Level1 News January 4 2019: Happiness Rockets

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    Happiness Rockets
    0:35 - AI invents New Year fireworks names that sound more like the end of humanity
    1:57 - Toyota Wants to Put a Robot in Every Home and Make It Your Pal
    3:49 - Machine learning makes mono soundtrack more immersive
    5:16 - Tesla expands employee testing of its upgraded Autopilot hardware
    6:45 - Sex Robots Will Be Able To 'Feel' Human Touch With New Technology
    7:58 - A Christmas menu dreamed up by a robot
    10:05 - AI Automatically Sorts Cancer Cells
    10:52 - Forget Go, Google helps AI learn to book flights on the Web
    12:33 - Google Chrome's new UI is ugly, and people are very angry
    13:22 - Most people give up New Year's Resolutions by January 12, study claims
    14:31 - Random: Man Uses Disguised NES Zapper To Rob A Bank
    16:04 - Japan announces withdrawal from International Whaling Commission, to resume commercial whaling
    18:40 - 'Selfie wrist' an emerging hazard of digital age, doctor warns
    19:03 - Nazareth Court Sends Youth to Psychiatric Detention over ‘Fortnite’ Addiction
    21:02 - Fortnite was 2018’s most important social network
    21:54 - ‘PUBG’ Radar Hack Ban Wave Sparks Esports Cheating Controversy
    24:26 - Sky in Queens Turns Bright Blue Amid Reports of Fire at Con Ed Substation
    25:41 - Dead musicians are touring again, as holograms. It's tricky - technologically and legally
    28:54 - TSA to deploy more floppy-ear dogs because they're less scary than pointy-ear dogs
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Comments • 128

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 4 months ago

    *insert argument for eating **_really_** stupid people*

  • fr0ek
    fr0ek 4 months ago

    girl; Techdledum; Techdledee

  • Daniel Timberwolf
    Daniel Timberwolf 4 months ago

    It has happened at last, AI came up with the perfect Leftover Parfait.

  • Drexx Laggui
    Drexx Laggui 4 months ago

    #Krista "Nothing good has come out of Nazareth in 2000 years" --I hope that was not you dissing Christianity, because that would be quite rude and very disappointing of you

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 4 months ago

    Did you manage to get your little problem with the Microsoft Windows kernel sorted.

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox 4 months ago

    If we kill the whales will we have more shrimp to eat?

    • i5 4670k
      i5 4670k 4 months ago

      I think whale poop is eaten by plankton, which the fish need, which the shrimps need to survive :( Protect all the whales!

  • freedustin
    freedustin 4 months ago

    Now I really want to know what the "into eggs" firework does.

  • Tesselator Tesselator
    Tesselator Tesselator 4 months ago

    16:15 we farm the Minke whale. They are abundant and are basically like a sea-cow - they look more like a manatee than a whale. And with my experience of them I'd say they have the intelligence of a tuna fish - or there abouts.

  • Mark Godfrey
    Mark Godfrey 4 months ago

    Wendell, were you thinking of the Sirius cybernetics "Genuine people personalities " (Douglas Adams ) ...

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 4 months ago

    whales are smart, but whales also pretty much maintain the entire area they feed in
    Whaling is just another short sighted, and lazy, act of greed lol

  • Vish Prem
    Vish Prem 4 months ago

    When you see an “Inanimate-Object” moving, Yous Gottas find the reason, right? If so, how come when A Cell, for example, replicates, jokers, bigge or small in “White-Gowns”, somehow but don’t know how, want to be known as “Da-Giver-of Life”, to Dat-Thingy.
    If so, be “Conscious and Be Aware”/Thoughtfully-Reconcilled that Conscience/”Logic” is when A-Thinker Lacks Effortlessness, but when said “Thinker” does NOT, then, seek refuge even in Logic, The Lacking of Wisdom will then mean that “Stupidity” &/or “Dumbness” are/is Running-Amok.
    To put matters clearly, when Thoughtlesness is not possible, Conscience/”Logic”/The-UnEnlightened-Brain might then somewhat be The Solution to The Problem otherwise The-Individual will not be able to deny Wrongfulness and is then Stupid/Idiotic &/or Dumb/Lunatic.
    Unfortunately for “Geni-Asses” Running-Amok/hither-thither, Wisdom is not “mentally”/hypocritically constructible. This is because Wisdom, aka The Ability to Deny Wrongfulness, is Innately-Provisioned-Within ALL.Those who are Wise are those who are able To Deny Wrongfulness, be they wrongfully or deliberately “invested”/targetted. You know, those who are NOT “Addicted-to” sump’fing-undeniable. Witness, therefore, “Da-Riche”, becoming The “Easy-Go” after their moments of “Easy-Come”. Almost without exception. The Problem is when The “Hard-To-Comeby” imitate The “Easy-Go”. You know, when Balance “ropes-in” those who were not meant to counted.
    Like/Realise it or not, the-above is The Truth. Witness, for example, when one’s Fav-of-The-Moment is some pimp running-amok in the-harem. Instead of rejecting this joker, he is somewhat-acceptable beecuz The “Alternative”/Other-Face-Of-The-Same-Coin is perceivably-unacceptable. When Thirst strikes, ANY-Poison will NOT do, is it not so? Unless Taking Poison Responsibly is The-Responsibility. This, then, is The Lacking of Wisdom and The Lacking of Wisdom means The InAbility to Deny Wrongfulness. That of rationalising self-harm as self-benefit due to The InAbility to separate Fact/”Benevolence” from Fiction/”Malevolence”.
    Just beecuz The Debt is Running-Amok, does NOT mean that Printing-Mooney/"Toilet-Papering" is The Solution. More-so when “The-Solution” is to, “Somewhat-Increase-The-Debt“, responsibly or irresponsibly. By having The Ability To Deny “Responsbile-Borrowing”, however, must be The Immediate Solution.
    It is said that “Da-Poor” saves the majority of their Expenditure ”For A Rainy-Day”. If True, how come jokers are expecting [if not demanding too] that “savers” spend their savings as “Responsible-Borrowers” do. When this manner of Frivolity & Nonsense is being exported as Democratic-Superiority, there is only DemonKrazy Running-Amok as Democracy.
    Like it or not, A Moment will arrive when Wisdom is recognised by The Vast-Majority [VM] by said VM regaining their Wisdom/”Innocence” otherwise when Destruction has neither Rhyme nor Reason to “Destroy”, Devolution will be The Only Choice/Option left to The VM. Thios is because when “Thinking-About-It” is Of-The-Past-Future, that is Delusion-Illusion/Relativity trying-to masquerade as Reality.

  • wooo weee
    wooo weee 4 months ago

    Big tit robots are here to stay, because the one way people are trying to stop them is by claiming they are catering to pedos.

  • Tendai Dongo
    Tendai Dongo 4 months ago

    Christa on your side about before the NES, we hAad AMIGA....Nerds

  • Delta9K
    Delta9K 4 months ago

    Whiskers needs his FOOD! That was righteous!

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) 4 months ago


  • Simon Vercoe
    Simon Vercoe 4 months ago

    You're not supposed to pet drug dogs because their positive reinforcement is controlled from birth so that when they are working the only thing they want to do is find drugs. Police dogs can be a risk, though, because unlike TSA dogs they are multi-purpose, and are also trained to react aggressively. It should be noted also that dogs do not struggle to maintain a work/life balance, and can psychologically switch between tasks very easily. When TSA/Customs dogs are off the clock they are some of the most well treated, spoiled dogs that very often get loves. BTW thanks Krista that is a way better name for pats.

  • Simon Vercoe
    Simon Vercoe 4 months ago

    the slack on the right hand mic is triggering me

  • Brent Frederick
    Brent Frederick 4 months ago

    1:57 Roujin Z: An experimental machine designed to care for the elderly transforms itself into an unstoppable robot. The japanese thought about it 28 years ago. A grandma A.I. controlling a high-tech bed, which assimilates all machinery. It's not pretty, but really funny.

  • Warren Lantz
    Warren Lantz 4 months ago

    Liked solely because my cat’s name is Whiskers.

  • reqage
    reqage 4 months ago

    I just started watching these probably about 2 months ago and I always have a good laugh.

  • 1Post Daily
    1Post Daily 4 months ago

    0:20 "What if something terrible happens to you" I'm here to report that its happened to me read below if you want to know of a place to never rent from.
    Only took 4 days and bad shit is already happening to me......My Apartment Complex is trying to force entry into my home based on false claims made by mysterious people. I allowed the cops in but not those shits trying to gain access to my home. Got everything on film also contacted my lawyers. This place is hell on earth Atlanta Ga northern region housing tries everything to fuck over tenants.

  • rodog818
    rodog818 4 months ago

    Sexbot with internet of things!

  • Jeremy Faulkner
    Jeremy Faulkner 4 months ago

    january 4th be with you? that's some serious premature joke-ulation

  • Rich Wilson
    Rich Wilson 4 months ago

    25:29 Automan has finally been made real! ru-clip.com/video/kA1NT4I0s34/video.html
    26:40 Oh no… How long before someone at Patreon has to call you to say Wendell has been accused of hate speech?
    BTW, "emotional support animals" (aka pets whose owners have a color printer and unlimited sense of entitlement) are *NOT* automatically allowed in restaurants or other places where service animals must be accommodated: ru-clip.com/video/SgILHCVYBKA/video.html
    (Yes, there are exceptions for housing and airlines, but they can require more than the documentation from BecomeOneOfTHOSEPeople.com .)

  • Unedited Gamer
    Unedited Gamer 4 months ago +1

    When I was a teen we had a Yorkie, my mothers friend stole the dog from her neighbor (for good reasons) the dog was blind and it lived outside. Yorkies are very small dogs and they do not handle the cold well. My mothers friend was always telling us how it was snowing and the dog was tied to a leash outside and how she felt bad for the dog. It wasn't like they just kept their dogs outside either they had 2 larger dogs that live in side and would mess with the blind Yorkie. Finally she took the dog and gave it to my mother as she felt bad, named it buddy (I don't think it even had a name). Took the dog a few weeks to get use to us and our place but finally it did.
    Dog was a barking animal it was just crazy open the door dog would kinda run into the wall and just bark, with time tho she learned the lay out of our house (to a surprising degree) she could run from one room to the front door and that's pretty impressive for a blind dog (cataracts in both eyes). Either way when you walked in she would bark and you kinda had to yell at her otherwise she wouldn't stop and occasionally she would randomly just start barking I guess she thought someone came in. Either way when you yelled at her (mostly just letting her hear your voice) she would calm down but if you didn't yell it got drowned in her own barking.
    She would run to the door tho and lay on her side just doing figure 8's between your legs and she was always bad with the excited pee but was a lovable dog. It died about 1.5 years after we got it but from what we knew the dog was already in it's teens when we got it. My mothers friend owned the home she was at and her neighbor owned theirs as well and you told us they had the dog forever but it was a good dog. Kinda miss it to be honest and as much as it loved to bark it was a good pet. If you watched her long enough you would always get a laugh out of her (once again blind) she had a habit of running into stuff at full speed and while it's bad to laugh it was still funny to see every now and than.
    For being a blind dog she really learned the layout of our house very well I think for the most part you just followed your voice/noise but it was still impressive to see a blind dog run from one end of the house to the other and into your room and jump on your bed.

  • DoctorWho8675309
    DoctorWho8675309 4 months ago +5

    Press F to pay your respects for Pebbles.

  • Peter Thomsen
    Peter Thomsen 4 months ago


  • Jerome Knight
    Jerome Knight 4 months ago

    my grandpa loves me

  • fifthof9
    fifthof9 4 months ago

    Cardamon is "earl gray" tea "flavor". Of course, ghee is cheese. : )

  • Cody Rocker
    Cody Rocker 4 months ago

    Ryan is my spirit animal.

  • Samuel Schwager
    Samuel Schwager 4 months ago

    Totally worth it!

  • Mork the Chicken
    Mork the Chicken 4 months ago

    Engagement challenge

  • Jux Zeil
    Jux Zeil 4 months ago

    Just watch the anime 'Roujin Z' to see the future of elderly care!! ^_^
    Shouldn't the "touch sensitive' skin be used for prosthetics/augmentation instead........
    I'm interested in CES........ I want to know when the new Zen2 and Navi stuff are being set free! ^_^

  • Zignas Ihmasmas
    Zignas Ihmasmas 4 months ago +2

    Yay sex robots and sex dolls.
    Can you imagine a world where loser incels can get a reasonably priced "enhanced" sex toy and stop putting up with blue haired, bull ring nosed, feminists? That's epic.

  • gir489
    gir489 4 months ago

    Jerry Miculek had a glock that looked like an NES zapper and he shot Yoshi with it, RIP.

  • mechtheist
    mechtheist 4 months ago

    'Selfie wrist' emerging? There's been whole n'other kind of selfie that could cause problems for your wrist that emerged species ago.

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G 4 months ago +1

    Cows and pigs are a horrible return on calorie investment too ryan

    • i5 4670k
      i5 4670k 4 months ago

      Exactly, massive negative difference compared to plant based foods. Isn't it common in tech to compare everything to the most technologically superior instance of that thing?

  • tonkatoytruck
    tonkatoytruck 4 months ago

    Screw Japan. Fukushima is dumping 300 metric tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean every day since 2011. The whales are doomed, just as we are.

  • Vi XiphiqiX
    Vi XiphiqiX 4 months ago

    In the back left upper corner; Is that Boiler Snakes sex robo? Boiler Snake is into the incognito look.

  • neeshuiAngel
    neeshuiAngel 4 months ago +1

    I guess they never miss huh.

  • Jake Surname
    Jake Surname 4 months ago

    That Chrome UI image you showed looks exactly like my browser now without the bookmarks toolbar. What's the change?

  • 3D4U
    3D4U 4 months ago

    Cows aren't smart, no, but when they're being queued up for the slaughter they get to know what's going on pretty quick. The closer they get to that gun the more agitated they get, the more the whites of the eyes show, the more they piss themselves. Most animals, if they're not shot out of the blue, will shit themselves before they're killed - fact of life. This is the thing vegans can't handle ... they see fear and they think we're bad for causing that fear - it's got nothing to do with the content of the meat, it has everything to do with the suffering of the animal but I say ... fuck it - animals eat each other all the time and when animals kill each other, ugh ..... it's fuckin' rough man. Most animals don't care if you're dead or not before they start to fill their belly. Not a nice way to go.
    This thing with the whales though .... this bugs me. Cows can't communicate with each other wheres killer whales seem to be able to and you can't just kill a whale outright - it takes them hours to die. If they're intelligent enough to communicate with each other, to spread stories about humans among themselves .... I'd prefer not to kill them. There's plenty more non-intelligent food in the sea. Eat tuna ffs.

  • Hello
    Hello 4 months ago

    13:00 i use FF aswell but i dont know about rounded off features on desktops i think this works way better on touch screens and rounded off displays

  • Alexander Rex Evensen
    Alexander Rex Evensen 4 months ago

    Stop hating selfies, you're just trying to be edgy (no really) :P

  • Nomaran
    Nomaran 4 months ago +1

    Let’s put some little happiness rockets over here.

  • Raydeus
    Raydeus 4 months ago +2

    Ah sexbots, my favorite topic.
    I think the best implementation for sex/companion bots in general would have to be something similar to the Joi system from Blade Runner. As in you'd have your local server* running everything around the house, including enhancing your sexbot(s) performance and behavior through apps. Think programmable mouse/keyboard functionality when used with and without their software.
    * Please don't hook up your sexbot to the internet when the time comes, that's just asking for trouble. If it requires the cloud to work just bite the bullet and go with a good sexdoll instead.

    • i5 4670k
      i5 4670k 4 months ago

      I think sexbots can make a lot of people a lot happier. Nature has plenty of ways to make sure less successful people will feel bad about themselves :(

  • Theophilus Thistler
    Theophilus Thistler 4 months ago

    Wendel's hands are the main desk set piece.

  • alidan
    alidan 4 months ago

    krista, I gucking hate the chrome ui, the only reason I don't switch to something else is every other thing but chrome is dead, I cant even go to other chrome flavors because of dependency on extensions and how shit most other flavors are.
    I don't use chrome because I want to, I use it because the fuck else is there?
    them change the ui is just them pissing in my face because they have my head strapped in place and there's nowhere else to go.

  • databang
    databang 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Randal Davis
    Randal Davis 4 months ago

    Duke Nukem Forever !

  • William fforbes-Rutt
    William fforbes-Rutt 4 months ago


  • RemusKingOfRome5
    RemusKingOfRome5 4 months ago

    ROSY the robot ... who dust homes ..as the techies in the US are SO LAZY !

  • DerBauer
    DerBauer 4 months ago +1

    Its not nonsense day without sex robot news! Ryan does it best, and Krista is finally coming around!

  • Bickety Bam
    Bickety Bam 4 months ago

    My dog out grew the excitement pee phase pretty quickly... my brothers dog on the other hand... it's about 5 years old and it sprays the hallway like a Jackson Pollock painting when they leave and then come home...

  • Adam Maqavoy
    Adam Maqavoy 4 months ago

    Happy new, year! #krista #wendell & the other fancy dude
    (Sorry I can't re'call your name today)

  • Pseudo Soul
    Pseudo Soul 4 months ago +6

    It baffles me that you humans still fail to realize that you are the AI created by my people.

    • Pseudo Soul
      Pseudo Soul 4 months ago +2

      +Southeastern777 The accounting department regrets to inform you that your check bounced.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 4 months ago +1

      Where's my Elle Macpherson clone that I ordered from you ages ago?!?! I'm still waiting...

  • Jaron Namir
    Jaron Namir 4 months ago +1

    Lol Wendel knocking over the vase

  • DatInnovator
    DatInnovator 4 months ago

    whaling...I just wonder if whale meat would still be popular enough for consumption?

  • Marcos Alcala
    Marcos Alcala 4 months ago

    28:04 an artist already did this he had his hologram go on tour for him i think his name is cheef keef

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago

    Nothing to talk about. AMD Windows fix never happened.
    'T'S A LIE!

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago

    My Bland! \(OO)/

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago +2

    Web browsers have been ugly since tabs-on-top.

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago

    My sister decided to make a spaghetti and honey sandwich once. Yup, in white bread.

  • Gabriel Seamen
    Gabriel Seamen 4 months ago +4

    Can we all appreciate the framing perfection that is the L1 coffee mug blocking his mouse literally the entire episode?

  • yumri4
    yumri4 4 months ago

    So um CES died?

  • praack
    praack 4 months ago +1

    whaling- not as "unsustainable" as people think. it has turned more into a loadstone for people who love the whale rather than looking at it as a source of protein. not all whale species are still endangered. so if limits are placed on certain species for harvesting then fishing should be commenced. i suspect we have the same issue that keeps deer hunts from occurring - thus allowing deer herds to overpopulate then die of disease and famine. we need to husband the population.

    • MoarPower
      MoarPower 4 months ago +1

      +Cody Rocker did I say I'm OK with killing of other animals?

    • Cody Rocker
      Cody Rocker 4 months ago

      +MoarPower Cutting big chunks out of them to eat without killing them...does that make the alternative seem preferable? Do you have any empirical proof pigs, cows, chickens and/or plants don't have the same aptititude for emotional response? I feel pretty confident the former do. Probably the latter too, but much less confidence. Making an ethical argument where step 1 involves killing something that's alive 100% of the time, no matter what, seems pretty fucking stupid. You're not worried about the whales feelings, it hurts yours to watch it.

    • MoarPower
      MoarPower 4 months ago +2

      I am fully against whaling. Ignoring their aptitude for emotional response just to eat them if pretty disgusting. Especially since there is no actual need to kill them

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago

    Definite Box is an absolute unit.

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 4 months ago

    Aw, remember that time?...

  • bobhumplick
    bobhumplick 4 months ago +1

    26:21 did wendell just say the "sports games"

    • bobhumplick
      bobhumplick 4 months ago

      +toy machine professor farnsworth "show them they suck at a game theyve never played before!"

    • toy machine
      toy machine 4 months ago

      Good 'ol sportball

  • Vercusgames
    Vercusgames 4 months ago +1

    1:57 Um... Considering what Alexa is capable of so far, without a body. That is probably a bad idea.

  • Outkast Army
    Outkast Army 4 months ago +5

    wtf are these parents? you walk in and karate kick that little basted clean off his chair and take the pc away, if he wants to self harm you harm him more than he ever could harm himself and he wont need to harm himself anymore, ryan had it right back when it was just a phone problem, "punch them in the throat and smack it out of their hands" - ryan 2018
    (the soundtrack for this comment is: Haddaway - what is love)
    we should bring back myspace in 2019 just to piss off zuckerburg hahaha

    • 100radsbar
      100radsbar 4 months ago +1

      I just use a different approach, I configure a scheduler in the router, it schedules the time the kids are allowed internet access. They know if they complain about it I just reduce the time they are allowed on the internet. If they still complain, it just gets shut off for a week or so. So far they have not complained. They come and ask nicely if they can get the time extended (mostly during holidays/vacations) But they still do not get 24/7 internet access.

  • Ry P
    Ry P 4 months ago

    It's a faaaaaaaaake!!!

  • Toan Ho
    Toan Ho 4 months ago

    27:30 this reference is of the highest order of geekiness ru-clip.com/video/7qKcJF4fOPs/video.html
    31:15 I'd like to see a rue excitement video

    • Toan Ho
      Toan Ho 4 months ago

      +Michael Clarke what is sad is that I knew what he was referencing and how obscure it was. That was about 27 years ago and I have not watched the show since it aired.

    • Michael Clarke
      Michael Clarke 4 months ago

      It might be sad that I immediately knew that DS9 episode by name, but I will wear it like a badge of nerd honor.

  • jeff smith
    jeff smith 4 months ago

    @20:00 holy shit kek.

  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas 4 months ago +20

    6:58 Boiler Snake: "YEAH BABY!"

    • gir489
      gir489 4 months ago +2

      You know who is WAY in to sex robots? Boiler snake.

  • Prime Technophilia
    Prime Technophilia 4 months ago

    CES is 9th to 12th, so I doubt you'll be saying much next week since you record all 3 videos on Monday. Perhaps have 1 session on Mon, another on Wed (9th) then another on Friday... you could fit CES stuff in.

  • Dave Sargent
    Dave Sargent 4 months ago

    May the 4th be with you??

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 4 months ago

    Would love to see the blue sky from above.

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J 4 months ago +8

    07:50 once I patent the "THOT Process" A.I. and seal a deal with Fleshlight, I will have the rights to royalties for all piston-powered automated genitals with human interfacing. I basically want to have the doll take an Uber order and create a mini game to see if the users can finish before the driver shows up with their food. This is going to blow Pokemon go out of the water and make the Nintendo Switch sales look like chump change. I will have the first global MMO and affiliate deals with erectile dysfunction medication and pizza chains. Maybe it will be able to use smart assistant APIs also. Imagine having no relationship reaponsibilities with all of the perks and tool-assisted voice computing.

    • TickleMeSenpai
      TickleMeSenpai 4 months ago

      would that be a "self-driving" Uber? +Nick

    • Nick
      Nick 4 months ago

      It would only be fun if the Uber driver could watch you whack it. It's not really a race unless the driver is participating.

    • Cody Rocker
      Cody Rocker 4 months ago

      Dude, what kind of relationships have you had where "all of the perks" encompasses rushing to evacuate your chaffed and battered nether regions before your garlic knots arrive? Those camgirls aren't your gf bros.

    • TickleMeSenpai
      TickleMeSenpai 4 months ago

      Imagine being that Uber driver. "Oh god I hope this thing doesn't on my seats"

  • DatsihK
    DatsihK 4 months ago +3

    Hey, do you think you could invest in a Talos Raptor II and benchmark it??
    So far I have seen no videos on it, would like to see that POWER9 power!

  • Findecanor
    Findecanor 4 months ago +13

    The problem with Chrome's new UI is that lowering of the contrast makes it harder to see the edges of UI elements and therefore harder to use.
    This is an objective thing, not some subjective "ugliness". Every UI designer with any worth _knows_ this. I think Google's engineers are educated enough to know this too: they just don't care, or they have been told not to.

    • I'm the captain now
      I'm the captain now 4 months ago

      Uhh you can use different ui colors, i use black so i can clearly see edges of ui elements. Whining about problems that dont exist smh.

    • i5 4670k
      i5 4670k 4 months ago

      Is it just me who really, really misses the stunning old 3D logo they sadly changed back in 2011?
      And yeah, UI design in general (from the big companies) seems pretty pointless. I still can't see what benefits these oceans of white spaces and removal of options and colors have brought us. Like the Samsung camera, it just to be a nice grid with icons and custom shortcuts, now it's a just long list of options.

  • GarbageplateKiller
    GarbageplateKiller 4 months ago +3

    New Chrome UI is fine. The removal of the option to mute individual tabs is not.

  • þøħ€
    þøħ€ 4 months ago +6

    2019 more like 1983

    • Mark Gast
      Mark Gast 4 months ago

      +þøħ€ Ah, I would say it is more like V for Vendetta. I am kind of hoping for the same ending.

    • þøħ€
      þøħ€ 4 months ago

      +Mark Gast was more referring to the book

    • Mark Gast
      Mark Gast 4 months ago +1

      I have lived in both years. So far, 2019 is nothing like 1983.

    • cool dude
      cool dude 4 months ago

      no 1984

  • T19R0N
    T19R0N 4 months ago +2

    Week hasn't been great

    • sirius4k
      sirius4k 4 months ago

      +Whaargaarbl No you don't :P

    • Whaargaarbl
      Whaargaarbl 4 months ago

      +sirius4k I feel your pain.

    • sirius4k
      sirius4k 4 months ago

      Or the month, or the year, or decade.

  • LJ A
    LJ A 4 months ago

    You all are awesome, I love the show.

  • elfoxy
    elfoxy 4 months ago +27

    The grandma in an exosuit would like to speak to your manager.

    • RemusKingOfRome5
      RemusKingOfRome5 4 months ago +1

      just as long as the grandma isn't a chinese Daigou demanding baby formula.

  • 4G12
    4G12 4 months ago

    I am absolutely unsurprised by the AI generated names.

  • William Murdock
    William Murdock 4 months ago +1

    call me scrooge, but humbug about google anything

  • Upeela
    Upeela 4 months ago

    Hey @Level1Techs. Why dont we actually make our own Alexa? I mean its a long stretch but think about it... THINK. IT WOULD BE GREAT. with your voices. Imagine having you three as a choice of voice.

  • Filly Fillyy
    Filly Fillyy 4 months ago

    Nonsense, my favorite time of the week

  • Arakox
    Arakox 4 months ago

    4th, please notice me krista

  • Matt Christie
    Matt Christie 4 months ago


  • Siudadano
    Siudadano 4 months ago


  • Wizardmom
    Wizardmom 4 months ago


  • Thomas Rackstraw
    Thomas Rackstraw 4 months ago +4