10 Most Mysterious Things Discovered by Archaeologists

  • Published on Dec 27, 2016
  • Top 10 hidden archaeological finds that should have never been discovered
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  • Emilia Mołodecka
    Emilia Mołodecka 2 days ago

    2:47 this photo is from Bath in Wales

  • Damien Robinson
    Damien Robinson 2 days ago

    Shows how abhorrent humans were and still are

  • Josh Hirst
    Josh Hirst 5 days ago

    3:40 My immaturity picked up on the whistle looking like flappy bird

  • Sheila Mae Tapia
    Sheila Mae Tapia 6 days ago

    I'm from Philippines and it's my first time hearing "fire mummies". 🤦

  • Manny Reyes
    Manny Reyes 7 days ago

    I think the last group of skeletons were tickled to death...

  • Jeode Walker
    Jeode Walker 7 days ago

    Did they just showed the same pics of bones.

  • Maria Pruit
    Maria Pruit 7 days ago

    Love your videos.

  • Aiden Chrismas
    Aiden Chrismas 8 days ago +1

    I wonder how many times he has used mysterious in his titles?

  • Caity Kay
    Caity Kay 8 days ago +1

    Boys are special so tell me who gave birth to a boy and went threw the pain

  • Stacy Lein
    Stacy Lein 8 days ago


  • Who Dat
    Who Dat 9 days ago

    Looks like Dems after President Trump was elected.

  • Leesa B
    Leesa B 9 days ago

    Coup......pronouced "Koo". The "P" is silent. Great video! Gruesome, but great.

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster 9 days ago

    What are the marks skeletal remains have to show they’ve been eaten? I’m so curious!

  • sandramorrison99
    sandramorrison99 9 days ago +1

    That Calcified Neanderthal was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Kathy Kyle
    Kathy Kyle 9 days ago

    I think mankind has always been extremely evil. Who needs Satan to rain down hellfire when humans are more than capable of making Satan look like the lesser of the 2 evils

  • Sisi C.
    Sisi C. 9 days ago

    The music in the background is super annoying

  • Neal Head
    Neal Head 9 days ago

    A failed coupe ? (coop)😨 really ??

  • Edward Ishengoma
    Edward Ishengoma 9 days ago

    Believe this guys That in the future we will all be Like skeletons

  • Savinder Singh BAINS
    Savinder Singh BAINS 10 days ago

    In 1886 the head of Egyptian antiquites service was using mobile phone 134 years ago how modern Egyptian civulization was

  • Lolita Alagao
    Lolita Alagao 10 days ago

    Wasn’t there a “god” that helped all those beheaded people? Just proves that religion was just created to make humans behave and act like humans.

  • Sosmcs See
    Sosmcs See 10 days ago

    Music is so fucking annoying

  • Shirley Schork
    Shirley Schork 10 days ago

    Knowing the Viking's reputation and historically what they did.....I can understand the beheadings!

  • Inez Schmaltz
    Inez Schmaltz 10 days ago

    Killing by thousands still happening folks. Its silent s all

  • sleepyflower
    sleepyflower 10 days ago

    I didnt know people buried the dead in sores I thought it was sewers?

  • Gary Rosenberg
    Gary Rosenberg 10 days ago

    Yay! Cannibals! It was very prevalent everywhere! The Bible talks about a drought in Israel when it was practiced. Cro-Magnon captured Neanderthal Women and ate the men!

  • poe12
    poe12 10 days ago

    Why the f the early humans cannibalism is disturbing? It WAS natural for them to add more proteins to their diet. This is why we are here and we are not extinct lol

  • Chloe Becker
    Chloe Becker 10 days ago

    Evidence of cannibalism in Europe is actually not rare at all

  • nikki joseph
    nikki joseph 10 days ago

    Long ago was way worse than now in the ways they use to kill people

  • Jordyn Terrill
    Jordyn Terrill 11 days ago

    It’s so crazy to think about the fact that all those skeletons had lives and they came upon a situation that ended it. Like all this beheaded men. It’s so crazy to think that was probably a normal thing that happened around that time

  • Vegas Summer
    Vegas Summer 11 days ago

    We are doomed as humans 😭😭

  • V Lightning
    V Lightning 11 days ago

    Very interesting! Would be amazing to actually learn the truth!

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 11 days ago

    You should have included the horrific discovery Elizabeth Warren's husband made when he woke up and looked on the pillow next to him.

  • Lee King
    Lee King 11 days ago

    Eu cannibals has allways been around .... straight after ww2 .. 1000s were eaten to stay alive

  • J R
    J R 11 days ago

    This is what satan wanted for Gods precious humans, to destroy, mutilate, kill and ruin the human species! and from hearing about history, we were doing an excellent job at it!

  • Donald Warren
    Donald Warren 12 days ago +3

    Yes indeed humans way back were evil and still are.

  • Doris Brinkerhoff
    Doris Brinkerhoff 12 days ago

    nephilen you know satans giants from the flood.

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 12 days ago

    Why is finding white or albino cannibals extremely disturbing????? Do these racist fools think their shit don't stink?

  • Deb Miller
    Deb Miller 12 days ago

    Barbaric. Ungodly people and their twisted customs.
    Interesting but disturbing.

  • Derreck Tarr
    Derreck Tarr 12 days ago

    Super cool thank you for doing this 💀💀💀

  • KT Smith
    KT Smith 12 days ago +12

    The cruelty of humans is is unmatched by any other species.

    • poe12
      poe12 10 days ago

      All species have their cannibalism. It's only food and survival.

  • MYdodgeCharger
    MYdodgeCharger 12 days ago

    In San Jose, CA when they were expanding Valley Medical Center they uncovered over a thousand bodies while digging the foundation.

    • zobola67
      zobola67 11 days ago

      What was the history?

  • The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast

    The music is distracting and annoying.

  • Auntie Semite
    Auntie Semite 12 days ago

    OF COURSE europeans ate people. They still feast on people, especially Arabs, Muslims, and Africans, but Latin americans as well.

  • Tamas Kiss
    Tamas Kiss 12 days ago

    People are sick no wonder God is letting us get our asses kicked all over the globe.

  • נתי נתניתי
    נתי נתניתי 12 days ago

    I am not surprised that the Germans were cannibals, the Holocaust proves that, and there are still Nazis who are actually cannibals in Germany.

  • Super Troll Woman
    Super Troll Woman 13 days ago

    did they died?

  • Jewish Virgin
    Jewish Virgin 13 days ago

    These discoveries make no sense

  • Nagappa Pattanashetti
    Nagappa Pattanashetti 13 days ago +1

    Before I die:
    1) I want to use futuristic technologies
    2) I want to meet the aliens
    3) I want to see the mythical creatures like dragons, 5 headed snakes & prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs & Titanoboas
    4) I want to go to the space
    5) I want to time travel
    But none of this probably won't ever happen...

  • Miss Wrenchinitup
    Miss Wrenchinitup 13 days ago

    It's shocking for europeans to have cannibalism in their past but not for other ethnic groups in different parts of the world? Racist much?

  • Lettie Van der Merwe
    Lettie Van der Merwe 13 days ago +1

    Very interesting programme but the music makes it difficult to follow.

  • JRRnotTolkien
    JRRnotTolkien 13 days ago +2

    They were shocked at what was done to the Vikings by the people who had been terrorized by the Vikings?

  • simon halkier
    simon halkier 13 days ago


  • MGTOW Mafia Mafioso
    MGTOW Mafia Mafioso 13 days ago

    No such thing as neanderthals. Lies, Lies , Lies

  • Dominique Echevarria
    Dominique Echevarria 13 days ago +7


  • Banana72A •
    Banana72A • 13 days ago

    This is crepy ...😳

  • Fathima Hamid
    Fathima Hamid 14 days ago

    Screaming mummy was haunting.. not the way I want to go!

  • Debbie Burke
    Debbie Burke 14 days ago

    What these discoveries do for us in reality is
    It tells us how much we do not know and will never know
    That we are mere mortals
    What s scary place the world is
    That the most important thing that we should be
    tending to is our spirit
    Which people cannot see
    And cannot destroy!

  • Phillip Brewster
    Phillip Brewster 14 days ago

    Why cant they just admit the bible is true and the story of Herod killing Israeli babies is true the time period matches but nooooo the bible could never ever be true in there minds!!!

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan 14 days ago

    I bite my nails and can't wait for them to grow back.must be a very old habits

  • Lynn DeBeal
    Lynn DeBeal 14 days ago

    The Smithsonian recently released their research on cannibalism. It turns out that cannibalism was very common in Europe. Especially “medical” cannibalism. The royals practiced it. Commoners were able to obtain body parts to eat after public executions.
    Their research also showed that Europeans cannibalized Native Americans on the West Coast. They also cannibalized Africans. Of course, world history written by Europeans claimed it was the other way around. It was OK to eat people of color, we weren’t considered human beings.