Spring Snowstorm Overnight Camping

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • I head out with Monty during an April snowstorm. We got at least a foot of snow and winds were right around 25 to 30 MPH sustained with some big gusts. We cook up some yummy food and get cozy in a nice shelter.
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Comments • 2 425

  • Estiem
    Estiem 21 hour ago

    46:55 yeah.. frog butt .. you need squats dude :D

  • Helen Jackman
    Helen Jackman Day ago

    You are all bundled up ,boots etc., poor dog isn't, why would you take a dog along with you? This is animal abuse.

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  13 hours ago

      My dogs long fur keeps him warm, he genetics that are more suited for cold weather than humans. If you want to know what actual animal abuse is, watch this terrible video showing actual animal abuse: ru-clip.com/video/PWa3PRWm9NM/video.html Now tell me how me taking my dog in the woods, bundling him up in a sleeping bag and cooking him a warm meal is in any way, shape or form related to animal abuse.

  • Alexandre Legault
    Alexandre Legault 5 days ago

    0:16 lmao

  • Kate Jane
    Kate Jane 5 days ago

    A year later and I’m still rewatching this
    Makes me feel at peace ✌️☮️

  • RockSooks
    RockSooks 5 days ago

    WOW - why so many dislikes though?

  • Jhun Asdali
    Jhun Asdali 6 days ago +1


  • Sabatallica
    Sabatallica 10 days ago

    Love these videos man. And Monty, I’m gonna get a rough collie soon to be my camping buddy

  • Cindy Türpitz
    Cindy Türpitz 12 days ago +1

    Great Video

  • Annie Ramsaran
    Annie Ramsaran 12 days ago +1

    Awww I would love to cuddle up with Monty he so cute an fluffy

  • Karel Van Leer
    Karel Van Leer 13 days ago

    I’m sorry don’t mean to bust your balls didn’t think this out so much but yeah it really should be in next to a lot of little trees that way you have something to tie off on

  • Karel Van Leer
    Karel Van Leer 13 days ago

    This is where you go to Home Depot and you get the thickest toughest tires you can buy to put those Eye ringsOn the corners and you tied that from one tree to the next and then down to the ground and then you can lay on that and you have it as a base up the back and over the top

  • Karel Van Leer
    Karel Van Leer 13 days ago +1

    Why didn’t why didn’t you pick a spot underneath a bunch of pine trees you could’ve knocked the snow off of them and then put the tarp from one tree to the next three and then down to the ground and build a fire. And the tart would’ve been like 10 feet off the ground

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  7 days ago

      I loved this shelter set up, it was perfect and cozy.

  • ConnorHK
    ConnorHK 14 days ago

    1:20:21 😂

  • bonnie a
    bonnie a 16 days ago +2

    when a grown male pats a little tree and says he didn't want to "kill this little guy" that's a sign of him being a real man. respect for all living things. well done

  • laurin amiet
    laurin amiet 17 days ago +1

    its fucking minecraft

  • Marsdyn WATERHOUSE
    Marsdyn WATERHOUSE 17 days ago

    Same here noice is better it helps me go to sleep

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen
    Lorna Levi shoeswomen 18 days ago +1

    monty wants your food u could do a kiddies advenger with monty in that voice u do ha monty ahh

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen
    Lorna Levi shoeswomen 18 days ago +1

    you should brought a pop up tent to put in your den it's not that good today

  • Elissa M. Corsmeier
    Elissa M. Corsmeier 22 days ago +2

    Monty the snow baby

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 23 days ago +1


  • navin babji
    navin babji 23 days ago +2

    Monty is like "...Come on Hooman, setup the tent fast and light a warm fire, i wanna get cozy and go to sleep..."😝😝😝

  • Antonia Marks
    Antonia Marks 25 days ago

    I LOVE MONTY ❤️❤️❤️ I want to come camping with you guys 😍

  • justin soriano
    justin soriano 29 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Jake Welsh
    Jake Welsh Month ago +1

    I'm just here for Monty llollol jk... welll kinda I mean I always wanted to do this kinda stuff and and just recently found your videos but already love them and Monty lol

  • Antu Forest
    Antu Forest Month ago +1

    che sos una masa loco me re gusto el video alta aventura y la onda con tu perro es genial !

  • 제이
    제이 Month ago

    hi guys ^^ l was watching this video at least fast over a year since you made film. this is Korea here's June so here weather is a little bit warm ^^ so i feel so cool^^ during watching your video ^^ thanks for your video and i hope you
    and matie keep health ^^

  • Emprit Kejandun
    Emprit Kejandun Month ago +1

    Im from indonesia.
    Amazing videos.
    Im never see the snow.in this video i can feel cold the snow.everywere is snow.thats great.i think i cant survive in this weather maybe i have got hypothermia.bcause indonesia is tropic.and so warm.

  • smores gaming
    smores gaming Month ago

    Just like joe robinet

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop Month ago +1

    The dogs are human - only them as better then...
    UR sacriface be appreciate like you never have imagined.
    See you in a bit mate.

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop Month ago +1

    It is easy to watch and comment,
    thank you mate,
    God Bless you.
    PS. UR dog is well.
    See U in a bit ;)
    well done

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop Month ago

    If you have tried to make a money by dog patience - you get lost,
    if you love the dogs you are the king,
    just missing the a bit love - this is only my opinion.
    For real Love you can ask the God;
    if you are able to.

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop Month ago +1

    The dogs body temperature is a bit higher then human,
    the dogs might even be ok about 40 celcius deggre inside they body,
    when meantime human got 37 about if is not sick,
    the amazing is as the dog get sleep with human...
    the dog is sharing the warm and the human heart.
    Could just hug themselves for a night time ;)
    Seems like you never were cold in any sense of life.
    Keep doing it mate,
    is wonderful.

  • Br1an3ll3_YT nor0uzz

    That's nice camp I want it what country is that

  • Nani Aloha
    Nani Aloha Month ago +1

    new subscriber !!! thank u for sharing ur awesome camping trip with ur faithful companion!!!

  • Rhonda Gregory
    Rhonda Gregory Month ago +1

    You're funny

  • Saieb Naeem
    Saieb Naeem Month ago +1

    You very nice Matthew because you very care Monty like a brother best of luck god Bliss you

  • Sound Cat
    Sound Cat Month ago +2

    Every time, I wait, I just wait, til I hear "meat" and then I know, it's gonna be a good day.

  • pepellla666
    pepellla666 Month ago +1

    Every trip you go to.... It is awesome adventure. Thank you

  • Papa Jeff
    Papa Jeff Month ago +1

    Paracord will tangle less if wrapped in figure eight around thumb and little finger of an open hand. Dogs eating grass are usually thirsty. Liked that you took good care of Monty. You did good. Texas

  • Emilia S
    Emilia S Month ago +1

    I love your videos :) I can’t wait until my puppy is old enough to go on adventures like this with me.

  • TheLawDemon
    TheLawDemon Month ago

    It is amazing that you are still alive.

  • Sam Anthony
    Sam Anthony Month ago +2

    Dude, is this Chris’s Pratt in an alternate universe or something? Ur vids are amazing

  • Bon Bon James Bond
    Bon Bon James Bond Month ago

    What a lazy camper ,for the flooring done nothing , that's call useless guy in America .

  • Debra Gill
    Debra Gill Month ago +1

    😂 throws stick for dog....fetches stick for dog, repeat. You are a very wholesome young man who obviously loves his dogs. I am an old woman who enjoys these wholesome videos.

  • video3ish
    video3ish Month ago +1

    Soooo i live in a very hot climate (equator region) - saw snow once on a holiday. Why is Monty so content outside ? I get hes got a thick coat but id expect him to be freezing just watching you break sticks & set up ?

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  Month ago

      He just loves being outdoors. He's an outdoor beast.

  • Computers repair Cote Saint-Luc

    Thanks Manty and Matthew

  • markus Olson
    markus Olson Month ago

    Monty always does the best intros! Matt,keep up the good work!

  • Andriy Levchenko
    Andriy Levchenko Month ago

    One of the best set up and winter camping so far on RU-clip 👌👏❤️

  • Carlvon Ramsingh
    Carlvon Ramsingh Month ago +1

    Matthew, I like your videos a lot and it transports me into another world. Thank you also...Monty Forever 💪🏽 🐕

  • the S SS
    the S SS Month ago +1

    Is it not too cold for the dog's feet can freeze by step on the snow ?!

  • MrPepitogrillo67
    MrPepitogrillo67 Month ago

    great. you and your dog.

  • belays world
    belays world Month ago +1

    Cant believe i finished the whole video . .maybe its because of monty

  • Hona Griffin
    Hona Griffin Month ago +2

    You know , hater's are gonna hate and unfortunately we can't stop their rude and hateful comments . But karma has a way of biting them in the butt ! 😏

  • Jeff Davidson
    Jeff Davidson Month ago

    If u can't take care if yourself you can't take care of your dog. Be more prepared bro

  • Jeff Davidson
    Jeff Davidson Month ago

    People today care more about dogs than humans. Scarry

  • Jeff Davidson
    Jeff Davidson Month ago

    This poor guy ! Take a proper tent. Pick a proper spot . if he worked as much as he talked to the dog jezzzz. Take the right gear respect mother nature. You are a nice guy but clueless. Hope your ok

  • krazy kunt
    krazy kunt Month ago +1

    15:50 defintely got some screeky jack nicholson flavour int hat one shinign trough.

  • F. De. Vos.
    F. De. Vos. Month ago

    My dad, it's an animal so you are its owner-boss. Or did you bang it's mother?

  • Smiley Rose
    Smiley Rose Month ago +1

    The dog likes what you cook more that dog food.

  • Evans Hawes
    Evans Hawes Month ago

    Aint you and Monty worried about sasquatch? Start grilling the onions and that garlic, thats practically begging for a visit , dont you think?

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago

    love watching this guy... he has the best attitude. … him and Monty are total stars! Can't imagine why 1k of people have disliked this - why bother ...unless it's others doing the same but not doing it as entertainingly... sat long into the night clicking thumbs down 987 times hahahah. Keep doing what you're doing cos you're doing it goooood!

  • J St Anders
    J St Anders Month ago

    What a truly beautiful video, the snowy wonderland and our two favourite boys. Well done Matthew and Monty. You have made me happy and chilled after another crap day at my job. Thank you both dears x

  • musikk83
    musikk83 Month ago

    Oh hey Marty, i love this intro, you are the best ! xD

  • CydCatz Catz
    CydCatz Catz Month ago

    Here we go. Monty has uploaded another video🤣 totally enjoyable. Monty has his human zipping him in his sleeping bag🤣 I can’t. !!!!! Got to love it😀

  • JOHNNYwxw
    JOHNNYwxw Month ago

    Best intro ever !

  • Woodz Stock
    Woodz Stock Month ago

    Hi im a new subscriber

  • Crottinger
    Crottinger 2 months ago

    I would have slept with Monte. To keep each other warm. My cat sleeps on me to keep warm. When I camp outside, both of my german shepherd's sleep with me. I think I would have taken a portable teepee tent that rolls up into a two foot by 6 inch roll rather than saws and axes to cut trees to put up a tarp. I don't know how he got green wood to burn. That was quite the meal for winter camping. But this was almost like going with them on the trip. I love Monte. I wish he was mine.

  • John Aikin
    John Aikin 2 months ago

    Matthew and Monty, Thank you for sharing your adventure! Both of you are 'Naturals'...no theatre, just so real!!!All the best, looking forward to find your videos.

  • Salamon Àkos
    Salamon Àkos 2 months ago +1

    At 29:43 Slenderman is waving in the top right

  • Raka Maulana
    Raka Maulana 2 months ago +1


  • Gary Oldman
    Gary Oldman 2 months ago +2

    Great intro!

  • brad guynam
    brad guynam 2 months ago

    Let me wack off real quick.

  • JNK
    JNK 2 months ago +1

    I just love the way you treat precious Monty... he is such a good boy 😭💕& you’re the bestest dad 💙

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 2 months ago +1

    Lovely video of my life

  • Happy Turtle
    Happy Turtle 2 months ago +1

    The mounty

  • Happy Turtle
    Happy Turtle 2 months ago +1

    Mounty give no fuck

  • Happy Turtle
    Happy Turtle 2 months ago +1

    Is this near the north of the wall ?

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  2 months ago +1

      This is north of the wall, past the fists of the first men.

  • paul jones
    paul jones 2 months ago +1

    Nice video. I dont get why you let the fire go out to go to sleep. Why not keep it lit and let it die out during the night? This would give warmth for a longer period.

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  2 months ago

      We didnt need it for warmth! Only for cooking.

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds 2 months ago +3

    That is One Cool Dog Bro!

  • Russ TheMuss
    Russ TheMuss 2 months ago +2

    This was awesome! Subscribed!

  • Tom Dale
    Tom Dale 2 months ago +1

    Dont disturb the Monty while sleeping...good stuff

  • MrBig
    MrBig 2 months ago +1

    You Ever got some creepy sounds at Night?

  • Brenda Cerena
    Brenda Cerena 2 months ago +2

    Monty is really a great dog, you're so lucky!

  • Spyro The Dragon
    Spyro The Dragon 2 months ago

    Feels like I'm out there with you, the mark of a great video, nice one man

  • Richard Sapienza
    Richard Sapienza 2 months ago

    Dude you are a funny good natured guy and I like Monty so you gained a sub. Good video it's like taking a little camping trip with ya thanks.

  • Jakarta Ponsel
    Jakarta Ponsel 2 months ago

    i love the dog.

  • Foldy 435
    Foldy 435 2 months ago

    Watch this from my bed with a storm blowing outside.

  • Joao Santos
    Joao Santos 2 months ago

    Need Artwork for your T-Shirts,,, I can help you... Will be a pleasure

    • Matthew Posa
      Matthew Posa  2 months ago

      For the most part I dont have any other ideas for now! I had a subscriber submit a logo to me that I use now!

  • Joao Santos
    Joao Santos 2 months ago

    Hey Matt... Who edit your Videos?

  • Fexzz
    Fexzz 2 months ago

    Why the hell does he remind me of Chris Pratt so hard

  • Mr. Graham PE
    Mr. Graham PE 2 months ago +1

    I am 11 from buff

  • AllPaitbrush80 Potato
    AllPaitbrush80 Potato 2 months ago +4

    You are my favorite camping youtuber ever and your dog is adorable

  • Kris Morris
    Kris Morris 2 months ago +1

    Been watching loads of your videos lately and have decided I really like the extreme snow/rain/wind conditions the best. Nothing better than seeing you make a boss comfy warm shelter in horrible weather and making a nice meal. Keep up the awesome work.

  • badrul samsudin
    badrul samsudin 2 months ago

    Yr dog remind me of an old drama tv with a dog name lasie

  • lashawn ridley
    lashawn ridley 2 months ago

    He phine

  • joe mcguire
    joe mcguire 2 months ago

    Man, if i was closer id be right there with ya. like all your vids. Tell Monte Joe says hi!

  • saharastardust
    saharastardust 3 months ago +1

    Monty's fluffy butt makes me so happy 😂❤ Especially when he walks 😁

  • Ilone Clezar
    Ilone Clezar 3 months ago +1

    Eu esperei que, em qualquer momento, ia aparecer o Abominavel Homem das Neves! Kkk...

  • Ilone Clezar
    Ilone Clezar 3 months ago +1

    E o cachorro pensa: "Com quem esse loko tá falando?" Kkkkkk....