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  • Real Creations
    Real Creations 8 дней назад +724

    I always watch your video and I realised I spent 1 hour in your videos 😂

  • KawaiiKitten! Kawaii Puppy!
    KawaiiKitten! Kawaii Puppy! 19 часов назад

    Is is zabel or apel? My teacher is called miss Zabel

  • Toma Siniciene
    Toma Siniciene 19 часов назад

    guys you know that good student she is wereing a necklace and it’s a plus it means she is a christen:)

  • Alexandra Sirbu
    Alexandra Sirbu 19 часов назад


  • Arabella Gamez
    Arabella Gamez 19 часов назад

    Sara is a lying

  • Juneboyina Arjunarao
    Juneboyina Arjunarao 19 часов назад

    Sophia you are very

  • Jhen Susano
    Jhen Susano 20 часов назад

    If i see sarah i will give 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 slaps becuase she is cheating,not listening to the teacher,lieng,blaming sofia for nothing and not studying well

  • Gilbert Laliberte
    Gilbert Laliberte 20 часов назад

    I am a badist kids you nud

  • Calista Wijaya
    Calista Wijaya 21 час назад

    Ms. Abel! I saw that Sarah cheat, listen to headphones and she lies and she plays with slime!

  • Yan Dela Camara
    Yan Dela Camara 21 час назад

    The bad student is lying

  • Whittley Mccullough
    Whittley Mccullough 21 час назад

    Welll I guess you are the best

  • Paz Delacruz
    Paz Delacruz 21 час назад +1


  • Angel Lay
    Angel Lay 21 час назад

    rude teacher rude girl

  • Jose Chua
    Jose Chua 22 часа назад

    Sara is verry verry bad and liar

  • Yaneth Vargas
    Yaneth Vargas 22 часа назад


  • Fhid TheRMS
    Fhid TheRMS 22 часа назад

    Tip 1: Try to answer wrong answers, and then when I cheater saw you’re answer, you need to write you’re correct answer and cover it
    Tip 2: Just cover you’re answer...
    Tip 3: Try to protect yourself to cheaters

    I don’t beg for likes, I want all to be safe from cheaters on you’re class... These tips will help you until these cheaters choked up😊

  • Lacy Lee
    Lacy Lee 23 часа назад

    Cool look Sarah big fan

  • Dawn Xristianah Bantolo
    Dawn Xristianah Bantolo 23 часа назад

    Sarah is a bad girl so much

  • Connie Miller
    Connie Miller 23 часа назад

    Rude taters now days ugh !!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😠😡😡👹👹👹👺👿

  • magical gaming girl
    magical gaming girl 23 часа назад

    Hi I love your channel I subscribed

  • FRANK Gamer
    FRANK Gamer 23 часа назад

    I’m the bad one😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Raven Kolenda
    Raven Kolenda 23 часа назад

    3:43 - 3:45, how u gonna lie and then not give them punishment. Such a light headed teacher, lol

  • Stuthee Arora
    Stuthee Arora 23 часа назад

    Sophia is over a acting

  • Raven Kolenda
    Raven Kolenda 23 часа назад

    1:38, i got some gum for you
    *slams it on the teachers desk
    (added in- Teacher: Your Going To The Principals Office, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Elelsy Pell
    Elelsy Pell 23 часа назад +1

    The bad kid acts more drunk than bad

  • DANA Fernandez
    DANA Fernandez День назад

    At 7:35 I was dying of laughter

  • DANA Fernandez
    DANA Fernandez День назад


  • TheGamerJai
    TheGamerJai День назад

    if you saw how many ticks were on the sheet thats probaly how many times they tried

  • Sarah Xx
    Sarah Xx День назад

    I have the same backpack as Sarah and is her name Sarah, cause mine is lol

  • Stuthee Arora
    Stuthee Arora День назад

    Aaahhh what rubbish

  • Gacha_Bluey ._.
    Gacha_Bluey ._. День назад

    Oh my god that not soooo bad kid right guys

  • Lacy Lee
    Lacy Lee День назад

    That sneak

  • Hasjaf 17
    Hasjaf 17 День назад +2

    LOL...When we were see a people which are tomboy the they say what's up😂🤣

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez День назад

    Sarah you said school is easy becauae you Cheat XD I still love your your vids

    i think sarah took so long because she was lookin'g for the slime XD

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez День назад

    Sofia Was not a good person

  • Tasha Miranda
    Tasha Miranda День назад

    Teachers pet has entered th chat

  • John Hirota
    John Hirota День назад

    Your videos are the bomb and I spent 10 hours wachting

  • Jabelle Wang
    Jabelle Wang День назад

    Wth XD

  • Linda Akeripa
    Linda Akeripa День назад

    Math is boring

  • Ya Boy Maad
    Ya Boy Maad День назад

    no affense but I thout the youger one was a boy but no cuase she was acting like a boy entell she said she is cheting soo sorry! bye love yall

  • That one girl
    That one girl День назад

    Why does a little girl looks like she was born from an earth worm

  • Fayrouz Bassem
    Fayrouz Bassem День назад

    Gum is candy 🍭

  • Maddie Like vids
    Maddie Like vids День назад +1


  • Samia Abusneineh
    Samia Abusneineh День назад

  • Zack Attack 6.0
    Zack Attack 6.0 День назад

    There’s a lair around here

  • GassyTomato
    GassyTomato День назад

    Sarah needs a makeover xd

  • Stacy Isaacs
    Stacy Isaacs День назад

    Bad student at school no slime candy in class today

  • XXerrorWolfXX AlexDAwolf
    XXerrorWolfXX AlexDAwolf День назад

    can i beat the brat up yet?

  • 3GK HD
    3GK HD День назад

    7:43 was so funny WHAT I CAN NOT HEAR YOU another one CAN I GO TO THE BATHROOM

  • Sadia Mansoor
    Sadia Mansoor День назад


  • Kaliyah Britton
    Kaliyah Britton День назад

    7:41 was funny

  • siti khadijah
    siti khadijah День назад

    i 😙 you sada and sophia your fameli two i 😙 your video

  • Najma Faizal
    Najma Faizal День назад

    I only love Sophia

  • Najma Faizal
    Najma Faizal День назад

    I don't like Sarah

  • Jaysa Cabrera
    Jaysa Cabrera День назад

    bad girl won I think

  • Mony Clara Ziena Khalil
    Mony Clara Ziena Khalil День назад

    If I was Sofia I will punch sarah

  • Jana Chil-ang
    Jana Chil-ang День назад

    I like sohpia

  • Ciara Jordan
    Ciara Jordan День назад

    Let me tell you how two come throw the 1 2 boom

  • Hamdi Abdi
    Hamdi Abdi День назад

    I am the good student the goody two shoes and every teachers favirote

  • Maxie Darws
    Maxie Darws День назад


  • Kathy Custodio
    Kathy Custodio День назад

    sarah is savage😂

    my character is sofia cause shes nice

  • Nicholas Neeper
    Nicholas Neeper День назад

    25% of me hated that but 75% loved it

  • Dr. Onyx
    Dr. Onyx День назад +1

    Allow me to point something out. This video has 3.4M views, yet only about 2k comments. Slightly suspicious but hey what do I know? I'm just a random RU-clip commenter "hating" on an extremely "epic" channel, right?

  • Dale Pracy
    Dale Pracy День назад


  • Guadalupe Alejandre
    Guadalupe Alejandre День назад


  • Pony Cookielovergirl973
    Pony Cookielovergirl973 День назад

    .....😨😨😨😨😨.....okay? That was odd but nice vid!

  • kking 7312
    kking 7312 День назад

    Lmao my friends all know the bad student is me

  • Creeper Lover
    Creeper Lover День назад

    I like how the teacher talks

  • Logic_ Xero
    Logic_ Xero День назад


  • brends8008
    brends8008 День назад

    They blame me at school for cheating but I wasn't and the guy said I WAS CHEATING I STUDY THE WHOLE DAY!

  • frank pradas
    frank pradas День назад

    Idk if the teacher is your guys mom's

  • brends8008
    brends8008 День назад

    Umm in the pop quiz too much math

  • Jessica Ritchey
    Jessica Ritchey День назад

    I love sada

  • Danny Enrrique
    Danny Enrrique День назад

    Funny 7:20 -8:19

  • Quimno Justine
    Quimno Justine День назад

    i love youre all videos

  • Fortnitegamer12 Polizzi
    Fortnitegamer12 Polizzi День назад +1

    Good lord

  • Majestic SnowPuff
    Majestic SnowPuff День назад

    Huh teachers

  • citlali gervacio
    citlali gervacio День назад

    the bad girl looks drunk

  • PaulaCamila Pitirri
    PaulaCamila Pitirri День назад

    Hi good I love your video

  • HIT OR MESS I guess they never mess HUH

    You can call me the ba....GOOD kid :>

  • jonathan Garcia
    jonathan Garcia День назад

    Omg she is such a brat

  • santa valdez
    santa valdez День назад

    this was so funny and the bad student was telling lie and got there self in trouble written by jina

  • Kayla_rose_ 2009
    Kayla_rose_ 2009 День назад +1

    Fffffffffukc you just chot up

  • Khristian Breganza
    Khristian Breganza День назад

    Good student i voted

  • Sunlight Moon Dash
    Sunlight Moon Dash День назад

    1 reply = 1 slap for the bad girl and the teacher cuz the teacher just believed the bad girl

  • Mosammat Jesmin
    Mosammat Jesmin День назад

    Did I trick ya

    Read More

  • Kill gang
    Kill gang День назад

    U was Cheding bad kid

  • Yosia Noyola
    Yosia Noyola День назад

    Sara was cheteng

  • Ashley  Mathieu-LaFrance
    Ashley Mathieu-LaFrance День назад

    7:31. When is the first day of school

    SnowyFox_FOREVER FOXY День назад

    10:40 i wanna go to college, i wanna go to college?... xD its to funnyy😅😅😅

  • Sophia Cherednichenko
    Sophia Cherednichenko День назад

    MY NAME IS SOPHIA TO! Plz like!

  • Matthew LaGrone
    Matthew LaGrone День назад

    its there mom

  • Sam Stevens
    Sam Stevens День назад

    very funny haha lololol goddly vide0

  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen День назад

    _______________________is my friend

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl День назад

    When Sarah walked in like that I loved it

  • Roxanna Romero
    Roxanna Romero День назад

    She has fat toes there black and they stinken

  • Christian Putnam
    Christian Putnam День назад

    dum bad student

  • Kylie Evans
    Kylie Evans День назад

    Sarah is so me😂😂😂😂

  • Susi Lopez
    Susi Lopez День назад

    Pause at 4:45

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen День назад

    I don’t think that would