How to Mix Programmed Drums and Drum Samples (BASK Technique) -

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • Download the free drum mixing cheat sheet:
    The drum mix can make or break a track.
    Drums are HARD to mix. There are so many different parts! It's like trying to juggle multiple things at once.
    So, if you feel overwhelmed with drum mixing, watch now, because in this video you will learn how to mix drums like a pro in just 4 simple, quick steps, using stock plugins in your DAW.
    By the end of this video, you'll feel confident mixing drums, and your mixes will instantly sound more professional.
    Get the free drum mixing cheat sheet:
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  • thesun collective147

    Pretty you use dynamic eq from Q3 now?

  • Viva Vintage
    Viva Vintage 4 months ago

    All of this is included in the Demo to Pro course?

  • Lucidsamples
    Lucidsamples 6 months ago +2

    thanks you a lot for this informative video!

  • X S
    X S 8 months ago

    Where do you get that cool spectrum meter that you put on the top and bottom of your screen? Also curious as to whether the Slate Digital 1176 emulation has the "all down" feature that you could use on the hardware and some emulations. I won't do Slate because I don't do rented software, but I'm just curious because, to me, that mix was screaming for that and I noticed you had it crunched pretty hard with the 20 ratio setting. (That doesn't seem to be the equivalent to 20:1 to my ears, so I'm not sure what those ratio numbers really do.)
    @8:10, using a compressor with a mix control: this is one of my favorite things about REAPER. Every plugin has a wet/dry mix. Such a simple and powerful feature, I'm surprised it's not in every DAW by now. I use it on so many things now, and love the results. I especially like it with Airwindows' DeEss (which took over FF's Pro-DS as my favorite de-esser). I'll max it so the sibilance is dead (you can do that without hurting the rest of the highs because of how DeEss works-it's brilliant!), then mix back in just enough of the dry signal so it sounds natural. I still end up using an FX buss sometimes, though, so I can apply compression, reverb or anything else that might re-introduce excessive sibilance to the max DeEssed signal then mix the dry back in on top of that to re-introduce enough sibilance to sound natural. The reason I'm saying this here is because I find this same thing very useful when it comes to dealing with cymbals in this overhead mic tracks.
    @10:15, I don't get why we need a trim plugin. There's one on every compressor. It's called "output".

  • empirix
    empirix 8 months ago

    no panning?

  • Kevin Farris
    Kevin Farris Year ago

    Hey - great video. You released a video prior to this on Gain Staging and some pre loaded templates for different DAW's. Do you not utilize that approach anymore? It appears in this video that you are just mixing within this session

  • Declan Garland
    Declan Garland Year ago

    Love your vids mate..Big help

  • Ricky ♫ Guitarman ♪

    finally someone made a tutorial mixing Plugin drums! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Aiden Bradley
    Aiden Bradley Year ago

    Great video!

  • Huub83 Drums
    Huub83 Drums Year ago

    Thank you sir for this great tutorial 😀👍🏻

  • Tripd
    Tripd Year ago

    this should have at least 10 times the amount of views - ! Very good, thank you

  • Eugenio Marruffo
    Eugenio Marruffo Year ago

    How did you compare your mix to complete songs and both sound the same volume?

  • Denis Boucher
    Denis Boucher Year ago

    Thanks Rob.

  • Steven Nicholls
    Steven Nicholls Year ago

    I am a beginner if you have the time can you make this any better?

  • Will B
    Will B Year ago

    Are you putting everything through an aux "Mix Bus" before the stereo out?

  • Will B
    Will B Year ago +1

    That's NOT the way to mix drums!!..ok, ok, it IS and this is a GREAT way...but I just thought If I said it someone else wouldn't in seriousness. Thank you - as always. I have a stack of your cheat sheets - always very, very handy. Again thanks mate.

  • Danny Rigg
    Danny Rigg Year ago +14

    I don't think I've ever spent half an hour so desperate to turn down a tambourine! Thanks for the vids man, good stuff.

  • Michael Heslop
    Michael Heslop Year ago

    Good video as always but ezdrummer being pre mixed sounded pretty great already. I wish my raw tracks sounded like that haha.

    • David Cantan
      David Cantan Year ago

      Musician on a Mission I would second this, especially as deciding what bleed to allow through and what to gate while keeping a natural sound and achieving the desired balance can be one of the biggest issues when mixing drums. EQing a snare mic to mix in with overheads is very different to mixing the nicest sounding snare sound you can in isolation.

    • David Hine
      David Hine Year ago

      cant stand fake drums. lets show'em real ones.

    • Michael Heslop
      Michael Heslop Year ago

      Musician on a Mission that would br great, especially a not so greatly recorded or cheap kit. Id say most of your viewers are beginners and home studio users and often their drums arent ideal. Maybe do a dreadful to awesome video? Id definitely love to watch that!

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago +2

      Good point Michael. Perhaps I'll do another video with an acoustic kit.

  • David Flow
    David Flow Year ago


  • William Oliveira
    William Oliveira Year ago +1

    Didnt like the compressor on snare, but nice vid as always.

  • YourSongPlan
    YourSongPlan Year ago +2

    Thanks so much!!!