Tua Tagovailoa Full Game Highlights National Championship Alabama Vs Georgia

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
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Comments • 152

  • Sau Tafao
    Sau Tafao 22 days ago

    One of the greatest college games ever, let alone a Natl' Title game. CLASSIC!

  • SaigaBoy Beast
    SaigaBoy Beast Year ago

    Tbh I think Saban wasn't expecting this. I believe it was one of those things where he didn't want fans and people to attack or blame his trusted QB so he put the rookie in and if anything goes wrong blame the rookie but lo and behold....Tua came in clutch

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice Year ago +1

    I just love 5:12. How that TD taste? RTR!!!

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice Year ago +1

    I just love 4:19. How that TD taste? RTR!!!

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo Year ago +1

    Holding at 1:59

  • Gordon Sumter
    Gordon Sumter Year ago +2

    1st pick in every mock draft in 2020

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C Year ago +1

    Josh I don't know what you're talking about Georgia was no slouch on defense if you're second-guessing his talent you don't know much about football

  • art corvulay
    art corvulay Year ago +3

    6:36 more impressive than the overtime TD

  • 808bboarder
    808bboarder Year ago +1

    Hawaii Boyz just chillin Lol

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard Year ago


  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry Year ago +2

    Cool hands tua.

  • For Palaven
    For Palaven Year ago +1

    8:35 no excuse for uga defense to let a deep ball go on an obvious pass down

  • For Palaven
    For Palaven Year ago +2

    3:58 uga should've won right then. Run clock and score

  • For Palaven
    For Palaven Year ago +1

    Ga deserved that championship

    • FO NO
      FO NO Year ago

      yeah but they blew a 20-7 lead in the third quarter soooooo that's kinda on them. Maybe they should've studied Tua's film too

    • Max Media Company
      Max Media Company  Year ago +2

      N7 ELITE how? They choked it off, they lost it. Bama was the better team anyway. They don’t deserve anything but what their performance gave them.

  • Stinger4186
    Stinger4186 Year ago +2

    That’s been watched that over and over. Pure talent. Saban finds em. Saban recruits em. ROLL TIDE!!
    GO BAMA !!

  • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

    There is a bright side, celebrate, that's the 2nd best Georgia has done in the history of the school. Face it Bama wins Titles, Georgia doesn't.

  • michael hammond
    michael hammond Year ago +2

    I thought it was hilarious on P Finebaums show, some old lady Bama fan called and wondered if they had an interpreter for Tua.....hahaha

  • michael hammond
    michael hammond Year ago

    David Bellamy gave up the winning touchdown....."humble yourself"

  • Drake Simmons
    Drake Simmons Year ago +3

    Him looking off the safety was the bait and he fell for it 😂😂😂😂

    • NettieBon
      NettieBon Year ago +2

      Drake Simmons 😂😂😂 Tua has that true QB instinct and to think Jalen was like he was surprised Tua made that throw 😂😂😂...yea we know Jalen wouldn't have thrown it.

  • Drake Simmons
    Drake Simmons Year ago +1

    Still get goosebumps great job

  • Ron Elite
    Ron Elite Year ago +5

    Bama couldn’t cross the 50 yard line with Jalen at QB. Tua literally provided a needed offensive spark that Bama desperately needed. At this point it would be foolhardy for anyone other than Tua starting for Bama next year.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi Year ago

      Ron Elite I like Jalen Hurts and Tua but Alabama did pass the 50 yard line with Hurts wtf are you talking about?

    • NettieBon
      NettieBon Year ago +2

      Ron Elite Exactly...the team even prefers Tua as QB.

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard Year ago


  • Ken Blackwood
    Ken Blackwood Year ago

    So frustrating when RU-clip puts the popups over the final seconds of the video!!!!!!!!

  • jonnygunn100
    jonnygunn100 Year ago +5

    Georgia just couldn’t game plan this kid period!!!

    • NettieBon
      NettieBon Year ago +1

      jonnygunn100 They underestimated Tua because he never started a game, and only came in when the score was up on teams. Well they learned who Tua was that night 😂😂😂🔥🔥

  • John May
    John May Year ago +3

    26÷2=#13 - #13 2018 Heisman 👍

  • Gary Morris
    Gary Morris Year ago

    rollll damtide. rollllllllllllllll

  • Gary Morris
    Gary Morris Year ago +1

    rollll damtide

  • Isom Mallory
    Isom Mallory Year ago

    That Ridley touchdown was LUCKY!!!!!! He was not even targeting him at that point.

    • Robert Edwards
      Robert Edwards Year ago

      Doesn’t really matter. Would of been a td no matter what. If he would of been targeting Harris it would of been pass interference. Automatic 1st down and we would of punched it in.

      TRAILBLAZER INLINE 6 Year ago +2

      Isom Mallory actually that was call a dib play who get it first in that formation he was throwing it for the both of them now it who will get it I seen it done in practice plenty of times TTOWN champion where legend are born DEONTAY WILDER , BOMB SQUAD ....DEON NICHOLASON THE EQUALIZER .....ALL BOXING CHAMPIONS WATCH THERE VIDEOS

  • Anonymous 345
    Anonymous 345 Year ago

    I can pronounce his name easily

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C Year ago +3

    All you can hear from Georgia fans was how the referees was cheating for Alabama that is what you call denial if. Tua had started the game for Alabama I don't know if Georgia would have scored fourteen points I kind of doubt it roll tide

    • Kenny C
      Kenny C Year ago

      FO NO I appreciate your comments finally talkin to somebody's that got some doggone sense what I don't understand is why he wasn't playing in the Auburn game or even before that some of us fans knew what he was capable of Jalen's a good athlete he is no quarterback some of our fans will call you a racist for say what I just said you I don't care I'm going to call it the way I see it I've been watching Bama since around 68 one thing I've learned through the years speak your mind no matter who's against it

    • FO NO
      FO NO Year ago

      Yeah a reason Georgia scored over 20 was because the Bama D was exhausted the whole first half from being on the field so much but then look at how good they were when they got a rest.

    • Josh Blocker
      Josh Blocker Year ago

      Bama Roll Tide o have no doubts he has that potential we will see

    • Kenny C
      Kenny C Year ago +1

      Josh Blocker tua will take us to a national championship this year and we will win that's how much I believe in him

    • Josh Blocker
      Josh Blocker Year ago

      Bama Roll Tide my question mark is when the freshman is faced with a real defense what will he do

  • Tide16nc
    Tide16nc Year ago +18

    One for the history books!

  • Joshua McRae
    Joshua McRae Year ago +6

    This will never get old

  • Barney the dinosour who ate pup lol guys dog 777

    Georgia got hawaiian punched

  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman Year ago

    I'LL TAKE IT ...

  • Kareen Simmons
    Kareen Simmons Year ago +6

    This wasn't our first time beating Georgia, a couple years ago we punished them. #RollTideRoll

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Year ago

      That was the real natty game that year. The real natty was a joke.

  • James Shelton
    James Shelton Year ago +2

    1:38 in my opinion was the turning point of the game.

  • rap game bob barker
    rap game bob barker Year ago +28

    And just like that Tua (when he is of age) will never have to pay for a drink in Alabama, ever.

    • Bennett
      Bennett Year ago +1

      Mikevdog LOLOL good point

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Year ago +2

      Except in Auburn.

  • Blake 2018
    Blake 2018 Year ago

    Why did it show the bad plays

  • J P Vincent
    J P Vincent Year ago +1

    He was throwing to Najee on the TD to Ridley

    • J P Vincent
      J P Vincent Year ago

      marktastic86 observation...yeah....Najee got mugged. Tua will be fun to watch at Bama and NFL.

    • marktastic86
      marktastic86 Year ago +1

      yeah, and Najee was getting mugged/interfered with in the endzone, so Ridley made a great play. Is this a complaint or a slight?

  • ArrowJ Smith
    ArrowJ Smith Year ago

    Nick Name (TGB) to be released later. I do not need people stealing my name I gave him.

  • Kalash Operator
    Kalash Operator Year ago +21

    I'm an LSU fan, but Tua is a legend. Tua will be giving LSU a very hard time next season. There's no doubt about that. Alabama is very lucky to have such a talented QB

    • Victor
      Victor 9 months ago

      Read this post Bama’s 14-0 season, post 2019 Championship v Clemson😂👏

    • Marques Staten
      Marques Staten Year ago

      Pine grove

    • Marques Staten
      Marques Staten Year ago

      AKM5.45 SHOOTER v

  • oksanasdad
    oksanasdad Year ago +41

    I sure hope they learn how to pronounce his name before next year...

    • the accelerated man
      the accelerated man 11 months ago

      @FoShizzle fuck up you smelly bitch you samoans wipe your ass with rocks

    • Aaron Vannatta
      Aaron Vannatta Year ago


    • Papa Bear Spaghet
      Papa Bear Spaghet Year ago

      Aaron, shut the fuck up.

    • Aaron Vannatta
      Aaron Vannatta Year ago +4

      We're not in front of Samoans, we're on RU-clip and you're the one getting laughed at because you can't spell in English. He spelled and pronounced it in an interview when asked how it was pronounced. You're literally telling Tagovailoa, who is Samoan, how to pronounce his own name. You saying "White bitch" is why White people own your silly little islands and you have to send your best to play football somewhere else like Alabama.

    • FoShizzle
      FoShizzle Year ago +2

      Woody 8 naw man if u said it front of samoans u would get laughed at😂😁 for pronouncin it hella wrong😂😂

  • Georgia boy
    Georgia boy Year ago

    Kid got lucky I'll give em that

    • sillau9
      sillau9 Year ago

      Someone still salty I see

    • papa skanku
      papa skanku Year ago +1

      Georgia boy fromm wasnt good enough tho was he? He was a freshman true, but OUR freshman had never even started a game when he came in and embarrassed the bullpups.

    • Lt. Longshot
      Lt. Longshot Year ago +1

      No replies from Georgia Boy after that

    • Justin Blevins
      Justin Blevins Year ago +2

      Tua easily outplayed Fromm. And only needed half the game to do it. Tua scores TD after being sacked in OT. Fromm settles for his FG kicker. That basically says it all.

    • Dallis B
      Dallis B Year ago +4

      Georgia boy Did Fromm win? Crickets! !!!

  • Steven
    Steven Year ago +13

    Annoying image superimposed over biggest play of the game.

    • minerva sst
      minerva sst Year ago +2

      Steven there's no luck about it he could do what Jake Fromm couldn't do in the second half. It took Jake Fromm a whole year to do what tua did in 1 half a football Georgia you will always live in our shadow. He will always be better than Jake fromm. 1982 and still waiting where is Hershel when you need him. Haha roll tide roll

    • Timothy Dowdle
      Timothy Dowdle Year ago

      I know. Annoying AF.

  • Kevin Ezell
    Kevin Ezell Year ago +4

    Roll tide till the day I die🏈🏉🏈🏉

  • Prophet Master
    Prophet Master Year ago +12

    Saban wrong for putting Tua in for Hurts. Bulldogs would've won for sure but Nick decided to retire his Xbox 360 for the One.They already were going to dominate when Hurts declared and Tagovailoa became the starter. Haven't they won enough championships? Anyway this dude is like a hybrid of Marcus Mariota (who he trained with) and Russell Wilson if you thought beating the Crimson Tide was tough before jesus christ

    • Nintendo 64
      Nintendo 64 Year ago +1

      Hurts was so shaky man, he would win games by a miraculous comeback, but this dude, put him from start to finish and he will murder people. True fan. Can't wait to see him this summer.

    • Bill W
      Bill W Year ago +1

      Mikevdog he was being sarcastic man

    • papa skanku
      papa skanku Year ago +1

      Muhammed Malik no. There is never " enough " championships. Thats why we have 17 and the next closest is Notre Dame with like 7. Never enough.

    • Prophet Master
      Prophet Master Year ago

      Mikevdog That is the dumbest answer to a rhetorical question.

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Year ago

      It's a good thing you don't play. I wouldn't want that attitude on my team.

  • Walker Fitzgerald
    Walker Fitzgerald Year ago +21

    In HS he “repped” that play 20 times in every practice - that’s a 100 times per week for months and years. His HS coach said, “He could have made the throw blindfolded.” How appropriate the throw to Smith beat Dominic Sanders who committed 3 illegal hands to the face and a face mask on Smith, none of which were called. He who laughs last ...

    • B. Myleek
      B. Myleek Year ago

      Poly I think once.

    • B. Myleek
      B. Myleek Year ago

      marktastic86 Hurts is not close to being the best athlete on the team.

    • 31TITAN
      31TITAN Year ago

      Walker Fitzgerald did Alabama ever punt the ball with Tua in the whole game?

    • James Shelton
      James Shelton Year ago

      Walker Fitzgerald he who laughs last gets to see the loser cry like a baby. Ahoohoohoohoo!!!!😀

    • Kalash Operator
      Kalash Operator Year ago

      marktastic86 It's college football. You never know

  • r8d4tube
    r8d4tube Year ago +47

    The best call . "Tua Tagovailoa. TD. ALABAMA wins."

  • Bill W
    Bill W Year ago +25

    Starr, Namath, Stabler, Tagovailoa

    • Bill W
      Bill W Year ago

      Josh Moats ok, sure, the truth ain't for everyone. Try playing QB at that level on one good leg... I'm sure you are a phenomenal athlete and would have no problem with it... Lmao... NFL Hall of Fame.
      Hey what do you think about Tua? It's about time Alabama got this caliber of a QB.

    • Josh Moats
      Josh Moats Year ago +1

      Kevin O Namath sucked period and he is a good reason Alabama didn't pass more...his throws were just as likely to end up in the other teams hands.His knees were fine enough to play so don't use that as an excuse

    • Bill W
      Bill W Year ago

      clifford yawn why is Warren Moon even being mentioned here? Talking about Alabama quarterbacks.

    • Bill W
      Bill W Year ago +1

      Josh Moats how many times did Bear throw the ball? Also, Joe had a severe knee injury that impeded his playing. If you know anything about knee surgeries back then they were pretty barbaric. Yet he was still able to get one of not the biggest contracts out of college at the time and a super bowl MVP and and NFL Hall of Fame Bust... It to bad, for a guy who essentially played on one leg

    • Josh Moats
      Josh Moats Year ago +1

      Namath sucked in College AND the NFL....Only threw 24 TDs in 30 games with 20 INTs and 12 Fumbles lost while at Alabama.....his NFL career is even worse with less than a 50% winning percent, 47 more INTs than TDs, Led the league in INTs thrown 4 times, 4 of his 5 pro bowls came in years he had more INTs then TDs thrown(His 1st Pro Bowl came when he threw 19 TDs and 28 INTs. Seriously Namath is the worse QB that EVER played and definitely did NOT deserve to be in the HoF.

  • I win every arguement Do not challenge

    Ruggs has an amazing game too

  • auot ukun
    auot ukun Year ago +12

    Kirby Smart is like f**k, why are they putting in Tua. I like Jalen better :D

    • Dae Bruh
      Dae Bruh Year ago

      auot ukun yeah the game plan was to stop jalen lmao not tua

  • RedElephantStampede
    RedElephantStampede Year ago +86

    He carved up that Dawg D like a Christmas turkey.

    • christosvoskresye
      christosvoskresye Year ago

      It has been RUMORED that the Tide also has a running game.
      Don't get me wrong, this was a great performance and a breath of life into the offense, but there is also room for growth. Think what that means!

    • Jarrod Smith
      Jarrod Smith Year ago +2

      stevemtc1 20 points in a half?

    • stevemtc1
      stevemtc1 Year ago +3

      RedElephantStampede not really both teams had great defense

  • John May
    John May Year ago +23

    He's already a Heisman contender .. possibly 2018 with him staying healthy 👍

    • Jonathan Beeler
      Jonathan Beeler Year ago +1

      Hurts is gonna be a junior, bro. His senior season is 2019.

    • Kalash Operator
      Kalash Operator Year ago

      John May I wouldn't be surprised at all if he wins the Heisman next season. Alabama will probably go to the championship game again if they play him. I don't see why they wouldn't unless they just want Hurts to play his senior year. Alabama will probably play both QB, so Hurts can have some passing yardage to NFL recruitment

  • David N
    David N Year ago +53

    Just stunning..his release is so fast I can't even see the ball come out of his hand.

    • Morrow The Wizard
      Morrow The Wizard Year ago +4

      if you listen to his hand when he throws it sounds like clips from Marino. That whip like snap, and it's crazy accurate.