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The Making of a Gold Bar!

  • Published on Jul 26, 2021
  • Melting down scrap gold into a bar at Icebox!

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  • Icebox
    Icebox  Year ago +157

    Exclusive content coming to Patreon, starting August 2!!!

  • Bill Roads
    Bill Roads Year ago +2

    All the sad souls that pawned their gold just to make ends meet.

  • Richard C
    Richard C Year ago +662

    Not what my gold bars in runescape look like

  • aleiterful
    aleiterful Year ago +278

    The gold bar only weighed about 3 grams the other 97 fell out the machine on the floor

  • ShadowboiCase
    ShadowboiCase Year ago +154

    "Don't mind me honey just making gold bars in the kitchen" lol

  • Keison B
    Keison B Year ago +29

    Idk why but I laughed when I saw the grill 😂

  • Achmad Syauqi
    Achmad Syauqi Year ago +14

    i love when you cool it in the sink. like we can make it in our own backyard

  • Dez Nutz
    Dez Nutz Year ago +8

    Damn that's whole lotta Walmart gold ya got there!

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  • 824 daitotoku
    824 daitotoku Year ago +3


  • Whatshealthynow
    Whatshealthynow Year ago +2

    Could you hold that red hot gold bar for one minute? Your prize 1 million dollars.

  • Break Free Be Free
    Break Free Be Free Year ago +5

    Whoever you are. Thank you. This was most entertaining. And idk why

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh Year ago +5

    I'll make a How To Video!

    TUFAB  +4

    Love how he misses half of the jewerly when putting em in the melting chamber

  • ぴょん鬼恥
    ぴょん鬼恥 Year ago


  • Pepo
    Pepo Year ago +3

    “Honey,where are my earrings?”

  • Grunt
    Grunt Year ago +1

    Now you can kiss your cross!

  • iFox Gamer FF

    KGF2 🔥

  • Shane Ansgarius

    me going through my moms jewelry

  • ピノッキオ