Real Ghost Caught On Camera? Top 5 Scary Haunted Houses

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • The Top 5 scary videos of creepy paranormal encounters and ghost videos all caught on tape in haunted places.
    Ghost hunters and average people explore haunted houses and abandoned buildings in this scary top 5 countdown. Their investigations uncover some truly frightening supernatural activity as they explore the unknown.
    In this video: A handyman encounters a poltergeist in an abandoned house. An amateur ghost hunter sees a bizarre apparition peeking through her window. A popular RU-clipr catches yet another encounter with a ghost in his home. A group of ghost hunters investigate an abandoned building and find something creepy residing on one of the upper floors. An analysis of their footage reveals that the home might have a paranormal resident. And a man makes a mysterious discovery while filming in the UK countryside.
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  • Menahil Hassan
    Menahil Hassan 6 months ago +2512

    Thank you for taking my suggestions man.. Nuke is the best 🔥

    • Pilzy 88
      Pilzy 88 10 days ago

      Ah yes, Pakistani`s, a people known for their bravery, loyalty and honour! 🤣
      Would have laughed at the irony of the "If you are a child you have nothing to fear from us" were it not so sad. This from the culture which has spread like a stain throughout Europe and routinely passes underage girls around the family and community!
      Parasite SCUM! 💩

    • Mark of the Mole
      Mark of the Mole 12 days ago

      Hassan Chop!

    • typical player9
      typical player9 17 days ago

      shukria hassan bhai

    • Tulle Hattmarkus
      Tulle Hattmarkus 27 days ago

      Menahil Hassa

    • naveed basha
      naveed basha Month ago

      Yo that's a jinn right (woh kya tha)

  • Grant Murphy
    Grant Murphy 8 hours ago

    Number 1 he ran by just enough so the girl could run around to where he was standing to record her... Faked. But very clever

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia 14 hours ago

    oh my god just watch the one with the prayer beed's and had a good LMAO and then you ask if we think the church one is real hell no when he went around the corner he DID NOT keep the camera on THE CORNER LOL

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia 14 hours ago

    the one in the bathroom is really good but it dose not matter it's been 8 yrs he would of had some kind of reaction to them stair's.

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia 15 hours ago

    the basement one I think is the true one

  • kim arredondo
    kim arredondo 18 hours ago

    I have never seen such calm and collective ghost hunters in my entire life till I saw the pakistaníes

  • Kat Deerman
    Kat Deerman Day ago

    Discovers Nukes videos
    *currently on 8th video*
    Goodbye sleep

  • Jack Barrow
    Jack Barrow 2 days ago

    Also the first one was a spirit that had no interest in harming anyone but the guy marching through the house was intimidating so the spirit let him know that wasn't cool.

  • Jack Barrow
    Jack Barrow 2 days ago

    Yo no lie I'm smoking a blunt and watching this for the third or fourth time and it's creeeeepppyyy as shit lol but yeah this episode is a great one. I live in a former funeral home so lmk I'll do some ghost hunting. Also my plan is to turn this channel into a paranormal hunting channel. Lmk is what I meant to say.

  • Speakeasy games
    Speakeasy games 2 days ago

    12:39 Don't even try to fool me that's clearly the witch from left for dead lol

  • H W
    H W 2 days ago

    The doorknob is glowing red hot.
    Nuke didn't catch this.

  • Chase Adcox
    Chase Adcox 2 days ago

    Number one was fake I saw the edit cut when the ghost left

  • 《Spaz 》
    《Spaz 》 2 days ago +1

    *Sees a door with prayer beads*
    So guys, this one next?
    Hell yes bruh, do it for the views!

  • Phantasm65
    Phantasm65 2 days ago

    I literally get home from work and check my notifications to see if you've uploaded any new videos, I sat and binge-watch your content all day so very good man

  • Jo Montanee
    Jo Montanee 2 days ago

    3:29 The big eyes ghost look back at you and he is super cute.

  • cray sae
    cray sae 3 days ago

    An eight-year-long hoaks ...oh yeah sure because ghosts don't exist at all.

  • Merlin Sickly
    Merlin Sickly 3 days ago

    Number 4: the face shifts into a bigger face with a greater detail of visible nostrils and lips

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 3 days ago

    F A K H E R

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off 3 days ago

    no one
    literally no one
    *dressed nice, invite your 2 friends go to ghost hunting and then starts running when something moves*

  • Todor Mihaylov
    Todor Mihaylov 4 days ago

    That was funny. Thanks so much it helped me fall in sleep like a charm.

  • Weston Rose
    Weston Rose 4 days ago

    6:16 the ghost really needed to take a shit I guess. Bad Mexican food

  • Hashiqthesecond
    Hashiqthesecond 4 days ago +1

    Man:leave my house
    Ghost: no u

  • The_CoolGamer
    The_CoolGamer 4 days ago

    Last clip is edited

  • The_CoolGamer
    The_CoolGamer 4 days ago

    If a room is locked it is probably locked for a reason

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott 4 days ago

    The “ghost” at 6:15 must’ve had the runs. Bah dum tss

  • Jay Driven
    Jay Driven 5 days ago

    *demo-dog* *sniffs phone.. SLAP* Fuck outta here bruh

  • MovieManiac33
    MovieManiac33 5 days ago

    The first one has me asking why he'd drop that camera. Who does that. It's in your hand and you're grasping it and running. I mean it looked like it was laid down and not even dropped.

  • Alfa Alfa
    Alfa Alfa 5 days ago

    The world = The ghost and human The forest = The animal and insect 🖒

  • Randi Alisha Ratcliffe

    Why would you take loose prayer beads locking a door that’s banging cuz something wants out I mean hello

  • Habibi Bean
    Habibi Bean 6 days ago

    dude : leave my hou-
    ghost: *fvck you* 😂

  • lil donut
    lil donut 6 days ago


  • Charles Ferdinand
    Charles Ferdinand 6 days ago +1

    The bathroom of number 3 is incredibly fucking disgusting, the guy Michael D. McGee is a fucking pig.

  • Victor Ulhôa
    Victor Ulhôa 6 days ago

    I wish some of these videos had someone confronting those demons in the name of Jesus to see what would happen

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 6 days ago


  • Tiffany Marie
    Tiffany Marie 6 days ago

    I really believe Michelle McGee's house is haunted..I was watching him for a while and you can just tell when someone is telling rhe truth. Last one hoax

  • Enitro Music
    Enitro Music 7 days ago

    the ghost just had to poo really bad man

  • FlippingAndThrifting

    Who walks through a house thinking a squatter is there. Like why record it?

  • Kevin Villarreal
    Kevin Villarreal 8 days ago

    Está Muy Bueno
    Sigan Así,Me Encanto

  • Justin Emanuel
    Justin Emanuel 8 days ago

    I'd like to hear what you think in the comment section. That's what I think. I like your vdos btw.

  • Jason Habeck
    Jason Habeck 8 days ago +5

    Ghost runs up the stairs into the bathroom.
    "Out of my way! I'm prairie dogging it over here!"

  • Chris Huber
    Chris Huber 9 days ago

    Hues to be honest is the best compared to other ghost sightings or creature sighting channels

  • Shandra Barnett
    Shandra Barnett 9 days ago

    Somebody needs to get Ghost Adventures and Buzzfeed Unsolved to collab.

  • Kimberly Horton
    Kimberly Horton 9 days ago

    Door moves, "let's remove the prayer beads and look inside!" Wtf!? Dummies

    • greenjoe420
      greenjoe420 8 days ago

      call me dumb but i would do that.

  • That Vision
    That Vision 9 days ago

    That’s a nice ass crib in the first clip

  • Katherine Cameron
    Katherine Cameron 10 days ago +1

    Did anyone else see the man hiding in the corner at around 8:10-8:16? I can’t get my tv/surround system to go in slo-mo, but he’s there hiding in the corner! Jeans and a blue shirt.

  • Pilzy 88
    Pilzy 88 10 days ago

    Carpenter for 24 years and you do see, feel and hear some VERY strange shit working in old properties..... all alone.
    Pleased to say I am EXACTLY like our friend in the first video and run screaming from anything "not quite right". It`s only money after all!!!

  • jambandfan1
    jambandfan1 10 days ago

    I like the first guy Hellewww anybody there.

  • FRANCIS Medina
    FRANCIS Medina 10 days ago

    those Indian paranormal experts have Huge balls.

  • Mind Bloopers
    Mind Bloopers 11 days ago

    Guys those Pakistani peoples were Muslims... So u know Muslim opens that door where there is bangs coming in.....they opens that door first u saw other Muslims they like kicks to door open ...😂

  • Mind Bloopers
    Mind Bloopers 11 days ago

    Man this Muslim videos are so realistic ...pls make a top 5 Muslim videos that caught ghost ....

  • SiL3nT VeCt0R
    SiL3nT VeCt0R 11 days ago

    ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!?? WHY TF. WOULD YOU MESS WITH A LOCKED DOOR THATS BEEN SEALED BY PRAYER BEADS?? WHY. IDIOTS! Whoever sealed that door long ago had a Purpose for doing it. Now you just ruined that purpose and probably caused danger for the one who sealed it. The strength of the seal will never be the same.

  • kick
    kick 11 days ago

    That ghost just really had to take a shit

  • kick
    kick 11 days ago

    Whys the home renovator wearing high heels? Lol

    DEADisBEAUTIFUL 12 days ago

    9:38- I love language differences. No disrespect intended. Marilyn Manson’s name is considered funny in Mexico due to it sounding similar to Menson. Which means his name sounds like Marilyn the Dumber. (According to IMDb, that is. I don’t personally know.) And then there’s this gentleman.

  • leonitis 09
    leonitis 09 12 days ago

    Around 430 bottom left of the wondow when she says not normal about the hand a white shape appears then slides back left

  • Chrissy Curtis
    Chrissy Curtis 12 days ago

    5:55 there's a picture of a face right on the 🚪.....

  • JT Robo
    JT Robo 12 days ago

    I'll say it, last vid was horse-shit. She over shot the corner when she walked over and then turned around giving that chick enough time to duck around the other side. I wonder how many attempts it took.

  • SilverRose980
    SilverRose980 13 days ago

    When you get home from school and need to beat your sibling to the bathroom 6:13

  • Blight
    Blight 13 days ago

    The Pakistani ghost hunter said “if you’re a child there is no need to be afraid” implying if you a grown ass man he bout to whoop ass

  • Blight
    Blight 13 days ago

    I’m addicted to ghost videos

  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox 13 days ago

    Everyone knows you’re not supposed to unseal demons.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • de kay
    de kay 13 days ago +3

    I watch one video every night before going to sleep. Keeps me calm

  • Siddharth Sarasappan
    Siddharth Sarasappan 13 days ago

    Those guys who are from Pakistan are faking it to get popular!!!!!

    RIPPER ARKLE 14 days ago

    I am ashamed to say this i my first time hiding in the comments that running up the stairs one shit me up

  • Quentin Umbra
    Quentin Umbra 15 days ago

    @6:58 - Ghost diarrhea!

  • TSM‐Proboy55
    TSM‐Proboy55 15 days ago +1

    I understand the language 8:33

  • Dylan TG
    Dylan TG 15 days ago

    Man the first one is a good reason to not become a self employed single carpenter/handyman and be doing renovations to an old creepy house

  • Moltxn Hot
    Moltxn Hot 15 days ago

    I honestly feel safer alone when in these situations, since I always think that when I am with another person, there would be more spirits or creatures surrounding us.

  • Stéphanie Lanteigne
    Stéphanie Lanteigne 15 days ago


  • Stéphanie Lanteigne
    Stéphanie Lanteigne 15 days ago


  • klbriceno1
    klbriceno1 16 days ago +1

    The 3 well dressed ghost hunters would be THE most IRRITATING show to watch ever- Each guy constantly in the way trying to stay in the shot.. argh.. MOVE!!!!! lol

  • June Davenport
    June Davenport 16 days ago


  • Wil Delapina
    Wil Delapina 16 days ago

    👍👍the Pakistani video was really scary

  • Wil Delapina
    Wil Delapina 16 days ago

    .... I hate basements

  • Jade Escobar
    Jade Escobar 17 days ago

    Honestly Those men in the last video are The bravest sons of b*tches. More than most people anyways.