Ladies, Look For This Quality!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019
  • Ladies, this is one of the most attractive qualities you should look for in a man!
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Comments • 246

  • Augusta Yarteh
    Augusta Yarteh Day ago

    Thank you so much for speaking about that. You will hear men will say ooh women are arrogant when they lost confidence in a relationship.

  • Ryan Zad
    Ryan Zad 5 days ago

    But I only wanna date rich older women because they are more confident

  • 50Plus Smov
    50Plus Smov 15 days ago +1
    who doesn’t like a great leaked song by a great artist don’t sleep on this guy come up🔥🔥🔥🔥
    “Live glorious, rich risks” ✨

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat 17 days ago

    Now i know lol

  • Rosemond Phil-Othihiwa


  • tapjar85
    tapjar85 20 days ago

    This is bit. He gives his best advice off camera.

  • Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop.

    Thanks Steve, just keep the stereotype alive that men shouldn't show weakness... Good job...

  • Jonathan Quezada
    Jonathan Quezada Month ago

    1:44 - "you weady?"

  • S. D. H.
    S. D. H. Month ago

    You forgot a big, healthy wallet. Steve is a good example of what's wrong with men/people in general & really shouldn't be giving advice.

  • missy bella
    missy bella Month ago

    Fell for a confident, ambitious, responsible man.
    Trouble was he had 2 much of confidence.
    Wanted a relationship on his terms, he never apologized and was never wrong.

  • Grant Franchey
    Grant Franchey Month ago +3

    “All woman are beautiful” ....that’s cute Steve ....but nahhh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Grant Franchey
    Grant Franchey Month ago +3

    It goes both ways but ladies y’all can’t expect men to stay confident for you if y’all gonna be emotional and weak. It takes two strong people to have a strong relationship.

  • Kenny_C
    Kenny_C Month ago

    What's the difference between confident and cocky?

  • xhottestpink
    xhottestpink Month ago +19

    If my man is crying im not gonna call him a punk ass... ever. Gonna love him and find out what i can do to help. Periodt

    • Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop.
      Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop. 28 days ago

      @Piyush Sharma Yeah, no. That's just an act or they were raised badly.
      Some, definitely not a majority

    • Piyush Sharma
      Piyush Sharma Month ago

      @Tiffany Moore most men are "hard" all the time.

    • Tiffany Moore
      Tiffany Moore Month ago +2

      It's not a sign of weakness when a man cries. It's actually great to see this at all especially when most men try to act like their hard all the time. However, I do feel that if I am at my weakest moment, I need him to be strong, but if we are both having a weak moment then we pray to become stronger together!

  • Cat O
    Cat O Month ago

    The opposite of weak is STRONG. I've seen plenty of weak people with "confidence". Oh boy😅 Lol😂🤣

  • stephanie c.
    stephanie c. Month ago

    “you dont want a man that exhibits weakness. you dont want that. cus there s no place for you to be weak.” alright so all men have to be made of steel, as a woman you are allowed to be sad have bad days be weak. as a man dont dare to think about it... what about mutual support and having weak moments both parties. id like to help my man not let him build a persona

  • Zeh Zahl
    Zeh Zahl Month ago

    "Confidence is important" and "don't say these things because they'll make you seem less confident." Those two things and the details of what you should NOT say are the only things that he said that matter. The rest is just nonsense, lol...

  • Johney Mwemax
    Johney Mwemax Month ago

    That suit is damn dope man...

  • Joy GloriousSweet
    Joy GloriousSweet Month ago

    Steve is so hilarious

  • Nigel
    Nigel Month ago

    around 2:32 and i quote: Steve: "this is for ugly people i'm only talking to men all women are beautiful" now class please show me whats wrong with this sentence. what we not going to do is just laugh and ignore what he just said all people are beautiful what kind of arrogant banter was that......? insert meme huh...? what u talking about bro...... ohh he also said two ugly.......i cant this dude serious.

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins Month ago

    All women are beautiful: LIE. Men like Harvey need to stop these lies just to make a dollar. Everything a woman does is fine and what most men do is wrong. Just like theres a lot of good and bad men. There are just as many good and bad women.

  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl Month ago

    What kind of ghetto ass employees is Steve talking about.

  • Cusp_Of_Magic
    Cusp_Of_Magic Month ago +1

    Naw, you say the "That ain't none of your damn business!" line to them nosy ass coworkers! I should've said that many times.

  • Ebeonna Crawford
    Ebeonna Crawford Month ago

    U look old steve

    IMPERIAL N1KWVP Month ago

    Purple the color of money

  • Yvonne Bishi
    Yvonne Bishi Month ago

    This man will always be a nice guy to me as long as he doesnt change in trying to help ppl.

  • Adam Fun
    Adam Fun Month ago

    I’m from from Morocco ! Been living in the US for 9 years married to a white girl but I feel more comfortable around black people than been around white people ! I’m not racist because Morocco is a melting pot of all races ! Maybe I have more black DNA since I’m from Africa

  • QueenMaz7 Nomusa
    QueenMaz7 Nomusa Month ago +14

    "Coz Ugly people dey mad"
    Steve 😂😂😂

  • devin weber
    devin weber Month ago

    steve sometimes is dumb as a brick.

    DJEAZY DICK Month ago

    Here my issues and why I'm kinda trying to start and stay confinidence but the past 2 years I was fighting cancer and recently got my colon removed. But finally I got done with all that started working out and im.back at work soon hopefully in nursing school. My problem is I'll start talking to someone but even think of me getting sick again and who knows maybe dieing this time. I just wouldn't wanna let that happen. But I'm still going to take a swing at it and enjoy life make buy a house with someone and grow old with them

  • myatatisboy1
    myatatisboy1 Month ago


  • Massagebyamaja LLC
    Massagebyamaja LLC Month ago +12

    Nah I want Somebody who's all about loyalty and can communicate. But yes confidence is key as well🙌

  • Demarus Witherspoon

    That ain't none of your damn business.

  • Salome Peretz
    Salome Peretz Month ago

    I can't understand when he said the phrases to sound more confident...what is???

  • Lori Raye
    Lori Raye Month ago


  • Hamza Faison
    Hamza Faison Month ago

    Tbh that’s not fair! Maybe I want to be sad and break down too

  • K J
    K J Month ago

    The US should have an Office of Common Sense and Common Decency. I nominate Secretary Harvey for the role.

  • Vumbi Zangi
    Vumbi Zangi Month ago +1

    i love me an emotional man

  • Paul Hogue
    Paul Hogue Month ago

    I disagree with Steve so basically a man is not suppose to show emotions because he human. Steve have sat and cried plenty of times on camera he contradicts himself all the time!!

  • Marcus Wroten
    Marcus Wroten Month ago

    I think she was half-joking however I do think we as men have to be vulnerable sometimes toxic masculinity is a reason so many men particularly us as men of color suffer from mental illness because we ar talk to me tough holding things in can lead to depression just my opinion

  • Ehtesham Shaikh
    Ehtesham Shaikh Month ago

    Sorry Steve I don’t believe in the concept of that every woman is pretty ... take that make up off and it’s hard to be even around 80 percent of em

  • Abu T
    Abu T Month ago

    I love Steve Harvey but sometimes he tries too hard to impress the women since that’s majority of his fan base. “All women are beautiful” and all men are not? Not to mention the fact he always talks about what qualities women should look for a man, what about qualities men should look for in a woman?

  • Mr Colemore
    Mr Colemore Month ago

    According to Steve, 'men can be ugly but all women are beautiful'. Shut your ugly ass up man!

  • Akinlalu Abraham
    Akinlalu Abraham Month ago

    We have different pple with different farting techniques some fart but Pple dnt even know, some people fart then they blaim it on other people. I was at a friends place we having meal then his 2 year old daughter farted I was holding mine in but my friend knw it was his daughter so I released mine into his daughter's fart nd he smelt it looked at his daughter nd then looked at me nd said ab why? #comedyhustle #nodayzoff #jokes #OneLove #ThankGod will love to work with you sir

  • Ka Ri Na
    Ka Ri Na Month ago

    You have to love Steve.❤️

  • Christian Kazadi
    Christian Kazadi Month ago

    Hi Steve! I am your brother who is going through difficult times right now I am married father of a child, I have an engineering degree, I am without work and I suffer with my little family, I ask your help to powerful name of Jesus Christ, I just need a job so that my family does not die of hunger, please help me to change my life God bless you In the Glorious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ my contact: +38098380 8912

  • Merce Hamashiosi
    Merce Hamashiosi Month ago

    "All women are beautiful...", Awwww Steve!!

  • Ravenex2
    Ravenex2 Month ago +1

    When you take on a task you don't know how to do, you will be blamed for the results as well. =P
    Request training for it and do it if it's a big task, otherwise grab a tutorial and just grip the ropes.

  • brittany acevedo
    brittany acevedo Month ago

    Hes trying to get everyone fired

  • basha E
    basha E Month ago +1

    Steve, go get your step daughter and stop tryna give advice. Your own home looks screwed up. ..

  • Brad Murphy
    Brad Murphy Month ago

    Totally disagree, in a workplace phrases like "I'll try" or "Never done that before" whiles still showing willingness is good thing to hear as an employer and only plays as a positive towards someones reputation.

  • Shim Barax
    Shim Barax Month ago

    The guy is losing his marbles.

  • Mason Ornythology
    Mason Ornythology Month ago

    Those statements are not confident. They're rude. That's aggressive communication

  • Waheedah's Recipes
    Waheedah's Recipes Month ago +2

    Uncle Steve Harvey that’s so TRUE

  • bobdebelix
    bobdebelix Month ago +1

    All women are beautiful! Common now Steve, you know that's not true

    • Malcolm Jones
      Malcolm Jones Month ago

      99% of his audience is women...he feed them what they want to know.

  • Rel One
    Rel One Month ago

    Follow your own natural compass, advice does not supersede the experience, you will not know until you try, act out your own thoughts, and a doer is only one step ahead of a thinker.

  • develon Anthony
    develon Anthony Month ago

    Steve just sick to Family Feud.ill take advise from Chris Rock and Cotey

  • Adam Fun
    Adam Fun Month ago +4

    Damn that color combination suit!!! Slick

  • the legend
    the legend Month ago +3

    Women are attrackted by money..Uncle Steve. The more you have the more confident you are. Some go for soul connection but they a few

    • the legend
      the legend Month ago

      @Ka Ri Na dime piece💎

    • Ka Ri Na
      Ka Ri Na Month ago +1

      As a woman I can tell you, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I'm one of the few.

    PRINCESS INGRID Month ago +1

    I like he’s jokes