Daft Punk Discovery Helmets

  • Published on Oct 25, 2006
  • Daft Punk Discovery Helmets...
    Daft Punk - Something About Us

    Most famous duo for electronic music in the world...

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  • Yeti King
    Yeti King 4 years ago


  • WU Ping
    WU Ping 5 years ago

    Très probablement, les dafts punk ont grandi en regardant Albator, et Goldorak !
    On retrouve un peu ça dans leur costume et leur musique. Notamment dans discovery. D'ailleurs, ils ont fait la vidéo Interstella 5555 avec Leiji Matsumoto.
    C'est un signe !

  • Tosky
    Tosky 5 years ago +4

    hoo the fuck would dislike

  • Max Javellana
    Max Javellana 6 years ago +2


  • applequeef
    applequeef 6 years ago +2

    If I got my hands on these helmets...

  • Lars joosten
    Lars joosten 6 years ago

    Bro aaron sucks

  • Joshua Morata
    Joshua Morata 6 years ago

    yeah i wouldn't be surprised

  • hugo trejo
    hugo trejo 6 years ago

    gtfo -__-

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 6 years ago

    funk....for everybody!!!!!

  • souleater1366
    souleater1366 6 years ago

    man I want thoes helmets

  • Terry Nguyen
    Terry Nguyen 6 years ago

    sounds like porn music xD

  • 22h39
    22h39 6 years ago +2

    Correction, They are high tec.....Even in 2013.

  • Danny Deleon
    Danny Deleon 7 years ago

    that is like a comercial anouncing their new cd

  • 22h39
    22h39 7 years ago +2

    These helmets are high tec......Even in 2012.

  • Thale Lunde
    Thale Lunde 8 years ago

    38 people shitted their pants because of awesomeness :]

  • undertheapi
    undertheapi 8 years ago

    nothing beats LED art :)

  • d k
    d k 8 years ago

    38 People arent human there are robots... :(

  • LeonLaguna
    LeonLaguna 8 years ago

    @phendformyself thanks! you're right!

  • phendformyself
    phendformyself 8 years ago

    @LeonLaguna Top five comment right there! We all want one! lol XD

    btw, fuck Daffy711 !!!

    QUITCALLINGME 8 years ago

    he should have kept the discovery helmet. not the new gold and black one.

  • Sebastiaan Adamo
    Sebastiaan Adamo 8 years ago

    Haha you can hear the french accent in the vocal, funny!

  • Thomas Fitzsimmons
    Thomas Fitzsimmons 8 years ago

    no you cant see threw the helm's its were the lights are held so when they have them on they rlly cant see what there doing its quite fascinating

  • TheRiseOfDucks696
    TheRiseOfDucks696 8 years ago

    sounds like something to have sex to.

  • Eduardo Reategui
    Eduardo Reategui 8 years ago


  • s-hop91
    s-hop91 8 years ago

    Very nice looking helmet!

  • LeonLaguna
    LeonLaguna 8 years ago

    @Daffy711 look who's talking lol!

  • MedStud 101
    MedStud 101 8 years ago

    @LeonLaguna another desperate attempt to get attention, bitch..

  • Danny T
    Danny T 8 years ago

    I want some of those helmets I don't care how much they cost mine mine mine mine mine

  • Arbin Dobbs
    Arbin Dobbs 8 years ago

    check out my helmet i made on my video, and yes its supposed to be lame

  • LeonLaguna
    LeonLaguna 8 years ago

    38 people thinks that you can get a free helmet if you press the dislike button!

  • nintendawesome
    nintendawesome 8 years ago

    @LoneWolfNaota lol good luck

  • Claudia-Paris Hill
    Claudia-Paris Hill 8 years ago

    @deoscal daft punk is awsome why not

  • mansondevil33
    mansondevil33 8 years ago

    This should be illegal. Went from manically pissed off to totally chill. And I didn't even have to use a needle.

  • Lennart Born
    Lennart Born 8 years ago

    i know that the leds are on a plastic sheet
    i guess its transparent, and they have blocks in their view but i also think that you still can move a crossfader.

  • manuelx23
    manuelx23 8 years ago

    WWooww!!!!! Nicee song!

  • The_Exiled-Elf
    The_Exiled-Elf 8 years ago

    anyone know how they are able to have led's within the visor and still be able to see out without the led's blocking thier veiw?

  • Bamaboy325
    Bamaboy325 8 years ago

    anybody else think this could be a porno for lights??

  • David Degnan
    David Degnan 8 years ago

    I think I became a Daft Punk fan today...

  • Eleanor Mustang
    Eleanor Mustang 8 years ago

    So would wear these helmets in a drag race, if I crash wearing one of them, probably won't protect my head and die. But at least I die looking cool.

  • Jakob Holt
    Jakob Holt 8 years ago

    What/When are these clips from?

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 8 years ago

    I always think of bounty hunters, not necessarily from Star Wars but the whole bounty hunter "humor" in general usually portrayed in films/books/TV

  • Dekoomer
    Dekoomer 8 years ago

    @molaranang they don't, no need to really, as they did't move much durring the vid

  • Luka Dejanovic
    Luka Dejanovic 8 years ago

    Lol, they're like some bounty hunter helmets from Star Wars. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • 0Zallman0
    0Zallman0 8 years ago

    thank Daft Punk not us

  • Revolving Dork
    Revolving Dork 8 years ago

    this make me sad and a fell of hope come to my hearth....daft punk is the best group, it make me fell something that any other in the world can make.... thanks for all your amazing music and dont stop the music!!!

  • tohtorigyro
    tohtorigyro 8 years ago

    @molaranang small pin size holes between the LEDs. but these helmets are not used anymore, and the current helmets don't have LEDs in them anymore.

  • molaranang
    molaranang 8 years ago

    ok so how do they se through it wirh all those lights just curious

  • terezi pyrope
    terezi pyrope 9 years ago


  • l33tur5
    l33tur5 9 years ago

    Replay button, I need you more than anything in my life.

  • Aspirerx
    Aspirerx 9 years ago

    i love the song but it reminds me porn music LOL

  • Dylan Reyes
    Dylan Reyes 9 years ago

    @prez98 hah movie refrence


    psh imagane how many imagine aa batteries that takes

  • l33tur5
    l33tur5 9 years ago

    @theonlykoolaidman Can it run Crysis?

  • Hend
    Hend 9 years ago

    @bonedaddy94 Hahah, exactly. :)

  • OG187Beatz
    OG187Beatz 9 years ago

    G-Funk! :)

  • Hend
    Hend 9 years ago

    @bonedaddy94 Well everyone says he is and he already has a kid but I'm not really sure. I think he is though... haha.

  • TheMixedPrince
    TheMixedPrince 9 years ago

    @ThatIsNotMyMama who dosent lol

  • Xedma
    Xedma 9 years ago

    I ... NEED ... THOSE ... HELMETS!!!!!!!!! (and the gloves and the jackets and the pants and the .... screw it I want Daft Punk.)

  • ex ex ex underscore
    ex ex ex underscore 9 years ago

    This is the song that makes you wanna ride around in downtown at midnight.

  • Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez 9 years ago

    this song got me sooo turn on