Dwayne Johnson Travels with a 45,000-Pound Gym

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • Late Late Show guest host Bryan Cranston asks Dwayne Johnson about the process of maintaing a 45,000-pound mobile gym and Jack Black comes up with a new fitness routine that's slightly less ambitious than Dwayne's.
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Comments • 1 009

  • Dudley Owens
    Dudley Owens Day ago

    My balls itch

  • Svresh
    Svresh 2 days ago

    Bryan Cranston? More like 'Mirin Cranston amirite?


  • Robin Foreman
    Robin Foreman 3 days ago

    I love u rock

  • thisbarb
    thisbarb 3 days ago

    Dwayne should look into resistance bands. 45,000 lbs of resistance; only 50 lbs of weight.

  • Christian Peyret
    Christian Peyret 3 days ago

    The late night show with Bryan Cranston, sounds good!

  • lol lol
    lol lol 4 days ago

    Why is Jack almost sat on the other guys knee

  • hungry panda
    hungry panda 7 days ago

    I hate to say it but Bryan is a better host than James

  • Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 17 days ago

    Always clangin and bangin and clangin and bangin like a mad man!

  • ban_it
    ban_it 22 days ago

    Few people can outcharisma the rock. Jack black is one of them!

  • ToXiic Huevon
    ToXiic Huevon 26 days ago

    Lmao jack black love him

  • Draco Shooter
    Draco Shooter 28 days ago

    Hal talking to the rock while jables is just chillin

    UNIVERSAL JUDGE 29 days ago +1

    *When you works out immediately your muscles increase in size with blood but after rest it goes down ..so he excerise every time so he can l○○k big on films* ...he is alway sweating or greasy

  • Mega Fox
    Mega Fox 29 days ago

    what? mr. white? where's james?

  • MTDfilms
    MTDfilms Month ago

    3 big name actors right there

  • Antisocial Gamer
    Antisocial Gamer Month ago

    Jack black is a legend. Always so chill.

  • Lorena Aguilar
    Lorena Aguilar Month ago

    These two should make a movie together like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger did call twins. The resemblance is remarkable

  • dudecabill
    dudecabill Month ago

    Yo Dwayne give some of those roids to the fat man

  • Rick D
    Rick D Month ago

    Talk about being humble

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards Month ago

    Haha I don’t think jack black has had a moment of self doubt ever since he popped out of his mother vijayjay

  • Gilbert Curiel
    Gilbert Curiel Month ago

    Brian Cranston does a far superior job at this than Jimmy Fallon

  • THE BUDDHA 420
    THE BUDDHA 420 Month ago

    You know you got money when you can have your own gym follow you around just imagine how much that costs could probably feed a small village

  • Pawan Sharma
    Pawan Sharma Month ago

    I want do benchpress with the rock

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v Month ago

    Better interviewer than the other fat guy who fakes laughing at nothing....

  • rajlodhiya
    rajlodhiya Month ago

    Basically the carbon footprint of a small town in India.

  • TwelfthRoot2
    TwelfthRoot2 Month ago

    I travel with my gym too. My slim jim.

  • Sam Remnaha
    Sam Remnaha Month ago

    I feel so sad many people are homeless and hungry....and rich guy like him ....have a special gym follow him around ...come on this is way too much ...balance is good ....if you have that’s much money to waste why don’t you help others who in need ..just I thought

  • AbbouSmile
    AbbouSmile Month ago

    Jack Black😂👌🏼

  • AverageSavaGe
    AverageSavaGe Month ago

    Wow FairPlay to the people who put the gym together and take it down

  • Steve B
    Steve B Month ago

    he needs to take tips from steve austin and take a look at his gym. I remember when he was homeless his dad was no place to be found now hes up his butt 24/7 and all the people that were there for him are just a memory.

  • James Regan
    James Regan Month ago

    Not gonna lie if you could work out in your dreams and have your body get fit while doing so would be amazing

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 Month ago

    Heisenberg, since when did you start hosting talk shows? I thought you died XD.

  • James Candle
    James Candle Month ago

    JACK BLACK what a MAN... o whos that guy next to him... o he seems nice =P

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    Jack black looking like a chonky penguin and proud of it

  • Kungfoo Joey
    Kungfoo Joey Month ago

    Imagine being known as just The Rock

  • Sygg, River Guide
    Sygg, River Guide Month ago

    Jack Black is my spirit animal.

  • Schwanzus Longus
    Schwanzus Longus Month ago

    must cost a fortune lol but he can afford it

  • Alistair Overeem
    Alistair Overeem Month ago

    Completely natural

  • The Kross
    The Kross Month ago

    love jack love the rock and damnit i love bryan cranston. this is a nice crew!!!!

  • Richard Bowling
    Richard Bowling Month ago

    His pecs really are implants though lol

  • Heat Visuals
    Heat Visuals Month ago

    Make my words. BRYAN CRANSTON will finish his career as the Late Night Host of NBC.

  • Kenneth Ross
    Kenneth Ross Month ago

    Literally everything people vote for president. Literally everything wrong with mankind.

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia Month ago

    Jack looking like he traveling with a 45 thousand pound kitchen everywhere he goes lmao

  • Noe Rivas
    Noe Rivas Month ago

    I work out really hard in my dreams 😂

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    The resources wasted on his mobile gym is exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood, America, and humans overall. The fact he “needs” it to prevent what he calls a “zoo” from happening means he thinks his fans in gyms are nothing better than animals to be kept at a distance. #AsteroidsInbound

    • Ryan Mcneila
      Ryan Mcneila Month ago

      Ross Actually it is what is wrong with literally 90% of the world's population, maybe more. That fact that you worthless sheep worship other people simply because they act, sing, or play a sport is motherfucking pathetic. You sheep and 99.9% of the celebrities of this world should be killed. You are despicable.

  • TrayCaddyyy
    TrayCaddyyy Month ago


  • mega man
    mega man Month ago

    I wreckon he would be the most up yourself person to meet

  • SaltyCures
    SaltyCures Month ago

    He used to train at a public gym on Oahu where I was a personal trainer and I can attest, people were always bugging him!

  • Mac Watson
    Mac Watson Month ago

    I’m sorry but is there anything Bryan Cranston can’t do? Insanely funny on sitcoms like Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle. Then plays the most terrifying monster in TV history on Breaking Bad. Now he’s guest hosting a late night show better than the actual host. I wish I had a tenth of his talent.

  • Jacob Dorsey
    Jacob Dorsey Month ago

    I get such a cardio 😂

  • brett carpenter
    brett carpenter Month ago

    And all the steroids helped

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss5 Month ago

    This is the dream. Always think about the gym first when going anywhere

  • DreamDemonify
    DreamDemonify Month ago

    Heinsenberg interviewing The Rock and Jablinski, what a time

  • Rod Stiffington
    Rod Stiffington Month ago

    So a whole tractor trailer wow I’d love that job

  • Curry Murray
    Curry Murray Month ago

    Late night with Bryan Cranston. I would watch the shit out of that

  • Shmoe
    Shmoe 2 months ago

    I love how jack is practically sitting on top of him lmfao

  • siva s
    siva s 2 months ago

    I get such good cardio in my dreams... oh my god !! :D
    Thatssss meeee !!!

  • Pyro Head
    Pyro Head 2 months ago +1

    Rock: Ok... training starts at 4AM... hope to see you there
    Me: Ok.. see you at 9.... *Back to sleep*

  • Kovu Lion
    Kovu Lion 2 months ago +2

    Do you smell what the rock is cooking? - Rock

  • .m.
    .m. 2 months ago

    when jack looks at him while he's describing his fitness routine lol

    I HATE ME 2 months ago +1

    Bryan Cranston, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black in One Same ROOM ! Imagine that?! #IwldDieSmiling

  • Marcos Quack
    Marcos Quack 2 months ago

    It's like, man. Leave everything where it was, don't travel with the gym. Leave the gym at the gym, you travel, you addapt where you go. Easy. It's such a waste of time, work, money to move all those irons around, like there is no gyms in America. Please! Don't give'em one dollar.

  • Marcos Quack
    Marcos Quack 2 months ago

    I don't know why, I gotta a feelin' that the gym would arrive to the center of the Earth like, me with the weights first thing in the morning, like WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE FLOOOOOOOOOOR? While trying to drink whey chocolate protein with milk and cereals

  • Marcos Quack
    Marcos Quack 2 months ago

    Can I bring mine to the USA?

  • angel Zamorano
    angel Zamorano 2 months ago

    three of the most likeable people ever sitting in a couch

  • Johnny Mikes
    Johnny Mikes 2 months ago

    I love how jack is just sitting there with his belly hanging out not giving a shit

  • Saroeun Sam
    Saroeun Sam 2 months ago

    “I workout in my dreams” lmao

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 months ago

    2 years of jrotc

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 months ago

    4 years of p.e.

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 months ago

    About 3 years boxing

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 months ago

    Private gyms bro

  • Shazility !
    Shazility ! 2 months ago

    Seeing this while eating a tub of ice cream

  • Nayem Rahman
    Nayem Rahman 2 months ago

    Here we have the Dragon Warrior... And the rock.

  • Isaac L
    Isaac L 2 months ago

    Is that even jack black. He looks good af

  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown 2 months ago

    LOL at comparing weight lifting with meditation. I do both and they're totally different. Weight lifting is ego driven and requires a high degree of intensity with the mind. Meditation is about detaching yourself from ego while being restfully alert. Total opposites. Anybody who says weight lifting is an anchor is lying. It's more of a boost.

  • IBBY
    IBBY 2 months ago

    The future is now, old man

  • RyfernzOfficial
    RyfernzOfficial 2 months ago

    I legit thought with the thumbnail that Jack was Dwayne’s gym😂😂

  • ALL HAIL VEGETA - the prince of saiyans

    So WHAT? A guy works out. And stupid TV and Americans overrate it. "I wake up at 4 and work" stfu..nobody cares.
    Btw...who is here in 2019?

  • Joe Jack
    Joe Jack 2 months ago

    Fuck James Corden. Kick that fat closet case and give Bryan the gig fulltime

  • 100 subs with no videos
    100 subs with no videos 2 months ago +63

    That guy next to the rock looks a lot like jablinski

  • Sir RH
    Sir RH 3 months ago

    "such a good cardio..." Even in dreams it feels real. All-hail JB!

  • Anku Bamm
    Anku Bamm 3 months ago

    He is looking bigger than rock...

  • nitebluesky
    nitebluesky 3 months ago +1

    Jack black... zero fucks given

  • Luke Naro
    Luke Naro 3 months ago

    Honestly, when i clicked on the video i thought he was talking about Jack Black lol

  • Haran Pillay
    Haran Pillay 3 months ago +1

    Could Jack get anymore comfortable?

  • Boyan Tringov
    Boyan Tringov 3 months ago

    I love the Timberland master class commercial ..! :) :)

  • Amber Luckes
    Amber Luckes 3 months ago

    U the only one in love she don’t love u

  • Samsonite
    Samsonite 3 months ago

    You know, that guy next to the Rock looks kinda like Jablinski

  • cristian sandoval
    cristian sandoval 3 months ago

    Is that Bryan cranston

  • ItsGortex
    ItsGortex 4 months ago

    Is that jablinski?

  • Kwaku Boateng
    Kwaku Boateng 4 months ago +1

    "I work out pretty hard in my dreams" 😂😂😂

  • T B
    T B 4 months ago

    He also travel with his 46000 pound steroids

  • Habier.
    Habier. 4 months ago +1

    He should less focus on his portable gym and more on his movies , most of them really SUCK.

  • harry singh
    harry singh 4 months ago

    love u rock iam childhood ur biggest fan .....reallyyyy love u

  • soybean70
    soybean70 4 months ago

    22,500 pounds in the Tren Train 🚂

  • 12canadianboy12
    12canadianboy12 4 months ago

    Wow....entitled much?

  • AcousticMajor
    AcousticMajor 4 months ago

    Notice when a man spends his time and energy to maintain his sexiness it's socially acceptable to grope them.

  • Colorado-UFO's
    Colorado-UFO's 4 months ago

    Jack looks like he hates the gift God has given him where the rock looks like he loves the gift from God and he’s going to take advantage of it.

  • Anymation
    Anymation 4 months ago

    Bryan Cranston needs he’s own talk show

  • The voice in your head
    The voice in your head 4 months ago +1

    How much must that cost damm rich people 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Joseph Summers
      Joseph Summers 2 months ago

      Well he has to buy the equipment, probably $220,000 usd worth, then he rents the trucks and people to carry it to site. Just the set up with the guys must be $2,500 a day, and the trucks a lot. Ya, being rich....

  • misslovechild22
    misslovechild22 4 months ago

    Mister White has his own talk show??????