Harley vs Indian Touring Models

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
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Comments • 868

  • Mark Rock
    Mark Rock 3 days ago +1

    Excellent ,intelligent video

  • cash2nrg
    cash2nrg 4 days ago +1

    Great analysis.. Thank you

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 4 days ago +1

    Nice video and great tips, thanks. I love my FatBoy but really like the BMW Touring bikes. Have you tried any of them? I’m not sure about long-haul.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  4 days ago

      Hoping to do a review in the future. Stay tuned.

  • GrandMaster DOC
    GrandMaster DOC 5 days ago +1

    Great Review Adam, If you don't mind me pitching in my review as well. I have 150,000 Miles between HD- '05 Super glide, '06 Street Bob,'10 Heritage, '11 Street Glide, and my last H-D '13 Road Glide. I now own a 2016 Indian Roadmaster. Now keep in mind my Road glide was a 103 and the Roadmaster is of course a 111. I agree 100% a Fixed Fairing motorcycle is much easier for long trips because the wind just rolls off the Fairing. Where Attached to the fork Fairings on the Indian Chieftians and Roadmasters, and H_D Street Glide and Ultras can be a bit more work during windy times. That being said all fairing bikes are great to ride on long trips. I rode from Southern Az to Northern Wisconsin on a Street Bob, and the Iron but part of that was awful, but lets face it, Motorcycles are just fun to ride! anyway I digress. The power, torque, suspension, stereo, balance and overall comfort in the Roadmaster was way better than my Street Glide or Road Glide. Now we are comparing power and torque of a set of 103's vs 111. A riding brother of mine went out with me to see the difference on the pavement head to head, He has a '13 Street Glide VS my Roadmaster. RM has more power and torque and in 5th or 6th gear really pulls away from the SG after about 50-60MPH. I don't have to downshift the RM to pass. The SG did. The RM is a bigger heavier bike and smaller Gas Tank, so the SG get a bit better MPG's and slightly bigger gas tank turns into more stops for the Indian than the H-D. Now I used to be able to drag the shit out of my floor boards on every H-D I owned, on both sides. Meaning I could lean much harder and faster in the curves on all my touring H-D's. However the seats on all of them were a little high for my 30' inseam. The RM has a lower seat and the exhaust is hung much lower. So when I lean hard, I destroy my pipes before I get to the floorboards. I have 12,000 MI on my Indian Roadmaster, and other than leaning harder and faster in twisty roads, the indian is far superior. Now H-D has the 117 so they are more powerful. However there is a 116 upgrade option for all Indian 111's, so then we are back to even when it comes to Horse power and torque. any spelling or grammar errors, I apologize, I've been piecing this together while at work. Bottom line for me after 160,000+ miles of riding......get what you want, and what you can afford. Being on two wheels regardless of make is what it's all about. I personally could never own a Goldwing, because of my biases. However, I will admit, the 2019 Goldwings are fast more powerful and more nimble than any American made bike. (That was so painful to say!) So, as of right now I prefer Indian, to HD. I still would love to have a Street Bob for an around town bike! However in the long run, all this competition is best for us the riders! Be safe everyone, keep the rubber side down, and get your bike out of the garage!!!

  • D Archer
    D Archer 7 days ago +2

    Nice review Adam and thank you for all you do for vets!
    Like yourself, I love all bikes. I hate snobs and I wave to everyone, including people on mopeds!
    I ride a Vic Magnum and friggin love it!

    • Kyle S
      Kyle S 4 days ago

      D Archer I wave at everyone also, even the little old ladies on mopeds. I also ride a Vic and love the hell out of it, a Vegas. Thank you for your service sir!

  • kane vernon
    kane vernon 8 days ago

    Who cares Harley looks sooooo much better Indian looks soooo crap

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 8 days ago

    I am really curious as this a past video what your complaints or complements are on the chief after more miles? I test rode a 116 chieftain couple weeks ago at Indian dealership in garland tx. I was really impressed with it as far as performance and ride, but it felt like the fit and finish of the fairing and controls where flimsy.

  • Bass Man
    Bass Man 9 days ago +2

    Still won't match the king of all motorcycles for the Road. The mighty All American Goldwing 1800. You can keep your China/Indina rice/curry burner bikes Harleys and Indians

  • AJCuffs
    AJCuffs 10 days ago

    nah, you have to get the 116 motor for the dark horse.

  • Conrad Angel
    Conrad Angel 18 days ago +2

    To all the critics out there. I find it very rude to criticize the author since he puts put unbiased opinions and put a lot of work on to this. Be encouraging or all those guys will quitt doing us this great service. Btw i am. Harley/Bmw guy but cant wait to sit on an Indian if they come up with a naked muscle cruiser like my Fatboy

  • Eric Dolby
    Eric Dolby 20 days ago +1

    Statistics are not facts. Wrong use of the word.

  • Eric Dolby
    Eric Dolby 20 days ago +1

    Why make the video of you don't have the correct comparison machine.

  • Joe Dragon
    Joe Dragon 20 days ago +1

    I got a 2011 harley sporster 1200. Some of the guys I've ran into call it a girl bike, which can get me insecure. Ive only been riding for about a year and some change. Is it always a stigma about dudes on a sporters?? I mean you got to start somewhere....

    • Joe Dragon
      Joe Dragon 19 days ago

      @Adam Sandoval thanks man. Your an inspiration bro. I deal with depression and alot of anger and sadness.. Your vids can put put a smile on my face and takes me out of my dark place. Much love from jacksonville fl. Youve been blessed to bless others. Have a good memorial weekend!!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  19 days ago

      Getting out there and puttin miles down is what truly matters.

  • Michael Brangham
    Michael Brangham 23 days ago +1

    Your review was great, I think Im going to set up a test ride for the Indian. thanks

  • Cheeseatingjunglista
    Cheeseatingjunglista 24 days ago +1

    Two awful bikes so its a bit like saying whats better, bowel or pancreatic cncer.......;-) Get yourself a Guzzi!!!

  • Brian trerotola
    Brian trerotola 24 days ago +1

    I really like all the features on the Indian but I like the way the street glide looks.
    I'm a changer! Stock shock pipes air cleaner are always a must. Gotta make things my own. I need function comfort an style? At the end of the day it's all about what you want?

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock 25 days ago +1

    Harley vs Indian Touring Models Which is better ? Kawasaki ! get over it and your leg .

  • Warren Stemphly
    Warren Stemphly 25 days ago

    This video has it all! Sons of Anarchy clothing, “biker voice” and generic “dad blues” music. Sounds like I’ll be getting solid info packaged in a familiar and unthreatening delivery.

  • Troy M
    Troy M 25 days ago

    Come on man! We didn’t ask you for this. You got shit canned from Harley and now you hating on them.
    Just move on !

  • c Low
    c Low 27 days ago

    Indian .... had both never will own another Harley...outdated and overrated sled

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  27 days ago

      I see good qualities in both. Thanks for tuning in 👊

  • William Helfrich
    William Helfrich Month ago

    Stop with the weed.

  • James Scott
    James Scott Month ago +1

    If I'm traveling horsepower is not such a big deal..I wanna take the ride and adventure in. Comfort would be my thing and what's important. Buuut to each their own.

  • jim wortham
    jim wortham Month ago +4

    For a serious long-distance touring router H&D best dealer Network around whether you like them or not

  • Sleepingweasal
    Sleepingweasal Month ago +2

    The indian does have closeable vents, I have the ACTUAL TOURING MODEL, the Roadmaster. It has them.

  • - MrRIchBiker
    - MrRIchBiker Month ago +1

    You're funny... Harley-Davidson was your best friend years ago!! Omg!! Lmaooooo!!
    Wherever the sponsors fly you fly,eh lad!!!!

  • Curtis Douglas
    Curtis Douglas Month ago +1

    Gotta buy what you like

  • Poncho Villa
    Poncho Villa Month ago +1

    when the motor company finally shitcans that 120 year old tractor motor and start to build a state of art engineered motor, then they might win some American customers back. till then they need to go the way of the dinosaurs. bye bye

  • paul bunyun
    paul bunyun Month ago +7

    needing repair while traveling HD dealership along the road in most big cities

  • Edward Joyce
    Edward Joyce Month ago +2

    Wheel base factors? Stability? Really? Geometry provides stability......🤯

  • The Truckers Log
    The Truckers Log Month ago

    I could possibly take this guy more seriously if he didn’t wear his hat like some sort of thug punk. Put it on proper dude you’re a grown-up for god sake’s

  • The German
    The German Month ago +1

    DIRTY. A wash wouldn't have been bad for a youtube video.

  • Assaf Chelouche
    Assaf Chelouche Month ago +1

    Both are shit

  • bgm1911
    bgm1911 Month ago +1

    Since when are "specifications" known as "statistics"?

  • Chris Adkins
    Chris Adkins Month ago +6

    Stock for stock, I like the Indian better. However limited dealer network (parts) and limited aftermarket (better parts) will probably keep it out of my stable.

    • GrandMaster DOC
      GrandMaster DOC 5 days ago

      There is quite a bit aftermarket stuff for the Indian bikes now. Not nearly as much as H-D's obviously. but enough to truly make an any Indian unique. All I ever rode before was H-D's. Never imagined owing an Indian. If you ride an Indian, you can instantly feel the difference in bikes.

  • Eve
    Eve Month ago +1

    Thanks for breaking it down in great detail!

  • Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins Month ago +1

    I think if youre going to compare engine specs using HDs M8 114, you could have at least put them up against the Indian 116, BUT I still agreed with all of your points. For the perspective buyers, both are great bikes and I dont think you will be disappointed with either choice. I went with the 2018 Indian Chieftain Limited and have no regrets. For thoes who havent tried the Indian, believe it or not, that power windshield is pretty damn convenient. Hot weather? Put it down. Rain? Put it up. All while on the move. My one and only gripe is that the 111 gets F'ing HOT!!! Even on the move, its a major nut warmer. Its great in the winter though, didnt feel the need for seat warmers in 30 degree temps. But Im not looking forward to how that will feel as summer is creeping in. It already sucks with it in the 80s in the spring. This is my second bike and first big boys bike, coming from my first bike a 2015 HD Sportster. Im very impressed with how agile and fast it is. But anyways, the only real way to decide is to get out there and try them both for yourself. Either way, you wont be disappointed.

  • Bob Mayo
    Bob Mayo Month ago +1

    Two things: I want to hear you sing and I want to see your eyes. Cool video

  • George Michael
    George Michael Month ago +2

    Adam. Go to a Honda dealer and drive the new Gold Wing with DCT automatic transmission. No bike ever can compare to a Gold Wing let alone a damn Indian or Harley. I've owned both the Harleys and the Wings and its not even close. The Wing is the undisputed KING !

  • Imad Jubranimad
    Imad Jubranimad Month ago +1

    Harley Davidson does not accommodate tall riders, also passenger backseat area so compact and small, also the Indian got the beautiful nice leather seats and more legs room for both,I feel.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Month ago

      In my opinion, this is one of the best seats and backrests on the market... Just released 👊 www.ciro3d.com/product/asr-seat-by-ciro-r

  • Q5Grafx
    Q5Grafx Month ago +1

    Indian is a bag of dicks

  • TraumaHound
    TraumaHound Month ago +1

    Really enjoyed the video. Those are the stats I'm interested in a bike. Trying to decide between an Indian Chief or a Harley Road King myself.

  • Dufoth
    Dufoth Month ago +1

    Triumph Rocket 3 has them both beat.

  • John Rice
    John Rice Month ago +1

    Adam thank you for your reviews. I have always said HD all the way, but Indian is also looking good. I am of the opinion that you buy what you want. I have a used 1300 vtx, it gets me in the wind and that is what it is all about. The guys at work all ride a variety of bikes with HD being predominate but my bike parks in the same space as theirs so... Keep up the good work brother, stay safe and keep the rubber side down.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Month ago

      As long as you're puttin miles down and got that wind in your face that's all that matters 👊

  • al l
    al l 2 months ago +1

    Great video great info, thanks!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Month ago

      Thanks for being part of this channel 👊🇺🇸😎

  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta 2 months ago +1

    Have both brands. Tour on my Springfield these days. Nothing says I won’t go Harley again. Go USA

  • evil_muscle muscled
    evil_muscle muscled 2 months ago +2

    When it comes to cruisers I pick harley , the bad thing about harley is they stick the price to everyone and then have it set up to where if the BIKER wants up grades , harley allows it within the warranty. If there was no such thing as fashion riders would the prices be where they are . I think harley does for the fashion guys but Jack's the prices .

  • MrJimmy1437
    MrJimmy1437 2 months ago +3

    Why don't you boys go ride a good bike ? A Yamaha FJR , a Honda , ST or a Kawasaki concourse. You might learn about modern engineering!

  • Bushor
    Bushor 2 months ago +3

    And in the end, we all go to Honda to get a Goldwing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,

    • jaxxsun
      jaxxsun 2 months ago +1

      The fact that Honda made the luggage capacity a lot smaller. In my opinion. I did not not care for all the gadgetry.

  • Lee Peterke
    Lee Peterke 2 months ago +11

    When i wake up in the morning, im glad i bought the HARLEY DAVIDSON.

    • Cody B
      Cody B Month ago

      @Sleepingweasal I am still glad I did the 2019 chiefton darkhorse

    • Sleepingweasal
      Sleepingweasal Month ago +1

      Lol. Keep telling yourself that. Just dont test drive an Indian because you won't wake up glad anymore.

  • Dennis Neftleberg
    Dennis Neftleberg 2 months ago +1

    Indian can’t get parts out of business 3 times

  • Joseph Murray
    Joseph Murray 2 months ago +2

    Now are these HP and torque ratings from the crank or from the wheel?
    I thought the Indian 111 had 119 f/lbs of torque?

  • Alec Phillips
    Alec Phillips 2 months ago +1

    The real question....

    Boi why you wearin shades inside?

  • Steve B
    Steve B 2 months ago +1

    owned both as well , a road glide and a dark horse , every harley ive owned has had clutch problems no matter if i rode it hard or easy. rode my buddys polaris vision as well it looked like a george jetson abortion and wasnt impressed.

  • Bravo Luca
    Bravo Luca 2 months ago +1

    I don’t ride so it really doesn’t matter or do I care.

  • Cece T
    Cece T 2 months ago

    Both are nice, I like the adjustable windshield. I have a Harley Road Glide and wouldn’t switch period.

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore 2 months ago +1

    I can not even watch this review past the first comparison. You want to know why because you took an upgraded Harley and a stock Chieftain. You provided HP numbers for an upgraded Harley as beating the Stock Indians HP. You would have need to compare the 114 HD to the 116 Indian. My next problem if I buy a touring bike I want to know MPG's, Tank Size, Storage Space, Heat on the legs and crotch, Long distance set comfort, and etc.

  • k9m42
    k9m42 2 months ago +1

    Both nice bikes. It's your preference...

  • james bennett
    james bennett 2 months ago +1

    Brother I bought the dam motorcycle Indian road master the best riding motorcycle I have ever been on. But my old Harley is fun to

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 2 months ago +1

    Indian because Harley just sucks a fat Dick .

  • ApGap Cruiser
    ApGap Cruiser 2 months ago

    Adam, how do you feel about the hard lowers on your Road Glide? I have the soft lowers for my Street Glide for when it gets cold or rains, but I'm curious on your thoughts of the hard ones and if the liquid cooling makes a difference. Thanks.

  • Joe G.
    Joe G. 2 months ago +2

    It’s like watching a comparison between cars... electronic windshield? No no, I’ll stick with no windscreen. Motorcycling in the purest of form

  • Mark Alves
    Mark Alves 2 months ago +1

    What kind of vest is he wearing???

  • Christopher Morkel.
    Christopher Morkel. 2 months ago +10

    Honda Goldwing is the best touring bike.

    • cavscout62
      cavscout62 28 days ago

      OK but we are talking Motorcycles.

    • E Joy
      E Joy Month ago

      Too ugly for my taste.

  • Mouse bowen
    Mouse bowen 2 months ago +6

    Absolutely Indian all the way. Hayley’s over price . Indian Scout Bobber is so fast stock 100 HP and with modifications you can get up to 140 hp. Harley’s are to pricey

    • Steven Pemberton
      Steven Pemberton Month ago

      it's settled I'm getting the Indian

    • Mouse bowen
      Mouse bowen 2 months ago +1

      Bob Salt well i like the Harley Davidson 48 but when I saw the Indian scout Bobber 1200cc 100HP . same engine size but with way more horsepower and so much better looking I fall in love with the Indian scout Bobber. I’m not crazy about Harley’s I only like the Harley Davidson 48 not anymore compared to the Indian scout Bobber. Yeah they are no cheap but not as much as they Harley. Harley are complaining about Harley’s sales but they freakin crazy on prices. Just because is a Harley. Not my thing

    • Bob Salt
      Bob Salt 2 months ago +2

      Indians are over priced too. The Indians are only $1500 cheaper on average and you could haggle that down with a dealer. If price is your sticking point buy a used low mileage Yamaha Venture or a Goldwing. you'll pay half of what a new Harley or Indian will cost. Polaris had a good thing going with Victory, reasonably priced bikes for working men but they decided to scrap it and go the Harley route and target the retired dentist market.

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 2 months ago

    Adam, good review man.
    How do you feel about support? Having traveled all over the country as I have you know how Harley support is. Pull into the nearest shop unannounced for tires, oil change, whatever you need. Most shops have several racks going to service travelers. This is due to the incredibly large number of bikes on the road that they are able to do this.
    Do you think Indian has that kind of support now, or how long will it take them to get there?
    I have a hard time planning things ahead on a road trip due to the dynamic nature of it and really don't have time to be waiting around a day or two for service.
    This is the number one reason I have been touring on a Harley for the last 12 years. Never had to wait, never called ahead.
    Broke a header pipe on the Road King one time and the shop I stopped at West of Annapolis did not have one but 40 miles away in Annapolis they had it. They waited for me after closing and put it on. No charge.
    Speaking of bacon, I'm sure my 17 FLHTK has more suspension travel than that you quoted. It also has improved preload settings. If set correctly for the weight it is really smooth. I never would have known there was a problem. I'm sure your Road Glide is the same. Although not really the same bike as the Dark Horse. Street Glide is more of a bar hopper with a fairing. Road King has a better ride.
    Simple fix though, bolt on some of the other Electraglide shocks.
    What's the higher ground clearence advantage? If the lean angle does not increase there's maybe no reason for it unless maybe loading it on a ramp or something.

  • George Villareal
    George Villareal 2 months ago

    Your missing the 116 engine from Indian.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago

      If you're interested in the 116 watch this: ru-clip.com/video/egqsk3hFIk0/video.html

    • Scott Cole
      Scott Cole 2 months ago +1

      The 116 is an extra cost option.

  • W TF?
    W TF? 2 months ago

    Wash your clothes dipshit.

  • Tom B
    Tom B 2 months ago +1

    Comprehensive. That's the perfect word for this video. You did the numbers, the physical differences, and the intangibles in your opinion. This is how all reviews should be - great video.

  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 2 months ago +1

    I'm trying to find a video of a 2018 Darkhorse with the new fairing from Indian but with the classic fairing LED turn signals in it.

  • sarvagya angre
    sarvagya angre 2 months ago +1

    Hatts off to the indian

  • sarvagya angre
    sarvagya angre 2 months ago +1

    I had the 90's indian scout i know what it felt like

  • Rockie mountin
    Rockie mountin 2 months ago +3

    You cannot use street glide rear suspension it has 2” less than the rest of Harley touring bikes

  • John McCague
    John McCague 2 months ago +24

    The clear winner is the customer...choice is good...buy what you like!

  • Grumpy's Channel
    Grumpy's Channel 2 months ago +1

    I'd rather have a bike that has a better history of NO breakdowns, less maintenance issues when we're on those long rides. I own the 2011 Street Glide and it has been great for me. I have not done any upgrades on the engine, done the regular maintenance and he (Grumpy) has been great for me on the long trips.

    RUFF NECK 2 months ago +2

    Awesome comparison for those of us who go back m forth. I respect and love both the HD and Indian for there own old school traditions in America. Bottom line is I don't love or hate anyone for riding one or the other. We r all brothers n sisters on two wheels, with knees in the breeze. What I do say is "Ride American in America.". Another big way in supporting our great nation! As a veteran I can tell you that we absolutely have something as simple as owning and riding a bike as a PRIVILEDGE, to have the RIGHT, to roll on! It's a shame how not all human beings are afforded such a joy in their lives. Adam- we love ya and support ya big dawg! Keep on keepin on! Ride safe brother. #ASR #DICKtatorsSuck

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago +1

      It's all about the community and the love of riding

  • Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter 2 months ago +1

    I know the history of how the Harley and Indian all came about but that Indiana just dont have the look of the Harley and I don't disrespect any biker but I grew up Harley and will stand Harley no matter what

  • Scott T
    Scott T 2 months ago +2

    Nice Job...I bought a 2018 Roadmaster last year and love it. I've already got a hot rod Harley and a nicely built Victory for blasting around and day trips, but the Indian was purely for my wife and I to do some touring. One of the best bikes I've had for that...we can still walk and function after a 1000 mi day. The only thing I've changed aside from pipes and air cleaner was adding cams. They pepped it up a bunch and my mileage is averaging hi 30's / low 40's .... It's a keeper.

  • Glenn Cuthbertson
    Glenn Cuthbertson 2 months ago +2

    They are both fukin ugly !

  • Ray Delfa
    Ray Delfa 2 months ago +1

    It's the Brand bro, victory and Indian are built cheaply. Harley is an image, an icon. It has history .

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago

      That's why opinions are unique, we each have our own.

  • Didier Lévy
    Didier Lévy 3 months ago +1

    Good review. IMO, the new Chieftain looks like a Streetglide with an improved frame (I prefer the look of the HD though...) dda from France

  • gary gullikson
    gary gullikson 3 months ago +1

    It comes down to mostly emotional rather than mechanical or other issues. Great attempt at unbiased review. I have ridden '48 Indians most of my life, have had little experience with Harleys. I have nostalgic feelings that would make me want to go with Indian if I wasn't 80 years old and was in the market for a touring bike. It has a lot to do with whatever your first motorcycle was.

  • Mario Drizzy
    Mario Drizzy 3 months ago +2

    Who ever is bad mouthing Harley and pointing out the few flaws they have encountered over the years sounds a lot like someone who bought a used bike that needed some parts and can’t afford the work
    Hey man these bikes aren’t cheap cheap bikes aren’t good

    • getdealtwithquick
      getdealtwithquick 2 months ago

      Love Harleys, I really do but the whole "cheap bikes are bad" argument is nonsense. Used Japanese cruisers can be had for cheap but not because of poor reliability or lack of features. The opposite is true. Dial in the bike that fits your budget and style and just ride. Not about what you ride but where you go.

  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 3 months ago +3

    Harley thinking= "Instead of fixing our current engine issues (88"---96")...let's just build another motor and throw it in next years model".
    Everyone else= "For next year, we will address current model year issues and resolve them for our loyal customers".
    Harley= "Yeah, well. We have pretty colors".
    Others= "We will have invested a lot of money in R&D to help improve the overall quality of our line up to make our customers happy".
    Harley= "Um, we have loud pipes".

    • k9m42
      k9m42 2 months ago

      Umm your just an idiot...

  • James Swain
    James Swain 3 months ago +6

    Harley has linked brakes now.......a feature Honda has provided since the 80s.

      RUFF NECK 2 months ago

      So. At end of the day it's still a Honda...not American. Pretty sure that's what the comparison is all about, in this video anyway. American built vs American built; hence the DEBATE. U ride Honda, that's great, but was t even part of the video is all I'm saying. Support ur Honda on a Honda forum. This is how hate crimes start. Nobody is looking for animosity on this channel.

    • Okie Rider
      Okie Rider 3 months ago +1

      That's because Harley now uses Showia forks. Which is owned by Honda. Lol

  • James Swain
    James Swain 3 months ago +1

    He lost credibility with me when he said eKspecially

    • Okie Rider
      Okie Rider 3 months ago +1

      Nobody cares about your "credibility" requirements. Lol

  • Mario Drizzy
    Mario Drizzy 3 months ago +1

    Harley all the way lol

    • Mario Drizzy
      Mario Drizzy 3 months ago

      Okie Rider

    • Okie Rider
      Okie Rider 3 months ago

      Yep. All the way back to the shop. How's that overheating engine (M8) working out for you?

  • Mrs. Waight
    Mrs. Waight 3 months ago +1

    Harley?? Lol

  • A N D R E Y
    A N D R E Y 3 months ago

    Buy a Vrod and convert it into a cruiser. Vrod has better power to weight, good comfort, good reliability. Add bags and optioned out fairing = superior bike vs these two combined. Sorry guys, these things are so heavy and no power.

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 3 months ago

    Yes sean, huge country. I remember riding adelaide to melbourne then sydney and into australia on a suzuki gs 750. The most I do now is london to scotland in 6 or 7 hours. Probably a tiger 800 is the most practical or a good adventure bike in truth but I do like the styling of older harleys and indians but think its crazy victory went bust as they seemed better designed. Still you americans know american bikes. At least even if expensive, most american bikes are built in usa. I dont see the 750 harley truely as american but we have only the commando newer one norton built in the uk.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago

    Lol indian is just a rebaged victory

  • D Dubs
    D Dubs 3 months ago


  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 3 months ago

    Get a triumph rocket 3. ,cheaper, much faster and nicer and new one will be 2500cc and crazy torque power.

    • Sean
      Sean 3 months ago +1

      Thanks cuppateadee- i have a 2014 Rocket III roadster from triumph have over 28k miles on her bought new in mar. 2015 in terms of performance it makes these bikes look like mopeds but for distance after 500 miles the rocket will start fatiguing the rider quicker the rear suspension is gawd awful as the seating position is more for turns than straight line comfort. Prob. the indian is the smoothest ride; but performance is lacking

  • kevin hines
    kevin hines 3 months ago +1

    Great, honest review. I appreciate this. I love my road Glide but I can appreciate the beauty of the Indian.

  • 84 manga
    84 manga 3 months ago

    Which one is least likely to start leaking oil at 3500 miles

  • Abdulah S. AlAsiri
    Abdulah S. AlAsiri 3 months ago

    I am getting an Indian motorcycle. It's just a matter of time.

  • 79mechguy
    79mechguy 3 months ago +1

    Nice video. Especially leading off with the opinion piece. I personally found this review one of the best I've seen so far.

  • Tim Henry
    Tim Henry 3 months ago +1

    My opinion.
    Harley is more than a Harley. It’s a culture, riding with pacts of Harley’s is just so cool. there’s more knowledgeable mechanics that can work on them when issues arise. There’s more aftermarket options to customize your Harley than Indian.
    I own a 2016 road king. Done a number of mods to it. And just keep doing more. And finally I can’t get past the look of an Indian, I think the Harley just looks so much better. Simply an opinion and I don’t knock anybody going the Indian route.
    As far as maintenance. I have yet to have any issues to leave me stranded (knock on wood). But I keep on my normal maintenance like a hawk and bike seems to be flawless so far.
    Great video I got a like from me :-)

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  3 months ago

      You bring up a god point, maintenance is important. Thanks for being a part of this channel

  • jeffery osgood
    jeffery osgood 3 months ago +1

    Forgot to mention is Harley's accessories and other aftermarket parts that takes the bike to a personal level.

  • สมิทธิภัทร คำประพันธ์

    This is what I’m looking for! RG vs Chieftain

  • jeffery osgood
    jeffery osgood 3 months ago +1

    Thanks Adam and awesome review.Both motorcycles are amazing.It's always a tough decision when making that big investment.The big factor in purchasing my 2018 electra glide limited over the Indian is service.Harley has dealerships on every corner,that go out of there way to get that bike back on the highway touring the open road.Going to grab a set of your highway pegs.Very clean looking.