Top 10 Frustrating Video Game Levels

  • Published on Sep 13, 2014
  • Try not to fling your controller across the room. Or at least make sure your buddy’s not in the way. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Frustrating Video Game Levels. Check us out at, and
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Comments • 10 777

  • Andrew Rand
    Andrew Rand Day ago

    The water temple is my most hated level ever it took me forever to finish the level

  • Fusion God
    Fusion God Day ago

    WHere are all of the geometry dash super demons

  • Tyler Marsh
    Tyler Marsh 2 days ago

    So glad the turbo tunnel made number 1!!! Funk that level!!!

  • SkeletonKing322
    SkeletonKing322 9 days ago +1

    Honestly, Turbo Tunnel isn't that bad single player.

  • fangirl nerd Pixel gaming 2004

    There is a hard level in Kirby's Mass Attack you have to collect the puzzle pieces to build a rocket ship I remember it was frustrating since most of the pieces are on the water I cannot count how many times I tried to pass level but I never did because how difficult it was and the game stopped working

    SHANK MATSCHENZ 16 days ago

    You forgot Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.

  • keithwellerlounge74
    keithwellerlounge74 28 days ago

    I hate driving games so by far the worst for me is 007: Nightfire when you have to drive that awkward car underwater and avoid all those landmines. More like 007: Nightmare....AMIRITE???!!!

  • TK Reikon
    TK Reikon Month ago

    I'm sorry as a chronic Zelda player I had no problem with the water temple first time around. And I had the biggoron sword too. I have more trouble with the fire temple.

  • colton lebourdais
    colton lebourdais Month ago

    Oh my god at least some people know the struggle on some of the levels on these games lol but the classics will always be fun no matter what ya sure the new games now days are awesome but cannot beat the classics Zelda’s games are my favourite

  • Sigma
    Sigma Month ago

    Great list! I agree that the older games are definitely more challenging. Souls games being the only modern games hard to beat. Anyone remember Karnov or master blaster? Super difficult...

  • adam wissman
    adam wissman Month ago

    Supply Lines

  • stairhop drs
    stairhop drs Month ago

    im late but what about slippery climb from crash bandicoot

  • Rachel Jorgensen
    Rachel Jorgensen Month ago

    Library and the truth and reconciliation with no sniper were some of my most prominent ones

  • Impact009
    Impact009 Month ago

    That's not even GH3. It's the easier notechart of TtFaF from Smash Hits.
    Also, none of these should be frustrating, because they're all completely skill-based. Time-based levels that rely on RNG mechanics would be the most frustrating, like One Shot, One Kill or Mile High Club. One of the least fun feelings is hitting a roadblock where luck trumps skill.

    SEAN PATRICK Month ago +1


  • Tyler Van Dyke
    Tyler Van Dyke Month ago

    Call of Duty 4; spent days I’ll never get back trying to beat the ferris wheel level on veteran

  • Max Gauntlett
    Max Gauntlett Month ago


  • Max Gauntlett
    Max Gauntlett Month ago


  • Andrew Cotts
    Andrew Cotts Month ago

    Is there a way to beat Dark Link without using either the Big Goron's Sword or Din's Fire?

  • Alexis McDawson
    Alexis McDawson Month ago

    Pac man world 2 into the volcano ~11 year old cousin

  • djCatScanRL
    djCatScanRL Month ago +9

    Those RC planes in SanAndreas! 😤
    #F_O_H 🙅🏻‍♂️🚫✈️

  • HFGTHYRG - Nicolas Piaser

    Turbo Tunnel logique et indétronable mais le niveau 2 et suivant de Ghost and Goblins auraient du etre dans le classement Ghost and Goblins reste dans la réference absolue en terme de difficulté avec Battletoads Sinon logique pour Through fires and Flames de Guitar Hero et le niveau sur Teenage mutant turtles

  • Mountain Man Jim
    Mountain Man Jim Month ago

    This list is subjective. Some people get lucky, or have a knack and were able to get through many of these with little trouble. Personally the DK would be my number 1. Only beat that level 1 time. After beating the game, never played it again, because of that level.
    Water temple was difficult, but not nearly as bad as playing guitar hero. Personally ninja gaiden, DK, metroid, would all be top 3 hardest games to defeat during the time. Simply put, they were games that required time and dying.. over and over and over and over and over again. Learning a little more of the maps each time.

  • dark monnelly
    dark monnelly Month ago

    That battletoads level stumped me as a kid but I kept playing it. That's why I have the patience of a saint.

  • laddy money
    laddy money Month ago

    Ninja turtles nes game lake bomb disarming levels trying to swim pass the electric plants . The dificulty is legendary

  • Quinn's Cars
    Quinn's Cars Month ago +1

    First time watching. #1 gonna be turbo tunnels

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch Month ago

    There was a game for Genesis called Beast Master or something like that. That game was fucking impossible.
    Shit. I remember that Battletoads level.

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch Month ago

    Fucking Megaman. Those games broke a few controllers for sure.

  • CB
    CB Month ago +2

    The most impossibly difficult game I ever played was EDF, for SNES. I never got trhough the 3rd level. And only a hadful of times did I actually get to play the 3rd level, as the 2nd one is very, very hard.
    But the game had one of the best soundtracks ever.

  • Demian Figueroa
    Demian Figueroa Month ago

    ohh you clearly didn't play Darkwing Duck from NES

  • Michael DiGangi
    Michael DiGangi Month ago +1

    Castlevania 3 - Stage 9 with Trevor. Fucking brutal.

  • Patrick Daugherty
    Patrick Daugherty Month ago

    Solar, starfox

    KING DREW Month ago

    Release the Red Baron!!!!!

  • LC volt
    LC volt Month ago

    Most people that complain about battletoads turbo tunnel is because they never got past it lol. For me the most difficult was intruder excluder (i forgot the name, i think this is its name). The one with the robots that explode if you don’t hit them in a specific pattern, the rubber ducks that kill you with one hit, the sharks and fish that move randomly, and the small spaces you have to move around off while swimming from the giant gears.

  • NoMercyTVGaming
    NoMercyTVGaming Month ago


  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd Month ago

    5:30 so Kareem abdul Jabar would be pretty good at this part then.

  • Shaheen Negit
    Shaheen Negit Month ago

    This is 100 percent wrong. Every time I was a kid I beat that battletoads level. That wouldn’t even be in a top 100 and you put it number 1. The donkey Kong level you showed is number one.

  • Jim Maloney
    Jim Maloney Month ago

    Think 6-2 of Ninja Gaiden should be higher. Had nightmares about that level. Also, special mention to both C-4 and 8-3 of The Lost Levels.

  • Viz Beats
    Viz Beats Month ago +1

    beating bac or even worse beating jarek on star wars jedi knight dark forces 2

    • Jim Maloney
      Jim Maloney Month ago

      Jerec's stupid regeneration made that fight mind-numbingly difficult. You had to time your attacks just right or he'd force-push you into a wall and he'd have ample time to heal why you try and reach him.

  • Viz Beats
    Viz Beats Month ago

    spiderman xmen on snes...the entire game. and spiderman maximum carnage the 2nd half of the game (no saves the entire game)

  • John Joe
    John Joe Month ago

    Black PS2 on the hardest difficulty final level good fing luck

  • BlackshirtsofNEB08 Dan

    Driver 2 on PS1. There is a mission where you are chasing this blue car through the city and you have to avoid traffic which is always in the way or you hit objects and will slow you down where the car gets away and you lose and have to start from the beginning. Sad thing is it’s still on the first disc and I never got to enjoy the rest of the game since you have to beat that mission to proceed. Still saved on my memory card and still unbeaten.

  • Amal Edwards
    Amal Edwards Month ago

    Mario Bros 3: Airship

  • Aviator Gamer
    Aviator Gamer Month ago +17

    Only peasants complain of the Water Temple.

    • Herberto Barros
      Herberto Barros 2 days ago

      Don't even watch mojo because you are retarted

    • Herberto Barros
      Herberto Barros 3 days ago

      I will find your parents channel I mean yours

    • Herberto Barros
      Herberto Barros 3 days ago

      Only your ass hole complains about the water temple aviator gamer

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim Month ago

    Two words: Maniac Mansion

  • J.d R
    J.d R Month ago

    Play FIFA 19 and see and feel what frustration really is

    • Juri V
      Juri V Month ago +1

      Hahah true

  • Joel Eilers
    Joel Eilers Month ago

    Why was their not a single level from cuphead?

  • Zach Hawkins
    Zach Hawkins Month ago +2

    Can't believe ghosts and goblins isn't here. But you can do a whole list with just that!

  • Hulk Trash
    Hulk Trash Month ago

    Tmnt dam takes me back.

  • Ranger Pennington
    Ranger Pennington Month ago +9

    "Through the Fire and Flames: Guitar Hero 3"
    *shows gh: smash hits footage*

  • Martin Salcedo
    Martin Salcedo Month ago

    Megaman better be #1

  • Locutus494
    Locutus494 Month ago +2

    No landing on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun for NES?

    • Locutus494
      Locutus494 Month ago +1

      +Blacknight00D LOL, loved that channel!

    • Blacknight00D
      Blacknight00D Month ago +1

      You win! Just use the Power Glove like the Angry Video Game Nerd did lol

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose Month ago

    I hated the original LEGO Star Wars game for GameCube because all the flying levels had no room for error cuz if you died you had to start from your last checkpoint

  • BigFatUglyBastars
    BigFatUglyBastars Month ago +1

    I'm old but, a game Called mission impossible or impossible mission on commodore 64. Where you were trying to get pieces of a Map to get to the final level. There were robots in the way. And you could turn the pieces of the map sideways and backwards. Never even got 2 pieces to fit together. Hardest game ive ever played. "Stay a while, stay forever"

    • Zerzil
      Zerzil Month ago +1

      Destroy him, my robots. Used to pitch him down the holes just to laugh at the very awesome death yell.

  • Raven Clark
    Raven Clark Month ago

    Oh-carina of time

  • Fabeaux
    Fabeaux Month ago +7

    This list is invalid, where is Lion King?!?!

  • bs2455
    bs2455 Month ago

    I hated the water temple

  • cornpit77
    cornpit77 Month ago +1

    The dam level in Turtles was hard? Sure it was a tough level. But is was a piece of cake compared to some other levels later in the game.

  • Matthew Proctor
    Matthew Proctor Month ago

    Crash Bandicoot 1 Road To Nowhere level was tedious

    • Raven Clark
      Raven Clark Month ago

      Suprised crash bandicoot didn't make this list tbh

  • Calvin Rhine
    Calvin Rhine Month ago

    Beat that battle toads as a kid. I mean like 5. I hope people didn't struggle with it to much lol

    • Calvin Rhine
      Calvin Rhine Month ago

      +bs2455 I don't know what game genie is but good try. Some people are Superior to others. Just because you suck at video games does not mean I have to.

    • bs2455
      bs2455 Month ago

      You probably used game genie

  • David Crane
    David Crane Month ago +2

    How did the water level from sonic the hedgehog not make this list? Lol

    • David Crane
      David Crane Month ago

      Cassius Quinn oh dude that music is the outward manifestation of a panic attack! Hahaha😂😂

    • Cassius Quinn
      Cassius Quinn Month ago +1

      Oh man, I can still remember the dreadful tune that constantly comes on while you're running out of air. 😂

  • MechEngin3er26
    MechEngin3er26 Month ago

    Really to be honest, every damn level on battletoads was hard

  • Jaylan Hall
    Jaylan Hall Month ago

    um, i beat the perfect run in 30 minutes...

  • Lain Real
    Lain Real Month ago

    Contra is one of the easiest games, it has no hard levels. Turbo tunnel is not so hard, airplanes level is much harder, as reaction only is not enough - good memory is wery important on the planes. DKC2''s Animal Antics has the one slightly hard part (the parrot part). The rest of the stage is extremely easy. Klobber's Karnage on the other hand is rather hard, if you play on emulator. Ninja Gaiden's 6-2 can be hard if you play no items chalange. WIth items (sub-weapons) it's not nearly that hard. Water temple in Ocarine can be frustraiting but it is not hard. After 2-3 hours of exploring everybody can figure it out. TMNT's dam is very easy if you sacrifice one of the turtles. Owerall this top 10 is bullshit.

  • Alexander Alvarez
    Alexander Alvarez Month ago +1

    Number 3.. Really???? Ocarina of Time's Water Temple??? come on people! That should not be on this list.

  • Gomez1915
    Gomez1915 Month ago

    Contra was not hard at all


    how i feel about the RIGHT HAND

  • Frans Jansen
    Frans Jansen Month ago

    driver tutorial

  • 7OR573N
    7OR573N Month ago

    i remember a level from bomberman 64 in the last World (rainbow palace) where you could only progress by using bomb jumps. man this was frustrating. one wrong placed bomb and you had to start from the beginning. btw double dragon 2 for gameboy was the Hardest game i have ever played.

  • bryan ross
    bryan ross Month ago

    Ninja Gaiden has to be higher on the list! Ninja Turtles much lower. You had four turtles!

  • Mr Keon Sir
    Mr Keon Sir Month ago

    ....... OH-carina?

  • Milk Carton
    Milk Carton Month ago

    In the nobody played this anyway category but my biggest video gaming achievement to this day is finishing both Secret Missions expansions of the first Wing Commander. The VERY FIRST MISSION they give you the shittiest ship in the game against like 20 of the toughest Kilrathi ships and you;re like WHAT!? I mean even in the base game and with the good ships they probably never pitted you against more than 5 or 6 enemies. And the thing is it's pretty much like this the whole way through. I only played them through once in like 1992 but they stick out in my mind. Every mission you thought "well that's impossible" until somehow you managed, often making it back with your ship basically one hit away from exploding.

  • Milk Carton
    Milk Carton Month ago

    You had mega man but it's NOT Gutsman in Mega Man? GTFO. I mean come on everybody finished Contra (at least all my childhood friends). But only a select few finished MEga man because of fucking Gutsman stage. Actually i've never known anyone that finished the first mega man.

  • ToxicYeti72
    ToxicYeti72 Month ago

    How did fighting Sans from Undertale not make the list?!?

    • ToxicYeti72
      ToxicYeti72 Month ago

      ChasV K ahhh I didn’t notice that. Thank you for the clarification.

    • ChasV K
      ChasV K Month ago

      The list was made in 2014, Undertale came out in 2015. I’m sure you’ll find Sans somewhere on top 10 hardest RPG bosses

  • Trevor Bauman
    Trevor Bauman Month ago

    Does anyone remember that tune he used at the end just before the Contra end tune?

  • TheFacebiters
    TheFacebiters Month ago

    Number 1 was a great choice.

  • Nick Pollard
    Nick Pollard Month ago

    Looking back, the Water Temple wasn't THAT difficult. However, it took me ages to finish it for one primary reason and it's shown right here at 5:09. I hit a dead end, and went around in circles bringing the water up and down, and felt sure I must have missed something. I kept missing that plaque, because it blended into the blue background. Needless to say I felt a bit silly. And of course, the tedium from taking the Iron Boots on and off is legendary.

  • Nick Pollard
    Nick Pollard Month ago

    I enjoyed The Perfect Run in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It at least had variety. I was irritated most by single task levels like Luigi's Purple Coins, where it became strenuous to look at for any longer.

    • Alexander Alvarez
      Alexander Alvarez Month ago

      i never beat that level.. It haunts me till this very day..

  • Ari S. Gans Music
    Ari S. Gans Music Month ago

    Try getting a gold medal on Raid On Sullust in Star Wars Rogue Squadron and get back to me, Watchmojo.

  • reiko57
    reiko57 Month ago +1

    begged my mom to get me that zelda game guide to figure out the water temple, she wouldn't do it.

    • Alexander Alvarez
      Alexander Alvarez Month ago

      omg.... I never struggled with the water temple as a kid. i don't understand how people had issues with the water temple...

  • CANALI Rodriguez
    CANALI Rodriguez Month ago

    Dark souls...

  • Pit Pines
    Pit Pines Month ago

    The Legend of Zelda:A Link in Between Worlds - Endboss ! That made me just ragequit

  • Giliberto Paparauchas

    Super mario bros 7-2

  • Morgan Moreno
    Morgan Moreno Month ago +2

    I beat the entire ocarina of time game as an 8 year old kid in 2nd grade, back before we could look up what to do lol

  • Lee Call
    Lee Call Month ago

    every level of Snake, Rattle, and Roll on NES.
    also Cobra Triangle - "Guard the People"

  • David Wargon
    David Wargon Month ago +3

    No one ever uses marble madness. That whole game was frustrating

  • Scott Calder
    Scott Calder Month ago

    The underwater chase Gitaroo Man on master.

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard Month ago +5

    I played the water temple totally stoned... to this day I don’t know how I did it.

    • 7OR573N
      7OR573N Month ago

      ya back in the days i even quit playing the game for a period bc i couldn't get past ^^

    • Humberto Rodriguez
      Humberto Rodriguez Month ago +1

      George Boulos same

  • elliot Edge
    elliot Edge Month ago

    Yall shoud put lego marvel on here

  • Ayava Kyavata
    Ayava Kyavata Month ago +2


    • Jim Maloney
      Jim Maloney Month ago

      YES!!! Add to that the journey to the shrine after the cave is just as perilous.

  • DESM0NDD56
    DESM0NDD56 Month ago

    That's the guitar hero smash hits chart not guitar hero 3

  • devin rodrigues. D-rod

    Any water level is fuckin hard

  • FresnoCA93727
    FresnoCA93727 Month ago

    Resident Evil 2 remake after you find Mr. X.

  • Rocky Marble
    Rocky Marble Month ago

    Classic Red Faction bots were to be feared if they picked up a decent weapon.
    Also, anyone else tried playing Devil Daggers?

  • F Tendo
    F Tendo Month ago


  • Dan East
    Dan East Month ago

    Contra Waterfall frustrating? I didn't think it was bad at all.

    • Truth Hurts
      Truth Hurts Month ago

      That's exactly what I thought. I actually enjoyed that level, no problems with it at all.

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson Month ago

    That goddamn TMNT dam level

  • Pac-Man Entertainment


  • Depressed Guy
    Depressed Guy Month ago +3

    I'd say Mike tyson on his punch out is no cakewalk ..still can't beat him.

  • darksteelfuzzy
    darksteelfuzzy Month ago +1

    Lol anyone who thinks the turbo tunnel is the most frustrating level of battletoads just hasn't been able to get further than that. The rest of the game is much harder.