I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • So we've bought a fair few things from the website Wish in the past, but we've never ventured into the gadget tab... I kept seeing ads for suspiciously cheap electronics, so I decided to buy 5 of them and test them out with another questionable Wish haul!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12091

    HAPPY 2018 Y'ALL! happy new year! i don't know why i did this, but i did. can't wait for another great year with all of y'all! xo, Saf

  • Shannon Alese
    Shannon Alese 39 minutes ago

    I got a wish ad in the beginning lol

  • Cheyanne World
    Cheyanne World 2 hours ago +1

    No one
    Not a soul
    Not even a roach

    Not a living cell in sight
    Not anyone or anything at all

    Not even the lightskin monty

    Wish:black sofa sitting sofa black for sitting enjoy sitting seat for sleep seating laying easy access rest pillows relax living room bedroom decoration cute comfy sofa

  • Chloe Chelminski
    Chloe Chelminski 3 hours ago

    Each wish video intro: They sell everything form *insert weird, useless, random object here* to wedding dresses! foreshadowing

  • JustJiya- George
    JustJiya- George 4 hours ago

    A wish ad comes in before I am about to what this I am not liying

  • mxhart
    mxhart 8 hours ago

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  • mxhart
    mxhart 8 hours ago

    Bitch suck a dick

  • mxhart
    mxhart 8 hours ago


  • Jessica Chung
    Jessica Chung 18 hours ago +1

    for some reason youtube’s recycling all my videos i’ve already watched into my feed but i’m honestly just gonna watch again bc i don’t remember

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith Day ago +1

    you should avoid connecting cheap chinese electronics to your computer if you can help it lol, malware transfered

  • SurAz KumAr
    SurAz KumAr Day ago

    Thank you so much
    By using this code
    I got 70% off my order
    Really I appreciate so much

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Day ago

    Literally the add that played before was about wish and the smart watch that was in the thumbnail

  • *.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.*

    I got a wish ad in this video

  • Kassidy Nelson
    Kassidy Nelson Day ago

    “They’ve got stars, jack o lanterns, birds, skulls, and..... Santi Claus”

  • Queen BeatZz
    Queen BeatZz 2 days ago

    1:30 // No $330 is not a normal price for an iPhone.. a iPhone costs in between the $800 and $1300, so $330 actually IS a markdown !

  • Doggo Productions
    Doggo Productions 2 days ago +1

    Lol I got a wish ad

  • Gacha- Kawaii
    Gacha- Kawaii 2 days ago +1

    I got a Wish add before this,anyone else?

  • Annette Kamoss
    Annette Kamoss 2 days ago

    0:35 😐

  • Jules McDonald
    Jules McDonald 2 days ago

    You should strap the fake go pro to the drone and see what footage you get!

  • AngeLa
    AngeLa 2 days ago

    The drone said "TOY" at the end. That's how they gotcha! Poop. 🤘🖤

  • Clyde Okita
    Clyde Okita 3 days ago

    Charming creative young couple, follow me as I recover:
    Need to monetize my photography, will gladly share revenue. Any ideas?

  • Pandas Do Random Stuff

    I got a wish ad lol

  • Neko Gabrielle
    Neko Gabrielle 4 days ago

    Do you work in buzzfeed??

  • becky v
    becky v 4 days ago

    Does any one else hate these comments?
    This is how many people love safia! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • thatsrightjay
    thatsrightjay 4 days ago

    I love how this chick keeps plugging illegitimate Chinese products into her computer to charge with no fear.

  • Aiden Beatty 2
    Aiden Beatty 2 5 days ago

    I have my own same camera except I did not Get it off wish and mine is a set in a case and it has all these add ons

  • Wu Butt
    Wu Butt 5 days ago

    Seems like every review I read on wish they say I haven't used it yet or I haven't tried it yet! God that is so stupid, that is the worst review I've ever heard! Don't review until you use it you shit heads!
    *By the way I didn't watch your video you're kind of annoying I just came to comment on how shity wish is

  • bradley carrot
    bradley carrot 5 days ago

    these cheap knock of go pros are actually prety useful for cycling or horseriders where they always need to have a report of idiots on the roads :D
    and as there cheap if they got damaged it would be easier on the pocket

  • Natalie Neeson
    Natalie Neeson 5 days ago

    I love how the watch was $300 but it was "on sale" for 13

  • Kihla Jackson
    Kihla Jackson 5 days ago +1

    12:00 lmaoo

  • sean fountains
    sean fountains 5 days ago +1

    i dunno why but the quicktime camera footage just cracks me up hard

  • Wren Paasch
    Wren Paasch 5 days ago

    I know this is an old video, but you missed the opportunity of connecting the GoPro dupe to the drone!

    GMAMEC 5 days ago

    Thanks for sharing and providing updates. For security purposes, consider using a separate computer, tablet, phone or any device that requires specific software, SD cards, flash drives etc.

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh 5 days ago

    Wish online shopping good or bad ( please tell me)

  • Bizzy Wizzy
    Bizzy Wizzy 6 days ago

    the camera on the drone is a dummy, it just shows you where you should place your camera/gopro. It would be more expensive if it had a real camera. But you can hook up any small camera/gopro.
    And the watch, for selfies you should wear the watch upside down. The camera angle is so that you can record while looking at your watch. A good simcard would work as well. twitter would open up a browser saying that it cant connect. The watch is a great spy cameraand a great phone if you use bluetooth headset. and good mp3 player and its main function is as notifier for your smartphone

  • Bizzy Wizzy
    Bizzy Wizzy 6 days ago

    OMG Somehow you are extra sexy when you are reading. Read some more please..
    You got this Alison Brie vibe when reading. luv it

  • Felix Atkinson
    Felix Atkinson 6 days ago

    "i feel like on a scale from 1 to casey neistat, this would be a single sunglasses lens"

  • Dru Denae
    Dru Denae 6 days ago

    I bought one of the watches, it worked great and I did not have to use a sim card, though it did ask for one.

    ANSLEY GEESEY 6 days ago

    They forgot the e on the lov part for the gopro

  • Kitchens, fires And more

    I got an ad for wish....

  • juliet B pusheen
    juliet B pusheen 6 days ago

    The go pro is a camera but mini cause i have a white one from bj's

  • Levi Nelson
    Levi Nelson 6 days ago

    And a happy new house.

  • RandomMusicMan
    RandomMusicMan 6 days ago

    This thumbnail wack
    Smart watch not Apple Watch
    And y does she look like a tranny

  • Borbala Duzs
    Borbala Duzs 6 days ago

    When the fake gopro turned on it sounded like when my dashcam turns on lmao

  • Cindy Lavoie
    Cindy Lavoie 7 days ago

    Who is here in 2019

  • Kay girl /the dog lover 345

    I have the perjecter I loved it but my mom cut the cord 😬

  • aexoiic
    aexoiic 7 days ago

    I ordered a PS4 pro from them and I got exactly what I ordered the graphics were good they also gave me 2 controllers. So, in some cases wish works.

  • Eva Colenbrander
    Eva Colenbrander 7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that with all the products in the reviews there was an review that said: “my daughter loved it”?

  • Sedona Harris
    Sedona Harris 7 days ago

    You peal off the sticker

  • Vera The Happy Hufflepuff

    I literally just got a Wish ad

  • aO102
    aO102 8 days ago

    I have a strong feeling there was an issue with card formatting for the camera-glasses. If you have a tech-savvy pal, have them try and mess around with it and see if you can get a recording.

  • Justice Adamson
    Justice Adamson 8 days ago

    Tape the fake gopro to the drone

  • Justice Adamson
    Justice Adamson 8 days ago

    Please do a full face of kids makeup

  • rabbit girl
    rabbit girl 8 days ago

    I kinda WISH I could a done this!

  • Toffy the potato bunny

    I have the cheap apple watch!!! It works like a charm!!

  • Olivia Reascos
    Olivia Reascos 9 days ago +1

    Me:starts to watch the video
    Also me:(Wish and pops up)WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS

  • Gacha_kawii cat
    Gacha_kawii cat 9 days ago

    I like how she reads the descriptions of the objects

  • Xiofo XOX
    Xiofo XOX 9 days ago

    I was gonna buy a keyboard with wish but for some dumb reason they only had rainbow light keyboards soo I opted for my cheaper more preferred option an amazons basics keyboard for $5 less

  • Evi van der Salm
    Evi van der Salm 10 days ago +2

    I got a commercial for wish before this video

  • Raptor and T-Rex Channel 101

    OMG THE "GO PRO" YOU BOUGHT MY DAD BOUGHT ME ON EBAY!!!!(I think) I didn't think you'd get a camara like mine I thought maybe something better.... I guess not...

  • mariusz szczepkowski
    mariusz szczepkowski 10 days ago +1

    They call wish wish because they wish is was better

  • Feel Inspired
    Feel Inspired 10 days ago +4

    Who else got a Wish Advertisement before the video?

    Just me? Ok

    • TheDopeyPotato
      TheDopeyPotato 7 days ago

      Why does everyone say, Just me? Because obviously it isn't just you, look at the other comments, people are commenting the same thing so obviously you weren't the only person with a wish ad

  • Mylana Wijayanti
    Mylana Wijayanti 11 days ago

    The ironic thing is i got a wish ad😂😂

  • Jezz Plores
    Jezz Plores 11 days ago


  • Belle Spencer
    Belle Spencer 11 days ago

    Omg how conveinent an ad popped up for wish 50-90 % off

  • Badass Uchiha
    Badass Uchiha 11 days ago

    it can't all be Miss they should be one Hit

  • Alli Blair
    Alli Blair 11 days ago

    Its so fun going into the description and reading the music names

  • Belinda Bolger
    Belinda Bolger 11 days ago +2

    The reason you got the camera on the drone is because you need to have googles to see what's it's seeing

  • iliyass14
    iliyass14 11 days ago

    Kinda cool how Robin from How i met your mother got a 2 chance as a youtuber...

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 11 days ago

    The brand of the glasses excelvan is the same brand of my projector that I got from a real store and it is really good quality

  • Stephenie Yang
    Stephenie Yang 12 days ago +1

    U know what's weird, when I pressed this video, an ad for Wish appeared...

  • Ryan Mccully
    Ryan Mccully 12 days ago

    I gave wish 5 star rateding and the smart watch with a spot for a little card it's for a SD card

  • Ryan Mccully
    Ryan Mccully 12 days ago

    Shit cameras from wish as more better clear picture then a go pro I love wish better then ebey

  • feb221964
    feb221964 12 days ago

    my son bought one of the smart watches from Wish and it worked perfect with his android phone. the sim card is just to save your stuff on. You have to bluetooth it to your phone for it to work.

  • jenny jen Jen
    jenny jen Jen 12 days ago +1

    I got a wish ad before this vid...

  • Facts not Feelings
    Facts not Feelings 12 days ago

    I stopped using wish. The clothes were always under size the electrical gear was generally none functional or had instructions only in Chinese and the customer service are just the worst... ZERO STARS ⭐️

  • Harry Mcloughlin
    Harry Mcloughlin 12 days ago


  • gacha magic
    gacha magic 12 days ago

    Omg why am i so late

  • gacha magic
    gacha magic 12 days ago +1

    Omg you used the new entrow and i love your vids XD❤❤

  • chicky jr
    chicky jr 13 days ago +1

    Is it funny that I had a wish ad before this?

  • Cyan Creeper
    Cyan Creeper 13 days ago +2

    There was a wish add before I watched this wish video FBI is watching me.......

  • LunaLynxx
    LunaLynxx 13 days ago

    Right before this there was a wish ad

  • Mary Watson
    Mary Watson 13 days ago

    Just brings to mind that old saying-if it looks too good to be true then it probably is!!

  • Marta Ribić
    Marta Ribić 13 days ago +4

    Just before the video l got a Wish ad...lol!

  • Stewart Wilson
    Stewart Wilson 13 days ago

    I hate to knock you down ref your items from WISH but like you said it's( cheap and for some people like me that's fine) I have the same little camera because I can't afford a Go pro and it is on my DJI Phantom my only problem is it fits upside down but it works just fine I did tell them about the wyfy problem with it and they gave me my money back, also they do say we have your back if your not satisfied, ref the glasses did you try them after this video ( I have some just like them and you have to know how they work) I find with lots of things from China they don't include proper instructions, I have told them this before, in my opinion you probably have money to buy nice expensive things if you can afford a Go Pro,to tell you the truth most of the things I have gotten from them are small but fine for me and my wife the shipping is quite fast to England I was given a wrist watch it never lost a second and here in England lots of things we buy are nearly all made in China but they change the product badge and suddenly you pay lots of cash for it I'm sure that your intro had a boor bell demo that's why I clicked on your video If you have never flown RC helicopters or drones then you did quite good please feel free to tell me I'm wrong By the way there's always input from people who did get items so I read what they say before jumping in you look very nice :)#

  • MrCrimAngel
    MrCrimAngel 13 days ago

    dont be retarted and plug chinese knockoffs into your computer

  • monkku
    monkku 13 days ago

    u spend almost 1000dollars on uggs but can't buy a drone😂

  • Sparkly Narwhal
    Sparkly Narwhal 13 days ago

    I had that watch it sucked

  • Alanis Marvin
    Alanis Marvin 14 days ago

    Some stuff from wish is actually pretty good, like she said it is a hit or miss but I’ve never been disappointed with anything

  • Bram Hendriks
    Bram Hendriks 14 days ago

    I love wish and these products!! if u are going to buy something on wish please consider using the code: wvpxwys. It will give u up to 50% discount, and helps this poor boy a lot

  • misses foxxx
    misses foxxx 14 days ago +1

    I actually got an wish ad before the video to buy a bleutooth game controller. 👏😂

  • Woke boi
    Woke boi 14 days ago

    I got an ad from wish in this video.

  • Riverdale tales
    Riverdale tales 14 days ago

    "Eeelectronic "

  • lxcedbeats
    lxcedbeats 14 days ago

    yes, yes you are going to tackle that package.

  • Inactive
    Inactive 15 days ago

    This video should be called " I flex on you all, and you love it " on a crappy Chinese bootleg site.

  • BettaHani
    BettaHani 15 days ago

    I have that Apple Watch dupe it is a Chinese knockoff

  • sammy syed
    sammy syed 15 days ago

    idk about 4K but it was oK 😂

  • Audrey Hunlede
    Audrey Hunlede 15 days ago

    You have to activate the SIM card

  • Earthy Gardens
    Earthy Gardens 15 days ago

    I did a eBay vs wish . Wish was more expensive. Shiping ...

  • Tejas 0069
    Tejas 0069 15 days ago

    I have the same watch