From bottom feeders to potential NBA dynasty: The incredible luck that led to the Warriors superteam

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017
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    The Warriors are likely the NBA's next dynasty, but I many don't realize how this has been years in the making, and how much luck it took for them to get where they are today.
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  2 years ago +152

    Today I'm discussing the incredible luck it took for the Warriors to get the roster they have today, starting around 2007. Sometimes everything goes your way, and that definitely happened for Golden state.
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    • Switch out
      Switch out Month ago

      Dom2k u got it wrong bc the warriors didn’t rely on any luck. They planned it like how they convinced KD to move to there team in free agency and how they realised the raise in cap space and how they realised how much Green and Klay will improve and what kind of player they would become.

    • Dezz Epson41
      Dezz Epson41 11 months ago

      Throughout there Team's History they were never really bad for real just look at it Wilt Chamberlain, Run TMC, Baron Davis & Squad, Stephen Curry & Crew etC. And they didn't even have bad CoaChes Don Nelson who Created Dirk, Mark JaCkson etC. Yeah they had a Couple of miss fortunes but what exaCtly are you all saying?

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp Year ago

      @MrVegeta360 well the claw got fucked up!

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp Year ago

      @NewEarth Son what do you expect from an idoit who never won a ring!😈😂

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp Year ago

      @Xtreme Jack he is a fan!! Get over it !😠

  • Infinate Clips
    Infinate Clips 9 days ago

    And now back to bottom feeders 4-18

  • ultradud
    ultradud 27 days ago

    and they're back to square one.

  • GamingReel
    GamingReel Month ago +1

    Who’s here after kd left, steph is injured, klaynis injured and they are garbage?

  • sinatrapr
    sinatrapr Month ago

    This guy is great at making videos

  • Alain's Mega Charizard

    thank you for listening, or reading.

  • Gene Au
    Gene Au Month ago

    Now back to the bottom feeders. It's a cyclical business.

  • Vinran Gupta
    Vinran Gupta 2 months ago

    Keep talking man bogot injured was no exuse they had more guys like how many more guys you need to compete you got more than enough.

  • spazxy
    spazxy 2 months ago

    9:00 when curry absolutely destroyed Derozoan’s ankles

  • carl kash
    carl kash 3 months ago +1

    It’s pretty ironic how luck and injuries started this warriors dynasty and looking now after the 2019 finals it’s what ended them from building up from scratch to now chasing stars to maintain their status

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 4 months ago +1

    Even the Warriors lost KD, they'll still be around since they got DLo. The big 3 are here to stay for life

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 4 months ago +1

    And now there are people questioning whether they were a dynasty

  • Mohamed Jama
    Mohamed Jama 4 months ago

    I’m cavs fan and without the warriors we will be dynasty. Respect to warriors great team

  • Alexi Flexi
    Alexi Flexi 4 months ago

    well this didnt age that well

  • Jahmier Quayson
    Jahmier Quayson 4 months ago

    2019 Raptors Win Finals KD left

  • Marko Djordjevic
    Marko Djordjevic 4 months ago

    I saw someone that said Curry is maybe a top 10 pg all time and that Westbrook is right behind him basically. Westbrook barely makes his team better unless he's the only star on the team. He takes dumb shots when he can't make a lot of open shots, tries to power through everyone to get his points which is the only way he consistently scores and just makes dumb decisions all together. The top 3 is Magic Curry and then probably Isiah Thomas or big O. I put Curry at number 2 since he really makes it easier for the team even when he just shoots. For example this year against the Timberwolves he made 13 shots total had 37 points with 0 FTs and 11 of those shots were 3s and he made 2 clutch 3s in the last 20 seconds of OT. All that on 52% from field and 58% from 3. He can change the game so much at anytime, usually in the 3rd, that he rarely plays much in the 4th. And there's literally no one that comes close to scoring as much as he does as efficiently as he does. Other players can score more but barely anyone was as efficient as he is.

  • Mark Simko
    Mark Simko 4 months ago

    Well, let's be quite frank and clear. The Boston Celtics with Bill Russell had a dynasty - 8 successive NBA Championships and 11 NBA Championships in 13 years. The comparison of any NBA team's far lesser achievements (Warriors 2 in a row!?) to the Celtics accomplishments is laughable and ridiculous.

  • jbugg
    jbugg 4 months ago

    So i guess you could say the Warriors lead the league in "steals" 😁

  • T. T.
    T. T. 4 months ago

    So much Clipper slander... I LOVE IT

  • Menkir Dennis
    Menkir Dennis 4 months ago

    It was basically just a gamble on curry. They decided to build the team around curry and gave up on monta Ellis

  • Blanche Devereaux
    Blanche Devereaux 5 months ago

    "for years to come... " 😥😥😥

  • Freedom & Wealth
    Freedom & Wealth 5 months ago

    ITS OVER Goodbye warriors

  • Braxton
    Braxton 5 months ago

    My birthday is when nba 2k20 comes out rofl

  • Seong Min-Joon
    Seong Min-Joon 5 months ago

    you really had to show bogut’s injury🤣

  • Lakeside Lakers Fan
    Lakeside Lakers Fan 5 months ago

    KD proved that he is a snake He is the only one who broke Isiah's Rule he wanted his team to be the man that's what he wants I hope Kyrie outshines him in Brooklyn I'm not even a Warriors fan but I will admit KD stayed there we are looking at more championships but KD had to be the "Man" and its over hope my Lakers become the next best Western Conference Team

  • KingReaper 13
    KingReaper 13 5 months ago

    Also the thing about Steve Kerr is that he owes a lot of their solid defense to Mark Jackson he taught them the tough mindset

  • KingReaper 13
    KingReaper 13 5 months ago

    I used to play 2k12 instead the more modern ones they were sucky then when I became a NBA Fan 2017/2018 and saw the team I was what the f, damn this crazy

  • Kermit The communist
    Kermit The communist 5 months ago

    But kawhi got traded and made the raptors win the finals so yeah

  • Haochi Zhang
    Haochi Zhang 5 months ago

    Unfortunately it seems things are not going along with warriors plan this year

  • Tri Pham
    Tri Pham 5 months ago

    Born in 82. I like the Bash Brothers and Run TMC

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 6 months ago

    Watching it after Warriors didn't do 3-peat

  • Malachi Williams
    Malachi Williams 6 months ago

    Im confused on one video he says the 2016 cavs win was one of the best rings won but now you have excuses on why that ring wouldn’t have been won because of injuries 🤔

  • Malachi Williams
    Malachi Williams 6 months ago

    Im confused on one video he says the 2016 cavs win was one of the best rings won but now you have excuses on why that ring wouldn’t have been won because of injuries 🤔

  • Aladdin
    Aladdin 6 months ago

    Curry = no talent, lucky, easy path, best team of all time and an overachiever. LeBron = most talented of al time by far, hardest path on court and in life, worst teams, extreme underachiever, all because God has been against him from day one.

    • Caulifla #Universe6
      Caulifla #Universe6 6 months ago

      So a team with kyrie & love and another team with wade & bosh in their prime is trash teams? Lebron a underachievers? Lmao you bronsexuals kill me

  • BIGWORM 510
    BIGWORM 510 6 months ago

    I wonder how many Warrior fans will jump on the Raptor bandwagon when they win this year? I say about 96% of them.

  • Lightnin
    Lightnin 6 months ago

    Ha and then they got Boogie

  • Khattakae 2000
    Khattakae 2000 6 months ago

    What do you mean potential

  • Carter Moore
    Carter Moore 6 months ago

    On the thumbnail did anyone see draymond touching Klays ass????

  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee 6 months ago

    The foundation was set when GSW drafted Steph, Klay, and then Draymond. There were misses too, notably Harrison Barnes, but that led to Kevin Durant so it's great luck. Still Steph's geniusness and unassuming personality allows for the team-oriented ball.

  • Nuttinlikeit
    Nuttinlikeit 6 months ago

    4:26 look at dreymond with his little phone. Reminding me of that snl skit when will Ferrell pulls out that tiny ass flip phone. Lol

  • Nuttinlikeit
    Nuttinlikeit 6 months ago


  • Phil S.
    Phil S. 6 months ago

    It wasn’t luck. Thanks Bob Myers for all these picks with the exception of Steph Curry. He’s still making brilliant moves.

  • herman miller
    herman miller 6 months ago +2

    Luck? They select players in the draft that every team with better draft position could have drafted and you call that luck? How about smart.

  • Makena Brouwer
    Makena Brouwer 6 months ago +1

    "Lucky" or just smarter than everyone else? Hmm

  • Tommy Tom
    Tommy Tom 6 months ago

    What if dell curry was never born? That’s the question we should be asking. Not all of the ones you mentioned.

    BASEMENT TALK 6 months ago

    Sucks cuz i was a curry fan his since davidson and was the only person playing with the warriors in 2k10-2k15 and now they so powerful and errbody run to them... i dont even pick them no

  • lucas shain
    lucas shain 6 months ago

    bro. you get your clips from the nba. if you look they edited out the adidas logos

  • ՇɧԹՇɧԹ
    ՇɧԹՇɧԹ 7 months ago

    one of the best contents is this channel

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven 7 months ago

    I was looking for a better 3 point playing team from 2011 onward. ever since friends and me came to the conclusion that NBA will change because of the power of the 3pt.
    I started focusing more on Curry when Iguodala joined them in 2013, because my theory was that good 3 point shooters would spread the defense so much that you could run the lane as good as LeBron. My reasoning was Iguodala is the poor mans LeBron, but you need the combination and I hoped this would be it
    The splash brothers were more much more than I'd ever expected haha

    • Harmen Greven
      Harmen Greven 7 months ago

      Fun thing I accidentally watched NBA for the first time in 1996 when a Dutch guy played for the pacers. But I was impressed by the 3pts of Reggie Miller.
      Later I became fan of Spurs2003-2006 no 3pt. then Miami Lebron era no 3pt. But than NY knicks had this thin white guy, Steve Novak, who only played 5 minutes but usually would make two or three 3 pointers and I was immediately grasped by the power of it because it broke the defense open, people were thrown of their guard. Well ok I think I'll have to defend this white guy at the 3 point line,sure..weirdo :-)
      But I was thinking Reggie Miller. So after watching him do his thing for half a year I cam to the conclusion that this would be more than just a gimmick. omg hahahahahahaahha
      Also I know nobody reads this. Hello mom!! happy motherdsday!! :-) (I called her today) ^__^ Greets from Utrecht Netherlands

  • Verahan Gugarooban
    Verahan Gugarooban 7 months ago

    Watching this video again I just realized how much dom2k has changed in a year and a half.

  • Adi Sharma
    Adi Sharma 7 months ago +1

    As much as people hate the warriors they got to respect this
    They were the worst team ever but now they got 5 all stars and about to have a 3 peat

  • jeffrey alejandro
    jeffrey alejandro 7 months ago +1

    You weren't at the arena when Lacob was booed! I was and the whole arena did not boo! 6-8k did in the dark. When the lights came on they stopped! Cowards!

  • Ace Curry
    Ace Curry 7 months ago +2

    Around 2013 not one of these players emerged their elite status so no one even knows what's about to happen

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77 7 months ago

    Yeah but is this dude responsible for Tony’s death in Endgame?

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 7 months ago +1

    I've been a WSU fan my whole life, and hence a Klay fan hard core ever since he entered the draft. That's why I cheer Golden State. Can't lie though, I love Steph too. Also same reason I love Celtics is Aron Baynes WSU center.

  • technicalleon
    technicalleon 7 months ago +2

    Great video. It's nice to see how the Warriors turned from losers into a great team.
    I'm not really into basketball but I did grow up with the Bulls, Lakers and Spurs and I really liked the Warriors unselfish style of basketball.
    Looking forward to seeing how far the Warriors can go.

  • Gengar Savage
    Gengar Savage 8 months ago +1

    I mean Klay KD maybe even Curry was lucky but I feel dramon was a smart choice but the gm someone doesn’t go that late without people thinking he’s trash so the warriors just knew he had potential

  • Vincent 2099
    Vincent 2099 8 months ago +6

    I agree with everything you said except them being lucky. Yes they definitely had some great luck but it was their front office that carefully picked the players and worried more about a system rather than getting the flashy players. Just look at teams like Cleveland and Orlando who chose the superstar players and just ended up trading them or them being a bust.

  • 3ch0
    3ch0 8 months ago

    As Dom makes this video unsuspecting what will go down during the 2018 free agency

  • Ose Aburime
    Ose Aburime 8 months ago

    three people did this. Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and draymond