36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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Comments • 24 839

  • Davie504
    Davie504  Month ago +48402

    Finally a new dining table

    • Nick Hoole 852
      Nick Hoole 852 2 days ago

      Don’t bases have 4 strings and on that one there were 6 in each section

    • huwa huwaa
      huwa huwaa Month ago


    • Yeeg
      Yeeg Month ago


    • HANTU
      HANTU Month ago

      Maybe make a hole in the middle that would be easier to clamp the strings?

    • Lars Saint Morning Glory
      Lars Saint Morning Glory Month ago

      Please clear Nathan Diaz slapper challenge.

  • John Aceiord Flores
    John Aceiord Flores 34 minutes ago

    This is how many bass strings davie will play next

  • Liam Blake
    Liam Blake Hour ago

    if only it were fretless...

  • Logan Prasch
    Logan Prasch Hour ago

    Still waiting for Davie to shave his head :/

  • Den Den DunRun
    Den Den DunRun Hour ago

    Vai a italia got talent

  • Nathanael Matthews
    Nathanael Matthews 2 hours ago

    I just realized I have no talent

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 2 hours ago

    react to( feng e) even tho he plays Ukulele he Slaps

  • Ilyes Benabda
    Ilyes Benabda 3 hours ago

    632k likes, we are close to 690k go for it slappers !

    PANDA CENTRAL 5 hours ago

    Isn't a bass with more then 4 strings just a guitar?

  • DragSlayer0
    DragSlayer0 7 hours ago

    well a deal is a deal you must shave you head bald.

  • Emily Pardo
    Emily Pardo 8 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see baldie davie

  • Захар Елисов

    so good

  • Alex Plimmer
    Alex Plimmer 10 hours ago

    Old town road on that

  • K. Naphangkupar Nongsiej

    I can't even play a 4strings bass..

  • Christopher Comer
    Christopher Comer 11 hours ago

    How is this a bass solo if there are drums in the background

  • Veluxcion
    Veluxcion 11 hours ago

    Shoulda been on youtube rewind lmao

  • jon ployd
    jon ployd 12 hours ago

    Absolute fucking mad lad

  • Crazy Enough
    Crazy Enough 12 hours ago


  • Thomas Kusno
    Thomas Kusno 13 hours ago

    davie you should do another playing bass until s the strings break but with this bass

  • Pralaya Basnet
    Pralaya Basnet 13 hours ago

    Shave your head bald.. You told so... We crossed 500k likes

  • Dabbin Daily
    Dabbin Daily 14 hours ago

    Where's the bald head ma5e don't be promising what you can't deliver!!!!!

  • Lewis Stark
    Lewis Stark 15 hours ago

    Only 6 strings on this make sense😐

  • faiq rizkia
    faiq rizkia 16 hours ago

    Im from Indonesia and the bass u played's just like Indonesian traditional instrument that we called 'kacapi' pretty nice sundanese instrumental i should say tho..

  • -Gacha-Life-Leon
    -Gacha-Life-Leon 16 hours ago

    send a bass

  • Linkzegamers1981
    Linkzegamers1981 17 hours ago

    Imagine the impossible bass line solo on this thing

  • Ilopu Awomi
    Ilopu Awomi 18 hours ago

    Heyo bro make video on acoustic guitar too 😊

  • Hylia's Knight
    Hylia's Knight 18 hours ago

    59k more...

  • The Shelby Show
    The Shelby Show 19 hours ago

    Just Imagine how T H I C C 69 stings would be! S L A P P 100

  • Master MH
    Master MH 19 hours ago


  • Master MH
    Master MH 19 hours ago +1

    Me: sees bass
    Me: **COUGH** **COUGH** **COUGH**
    That's not even a bass it freakin *BIG CHUNGUS*

  • Hannaffy Aidan Haaziq
    Hannaffy Aidan Haaziq 19 hours ago


  • Pratham B Sarma
    Pratham B Sarma 20 hours ago

    U made this?!

  • ASMRpower
    ASMRpower 20 hours ago +1

    David:I’ll shave head
    Me: going to other vids to see if he did

  • andres villan
    andres villan 20 hours ago


  • javi garcia
    javi garcia 20 hours ago

    I'd love to see you in a video with setheverman 😳

  • PATRICK DeCambra
    PATRICK DeCambra 21 hour ago

    I don't know how to tell you this dude, but you might be obsessed with the bass.

  • Patriot
    Patriot 21 hour ago


  • gaming sachin grg
    gaming sachin grg 23 hours ago

    You are a bed pool

  • Barrett Madry
    Barrett Madry Day ago


  • Brian Patton
    Brian Patton Day ago

    Shave head?

  • moncyn1
    moncyn1 Day ago +1

    only 69k likes remaining from 690k likes so Davie can play 69 string bass!!

  • Samuel Areas
    Samuel Areas Day ago

    bro, you are so fucking amazing
    you blow my mind lmao

  • James Hill
    James Hill Day ago

    OMG MINDBLOWING hahahah davie504 legend

  • Doey453
    Doey453 Day ago +1

    Ok, this is epic

  • angela
    angela Day ago

    500k+ likes u gotta shave ur head

  • MarrsAttax
    MarrsAttax Day ago

    Some of those strings looked suspiciously like guitar strings. I'm calling the police.

  • account 112
    account 112 Day ago +1

    Very impressive...
    *but how about a 420 string?*

  • Octo Creeper
    Octo Creeper Day ago

    So what instrument do you play?

  • Isaiah Sheikh
    Isaiah Sheikh Day ago


  • Michael Weatherford

    Nice finger piano.

  • j3 80
    j3 80 Day ago

    Anyone notice how top RU-clip comments come in 3 different formats, are never funny, and always get thousands of likes

  • Elliot Jay
    Elliot Jay Day ago

    that was quite beautiful and fantastic. Thank you ;-)

  • JenJenButton x
    JenJenButton x Day ago

    He plays this so effortlessly omg 😍

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Day ago

    You mine as well make a bass with a hundred trillion strings fuh kit...

  • Mattao Gaming_YT

    I heard somebody did a 100 strings bass solo

  • weggy board oodfty

    Common guys were 60k likes away from the epic super funny lmao funny 69 number funny lmao meme funny number

  • NLoff44
    NLoff44 Day ago

    630k likes Where's the bald head?

  • ꧁꥓ꤍ꥓꤇꧂ G4m1Nq

    Granger can play bass?

  • Михаил Моонсор

    Ну все, Гусли прям сплошные у вас вышли, надеюсь Джаред со стула не упадет, а Стиви Ти не подавится Дошираком во время просмотра этого Чудовища, так как у них мало Струн по сравнению с ВАМИ!

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