Fortnite Montage - WOW (Post Malone)

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • I went pretty crazy in tilted town in this fortnite montage. Hope you guys enjoy the crazy snipes. I'm so glad the hunting rifle is back!
    Song: Wow - Post Malone
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    I love this song

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    So happy I stopped playing this game

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    WoW i loved your montage make a montage for fearless song

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    I Love this Song #Joymz Like if you do too

  • IssA ReZ
    IssA ReZ 28 days ago

    I was surprised in the first clip you were able to shoot through the tree since the tree hit box is the size of Wal-Mart supercenter

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    u were in mobile lobbys in some clips bro # exposed

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  • Orys
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    *Not tryna be rude or something but what’s the point of calling this video a montage? Where are the effects? Not a single shot is synced with the song I’m just tryna help.*

    • Orys
      Orys 27 days ago +1

      TraxFNツ well he could’ve just called it a Fortnite edit tbh everyone does this calls their video a montage and nothing is in it but just music

    • Visual Combatツ
      Visual Combatツ 27 days ago

      Orys technically by definition a montage is basically a bunch of clips put together often with a song but not always

  • mahdy shahimi
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    Comikazies jealous

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  • Monkey D Qasem
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    Could you do a fine China montage

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    This song old as fuck

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    WOW That was amazing montage keep up the awesome work🙏❤️

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