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  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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  • MemeMan
    MemeMan 13 days ago

    Too bad you permanently broke them on some systems because you think your shitty "campaign" was worth completely ruining an infinite library of custom songs and improvements.

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 5 days ago

      +TJ Studioits not harassing people when i cant use the PRODUCT I PAID FOR. Clearly you can't read, I cannot play the most recent version of the game w/ nor w/o mods. This btw isnt toxic. Valid anger and annoyance are not toxicity. Calling you a c*nt for no reason is toxicity. But please white knight some more.

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 11 days ago +1

      +MemeMan Sounds like you're harassing people because toxicity is your nature. So get out! Toxic people aren't welcomed on the internet!

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 12 days ago

      +TJ Studio I'm pissed off because both the mods and the game are unplayable for me now on the latest patch. I have to play on the old version of the game where the mods are no longer available.

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 12 days ago +1

      Are you trying to harass them or something?

  • Dezy XI
    Dezy XI 19 days ago +2

    Hey, have you guys heard of non copyrighted music? @Jaroslav Beck
    Maybe it's easier to get it than copyrighted material....

    • Xaphok
      Xaphok 15 days ago

      yep, like in geometry dash that uses newgrounds

  • milan gamer
    milan gamer 20 days ago

    Dlc pack 2 when??? I cant wait

  • Kiarni
    Kiarni 23 days ago

    I just want custom games on psvr 🥺

  • axel is noob
    axel is noob 29 days ago


  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos 29 days ago

    thank you for acknowledging this topic

  • mic kon
    mic kon Month ago

    Mám na čo byť hrdý 💙! Ak je Vlado zo Slovenska of course 😅
    Ste mojím vzorom chalani 🇸🇰🇨🇿

  • Genoslide
    Genoslide Month ago +1

    welp time to get an outdated version of the game, thanks

  • calokwolfable
    calokwolfable Month ago

    the music stinks i want my money back for this "game"

  • CartaEstem
    CartaEstem Month ago +1

    How stupid do you have to be to modify an unifinished game and then blame the developers when it crashes or write negative reviews on steam because the mods don't work anymore after an update. Honestly, i am so mad reading these dumb negative reviews from people that have no idea of what they are talking about and ruin the reputation of this amazing game. Also it's really sad that they have to justify their actions now, which shouldn't even be necessary and have to explain that music is not for free and the cannot officially support custom songs. This is common knowledge.

  • Bossalirious
    Bossalirious Month ago

    Speaking of song pack #2 where is it? I heard that it was suppoes to becoming *A LOT SOONER* THAN THE FIRST ONE.

  • zoetropik
    zoetropik Month ago

    Hi and thanks for making Beat Saber! As someone who bought your game soon after it came out (and who plays it literally every day), there's one small bug fix I'd be very grateful to see in a future update: accented character support. My Steam username is "zoëtropik", but every time I appear at the top of one of the global leaderboards, it shows as "zo tropik"... or, since 0.13.2, "zo?tropik". I'm sure there are tonnes of European players who would love it if characters like ö, é, and å would display properly in your game. Alternatively, if making Beat Saber support those characters is too difficult, could you make the game simply convert them to their unaccented variants? Because even seeing "zoetropik" on the leaderboards would be an improvement over what I have now. ;-) Many thanks in advance!

  • MEMEsaber
    MEMEsaber Month ago

    Mods make the game more fun, but when the dev for modsaber quit i'm surprised that some players blamed that on the devs of the original game. Without the devs the game wouldn't be here in the first place, and without the effort put into it the game wouldn't be as polished as it now is. Sure mods bring a second life to the game, but while mods are down why not try out some of the original songs?(still not impressed by the dlc tho) The devs worked hard on it and every single one of them are easy to play/hard to master. They also gave us modifiers and training mode so we can speed the song up to 200%, and i bet barely any of you can do ex+ beat saber with a 150% speed and gn :P The dlc update might be trash, but that shouldn't stop us from seeing the effort the devs are giving.
    Thanks for making the game and giving us a hell of a experience.

  • Devin Dykstra
    Devin Dykstra Month ago +2

    I can only imagine what that feels like, you update a game out of passion and love for the project, to improve it, even in the most minor ways, and then your fans get mad at you. All that I can say is that we all love your work, even those who get mad at you for updating it, they are mad because they care about beatsaber and they love playing it. They just don't understand.
    That being said, I hope this video gets to many people and educates them.

  • Skelly
    Skelly Month ago +1

    Hi Jaroslav Beck can you please add custom songs to beat saber, so we don't have to wait for the mod to update to the latest version? Thanks

  • OdiN902 1
    OdiN902 1 Month ago

    just an idea but if you guys created a beat map for scattered faith that isn't fan made

  • Rawkers
    Rawkers Month ago


  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago

    It's fun to peek behind the scenes, thanks for this video. It's totally understandable that updating the game would affect the mods, thanks for all the work you are putting into making this a great game for us!

  • Star Killa
    Star Killa Month ago

    If they can’t add mods I’m cool with it. The songs on already are sick and the amount of replay ability is class.

  • coolisasome
    coolisasome Month ago

    The problem with mods is that they are what is considered beat saber. On RU-clip I discovered the game with reality check through the skull and that causes problems.

  • Kevin Kylon
    Kevin Kylon Month ago

    I wrote a small mod for Beat Saber and while it's sad that the mods break, I'm glad that the game continues to improve. And I will keep working to fix the mods as you update!

  • Jacob Camerupt
    Jacob Camerupt Month ago

    I understand there might not be custom songs, but I hope there's gonna be the chance to get Duel of Fates + Other Star Wars songs, because those are in my opinion, songs made for Beat Saber

  • Reaxt
    Reaxt Month ago

    welcome in San Fransisco

  • Stirrcrazy
    Stirrcrazy Month ago

    thanks for addressing the community on mods, voices of reason were getting rarer and rarer out in the wilderness of steam reviews.

  • Shotak
    Shotak Month ago

    I hate that I have to explain this, Beat Saber is not the ones that make the mods. Stop asking the devs to make or fix mods, they don’t make them. If you want to fix your mods use the BSMG and get your mods working. but stop complaining your mods don’t work, asking the devs for fixes to them, and review bombing the game because you can’t learn to read for 10 seconds.

  • Knexli
    Knexli Month ago

    I understand the point of you guys, but why don't you let like older versions available so people who want to play with the mods can still do that. Beat Saber is a game which needs the levels of other players to be interesting. If you only play the "standard" ones (including the monstercat ones), you probably get kinda bored after some hours and you want more challengeing things. I totally understand you but as I said it would be cool if there was a way to get older versions of the game or something which would make it possible to still play with mods while waiting for the mod-creators to update their mods.

  • David Westwood
    David Westwood Month ago

    One possible idea for custom songs is to look at the community and every month or patch select like 10 songs that the community likes and buy the proper permissions to use those songs and integrate them into your game. (I think this would allow for a mix of both worlds and could make your life easier)

  • Rieducky :/
    Rieducky :/ Month ago +1

    Can you be able to ad mods to psvr for at least one day?

    • Thermal
      Thermal 17 days ago

      They can't just add mods, simply because PSVR doesn't support them. Since PSVR is a closed platform it can't currently support Beat Saber mods, but maybe in the future.

  • Tanoshi
    Tanoshi Month ago

    I wouldn't say song licensing is a huge issue. Osu is a huge rhythm beat map game that has thousands and thousands of songs and even has champion ships with prizes. and as far as i know there has been 0 issues with beat maps made from the community using licensed songs since it is the community project to make maps and at that point the songs are technically fair use as they are not used for profit but entertainment etc. But other then that Beat saber has been great game. never had any issues with and without mods not even a single crash so far. so all has been great for me.

  • Jesse Van Den Broek
    Jesse Van Den Broek Month ago +1

    I don’t know if you will be able to answer this question (probably not, either should be answered by oculus or modders), but will mods be possible on the quest? This will depend mostly on if the quest can enable file management of the game. I’ve heard that you can side-load games on, so there is probably gonna be a way to do that, but do you know for sure if it will be possible, or not confirmed yet/probably better wait till release?

  • picoParsec
    picoParsec Month ago

    Beat saber is so important for VR. Can't wait to play it on the Quest.
    With or without mods

  • SVAFnemesis
    SVAFnemesis Month ago

    He’s basically saying it takes tremendous amount of manpower to build a mod compatible API component into the game and in the comment people are saying “how stupid for people not to know that” well first of all, people shouldn’t know because not everyone’s a game dev, second, I do VR dev and I hold my second opinion on what he said. No disrespect its a superb VR game, but still.

  • Fire dash213
    Fire dash213 Month ago

    Mods on psvr maybe :)

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Month ago

    It looks like they are using for injecting c# dll's. I think the main issue as to why mods keep breaking when the devs modify things is because there is no actual game API instead they are probably giving the modders a reference to the UnityEngine API. This means it would be difficult for the devs to predict what parts of there project might effect what mods... then again creating an API that restricts modders has its own challenges and issues. I do want to note that this is all just a guess, I am not a modder, I just took a peak at github and read what the Illusion Plugin Architecture does.

  • Siki Rebirth
    Siki Rebirth Month ago +3

    How do people think that it's the devs fault for the mods breaking???
    Plus the mod makers instantly update them an hour after updates go live?
    And there's a mod manager for it???? I don't understand people!?!?

  • MrZauberwuerfel
    MrZauberwuerfel Month ago +1

    I understand the problem.
    Wouldnt sending prerelease patches to the big modders be an option to fix this?

  • Kreesty
    Kreesty Month ago +1

    Just integrate mod support and use the frickin Steam Workshop for custom maps, sabers, avatars etc...

  • Oberon Gaming
    Oberon Gaming Month ago

    If your game doesn’t launch with the new game launcher...
    Delete faceit from your computer. The facit anti cheat interferes with the new beat saber mod manager. This issue affected me, and I hope it will fix the mods for you! Like so others can see

  • Dj Tsunami Blade
    Dj Tsunami Blade Month ago +2

    The whole thing about unlicensed music is that audio surf has been allowing custom songs for years and there is no issue cause it’s not them hosting them. You adding support but not supplying the music would not implicate you in anyway to the deeds of other people cause there is free music and there is the fact someone could own a copy of the song and just download the map and inject there already owned music.
    And adding a camera mod would be much appreciated to streamers as the game is big for streamers lately. You guys are doing a great job but I really don’t see much of an issue with the mods. Bring these people that but in time helping progress the game with mods and have them help add these features officially.

  • Będę grał w grę

    You totally have my support, it's natural, what you're saying.

  • Gabini
    Gabini Month ago +2

    I want to see an AI that maps songs automatically

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      I see.

    • FurFag
      FurFag Month ago

      +Jono99 I'm a huge fan of rythm games myself, not just beat saber. I like AI in general as well. I just think its be cool to combine the 2.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Yeah, for players of Eastern rhythm games, this can be a bit of a sore spot. Sorry.

    • FurFag
      FurFag Month ago

      +Jono99 well damn I didn't mean to offend you.
      I just think it would be a cool thing to have and I would like to see how it would perform in vr.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Translation: I don't care if maps are shit, I just care if they exist.
      Auto generated charts in any rhythm game is a recipe for disaster. They almost always lead to boring, generic charts that rely on the song being generically structured to create charts that fit with the song to begin with.

  • Watashijan
    Watashijan Month ago

    I really dont know how peppy is doing it with osu but his game is based on community maps and copyrighted music idk how hes not getting into trouble but if he can do this im sure you guys can do it too

  • Joe Nelson
    Joe Nelson Month ago

    Is it worth applying for a commercial license to NCS (NoCopyrightSounds)? They've got loads of songs which are free for independent use so they might be quite reasonable?

  • P Killjoy
    P Killjoy Month ago +5

    Its so easy to break software, adding mods and then updating the base game is a recipe for game breaking issues.
    for VR enthusiasts who are complaining, you really know very little about software. My suggestion is to use a mod manager app, and set it to not allow beatsaber to auto-update. That way, you are in control and whenever you do decide to update, you can uninstall the mods first

  • Virtual Turtle
    Virtual Turtle Month ago +1

    People can be harsh.. It's crazy to see all the negative reviews. I mean, beat saber is amazing, and there should be no doubt about that!

  • Mar kus
    Mar kus Month ago

    Can you make a star wars song for beatsaber? That would be really cool because you are also having lightsaber with which you slice the cubes.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      +Mar kus oh. Well, you're kinda out in the cold sorry to say.

    • Mar kus
      Mar kus Month ago

      +Jono99 I can't use beat saver because I play on the psvr.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Are there any songs in star wars that would make for good maps? If so, there's probably a fanmade map for it already. Look on Beat Saver for it. If not, get some mapping tools, grab an mp3 and try your hand at making one yourself. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

  • MrThat0neperson
    MrThat0neperson Month ago +11

    The mods are an integral part of the game for me, but I would never blame you for what you do to improve it, which invariably breaks them. Just keep doing what you do, because you do it very well!

  • VR Gaming Room
    VR Gaming Room Month ago

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  • Dieter
    Dieter Month ago

    One big problem with the updates for me is the release of chargeable content. For 20€ the game has way to little content. Releasing more original content for extra money feels very creedy to me. Watching the trends with microtransactions in video games makes me really mad.
    The only reason the game is so succesfull is the community and the people which spents hours of work on creating mods, free of charge!
    With such a community you could become the Minecraft of VR, but for the pc version of minecraft i just paid about 24€ and thats all. They have been releasing tons of original content and system updates for FREE during the years.
    I'm really pissed seeing a paywall in a 20€ game with so little original content. Thats one of the reasons EA is the most hated Publisher of all time, because they try to make extra money out of every shit.
    That people are mad at you is pretty normal, cause after the latest update you had only acces to the few original songs for more than a week and you see all that time the option to BUY additional songs.
    The game is great, but to be worth the 20€ you have to add a lot of content for free.

    • Runthar
      Runthar Month ago

      +Dieter It doesn't slow down development, they have a separate team they've hired a long time ago to map songs. These are people that used to map modded songs. So the developers can focus on the game.

    • Dieter
      Dieter Month ago

      Adding Songs that you have to pay for does also slow down the development of the game. As they sad, there has to be done a lot until the game is no more early acces. So why wasting time with dlc's instead of finishing the game in the first place...
      I think it's a shame to charge people during the time of early acces again for more content.
      You can't just sell a game for 20bucks with almost no content and then charge again 13bucks for a little more content and all of that during early acces.
      Time will tell how thats gonna work out for them in the future. But I think that all users of other platforms than pc, that don't have acces to the mods, will very soon be pissed off by the lag of content and the expensive DLC's.
      And as the Steam reviews looking like, about half of the pc gamers are also really pissed about that.
      A map editor to create your own maps with your own music should have been something highly prioritised.
      I wouldn't buy the game again. Game developers main goal should be to make the best possible game they can, not to make the most possible money out of every little thing in the game.

    • Runthar
      Runthar Month ago

      The things is, most songs that will and have been added into the game are made by other people and companies. The dev's have to pay those people to use their song in Beat Saber, they can't just not charge money for those songs that they spent tons of money to license. Every now and then there will be free ones like popstars and crab rave and the other one. If they develop their game and also make new songs themselves like the original soundtrack then it would slow down development.

  • mik vr
    mik vr Month ago

    Naprosto Vam rozumim, svym zpusobem vam modderi "ukradli" hru .... ale to je holt tim, ze tech songu je malo, coz sami vite. Proto jsem uvital nove a nove songy, music packy, klidne si priplatim za dalsi, cim vic tim lip.

  • TheFancyFilmmaker
    TheFancyFilmmaker Month ago

    You say the games not finished yet u put in DLC 😒

    • Runthar
      Runthar Month ago

      +TheFancyFilmmaker It costs them quite a bit of money to be allowed to use those songs in their game.

    • MrThat0neperson
      MrThat0neperson Month ago

      +TheFancyFilmmaker I don't agree simply because the maps themselves are finished and complete in their own right, not something you're paying for that's incomplete. They aren't making you pay to continue to play the game period, they're just asking you to pay for extra songs that came about later. These songs may not have even been planned to be mapped when they initially thought of, or even released, the base game. It's the same thing other rhythm games do; give you the option for more content that came after the fact for a price. If you paid for the base game before any of the free songs were released, you did so knowing full well that those were officially the only songs it had at the time, and that anything else was mods and unsupported. It would be one thing if the game had a pay wall to continue using it, but this is extra content that came after the fact. Would you rather not have the option to buy now content at all?
      And besides, this is all irrelevant because they're pretty much even encouraging the modders to keep up their work, which undermines even paying for most, if not all, of the DLC as pretty much every song has a custom map made by someone that you pay absolutely nothing for.

    • TheFancyFilmmaker
      TheFancyFilmmaker Month ago

      Those maps should be for free, not paid DLC. If a game is incomplete why would you sell stuff for a game that’s not even done yet. This is stuff that EA or Activison would do. This is the type of stuff that’s ruining the gaming industry. The whole “fix it later let’s try and find a way to make more money.” If they added more songs in game for free more people would buy the game, that’s how you make more money when it comes to making a game. Add some free extra content to increase the popularity and value of the game.

    • MrThat0neperson
      MrThat0neperson Month ago

      Well yeah, they want us to have more official content. Can you imagine if they onlly left us with the original 10 songs? They can't just rely on the community to do the rest of the workfor them, it's their game and they're just doing what they can to better it. Plus, they did touch on the issues of legaity and song usage. There's only so much they can do, and on top of releasing new beat maps they also have to support the game itself as a program. It's just not that simple.

  • Charlie McDaniel
    Charlie McDaniel Month ago +58

    Anyone who is mad or surprised about mods breaking with updates clearly is new to modding games in the first place and doesn't understand how they work.

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 13 days ago

      or I am just annoyed because a shitty update permanently broke mods for me.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      +Crazy Cold you have it so ass backwards it hurts. The devs don't hate modding, they just prioritise improving the vanilla experience over ensuring mod compatibility.

    • Crazy Cold
      Crazy Cold Month ago

      i guess so, but them bs devs really dont like the people who make there game popular without custom songs its nothing :(

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      @Charlie McDaniel one thing you have to consider is that for a decent chunk of players, this *is* their first time getting into mods since the official setlist is tiny (for now) and modding is the only way to add more.

    • mickeil keil
      mickeil keil Month ago +1

      first i wanna say, beat saber is clearly one of the best game in Vr. (and i am not english sorry for mistake) but, so this upgrade make 2 hudge mistake. one break mod ... rythme game on PC is base on modding, beat saber have to deal with it. but, i can accept this mistake. but ... DLC in early acces !! ?? what ? when i buy a game, it for a game not for a demo.
      exepte totaly breack the game, i am not sure they can make bigger mistake.

  • juanki ortiz
    juanki ortiz Month ago +1

    I don't understand why people get angry at the beat saber devs when mods break with and update. Other games like Minecraft have always had this problem and no one complained

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Maybe it's because Beat Saber is much more reliant on mods to be enjoyable. With Minecraft, there's still a pretty decent game to enjoy in it's vanilla state. With Beat Saber, there's next to nothing, which perhaps explains their rage. They're wrong to be mad, don't get me wrong, but that's probably why it's happening.

  • Snows Use
    Snows Use Month ago +3

    The nice way of saying, "We can't gouge you for DLC if you use mods". One of the best games of all time is also over if the most frustrating because the psvr version is so freaking boring now. Long as I can mod it on the quest and block updates I'll gladly buy this game for a fourth time. Charge $40 I don't care.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      As someone who has developed games in the past, I can comfortably say they're not talking out of their ass about anything they said here. Depending on how much changes from update to update, mods can break. It's the developer's choice if they want to take the responsibility for keeping mod compatibility and most of the time, for good reason, they opt not to. Developing the game itself is already a big enough workload for most teams for them to not have the resources to aid the modding community.
      I'm with you on the DLC front though. For an early access game, that just feels really scummy, especially when compared with other rhythm games. If a song pack has a cost over $1 per song, it just feels really wrong.

  • PaulKellyMusic
    PaulKellyMusic Month ago

    I really love your game, and I will continute to support you. But it makes me sad we were promised a custom level editor, and we still don't have it. But that's okay, I'm sure you are working on it. But maybe it's too tricky with copyright issues? And if so, just let us know, it's all about communication. Thanks for everything and your game is amazing!

  • Touch of Chaos
    Touch of Chaos Month ago

    Team up with Spotify or something I want all kinds of music in the game

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      +Touch of Chaos same. Also, there are some songs in the genre (kinda) that'd make for excellent maps, like Hollow Bodies or pretty much anything by Apo11o Program.

    • Touch of Chaos
      Touch of Chaos Month ago

      +Jono99 I want more rock and metal

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      +Touch of Chaos Well, they are doing that. The Monstercat pack exists after all. Also Pop Stars.

    • Touch of Chaos
      Touch of Chaos Month ago

      +Jono99 ah okay then that's what they need to do

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Because Spotify doesn't own the music on their platform. It's licensed to them, much like how the songs in the Monstercat song pack were licenced to Beat Saber. The devs don't own the songs, the own a licence to use the songs. Most licenses don't allow you to licence your licence out to other people, therefore, the devs will need to get licences from the actual songwriters and at that point, there's no point reaching an agreement with Spotify.

  • Millennial Stereotype

    I live in the Bay Area and wanna do a CHARITY STREAM.... Playing Beat Saber for hours/days on end to raise money for charity!!!!!!
    Maybe even get together a team of people to play for a week without stopping!!!!!
    Let's play Beat Saber for Charity!!!!

  • Zack
    Zack Month ago +1

    This comment might get deleted for whatever reason.
    But you do know this game got big *solely* because of mods right? Let's face it, your base songs are good for 4 hours at least give or take. The DLC pack is not really what we asked for despite it being "made by independent individual" so it's not getting the praise you'd expect.
    The fact that it has been a year and there is still not mod support, at the very least Steam Workshop. (I reckon they want to be fair to all platform because that's where they think the money is best gambled on)
    The best they can do? They give you your old version back in the beta tab.
    All said and done, I'm leaving a negative review for now until this mess gets actually fixed and not shifted onto community again.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      The thing is that leaving the old version up for download *is* the best that they can do. Despite how big the game has become, it is still in early access, therefore, the code can (and most often will) change a LOT. Once the complete version, 1.0, releases, there's a good chance the code will settle to be more stable, or at least not be updated as frequently, lightening the load on mod creators, but for now, big, sweeping changes coming hard and fast are to be expected for any game.

  • Dippin'
    Dippin' Month ago +3

    Beat Saber is the only game I am still playing in my life. Other games are getting stale and boring. The negative feedback you're getting is completely undeserved, and those people should be ashamed of themselves for not understanding the difficulties of being a small team working on such a popular game.
    I remember back in the earlier days of minecraft, notch and the mojang team would be releasing an update for the game maybe once or twice a month. The modding scene for that game was tenfold larger than the modding community for Beat Saber, and every mod had to be updated along with the game by their developers. Nobody really complained back then though, people would just sit patiently and wait for their favourite mods to update so they could use them until the next update broke them again.

    I honestly love your game more than any other game ever made, and I sincerely hope that it will get the respect it deserves.

    Love you all, peace.

    • Cat
      Cat Month ago

      I love your point about Minecraft and how literally every single update breaks the mods. It still happens even to this day. Even Optifine has to be updated as well. I’m not completely clear on why there is so much confusion within the BeatSaber community.
      I don’t play BeatSaber, nor do I even own a VR headset, yet. But, I think it has to do with the mod developers not being clear enough on their download pages. I’m not sure what kind of version numbering scheme they use, but all the Minecraft mods I’ve used have a compatible client number either in the mod name or on the download page and they also tell you that it won’t work on later versions. All the BeatSaber mod devs have to do, if they’re not doing it already, is just clearly state that the mod will break when you update the game and that you have to wait until the update the mod. It’s not rocket science.
      It’s a shame that all these misinformed consumers are taking it out on the devs even though they are running unsupported mods in the first place. Hopefully, people will delete their bad reviews and just take a moment to actually do a little research about the situation before taking such actions.
      Now, don’t get me wrong, I confidently believe that there should be a method to import custom maps natively. without having to go through such an ordeal in the first place. I don’t believe in the whole copyright nonsense because just look at Osu. It’s a rhythm game that lets you import any custom map you want. I don’t see them getting into any legal trouble, actually they’re doing quite great. They host the custom maps on their website, but they do adhere to the DMCA takedown requests. BeatSaber should easily be able to implement such a community system, and then they can just hire few staff do handle the DMCA requests if need be. It has been over a year and I think it’s time for such a long overdue feature.
      In conclusion, I believe the people complaining and leaving bad reviews just because of broken mods are absolutely wrong and misinformed. However, if they were to change their negative review from being about broken mods to lack of native custom map support, than that would be totally valid if you ask me. It’s up to the devs at this point on what they want to prioritize and how they want to develop their game. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Eurosubstance
    Eurosubstance Month ago +10

    No need to apologize about mods breaking for your game, or any other game. It's not your fault there are pampered fake gamers out there wanting to be treated as royalty. When an update releases it changes line of code, something mods depend on, so mods have to update to handle the new coding. That's common knowledge, or should be. If people whine about mods breaking then they're simply not gamers.

  • Lord_Necton
    Lord_Necton Month ago +1

    This is the problem with mods on rhythm games as far as PC,s go, Its bascicaly theft as your sharing a song you dont own to people..I have the PSVR version and ill keep supporting the Devs and artists by paying them for new packs...Shame on the mod community for this type of game..Please disable them doing this Beat Games if you can, Could you give you a bad name in the end

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago

      Well, this is a perspective I didn't expect to see. However, I think you are in the wrong just as much in the wrong as those who think the devs are responsible for keeping mods working. For most games on PC mods add a lot to the game and in the case of Beat Saber it's arguably the lifeblood of the game. If you took mods out of Beat Saber, the game would become stale VERY quickly as there's only a small number of songs are in the game and no matter how polished those songs are, they can only keep you going for so long. People will get bored of anything given enough time. Mods keep them coming back to the game, bolstering the player numbers. Mods actually benefit the devs for that very reason, it keeps people playing their game; gives people more reason to buy it when they realise they can play nearly any song they want.
      TL;DR, mods do more for the game than you think. Axing mods is going to do much more harm than good for the game.

    • teri.
      teri. Month ago

      this only happens because the songs we want aren't in the game.

  • sokrboy1
    sokrboy1 Month ago +10

    I'd be interested in learning how often all the employees actually play beat saber and at what difficulty level. Also what challenges you are facing as you continue to develop the game, as well as difficulties in acquiring licensing for other songs?

  • Jaroslav Novotny
    Jaroslav Novotny Month ago

    I think you could communicate this better with every update that the game is in development, the code changes and a new update might break your mods until the modder releases update to the mod too. Mods play a bigger role in your game than in most others. You can state that installing non-official mods might crash the game and you have no control over that code. All of this might seem common sense for most, but 50% of population has below average intellect. You have to put disclaimers not to dry animals in microwaves, to not put plastic bags over heads and what not. I think if you communicate these things better in game (at least for duration of EA) you'll get less backlash because more people will realize it. You also make rumors and misinformation harder to spread, so people won't tell that you purposely disable mods so you can sell licensed song packs.

    However I'd like to see more content added into the base game for the money the game costs before you start selling DLCs - you buy the early access with notion that it's not all you are paying for and stuff will be added as the game is being developed, you expect more. You should finance the song licensing and beat-map creating from the money the game costs until you have amount of content that most people think is fair for the price. Then you will not get backlash for selling additional DLC.

  • Azure
    Azure Month ago +16

    pls ppl dont be rude to them. They did amazing job. They work hard af for us, for players. Be gentle, tolerant and respectful, thank you

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 13 days ago

      idk man making my game literally unplayable with or without mods for some systems is a pretty shitty update.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +2

    People crying when a new patch comes out, cause their mods "broke" don't understand anything. Giving hate to a company for coming out with updates, even if its not a content update is even worse. Don't go crying or give negative reviews simply cause an update made your favorite mod stop working. The author of that mod will come out with a new version for their mod if they are active to make it work with the game. Stop and think rather then simply pointing fingers and blaming.

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 13 days ago

      I gave a negative review because their update permanently broke my game as well as my old mods because the game is literally unplayable with or without them.

  • ewizzle1978
    ewizzle1978 Month ago +11

    Please try not to listen to all the negativity, you made a kick ass game that is pushing VR forward in a big way. It is an amazing experience, and a good workout, in a medium where people sit too much. You are changing the landscape! Keep going please, and know for every annoying complainer there are 1000 fans who love your game. The Quest launch is going to be insane for BS, hold on tight! I wish I could invest...

  • ильяс крут

    Love 💖💖💖💖💖💗💗❤❤❤ BEAT SABER

  • WonkyJon
    WonkyJon Month ago +1

    The sad thing is the people that complain about mods breaking aren't the people that are likely to see this. Perhaps getting the message to them in game is the way to go. Maybe along the lines of the health warning, a single screen that shows a brief message to explain.

  • Firri April
    Firri April Month ago +86

    I am a bit sad that you have to explain this to your players. I don't know how stupid people have to be to not realize that mods are third party modifications you are not responsible for and that they WILL break when the code gets changed. And anyone familiar with copyright should realize the challenges custom songs bring.

    • Caleb Conle
      Caleb Conle 22 days ago

      +Watashijan The game is open source and the only money he makes is from the supporter tag in the game.

    • Bom Bom
      Bom Bom Month ago

      +TheGreenNinja It also brings a lot of pressure on the devs, because of the whole copyright thing... Especially after this article 13 thing, ouch!

    • TheGreenNinja
      TheGreenNinja Month ago +2

      +monkeysrcrazy1 The only real way to solve that problem is to pre-release the updates to the modders, and that puts a lot of pressure on the modders to update their mod before the release.

    • monkeysrcrazy1
      monkeysrcrazy1 Month ago +1

      But at the same time, this game border line requires mods to remain fun. They should find a way to not totally break mods each update.

    • Watashijan
      Watashijan Month ago +2

      +Encrypt3d Shadow hmmm.. That could actually be true. It would be cool if they took non copyrighted music and asked us the community if we would map it for them

  • Woolly Spider
    Woolly Spider Month ago +3

    Mods have to be on quest otherwise psvr users wont buy it....

    • Woolly Spider
      Woolly Spider Month ago

      +Jono99 and i mentioned psvr users because who else is the oculus quest aimed at and psvr users wont buy a quest if there is no mod or custom song support...thats why i mentioned playstation VR

    • Woolly Spider
      Woolly Spider Month ago

      +Jono99 any time but seriously oculus quest is a massive break threw with VR you should check it out no need for a thousand pound pc to play vr or a playstation :')

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      +Woolly Spider I see. Thanks for clarifying. Why mention psvr then?

    • Woolly Spider
      Woolly Spider Month ago

      +Jono99 no its a whole new wireless vr system !

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      "otherwise *psvr* users won't buy it"
      Can you see were I got the idea? I don't actually know all that much about quest. I just assumed it had something to do with Playstation due to you mentioning PSVR.

  • Vulas
    Vulas Month ago +1

    It's a shame about the whole review bomb situation that happened.
    I personally understand that a game needs to be updated and I support all of you guys over at beat games that work on BS and the other titles.

    Hope to see more great content for Beat Saber :D

    • Dieter
      Dieter Month ago

      Updates and more content: Yes
      Paying additional money for it: No
      The game has to deliver way more content for FREE to be worth the initial price of 20€

  • Samuraimaster 360
    Samuraimaster 360 Month ago +1

    does this apply to PSVR???

    • Janice from Accounting
      Janice from Accounting Month ago +2

      +Drragnorr Playing copyrighted content without a license is illegal. On PC nobody bothers, because people can get the illegal content from 3rd party sources.
      But if there is a closed platform like PSN or the Oculus Store, the platform holders would be reliable for any copyright infringement.

      I am sure Sony would love to offer PSVR players mod support, but they don't want to be sued.

    • Samuraimaster 360
      Samuraimaster 360 Month ago

      +Drragnorr ok

    • Drragnorr
      Drragnorr Month ago +5

      ask sony. consoles are walled garden

  • Dknighter
    Dknighter Month ago +7

    I don't agree with all the negative reviews about the mods breaking but there are actual reasons to give negative reviews such as all the false promises that were made like the custom song creator and online multiplayer which is clearly being sidelined while you port the game to every platform possible.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 Month ago +1

      I think they do get how important mods are. That's why they added the old version back as a beta stream. It's just that these are the unfortunate consequences of early access. Code changes a lot over the course of development and this, in most cases, breaks mods and the devs have to make a choice: fix the game and let the mod developers fix their mods or leave their game with massive issues, but let the mods keep working. The devs chose the former option, then left an avenue for the mods to still work by keeping the old version up in a beta stream. Granted they only did this after recieving backlash over the mods breaking, but no doubt they've learned that they should keep legacy versions up in the future.

    • lpanto
      lpanto Month ago +1

      I think that the bad reviews are just a consequence of the team not understanding that the mods are what this game is all about (on pc). The ranking system and the custom songs are want makes people play the game, and it's really frustrating to go back to a very poor version of the game for no reason, even if it's not their fault.
      Another thing is the song packs. This pack is full of overpriced bad maps, and can be interpreted as a way for the developers to make a lot of money without making a lot of efforts.

    • Airbee
      Airbee Month ago +3

      While this is true, its a little more complicated. In another video they said for example, that the custom map creator was finished a long time ago, but the third party mod was way better than what they made already. And they didn't want to release something officially, that is worse than a third party software. I think it is important for the game to be ready at the start of other platforms, and also its a really good thing that Beat Saber is available at almost every VR Headset.
      It's true, those were false promises and i can understand the anger about it, but it has reasonable reasons in my opinion ^^

  • Oreki
    Oreki Month ago +14

    I just wanna say that Beat Saber is probably one of my favorites VR games, it's addictive, fun... Not to hard but not to easy and really cool.
    Well played :)

    • Jacob Camerupt
      Jacob Camerupt Month ago

      Oreki dependent on what song, modifiers and difficulty are used I'd say it can be too hard

  • Micheldertyp
    Micheldertyp Month ago +133

    The mods breaking is just a side effect of you developing the game further.
    Its not your fault. However, it would be nice if you'd release a custom song creator, that allows people to create custom songs that don't break with every update.
    I realize that that could lead to copyright problems on your end, but you don't actually have to host the songs that people create.
    People are already using unlicensed songs in your game, its just harder to keep them working currently. I don't see how making modding easier for the community would change the situation for you as a developer. You WOULD have to actually make a custom song creator that is easy to understand and to use for many people, which is probably a pretty big undertaking for a smaller game, but I think it would make the game way more appealing long term.
    I do think its ridiculous of people to assume that you break mods on purpose though. Modding is an integral part of beatsaber for many players and you seem like you're in no way opposed to anyone modifying your game.
    Anyway, you seem to be doing great and the quest port looks great. The Monstercat pack was also very nice and I wish you only the best for whatever you intend to do with the game going forward ^^

    • AnuBius
      AnuBius Month ago +3

      One thing im fairly certain is that hosting custom songs on the Steam Workshop shouldnt be much of a copyright issue. Many other games that have Steam Workshop support also has many copyrighted items on the workshop (Songs, Characters, Items etc etc) but since they are fan-made, special laws apply there. I however do not know these laws at all, just that many other games also have tons of copyrigthed mods in their workshops without a problem.

    • James Chang
      James Chang Month ago

      +Buniboi yeh the newest mod manager has issues. Sometimes you need to hit install a bunch of times. They are still working on it

    • Buniboi
      Buniboi Month ago

      +James Chang Ok, I downloaded it. Hopefully this time it will work.Though the plugins aren't in the plugins folder, i'm just gonna prey it still works. (I also installed my mods back so-)

    • James Chang
      James Chang Month ago +1

      +Buniboi the person who made mod saber quit for health reasons. There's a new mod manager now. Check the discord.

    • Buniboi
      Buniboi Month ago

      +That Poo Head Modsaber doesn't work anymore either for now.

  • Austincool600
    Austincool600 Month ago

    So is PS4 going to be getting mods or if there’s a copyright problem you can have PS4 players pay a small fee of like a dollar or two and we get access to a mod like memu

    • Austincool600
      Austincool600 Month ago

      True or I hope atleast we get more music pacs

    • lpanto
      lpanto Month ago

      +Austincool600 They won't do it because people wouldn't buy their song packs, so it's not profitable.

    • Austincool600
      Austincool600 Month ago

      I still want a custom song ( without using mods ) like system

    • Austincool600
      Austincool600 Month ago +1


    • Drragnorr
      Drragnorr Month ago +2

      consoles are walled garden, sony will never allow this.

  • Freddy
    Freddy Month ago +45

    Playlists please! I want to be able to play songs one after the other on my order of choosing.

    • LukeAK
      LukeAK Month ago +3

      I dont have a vr set but I would want this when I get one agreed absolutely agreed

  • Kuře Kuřecí
    Kuře Kuřecí Month ago +28

    Good work guys! Unless you dont deliberately disable mods we will be happy :D

  • Daniel Pettersson
    Daniel Pettersson Month ago +18

    People need to realize that mods (Modifications) are not supported by the developers and that Mods aren't like Plugins for other software where the developers have support for custom features or content. Mods will break when the changed or dependent parts of the game change in an update, simple as that. And Beat Saber is still in Early Access, don't forget that. This means will things will constantly change and be updated, both in minor or major ways.

    • BLUU
      BLUU Month ago +3

      It’s not even just for beat saber, it’s for other games too

  • Satria Hutama Priyadi
    Satria Hutama Priyadi Month ago +2

    So i cant i add my own/custom song?? So sad... Well, i think you have to accelerate the production of music pack..

    • lpanto
      lpanto Month ago +1

      You can add your own custom songs if you're on pc

    • Cuby Chris
      Cuby Chris Month ago

      Welp that's how laws work.

  • Zyoplex Music
    Zyoplex Music Month ago +8

    This is what I want to wake up to!

  • Mariobullets
    Mariobullets Month ago +2

    Btw is Beat Saber for the quest have Custom songs??

    • BLUU
      BLUU Month ago +2

      Cuby Chris

    • Cuby Chris
      Cuby Chris Month ago +3

      Beat Saber devs have no say in that. It's a matter of whether or not it works like a pc, and if you can download stuff from browsers rather than dedicated Oculus Quest stores

    • lpanto
      lpanto Month ago +1

      Of course not

    • BLUU
      BLUU Month ago +1


  • Jaroslav Beck
    Jaroslav Beck  Month ago +58

    Thank you for being here! Feel free to let me know what should be the next topic for next vlog!

    • G Rey
      G Rey 25 days ago

      I’m all respect, I think there should be frequent updates. I’m saying this because PSVR players have the same set of songs and it get really repetitive.

    • Meysam Maboudi
      Meysam Maboudi Month ago

      Please make a video about the new "Term of service" and how it will affect the modding community.
      And about "breaking mods".(I'm speaking as a software developer here) i know you are not responsible for third party mods , but you can make modding easier in some ways:
      1- Release a beta before each update and invite modders to the beta to make their mod compatible with the new update before final release.
      2- make "SongLoader" plugin official. i mean officially load songs in the "CustomSongs" folder to the game. (And make it compatible with old custom levels)
      You don't need to host anything if you are afraid of copyright issues.
      This way no one will complain about breaking mods and lost songs ever again.

    • Meysam Maboudi
      Meysam Maboudi Month ago

      Thank you for your hard work. I really enjoyed levels like "breezer" or "commercial Pumping" or other pumping levels. but i didn't liked monster cat maps. songs was awful, but my main concern is the design of levels. there was little to no rhythm in placing blocks at all. they was completely different than old official levels. (I suspect that you hired new mappers for this new dlc. please fire them if you didn't already! they are just bad! you can hire popular mappers like BennyDaBeast or give it to the old level designers)
      Anyway , in the next dlc , please be loyal to the old levels.
      First time that i saw the new levels , i was like: "Is this thing really made by beat saber team?! or is it just a random custom level made by a random guy?!"
      Sorry if i'm too free-hearted here but i love the game and i want to see it shine.

    • Kakashi Gamer7664
      Kakashi Gamer7664 Month ago

      Psvr custom songs and also beat saber level editor

    • Macauley Tonna
      Macauley Tonna Month ago

      A Beat Saber x Rocket League music pack

  • Mariobullets
    Mariobullets Month ago


  • Satria Hutama Priyadi