From bottom feeders to potential NBA dynasty: The incredible luck that led to the Warriors superteam

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017
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    The Warriors are likely the NBA's next dynasty, but I many don't realize how this has been years in the making, and how much luck it took for them to get where they are today.
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  Year ago +140

    Today I'm discussing the incredible luck it took for the Warriors to get the roster they have today, starting around 2007. Sometimes everything goes your way, and that definitely happened for Golden state.
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    • Dezz Epson41
      Dezz Epson41 4 months ago

      Throughout there Team's History they were never really bad for real just look at it Wilt Chamberlain, Run TMC, Baron Davis & Squad, Stephen Curry & Crew etC. And they didn't even have bad CoaChes Don Nelson who Created Dirk, Mark JaCkson etC. Yeah they had a Couple of miss fortunes but what exaCtly are you all saying?

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp 6 months ago

      +MrVegeta360 well the claw got fucked up!

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp 6 months ago

      +NewEarth Son what do you expect from an idoit who never won a ring!😈😂

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp 6 months ago

      +Xtreme Jack he is a fan!! Get over it !😠

    • Ramon Vicente Vallesteros Ricafrente
      Ramon Vicente Vallesteros Ricafrente 7 months ago

      after a year they threw dice with cousins hopefully it works so we can see an even more spectacular feat in our lifetime that something we can brag to our grand parents that only talk about the 60s and 70s...

  • WL23
    WL23 4 days ago

    one of the best contents is this channel

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven 8 days ago

    I was looking for a better 3 point playing team from 2011 onward. ever since friends and me came to the conclusion that NBA will change because of the power of the 3pt.
    I started focusing more on Curry when Iguodala joined them in 2013, because my theory was that good 3 point shooters would spread the defense so much that you could run the lane as good as LeBron. My reasoning was Iguodala is the poor mans LeBron, but you need the combination and I hoped this would be it
    The splash brothers were more much more than I'd ever expected haha

    • Harmen Greven
      Harmen Greven 8 days ago

      Fun thing I accidentally watched NBA for the first time in 1996 when a Dutch guy played for the pacers. But I was impressed by the 3pts of Reggie Miller.
      Later I became fan of Spurs2003-2006 no 3pt. then Miami Lebron era no 3pt. But than NY knicks had this thin white guy, Steve Novak, who only played 5 minutes but usually would make two or three 3 pointers and I was immediately grasped by the power of it because it broke the defense open, people were thrown of their guard. Well ok I think I'll have to defend this white guy at the 3 point line,sure..weirdo :-)
      But I was thinking Reggie Miller. So after watching him do his thing for half a year I cam to the conclusion that this would be more than just a gimmick. omg hahahahahahaahha
      Also I know nobody reads this. Hello mom!! happy motherdsday!! :-) (I called her today) ^__^ Greets from Utrecht Netherlands

  • Verahan Gugarooban
    Verahan Gugarooban 9 days ago

    Watching this video again I just realized how much dom2k has changed in a year and a half.

  • Adi Sharma
    Adi Sharma 14 days ago

    As much as people hate the warriors they got to respect this
    They were the worst team ever but now they got 5 all stars and about to have a 3 peat

  • jeffrey alejandro
    jeffrey alejandro 17 days ago

    You weren't at the arena when Lacob was booed! I was and the whole arena did not boo! 6-8k did in the dark. When the lights came on they stopped! Cowards!

  • Ace Curry
    Ace Curry 19 days ago +1

    Around 2013 not one of these players emerged their elite status so no one even knows what's about to happen

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77 21 day ago

    Yeah but is this dude responsible for Tony’s death in Endgame?

  • Uncouth Leo
    Uncouth Leo 22 days ago +1

    Steve Kerr's only adjustment was moving Iggy to the bench. Which was pretty obvious because they needed another ball handler and passer for the second unit. Starting Draymond was an accident. Kerr had him penciled in for 10-12 minutes a game, and only started him because Lee got injured. There were multiple reports confirming this. Zach Lowe talked about this a lot. Kerr wasn't some super wise sage who saw what Draymond could be. He just got lucky.

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 26 days ago +1

    I've been a WSU fan my whole life, and hence a Klay fan hard core ever since he entered the draft. That's why I cheer Golden State. Can't lie though, I love Steph too. Also same reason I love Celtics is Aron Baynes WSU center.

  • technicalleon
    technicalleon 29 days ago +1

    Great video. It's nice to see how the Warriors turned from losers into a great team.
    I'm not really into basketball but I did grow up with the Bulls, Lakers and Spurs and I really liked the Warriors unselfish style of basketball.
    Looking forward to seeing how far the Warriors can go.

  • Gengar Savage
    Gengar Savage Month ago

    I mean Klay KD maybe even Curry was lucky but I feel dramon was a smart choice but the gm someone doesn’t go that late without people thinking he’s trash so the warriors just knew he had potential

  • Vincent 2099
    Vincent 2099 Month ago +1

    I agree with everything you said except them being lucky. Yes they definitely had some great luck but it was their front office that carefully picked the players and worried more about a system rather than getting the flashy players. Just look at teams like Cleveland and Orlando who chose the superstar players and just ended up trading them or them being a bust.

  • 3ch0
    3ch0 Month ago

    As Dom makes this video unsuspecting what will go down during the 2018 free agency

  • Ose Aburime
    Ose Aburime Month ago

    three people did this. Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and draymond

  • Michael Momo
    Michael Momo Month ago

    Warrior's hater if you read this you guy's are blind and deaf

  • Rikki Moon
    Rikki Moon Month ago

    Nice segment didnt mention David Lee's importance to the to team and the players they picked up to deepen the bench (Speights, Livingstone, Barbosa, Ezeli and Clark). It was their depth that was key 2014-2015 season. #goldhearted!

  • Ron Mikko Nicolas
    Ron Mikko Nicolas 2 months ago

    this guy's so good!

  • traydacreatorbeats
    traydacreatorbeats 2 months ago

    If you played nba 2k12 you saw what the warriors where going to be in the game.

  • April Anne De La Cruz
    April Anne De La Cruz 2 months ago

    Criami Cheat Big Four: Wade, LeBum, Bosh, Ray Allen
    Lakers Big Two: Kobe, Gasol
    Celtics Big Three: Pierce, KG, Ray Allen
    Cubs Big 5: Wade, LeBum, Kyrie, Love, Rose

  • Christian Esposito
    Christian Esposito 2 months ago

    Ahhh, not gonna mention how the cavs beat the warriors and then go on and say hes not bias toward Michael Jordan... this channel is literally a bias rhetoric agenda that prioritizes feels over reals lol truth

  • breyzh2jahkady
    breyzh2jahkady 2 months ago +1

    There is luck involved, don't get me wrong, but drafting well isn't just luck that all the other teams passed up on the obvious good player. "Undersized" big men like Draymond was when he was drafted are a long time source of second round "steals" by savvy teams because it turns out that effort actually does translate to the NBA.
    Back when Ellis and Curry played together they were awful defensively and trading for a defensive big guy made sense. Monta was kind of overrated anyway.
    And God I have to cover my eyes for every Bogut injury.

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON 2 months ago +1

    As a Mavs fan, i remember them losing to them first round! :( WAS SAD, however, I've always like the Warriors for some reason, you can't deny STEPH, dude is a monster. The only thing I think you have wrong is when you say, "Green with the PERFECT BODY type for PF." Green is a beast but 6'7 is not the PERFECT body type for pf. Makes it that more amazing that he's under sized!

  • STCB Prod.
    STCB Prod. 2 months ago

    Its just the Warriors management is too smart its 1 step ahead of everyone. I know that the Warriors before Curry traded stars for piece of shit... until 2007 but then it fell off and then at 2009, the Warriors got Curry. Luck was also part of it..... and also Curry's injuries helped the Warriors to take guys like Klay Barnes and Ezeli (fun fact: They traded with the Nets for a 2nd round pick that became Draymond Green)....
    Curry was almost traded to the Bucks for Bogut.... but the Bucks medical staff was so DUMB not to trade for a 2x MVP. Imagine Curry and Giannis......

  • Edwin Munoz
    Edwin Munoz 2 months ago +1

    What I remember is how Stephen Curry could've and should've been a Minnesota Timberwolf but they bypassed him not once but twice in the 2009 draft. Minnesota had the fifth and sixth picks and everyone on ESPN said they needed to take Curry the best point guard in the draft that year and picked the two worst point guards in the draft, one was Ricky Rubio and the other I can't remember. Things like that have happened many times during the draft like also back I think in 2005 Atlanta had the second pick and foolishly bypassed on Chris Paul the guy everyone said was the best point guard in that years draft and chose Marvin Williams the bust of that year's draft, it was also rumored Chris wanted to go to Atlanta. Golden State began going on a downward spiral after the Chris Webber/Don Nelson feud that got Webber traded after he won Rookie Of The Year. They probably should've kept Penny Hardaway when they drafted him the year before instead of trading him to Orlando for Webber. I didn't think the Warriors misfortunes would end but it did.

  • Wes Hernandez
    Wes Hernandez 2 months ago

    In a perfect world LBJ still wins the first matchup even though Kyrie goes down and that’s his greatest performance. The next year the 72 win Warriors complete the perfect season therefore they never get KD who goes to the Clippers or Wizards and Kyrie is still effected and still leaves because he was injured for the only chip, “the shot” never happens LBJ is even more of a god in Cleveland.

  • Saint78
    Saint78 3 months ago +2

    1:27 if the magic win a championship in the next decade someone will be sure to roast you for this

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 3 months ago +1

    Just a thought: it's all Patrick Beverly's fault. If he didn't injure Westbrook, OKC could've had a rematch against the Heat. If he didn't injure Curry, the Warriors would've won the Finals in 5 games with the healthy MVP and KD would've stayed on OKC.

  • Huong Dieu
    Huong Dieu 3 months ago

    1:53 Those guys were on fire, literally 😂😂😂

  • Figdiesel
    Figdiesel 3 months ago

    They lucked out by getting the pick for Steph but you really not gonna credit the scouting department or front office for pulling the trigger on guys like Steph, Klay and Draymond that tons of others teams didn’t look at seriously.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 months ago

    **signs Demarcus Cousins for almost nothing a year after this video was posted**

  • Daanish Gupta
    Daanish Gupta 3 months ago

    I guess the luckiest luck they had was the Wolves being absolute geniuses XD

  • MrBen078952
    MrBen078952 3 months ago

    After one more year, they signed Demarcus Cousins.............

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 3 months ago

    Warriors are gonna have a 3-peat this year. Prove me wrong.

  • Sam Smedley
    Sam Smedley 3 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Offtopic K
    Offtopic K 3 months ago

    The luck continues baby!!

  • david maldonado
    david maldonado 3 months ago +1

    Great vid. Wasn't luck it was great drafting and business moves. Mark Jackson doesn't get enough credit

  • Jae
    Jae 4 months ago +1

    lol the soundtrack from ratchet and clank when youre in the sewers on aquatos

  • I Emerge
    I Emerge 4 months ago

    Bucks dynasty is about to come

  • Zack Ross
    Zack Ross 4 months ago +1

    I loved bogut and barnes that team was balling

  • CMA BloodReaper
    CMA BloodReaper 4 months ago

    My team will always be Mavs (Since I saw Dirk) and Warriors (2013 first time I saw Curry because I like 3 pointers)

  • Raul Zaragoza
    Raul Zaragoza 4 months ago

    ...and then they sign Boogie

  • Miguel Rivero
    Miguel Rivero 4 months ago +2

    Its 2018. And they just got boogie 😂

  • oBioHaz
    oBioHaz 5 months ago

    ummmmmmmmmmmm you missed about 20 years of content you could of dragged this out to

  • B14Deuce
    B14Deuce 5 months ago

    He said Miami had a VICE grip on the league

  • Jesus Zamarripa
    Jesus Zamarripa 5 months ago

    Ahhhh the good ole 07-08 we believe warriors 💪

  • jdrive03
    jdrive03 5 months ago

    When every other Franchise picks players that become All Stars or ends up winning, the GM’s and scouts are considered geniuses, but when Golden State does it, it’s “luck”... Yes, certain events leading up to drafting those players ended up being fortunate for GS in hindsight, but in no way was Curry’s injuries “lucky”... everyone can analyze it looking back and claim things were “lucky”, and I’ll agree that Curry’s injuries did free up cap space and GS was able to get him for a bargain, but Curry’s fate could’ve went differently, there was no way to tell. He could’ve kept injuring his ankles and been a huge disappointment, or went away into obscurity, like other average Point Guards in the league, like an AI story... Jerry West came aboard the Warriors, and he’s the one who advised the Draft picks that ended up making the Warriors a jump shooting team. They broke away from the philosophy of relying on, or trying to land a dominant Big man, and made a hugely unpopular trade for Ellis, banking on Curry being the PG moving forward, not Ellis. This wasn’t luck. It was a tough decision and someone made it. They also hired the right people to get the job done. Drafting Klay wasn’t luck. The other teams didn’t see his potential as much as Jerry West did and others in GS organization. Drafting Draymond wasn’t luck. The Santa Cruz Warriors success wasn’t luck either, their Developmental league team. Their system was turned upside down and people were hired and fired. The culture in Golden State changed and coach Jackson helped build a strong defense ethic. That’s not luck. Recruiting Andre Iguodala was not luck. No one loses NBA Championships on purpose... that’s not “luck”, it just is what it is. The byproduct is that KD made a decision. In no way was it “in the bag”... he could have chosen to go anywhere, but the culture GS built was not luck, and KD’s decision was made easy because he wanted to be apart of it.

  • Lamar Love
    Lamar Love 5 months ago

    "Rarely see a three peat anymore " lol its only been done 3 times in the modern day era. Other than that bost won 8 times in a row, but competition was weak.

  • TheSlacky775
    TheSlacky775 6 months ago

    I hope Steph makes the most out of the time he can play, i have had the ankle surgery he has 3 times on the same ankle the joint can only take so much stress before it gives out. The normal shelf life on this surgery is 10-15 years and thats not with the kind of punishment he is doing to himself.

  • Duroy steadman
    Duroy steadman 6 months ago

    Why y'all make thé photo look like draymond playing with klay ass

  • Mike Hawks
    Mike Hawks 6 months ago

    Man listen to cut it shorter ALL YOU HAD TO say WAS MARK JACKSON and trust the fact mark Jackson brother wasn’t in nba(Escalade and1 mixtape) is exactly what he saw in draymon.its sad ppl like tony dungy builds Tampa bay buccaneers yet someone else get credit,same with mike singletary building 49rs

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 6 months ago

    Never forget that Mark Jackson started it all!

  • Wilhelm II, German Emperor

    Keep forgetting Kyrie Irving played for the Warrior.

  • Declan Conroy
    Declan Conroy 6 months ago

    Hey I remember the Warriors trying to trick us fans into thinking guys like Monta Ellis, Antawn Jamison and Larry Hughes were stars. I'll enjoy it until the next crap team rises up.

    • Nx Lxve 6x
      Nx Lxve 6x 6 months ago

      I remember lol. Next crap team to arise will probably be Orlando Magic. Haven't been good since Howard, Nelson, Turgolu departed

  • Swantes Braids
    Swantes Braids 6 months ago

    Whts dat intro instrumental ik it gotta be a kanye song

  • KaMau Mau
    KaMau Mau 6 months ago

    "Ankles made of clay". Damn bruh....

  • open mind
    open mind 6 months ago

    I LOVE bandwagon warrior fans!! Also love the more HATERS we get. Think about it. The more bandwagon fans and haters we get means were WINNING!! Tough to be a warrior fan when we had no haters or bandwagon fans. Sucked when we were doormats and no one cared. Now I say bring on the hate, its only coming because we're threatening other fans long held beliefs of what greatness was. We're challenging all time greats and people can't handle it. It's ok. In 25 years their will be a team that ppl will say coulda beat these warriors and even the haters now will laugh and say. NOPE. So it's ok bandwagon and haters. Welcome aboard to the ride of your life.

  • Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
    Duh Wolf Is My Bytch 6 months ago

    somebody had to make this vid too many times warriors had the worse record but still fell out of top 5 in the lottery looks like were last ones laughing we got steph curry 7th pick klay 11th pick and draymond 35th pick.. bob meyers didnt draft steph or klay but had a lot to do with this process/dynasty... nobody is happier than me i remember getting excited for mookie blaylock but the next season jason terry turned into the jet the guy we traded for mookie blaylock old ass 33 year old declining d first pg for the 10th overall pick( jason terry) was heartbreaking and set us back 5 seasons we had 3rd worst record but got the 5th pick got jason richardson and gibert arenas in 2001 but we couldnt resign arenas because of stupid rule leaving warriors out to dry they even changed that rule.. warriors didnt get a good point guard till baron davis than his heir was monta ellis when steph curry was drafted he was picked up to play sg but ended up playing backup point in don nelson's last season.. That was the best thing nelson did for us develop curry as a point guard and not make him 'ray allen' that changed our franchise plus marc jackson was helpful in curry's point guard career he encouraged him to play good d curry led league in steals.. steve kerr didnt have much to do with development of the warriors (thank ron adams for that) but kerr implicated a system to the warriors talent causing them to thrive.. i been warrior fan a while before curry was born lol

    • Nx Lxve 6x
      Nx Lxve 6x 6 months ago

      You seem very knowledgeable. Yes your right. Don't forgot Mark Jackson should've gotten wayyy more credit. Steve Kerr just riding the wave

  • dark man
    dark man 6 months ago

    It wasn't hardens fault. OKC could have paid him without penalty.

  • eddy nsabue
    eddy nsabue 6 months ago

    Don't like luck, warrior took risk and they paid off.

  • John  Bernstein
    John Bernstein 6 months ago

    Oh god... I saw a picture of John Starks and Eric Dampier. Truly the lowest of the lows.

  • just for fun ok
    just for fun ok 6 months ago

    Feels like being a raider fan in the 1970s and 1980s. EVERBODY HATES OUR ASS!!! I LOVE IT!!! Keep on hating we will keep on winning. It's all good. I'm sorry your team sucks, kinda but not really.

  • Fake Player
    Fake Player 6 months ago

    Wheres Iggy

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone 6 months ago

    You can see how unselfish this team is when Curry is setting picks and dishing to Klay to get him the record. Curry checked the box score at half and told Klay go get it and helped make it happen. As for the dynasty some of it was luck (Curry being a late bloomer due to injury). But a lot of it was smart decisions and working to improve things (like how they changed Steph's leg strength and balance). Before they won their first title people were saying they should trade Klay for Love they wisely stayed with Klay.

  • haezer wilhard
    haezer wilhard 6 months ago

    5 all stars starting line up 2018

  • MikeyB ThailandHoops
    MikeyB ThailandHoops 7 months ago

    two words for you WARRIORS MANAGEMENT

  • Secret Idenity
    Secret Idenity 7 months ago

    This video is amazing

  • Ghazi kun
    Ghazi kun 7 months ago

    October 2k18 guys?

  • Jonah Ratner
    Jonah Ratner 7 months ago

    What if I told you that this team also got Demarcus cousins for 5.5 Mil?

  • Bronguero Rao
    Bronguero Rao 7 months ago

    I don't hate Warriors for pursuing KD and making a great team. But I HATE KD for making THAT choice. I know that most NBA stars are not like before. They party after the matches and there's no real personal rivalry barring few. But I'm not even one of those who call league "soft" because there's no personal rivalry. I feel That is another misconception people have. Real reason is there are few of us who are just romantic about the sport and we love our cities teams. Those teams create culture and people bond with it. Eventually over the years rivalries were created and one team fans disliked another teams' fans. Okc vs warriors was a legit rivalry. KD was a win away from finals against warriors and then he failed. Entire city of okc and millions worldwide were supporting KD to bring down 73 - 9 Warriors and create history. KD had a morale responsibility of taking a good decision here. Now I'm not one of those who say franchise players must remain loyal to a team. I support LeBrons decision to join Miami and KDs decision to leave Okc but there's a lot of difference in it. KD could have joined Boston Toronto or Washington as reported to fight Brons kingdom or he could've joined literally at leadt 10 teams in west and they are instant contenders for west title. So point is KD ruined a lot of things and He is a snake.

  • Papa's Goolosh
    Papa's Goolosh 7 months ago

    dang and we just added demarcus

  • Adonis Fitzpatrick
    Adonis Fitzpatrick 7 months ago

    What’s the name of the instrumental in that he beginning

  • safwaclinic alkhodari
    safwaclinic alkhodari 7 months ago

    I agree to you. If green (is the heart of the GS) was not suspended in 5. gs should win that series. even if they lost game 5. if their starting center Bogut (is the defender of the GS) was not injured in 6. still gs will win the series in 7.
    I watch how they play game 1-4 you can see that cavs has no match against gs even if kyrie and love is with lebron. they are totally outplayed. the only thing I think the cavs will win if the starting 5 of gs will be decapitated then suddenly green was suspended in 5 giving cavs the chance. game 6 came and bogut was injured. after bogut was injured I didnt watch the series cause I know Cavs will win it.
    I didnt finish watching game 6 and didnt even watch game 7 cause i know cavs will win.
    and the rest is history.

  • Nathan Darren Galvez
    Nathan Darren Galvez 7 months ago

    Now demarcus cousins fingers are lonely we want a ring

  • Tom S
    Tom S 7 months ago

    Sometimes an injury to a star is the best thing that can happen to a team. We saw it with Curry getting injured, allowing the Warriors to draft Klay, now we’re seeing it with Embiid’s injuries allowing the sixers to draft Simmons and Fultz.

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P. 7 months ago

    ya cos durant could get that stupid nike money and curry couldn't access it. I think in the long run the under armor is going to fully pay off if he got stock in the company with the contract.

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P. 7 months ago

    those old curry nike's in blue look better then that under armor crap

  • Dezz Epson41
    Dezz Epson41 7 months ago

    LuCkiest Team of All-Time way more luckier than the Lakers getting Kobe&Shaq Bulls getting Jordan & Pippen & Rose RoCkets getting Hakeem & Harden etC.

  • Dezz Epson41
    Dezz Epson41 7 months ago

    3:27 Klay Thompson

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews 8 months ago

    Pffft. I love Russ but he doesn't have that unselfish approach to winning Durant and Steph have. While Russ is the leader his ego will weigh them down.

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews 8 months ago

    Dude who is dumb enough to think Kerr has nothing to do with the breakout of the Warriors? Steph was good but when he got a coach who loves clever guards who can shoot the 3 Steph became the MVP we know today. Now could Kerr turn a scrub team into the warriors? Uh he did, but he also helped guys reach their true potential so it is undeniable that he is the greatest coach of this generation worthy of being spoken of in the same level of Phil Jackson.

  • Wilfredo Questell
    Wilfredo Questell 8 months ago +1

    2019 easy ring for them cause now they have a beast

  • ron
    ron 8 months ago

    Talking about dynasty Durant should not be involved in that

  • Gaming4evah
    Gaming4evah 8 months ago +1

    After this video: DeMarcus Cousins, then the best center in the NBA, injured his achilles, and the Warriors were able to agree with him on a one-year MLE deal.

  • ColonelZeta
    ColonelZeta 8 months ago

    Never forget that KD was about to go off for at least 60 that game in 2015 against the warriors he got hurt

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 8 months ago

    U think warriors shoupd have beaten the Cavs in 2016? Ur joking right?

  • Andy Wang
    Andy Wang 8 months ago +1

    With the LOGO man, I don't think it was luck, more like thats why he is who he is, and you are who you are, cuz you think it was luck, he on the other hand, knew those were good trades.

  • jackson7177
    jackson7177 9 months ago

    Built not Bought!!! #GOLDENDYNASTY #DUBNATION

  • Vinny Woods
    Vinny Woods 9 months ago +3

    who is here when they added demarcus cousins

  • Dr. Forrester
    Dr. Forrester 9 months ago

    The only thing I have to disagree with is that the Warriors would have lost to the Cavs in 2015. Kevin Love has never been a major factor against the Warriors, I can't imagine his contributions would have turned the tide when the Warriors had already established themselves as the best team in the NBA. Thank you for acknowledging the injuries Steph had in the first fucking round of his unanimous MVP postseason, not many seem to want to mention that

  • Conrad Rose
    Conrad Rose 9 months ago

    I really respect the golden state warriors as a organization just off the strength it’s crazy once I really think about it

  • Candy яєιgη
    Candy яєιgη 9 months ago

    "Ankles that are made up of clay"?,Really?!

  • J- Moor
    J- Moor 9 months ago +1

    and it continues …….throw in boogie

  • Splash'n'Skillz #37
    Splash'n'Skillz #37 9 months ago

    This video needs an update

  • William Bua
    William Bua 9 months ago

    They already are a dynasty

  • brandyn pykare
    brandyn pykare 9 months ago

    3-1 lead was blew. 216

  • Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez
    Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez 9 months ago +1

    It wasn’t luck it was good choices

  • John Pinckney
    John Pinckney 9 months ago

    My only disagreement is that healthy Cavs would have defeated GWS in 2014 yr if no injuries.

  • John Pinckney
    John Pinckney 9 months ago

    You are absolutely right about everything here.

  • John Pinckney
    John Pinckney 9 months ago

    Go back to how fortunate the LA Lakers and Boston was to get Magic and Bird. It's amazing.