Top 10 Celebrities Who Grew Up in Poverty

  • Published on Jan 22, 2018
  • Top 10 Famous People Who Grew Up in Poverty
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    Who doesn’t love a good rags to riches story? From Jay-Z to Jim Carrey and Shania Twain, many of today’s richest stars actually came from nothing. WatchMojo is counting down the famous people who spent their childhood in poverty.
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    #10: Jim Carrey
    #9: Jay-Z
    #8: Shania Twain
    #7: Kendrick Lamar
    #6: Viola Davis
    #5: Demi Moore
    #4: Eminem
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 614

  • سجاد - Sejad
    سجاد - Sejad 23 days ago +1

    Good Video.

  • datchiman 09
    datchiman 09 Month ago

    Where is Lukas graham

  • Manurza
    Manurza 3 months ago

    I saw Eminem
    I clicked

  • Gdog 04
    Gdog 04 3 months ago

    It seems like everyone in Mississippi is trying to make it out, including me I grew up in a three bedroom two bath trailer with five people and some days I had to walk two miles to get to school. I got a job at 13 and saved up until I was 18 and I bought a house in Florida that I’m currently still living in.

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan 3 months ago

    The Beatles......

  • Isaac Sleiman
    Isaac Sleiman 5 months ago +1

    What about the Williams sisters

  • stan Kahumai
    stan Kahumai 5 months ago +2

    John lennon?

    • Bob Dylan
      Bob Dylan 3 months ago

      stan Kahumai John was more middle class but the rest of the Beatles 100%

  • MC Swish
    MC Swish 6 months ago

    Wait ed sheran was homeless Steve Jobs was homeless 🤔🤔

  • By Grace Through Faith
    By Grace Through Faith 8 months ago +1

    Justin Bieber too!

  • Tommy Park
    Tommy Park 9 months ago

    LeBron James grew up living with his coach. He had to sell his house and his mom went homeless

  • James P
    James P 10 months ago

    How was Jewel not mentioned? She was homeless and singing for change, and ended up being discovered by accident and sold 13 million with her debut that she WROTE while living in her car.
    How the fuck did you guys overlook that?

  • SpaceCows!
    SpaceCows! 10 months ago

    Someday I'll be on that list

  • HarshVardhan Arya

    No 2pac?

  • Jane -
    Jane - Year ago

    Justin bieber? LOVE EMINEM tho

  • Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

    Cuarón, del Toro and González Iñarritu were also

  • Carl Stawicki
    Carl Stawicki Year ago

    1:09 ...down by the river!

  • Jessica Rabon
    Jessica Rabon Year ago

    Jared Leto should be on this list. He grew up with his brother and single mother. They struggled early in his life and he is not afraid to talk about it at his concerts

  • Doruk Evcim
    Doruk Evcim Year ago

    50 cent?

  • Finn North
    Finn North Year ago

    Where was Kurt Cobain

  • ekswfrenwn7
    ekswfrenwn7 Year ago

    Where is Giannis Antetokounmpo?

  • In The Air
    In The Air Year ago

    Only reason I went down to comments was to see if I was the only one who clicked the video because Eminem apparently not.

  • Shortygaming
    Shortygaming Year ago

    So what about George Harrison or John Lennon?.

  • aphrodites
    aphrodites Year ago

    do you really not know how to say céline

  • Tot Morgen
    Tot Morgen Year ago +1

    Every rapper?

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad Year ago

      +Tot Morgen
      Except Drake, Vanilla Ice, pretty much every rapper who came before hardcore and gangsta rappers, and pretty much every non-American rapper.

  • Gear Grinders
    Gear Grinders Year ago

    I don't see how em isn't number one he was beat into coma because of his poverty level Oprah is only number one because she whines about it and it is more public.

  • VENOM6236
    VENOM6236 Year ago

    Who else came here bcoz of EMINEM in thumbnail??

  • VENOM6236
    VENOM6236 Year ago

    What criteria is this based off a top 10?? It's supposed to be 10 famous celebs not too 10 famous celebs

  • Jack Y
    Jack Y Year ago

    Charlie Chaplin

  • Gnarwhal
    Gnarwhal Year ago

    Ironically Kendrick's parents migrated from Chicago to Bompton to escape the violence. Sufficed to say that didn't work too well

  • Jacques Junior Eugene

    Who would think Jim with his amazing sense of humor actually grew up in hardship. Makes me respect and love the man even more. Also, hats off every time to the rap god, my favorite rapper of all time, EMINEM :-)!

  • Barbaros Atelia
    Barbaros Atelia Year ago +1

    No economist, no politician... this video shows us that if you grew up in poverty, you hardly have a chance to become famous unless you become an artist...

  • Bernardo Silva
    Bernardo Silva Year ago +3

    Elvis wasn't that poor he lived with forrest gump

  • Dat Lindroos
    Dat Lindroos Year ago

    why not use any of eminems other sångs where he actualy raps

  • Jemma Hovsepyan
    Jemma Hovsepyan Year ago +1

    Michael Jackson?

  • tobibaseball24
    tobibaseball24 Year ago +1

    I can't believe you didn't mention Charlie Chaplin!!

  • kye flint
    kye flint Year ago

    You forgot about Conor mcgregor

  • a girl
    a girl Year ago haddish?

  • catastrophic3
    catastrophic3 Year ago +1

    I believe they put Eminem as a thumbnail not because he grew up poor. (Most of us knew that already)
    But because it’s Eminem. Plaster his face or name on anything, and you have instant attention.

  • skimmelperdpan
    skimmelperdpan Year ago +1

    This list is good but I don't see Corey Taylor, Michael Jackson nor do I see basically any rock musicians who also grew up in poverty. Perhaps another top ten of this needs to be done?

  • Abdulrahman Ahmed

    lemme guess
    oprah is no.1

  • Jaime Estrada
    Jaime Estrada Year ago

    William Levi was living in poverty before fame as well

  • Julian Edelman
    Julian Edelman Year ago

    I was born and raised in the same neighborhood as viola Davis, shit I even went to school with her niece, crazy to see her on this list

  • leon jo
    leon jo Year ago

    No wonder Elvis remained so kind and generous throughout his life, Oprah's story as well as Em's story is very inspiring....All people on this list deserve to be happy...

  • Obey Cthulhu
    Obey Cthulhu Year ago

    I only knew Eminem, Jay-Z, and Oprah.

  • red headed psycho

    Boys who beat women, it doesn't make you look strong, it shows you're scared to fight stronger men.. Weak

  • iBourne xx 1994
    iBourne xx 1994 Year ago

    JK Rowling?

  • Hayden 44
    Hayden 44 Year ago

    Where de fuck is bruno mars

  • Vic
    Vic Year ago

    Where is Chief Keef

  • Icchi Nutz
    Icchi Nutz Year ago

    What's Michael Jacksons story?

    • Linda Senoussi
      Linda Senoussi Year ago

      He grew extremely poor in the ghetto of Gary, Indiana. In a small house with 8 siblings. His father was making $10,000 per year and decided to quit his job to make his kids work instead, cause it was more profitable for the family. At age 5 with 4 of his brothers (that were also young but a bit older) they tried to become famous by working in every talent shows and nightclubs possible. They even worked in strip clubs. When he was 6 years old his job was to pull the skirts of the exotic dancers and looking under to make the men laugh so they would throw money at him and his 7 year old brother Marlon (who was doing the same thing). On top of that he had an abusive father who refused that his children would call him dad and so they had to call their dad: Joe or father. Joe would regularly beat them, insult them and humiliate them. He nicknamed Michael “nose” or “fat nose” which leaded to Michael’s multiple nose jobs. And the list goes on. So yeah a terrible childhood.

  • Remyfox819
    Remyfox819 Year ago

    No Kurt Cobain?

  • Jack Hazuki
    Jack Hazuki Year ago

    What about 2pac? A guy who was poor had no guide,and was fatherless.

  • Unicorn Magic
    Unicorn Magic Year ago


  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Year ago

    Jimmy Butler?

  • Bob13790
    Bob13790 Year ago


  • Loading File
    Loading File Year ago

    Except Eminem went to a private high school and only lived NEAR 8 mile. He had a really average life.

  • Cade Without a K
    Cade Without a K Year ago +1

    He was homeless before he started making music in his brothers basement

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Year ago +1

    But Drake started from the bottom

    • kayla xo
      kayla xo Year ago

      Drake never struggled. He actually grew up with money

    • jessica thompson
      jessica thompson Year ago

      Bryce Walker 😂😂 he was actually middle class so I have no idea why he made that song

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad Year ago

      Yeah right

  • Nolan Carver
    Nolan Carver Year ago

    How could they not put Sylvester Stalone on this list. His is worse than all these

  • Iris Lomloy!!!
    Iris Lomloy!!! Year ago

    He had a heart attack

  • Iris Lomloy!!!
    Iris Lomloy!!! Year ago

    OMG I learn about Elvis Presley at school

  • Tom Spires
    Tom Spires Year ago

    No Mike Tyson?? Dude use to share a bed with his mum in his childhood he was so poor...

  • Luis Duarte
    Luis Duarte Year ago

    Lana Del Rey grew up with a lot of financial troubles as well, her dad was only a millionaire when she was born, instead of the multi-millionaire business man that he is now.
    Queen of struggles.

  • Megan Lee
    Megan Lee Year ago

    what about Johnny Cash ?

  • Natasha Semrau
    Natasha Semrau Year ago

    I was writing about Eminem's video , not any of our president's constant t tirades about poor and different people from our president's social status. Sorry folks , l do get confused with the word box!😁☺

  • Big nano
    Big nano Year ago

    Lebron james

  • Natasha Semrau
    Natasha Semrau Year ago

    Well l finally saw his video about our president, Eminem. He made sense, and l am glad he put himself out there. Look what our president has done to other people who have crossed him. Poverty is not a crime and now we are being charged liked dupes! Long ago Eminem wrote a nasty song about killing his wife, and I hated that song.

  • Brandi Silvers
    Brandi Silvers Year ago

    What about Selena Gomez?

  • The Richman Centre

    My father helped me out with a small loan with a million $

  • Rohan Masud
    Rohan Masud Year ago

    I see Eminem, I click

  • Mihnea Dumitrana
    Mihnea Dumitrana Year ago +1

    Where is Lebron James?