Our Favorite Pixar Hidden Easter Eggs & Secrets

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • Uncover hidden Disney•Pixar secrets and Easter eggs from your favorite films! Featuring Inside Out, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, The Incredibles, and more. What’s your favorite Pixar moment? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Kulvir Merai
    Kulvir Merai 4 months ago


  • ElijahG 105
    ElijahG 105 11 months ago

    Who also caught the Pizza Planet truck at 1:02?

  • Michealsfilms
    Michealsfilms Year ago

    How can you not see the pizza planet truck

  • MONSTER 99
    MONSTER 99 Year ago


  • IQ Channel
    IQ Channel Year ago


  • IQ Channel
    IQ Channel Year ago

    Want a cars 4

  • Kaviotaa Elmar
    Kaviotaa Elmar Year ago


  • D.M. Samson
    D.M. Samson Year ago

    This HAS to be some sort of connected universe. TOO MANY EASTER EGGS! Coincidence? I think NOT!

    Hey, Easter Egg

  • Humberto Velazquez
    Humberto Velazquez Year ago +1

    Wow Pixar finding Easter eggs 🥚 themselves 🧐

  • 李好
    李好 Year ago


  • Wyatt Osuba
    Wyatt Osuba Year ago +2

    We want a sequel for A Bug's Life (1998)!

  • Mobeen Choudhry
    Mobeen Choudhry Year ago

    That doll head tho.... it looks like chucky💀


    What!? Why the wrestling figure from Toy Story 2 (1999) is easter eggs from The Incredibles (2004)?

  • Cal Lewis
    Cal Lewis Year ago

    I hope there will be a sequel of WALL-E ^^

  • Gannony Evans
    Gannony Evans Year ago

    You missed the pizza planet truck

  • LigMcYt
    LigMcYt Year ago

    pls cars 4 for all first trailer pls

  • Max FX
    Max FX Year ago

    1:04 look at the left side it had the pizza car on it

    • The Dark Interloper
      The Dark Interloper Year ago

      That is the pizza planet truck which appears in every Pixar movie except for The Incredibles

  • MLK
    MLK Year ago

    0:43 how do we know the Easter egg in 2004 if cars were released in 2006 😂

  • Jolteon 3720
    Jolteon 3720 Year ago

    I never knew that wow

  • Kian Bustamante
    Kian Bustamante Year ago

    Nice video👍👍👍👍

  • KoalBurna
    KoalBurna Year ago

    Easter Egg-ception

  • FøxShield 21
    FøxShield 21 Year ago

    You din't see the pizza planet truck on the left side in monsters inc

  • san benito films 95

    He missed the pizza planet truck in the end

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino Year ago

    You missed one easter egg. When Dash from "The Incredibles" escapes from the bad guys and he hit some bugs. Same thing happen in "Cars" with Mcqueen cruising with Sally.

  • IQ Channel
    IQ Channel Year ago +2

    It is Music

  • Bryy
    Bryy Year ago

    why doc appears in the incredibles when the incredibles was out before cars?

    • The Dark Interloper
      The Dark Interloper Year ago

      Pixar always references the movie that is coming out next. For example, Up had Lotso from toy story 3 which came out 1 year later

    CLIFF BURTON Year ago

    Cars End Credit is Best Easter Egg From Toy Story, Monster Inc, and A Buggs Life

  • Fiction Fanboy
    Fiction Fanboy Year ago

    I knew there were EEs.

  • DevonPlays - Home of the Samurais

    I liked the Doc Hudson Easter Egg

  • Kaitlyn Winslow
    Kaitlyn Winslow Year ago

    there was wallie in cars movie

  • Its_Soviet Mapper
    Its_Soviet Mapper 2 years ago

    1:05 pizza planet truck?

  • dayday719
    dayday719 2 years ago

    The Pizza Planet truck was in1:06

  • sp4cial Fun
    sp4cial Fun 2 years ago +1

    E o carro do pizza planti

  • DenverCav
    DenverCav 2 years ago +2

    When I saw frozone all I could think was "Honey! Where's my super suit?"

  • Jinjojous
    Jinjojous 2 years ago +1


  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 2 years ago

    rex was donated before?

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 2 years ago


  • VVM2020
    VVM2020 2 years ago +4

    We need Cars 4 but NOT Cars 5 ! It needs to be the last one

    • Truman Burbank
      Truman Burbank Year ago

      Cars 3 finished off the trilogy on a good note we don't need another one like Toy Story 4 but if they did make another sequel I would go see it because I love both Cars and Toy Story

  • Jack the Post
    Jack the Post 2 years ago

    Ester egg pizza planet truck

  • Savage Mickey
    Savage Mickey 2 years ago

    He forgot the pizza truck 1:06 on the left

  • Mosasaurus Fan
    Mosasaurus Fan 2 years ago +2

    Most of you probably thought 'Oh wow I know all these secrets' and almost did not watch it but you did and some easter eggs you did not know

  • diego macias
    diego macias 2 years ago

    I loved cars 3

  • 7th Shift
    7th Shift 2 years ago +1

    The Song?

  • matrixon 12
    matrixon 12 2 years ago

    Like si hablas en español latino o castellano

  • George Douglas
    George Douglas 2 years ago +1

    I saw the pizza planet truck at the end at the trailer

  • Sniper Viper
    Sniper Viper 2 years ago

    You forgot pizza planet in monsters inc

  • Vy Ngô
    Vy Ngô 2 years ago +1

    well at least it's the same shape

  • Vy Ngô
    Vy Ngô 2 years ago +3

    i already see doc at 0:40

    • Dede Stafford
      Dede Stafford Year ago

      isn't doc Hudson a real car like the hudson hornet

    • JG Peres
      JG Peres 2 years ago +1

      Wrong colour

    ALEXCHOI 2 years ago +1


  • Juan Lara
    Juan Lara 2 years ago

    Make more videos plz

  • Brandon Pereira
    Brandon Pereira 2 years ago

    toy story 4 coming soon

  • Dedektif kedi
    Dedektif kedi 2 years ago

    Cars 4:Return of agents

  • Super Mario King
    Super Mario King 2 years ago

    thats the sound is called eat 9113 a113

  • BL4ZE, Plushie emerald

    Could you pls bring back doc Hudson I miss him I'm actually crying

  • el sonic
    el sonic 2 years ago

    My like pixar

  • davidanthonyn
    davidanthonyn 2 years ago +1

    How about Pizza Planet's truck?

  • Ross C
    Ross C 2 years ago

    How can I work for Pixar? I'm learning coding on the computer now in the summer.

  • Jakub Cygnarowski
    Jakub Cygnarowski 2 years ago

    so what you saying is pixar theory is true

  • the reading unicorn
    the reading unicorn 2 years ago

    Very cool!

  • gustavo duarte
    gustavo duarte 2 years ago

    I Think this is a response to all easter egg videos. I'm even thinking if they actually are serious in this video. I mean, look at the easter egg in 0:13