • Hannah Skeldon
      Hannah Skeldon 8 months ago

      @Britni Reed it wasn't really him it was an image conjured up by the happiness idol.


      @AishaVonFossen lol ur very welcome

  • Daniel Williamson
    Daniel Williamson 16 days ago

    Moonstone brings death to humans but blue pixie dust to pixie hallow.

  • Prince Ivan
    Prince Ivan 18 days ago

    How can Rapunzel Use Hurt incantation if Sun Drop is her power?

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney 27 days ago +1

    Rapunzel's new powers make Rapunzel even more powerful then Elsa and they make Rapunzel equal to Maleficent. This new Rapunzel could be even more powerful then Dark Elsa! Oh dear.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney 27 days ago +1

    The same thing happens to Elsa when you get her too angry. Dark Elsa comes out and Elsa's hair turns dark blue.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney 27 days ago +1

    "Uncataloged magical crystal detected! Moon Stone acquired and now in storage!" - Omnitrix.

  • Dylan Rennett
    Dylan Rennett 29 days ago +1

    Rapunzel seems to be the vessel of both, making her the eclipse drop lol

  • Will Bever
    Will Bever Month ago

    Rapunzel still is the flower tho even with this dark magic the rocks grew around that enchanted stone for a reason they were waiting for the flower aka (Rapunzel) to touch a rock. Notice when Cassandra and Rapunzel went to the place were the flower bloomed the stone had the flower symbol on it but then after she touched a rock the flower symbol changed to a black rock symbol. She still has the flower's powers within but reinforced with the moonstone's black rocks magic; The Hurt Incantation and Indestructble power. At first I actually thought that Adiras sword would cut the hair, like at the end of the eposide "Secret of the Sundrop" when Adira managed to cut a rock with her black rock sword but couldn't cut Rapunzel's hair. but now with this new protective power from the rocks she can no longer heal things like her original hair did.

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl Month ago

    I first saw it and got scared the second she sung the evil one

  • Kitty Meyw
    Kitty Meyw Month ago

    Have you ever heard the song madmoselle noir, it's a twist on the roots of Rapunzel's Grimm origins. ru-clip.com/video/L-mthNHRUKg/video.html - When her hair turns back, I cannot help but be reminded of it.

  • Hilary Molina
    Hilary Molina Month ago

    This scene scared me. I thought it shouldn't be in a disney series, it should be in a horror film.

  • Norhamimi Yusof
    Norhamimi Yusof Month ago

    Disney needs to stop making shitty movies and start promoting they're series cause they're way better than this

  • ginger kid
    ginger kid Month ago

    Why didn't varians hands burn tho

  • wow that's not to shabby

    Why are people talking about a eclipse incantation? Exactly what would that do?

  • Melvin Bonilla
    Melvin Bonilla Month ago

    Am I the only one who thought when she said wither the wither from MINECRAFT would come
    Only me Ok😅😅

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 Month ago

    I still say this isn't fair to the moon for it to be connected with everything withering and decaying and basically being evil.

  • Noha Lasheen
    Noha Lasheen Month ago

    Before she could use the healing incarnation but now since she absorbed the moon drops powers she can do the hurt incarnation which means in the movie she couldn't do it since now she can't heel

  • heinz koch
    heinz koch Month ago

    The movie/series has got very dark....

  • John’Taria Freeman

    I can’t wait for what happens next

  • Cassie Webb
    Cassie Webb Month ago

    Maybe a video on why varian has a blue streak?

  • Blossom Tree
    Blossom Tree Month ago

    I love rapunzel

  • Yahmad Collins
    Yahmad Collins Month ago


  • Talon Gilbert
    Talon Gilbert Month ago

    Honestly, I'm not that interested in the Tangled series. However, I'm all for discussions on abilities and powers! Yes, I fully believe that she contains both abilities within her. Powers likes these tend to have a way of being drawn to each other to try and balance each other out, being either willingly working together or trying to viciously murder each other. Also, it doesn't make sense that Moon magic is pure death, seeing as the moon reflects light from the sun to provide light.
    Most likely, the Moon magic works as a lens or a focus to the Sun magic, and due to Rupunzel's hair being cut, she's lost or needs to learn a new way to use that magic, with the Moon magic being new to her system and overpowering her previous connection. Maybe her hair grew again and gained these new traits because of how the Sun magic was used previously?
    ... Wow, this is a long rant about a show that I've never even watched. Maybe I should?

    -Talon G.

  • Sl Seiv
    Sl Seiv Month ago

    my little brothers name is isaac

  • Luna Amore
    Luna Amore Month ago

    Rapunzel sun and moon theme My Little Pony sun and moon theme back in the 80s The Jewel Riders sun and moon theme Pokemon Sun and Moon theme. 🙄
    Feel free to add to list if you see where I'm going with this.

  • Sans Gail
    Sans Gail Month ago

    What i want to know is that what if the healing incantation and the hurt incantation were sung by rapunzel at the same time or mashed it up, would it be possible that it will have a huge effect on it in future episodes? 🤔🤔

  • That No Shinobu
    That No Shinobu Month ago

    That actually helped to make varian dad’s free

  • Bugay Den
    Bugay Den Month ago

    What episode is the incantation from?

  • Navneet Kumar
    Navneet Kumar Month ago

    Chuck ep1

  • Venn Diagram
    Venn Diagram Month ago


  • Greg Pena
    Greg Pena Month ago

    Your a nerd

  • HarmonE Records
    HarmonE Records Month ago

    2:01 "Passes away..." Uh huh.

  • Lucy unlucky
    Lucy unlucky Month ago

    now dose she cry deth coz if you live in sadness you can die but for repunzil if you cry you can kill

  • Darrian Yates
    Darrian Yates 2 months ago


  • Helena Koerner
    Helena Koerner 2 months ago

    So, will rapunzel use the moon drop incantation again in season 3? Or will she no longer possess that power?

  • Pepita Kiernan
    Pepita Kiernan 2 months ago

    I think the incatation isn't destruction. If you notice it says "Set the spirit free" it sounds like to heal but I say this metaforiclly abiously it won't cure but, end pain and as the song says "set the spirit free". Like in warrior cats, shadowclan medicine cats give cats that want to die death berries, they just want to stop their pain or, like I said, "set the spirit free". Oh and may I add it also says "break these earthly chains", or in other words leave this world. It says "End this destiny" or end this life. As well it also states "
    If it has been hurt. It's just fates design. Now that it's been lost" it means this person is hurt she/he was going to die anyways but do not weep. Then it says the opposite of the other one "Take back what once was mine" instead of "Give back what once was mine" in other words one is saying give my life back and another is saying take my life away. It is sad but not dark, at least for those ages.

  • Margie Islas
    Margie Islas 3 months ago

    Can you just stop talking and start the video

  • nothing to see her pt.2 ;-;

    That Micky mouse in The background *scares me ;-;.*

  • abrielle powers
    abrielle powers 3 months ago

    OMG if the energy was moving to her...could she have possibly “absorbed life”? Like this could be away that she could stay young forever like how mother Gothel used her....just at a higher cost and it would be interesting if that could regenerate the other side of it. The sun drop. Kind of like take a life now you can give it...

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 3 months ago +1

    Tangled seeries season 3 comeing back to disney channel

  • marvin metellus
    marvin metellus 3 months ago

    I never watched the animated show but seeing the clip made want to know more

  • kiba the wolf
    kiba the wolf 3 months ago

    Adira has a weapon that cuts down the rocks but not Rapunzel's hair it's ten times stronger then the rocks

  • Gio Gonzales
    Gio Gonzales 3 months ago +1

    I think Mother Gothel knew both the incantations but refused to teach Rapunzel the moonstone incantation because of it’s dangerous effect.

  • Ruth Alber
    Ruth Alber 3 months ago

    Isaiah this is what I don't get why you guys deliberately decide it's going to be okay to trash or Disney characters Jon solo now you like seriously you take a positive and you turn into negative yeah you can make any person that listens to you depressed

  • jensen karis world of love

    Disney took a dark turn......

  • Q Gal
    Q Gal 4 months ago +1

    *Im soRry but i think its not *eViL*
    It's the moon's power and *I*. *MeMyselfandI* think that the sun means to reverse time and moon means to past time.
    Whatever it what I *(ME MYSELF AND I)* ThInK.
    Also i think moon is sad and dark
    While the sun happy and bright
    MOON = ↘↙
    SUN= ↘↙

  • Riley Abrahims
    Riley Abrahims 4 months ago

    Its the moonstone not the moondrop

  • Riley Abrahims
    Riley Abrahims 4 months ago

    Its the moonstone not the moondrop

  • Poisonedapples
    Poisonedapples 4 months ago +1

    For this theory let say she is the embodiment of both sun and moon(this is not facts so don’t come at me plz): we all know both the sun and the moon have an incantation that do different things when sung by Rapunzel, what if she sings both at the same time like (ex: flower gleam and glow, end this destiny. Make the clock reverse and the spirit free. {or} wither and decay, let your power shine. break these early chains, bring back what once was mine.) would it restore everything that was first destroyed or something else? I wanna know 😁

  • Amber dolphin1210
    Amber dolphin1210 4 months ago +1

    I'm just trying to figure out how Rapunzel can't even access her healing power. She healed Eugene with a tear... oh. New theory. They have to collect Rapunzel's tears and pour them on the hurt person while singing the healing song.

  • just me
    just me 4 months ago

    If she can sing incantation of moon stone which can destroy life than why can she sing the sundrop incantation to heal things after she gain her hair back

  • AmyRe-L Proxy
    AmyRe-L Proxy 5 months ago +1

    Repunzel: *eyes turn black and hair*
    Me: *gets slenderman* slender man we have a new creepypasta
    Slenderman: *shows up* where
    Me: *shows him the video*
    Slenderman: funny child

  • Sillian Jloth
    Sillian Jloth 5 months ago

    I had no idea this show existed until this video but now I am VERY interesting

  • Azrael Fallensky
    Azrael Fallensky 5 months ago

    I somehow found the line "Break These Earthly Chains and Set The Spirit Free" somewhat strange. Like as if the incantation were like someone wanting to break free.

  • Leo;u
    Leo;u 5 months ago

    If it’s the moon drops wouldn’t she be able to somewhat control the tides?

  • AmamiyaLucis
    AmamiyaLucis 5 months ago

    She’s gonna murder people holy hell

  • samuel velasquez
    samuel velasquez 5 months ago

    Notice that blue ring in rapunzels corrupted hair
    I have a theory
    Rapunzel gained her new hair from the rooms which contained the power of the moonstone
    And that's why she can't say the healing and only the harming

  • samuel velasquez
    samuel velasquez 5 months ago

    Remember when xantiri made snow mountains
    What if he cursed Elsa!

  • Roslynn P0384
    Roslynn P0384 5 months ago

    Excuse me therapy tellers I got a question for you is why is Rapunzel doing the dark magic when she tired to harm
    anyone but she is not hurting them anymore she could healing everyone

  • Game Freako
    Game Freako 5 months ago

    Does anyone think the rapunzel in the thumbnail looks cute? No? Just me? Has anyone experienced kleptoscats? If so, cute or not?