Finding Comfort in Discomfort , Yoga

  • Sandra Carson, our Anusara inspired teacher, shows us the challenge to find Comfort in Discomfort when practicing yoga hip-openers.
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Comments • 27

  • EkhartYoga
    EkhartYoga  6 years ago +1

    Keeping the foot tucked keeps the leg muscles activated and keeps the pose dynamic. It also helps you stop the leg following out of alignment.

  • caryn keshner register

    Why leave the toes of the back foot curled under the whole time?

  • Mrgazza55555
    Mrgazza55555 7 years ago

    such a graceful woman :)

  • Alma Palacios
    Alma Palacios 7 years ago

    mucho bla bla bla no encuentro una clase completa con un poco de calentamiento

  • Denise Holladay Damico

    what a great video! I really like the discussion of discomfort, with added hip opening goodness. fabulous. thank you.

  • jayofthewoo
    jayofthewoo 8 years ago

    @Flowingwithgracenl Thank you for taking the time to reply. It makes sense now:) I can see this helping my practise a lot.

  • HB Mooseli
    HB Mooseli 8 years ago

    In pigeon pose my hips don't seem to touch the ground at all - are my hips extremely tight, or am I doing the pose incorrectly?
    At any right, I love the message of this video and will begin to keep this lesson with me in my daily life. Thank you!

  • Book
    Book 8 years ago

    @Flowingwithgracenl Thanks I look forward to more of your videos. = ]

  • Book
    Book 8 years ago

    COuld you show something to reduce love handles?

  • Book
    Book 8 years ago

    This is pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing = ]

  • jayofthewoo
    jayofthewoo 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your yoga wisdom. It is helping me and my practise as I live in a remote area and do not have a local teacher.
    This video has a phrase that I'm hoping you can elaborate on for me. "Space". Where am I making this "Space" that you speak of?
    You talk about it at the 4:10 & 7:12 marks.
    Thank you!

  • RubberBiscuit
    RubberBiscuit 8 years ago

    Thank you for this sequence and the message. I'm trying to apply this same level of mindfulness to my daily life, in dealing with shyness and fear and other challenges. Pigeon pose seems strangely easier. :)

  • ruellan2003
    ruellan2003 8 years ago

    great video , although i am totally out of stretch, you are awesome !!!

  • Bert Lindsay
    Bert Lindsay 8 years ago

    OK, you are right, I will give it some time and enjoy the exercises - may I call it that? - In the mean time. Checked out Ester's beginners stuff, like that! I am a very down to earth person and don't understand what you guys are on about when you talk about things like breathing out toward your hips, staying present, looking for an opening, etc but I love the stretches and like to thank you for the videos :-)

  • madonca1
    madonca1 8 years ago

    i dont totally agree with this video. she explained one of the other. pigeon pose is very hard pose, specially for beginner. i expected that she will demonstrate this in differents ways. and she has too flexible lumbar spine in down dog, so her body cant find really messages too. but anyway, wish you keeping good work! Namaste

  • duerme07
    duerme07 8 years ago

    I was just thinking about how to put pigeon pose in a sequence - precisely for the purpose of becoming more comfortable with it. Thanks for the video!

  • Estralita Rox
    Estralita Rox 8 years ago

    Sandra makes it look so easy! Inspiring! :) :) :)

  • MegF
    MegF 8 years ago

    I'd fall over at 1:47 . It makes it hard to follow along with yoga videos when I'm so inflexible, but working on the level that I can. Definitely working through discomfort and fact my body just isn't able to do various pose examples.

  • Cambz
    Cambz 8 years ago

    I really like the first move you did, the downward facing dog and the bringing one leg back to open the hips, I'm definitely going to start using it. I have some questions. Why do you keep your "toes tucked" when you have one leg behind you? You said to keep your arms off the floor to engage the legs more to get a better stretch. I don't understand why though. I would think you'd want your legs to be as relaxed as possible and not have to support the weight of your body to get a deeper stretch,

  • Ami Blue
    Ami Blue 8 years ago

    Finding comfort in myself amid life's discomforts -- the basic foundation of almost every form of spirituality and terrific life advice. I love how yoga continues to change my perspective on the world and myself in the world.

  • MJBpeace
    MJBpeace 8 years ago

    I have just finished this exercise... It feels so gooood :3

  • samsonnie
    samsonnie 8 years ago

    @yogatic I don't totally agree. Discomfort doesn't always mean that it is good for you. And you can also expand your boundaries while still feeling good, you can stretch until a point where you can feel it (so your boundary will shift), but it still feels nice.

  • jft24k
    jft24k 8 years ago

    Great video! May I request a video on how to work on balance for those who have problems with balance while transitioning between poses in a standing series? Namaste!

  • Bert Lindsay
    Bert Lindsay 8 years ago

    Thats far too advanced for me. Discouraging if anything :-(
    Please something for beginners....

  • EkhartYoga
    EkhartYoga  8 years ago +1

    @samsonnie Discomfort is different from pain, a warning signal off the body. Discomfort comes with expanding your boundaries. That is a place we encourage to be in in yoga. If you never expand your boundaries, your world end up to become smaller and smaller. Challenging yourself and learning to be comfortable with discomfort, your body, mind and spirit will expand.

  • samsonnie
    samsonnie 8 years ago

    Really uncomfortable indeed, but it feels nice afterwards! However, isn't discomfort against what yoga stands for? In all the other videos we are told to listen to our body, find the position your body wants to be in. It seems a bit contradictory.

  • kukuxumusu2006
    kukuxumusu2006 8 years ago

    Great short practice, thanxs a lot!!!