Daft Punk Helmet Guy Test 3

  • Published on Sep 4, 2010
  • Daft Punk Helmet Guy - Light Test. Finished the bottom LED boards and testing the entire set. The brightness is a bit intense, so I'll soften them up a bit once the color gels get put in place.
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  • Hamudih Hijazi
    Hamudih Hijazi 6 years ago

    man i saw you have both helmets with gloves , would you accept 5000 USD for them ?

  • escotrking007
    escotrking007 6 years ago

    just about the most bad ass thing i have ever seen... well done .

  • Darian Ferguson
    Darian Ferguson 6 years ago

    Whats the song name

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  7 years ago

    U forgot to read the video description that this is a "light test" and not the finished product. So your comment is not even close to correctly.

  • roman hall
    roman hall 7 years ago

    U forgot the wire back so its not built even close to correctly

  • JoiiCelis
    JoiiCelis 7 years ago

    give love!!!!!! what is the remix??????

  • AWMK101
    AWMK101 7 years ago

    nice lighting

  • TheSaucySauce
    TheSaucySauce 7 years ago

    How much did you sell it for?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 7 years ago

    Holy SHIT.

  • King Stratos
    King Stratos 7 years ago

    dude i have 17 dollars total worth it

  • jameZkD
    jameZkD 7 years ago

    Awesome dude!

  • guero osvaldo
    guero osvaldo 7 years ago


  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  7 years ago

    @mattier3030 Great! Here's my eBay listing Item # 260898715059

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  7 years ago

    @am5411803 Great!! stay tuned as one will be up for bids on ebay! Complete!

  • Al Medina
    Al Medina 7 years ago

    I'll pay 2,000 I have the money 0-0

  • butteryassryan
    butteryassryan 7 years ago

    know what would be sick, if they made these daft punk helmets as ipod docks, and the lights are synced to the music playing.

  • Waskerz
    Waskerz 8 years ago

    I'm not asking for a sale price, but rather hour much did the materials cost?

  • oracles
    oracles 8 years ago

    can you see in the thing?

  • MilkshakeMartin
    MilkshakeMartin 8 years ago

    I will legit pay $300 for you to make me one.

  • MrZorg89
    MrZorg89 8 years ago

    what kind of led did you use?

  • plopkinggamer
    plopkinggamer 8 years ago


  • Zach Casey
    Zach Casey 8 years ago

    I can see will.i.am wearing this

  • JoiiCelis
    JoiiCelis 8 years ago

    yeahh!!! name song???

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @GraniteXStone This is the implementation I used: plasmado.com/pro2.tutorial.php

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @GraniteXStone Yes

  • Josh Scanlan
    Josh Scanlan 8 years ago

    whare did you buy the lights?

  • Jake U
    Jake U 8 years ago

    i want one badly

  • Ian Walker
    Ian Walker 8 years ago

    How do you make these D: I need one so bad!

  • Sweet Wraps
    Sweet Wraps 8 years ago

    whats the price you sold this one ?

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @956Troy I wouldn't make one for the sole reason of selling it. I did sell this one on the video but it was from a client that reached the price worth selling. These helmets take a long time to me. Besides the materials, it takes a lot of man hours to finish them with a constant risk of scratching, burning, and/or damaging the unit with every step.

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @tissot233 Thanks!

  • Sweet Wraps
    Sweet Wraps 8 years ago

    would you ever make another one and sell it ?

  • 00Sexyness00
    00Sexyness00 8 years ago

    @tekparasite Epic answer.

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @TheAssassin7130 @pepefue because EMI will block it.

  • cenetor69
    cenetor69 8 years ago

    I hope your selling

  • tsukidaiyo
    tsukidaiyo 8 years ago

    WOW!! I gotta be honest, out of all the Daft Punk helmets I've seen, this by far has the best lights. Great job, bro.

  • martinez221704
    martinez221704 8 years ago

    awesome helmet bro, i cant find this song only the original? really like this version

  • Dustin Guidry
    Dustin Guidry 8 years ago

    One question, where did you get the cast for this helmet?? :D

  • Vitali Plasencia
    Vitali Plasencia 8 years ago

    Nice job man!!
    1 Question could you send me some info on how to make 1 like yours?

  • Omar Longoria
    Omar Longoria 8 years ago

    fukcing awsomee dude i wanna one of them

  • baserulez
    baserulez 8 years ago

    i want it !

  • Whoozy
    Whoozy 8 years ago

    How much are these helmets worth?

  • The_Exiled-Elf
    The_Exiled-Elf 8 years ago

    just wondering planing on making a similar helm from my head and im wondering how are you able to see past the leds covering the inside front of the visor?

  • BearBadger
    BearBadger 8 years ago

    Could you make me one ?? and if yes, how much would it cost :P

  • ChetChat
    ChetChat 8 years ago

    Hey do you think i can construct a mask out of the material u used for the "glass" part of the mask?

  • Ryan .G
    Ryan .G 8 years ago

    i think a daft punk song would have been more appropriate

  • madamadam158
    madamadam158 8 years ago

    whats teh name of the song?

  • Jazzy Ruska
    Jazzy Ruska 8 years ago

    This helmet worth 50000000 dollars. nice man.

  • LovePotion
    LovePotion 8 years ago

    Nope, the Eva Helmet looks the Helmet Guy Manuel has.

  • Эдгар Галич
    Эдгар Галич 8 years ago

    @tekparasite Thanks dude!!!

  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  8 years ago

    @Incom35 @ CharlieBurke Song: Tristan Garner - Give Love

  • Эдгар Галич
    Эдгар Галич 8 years ago

    Wowwwwwwwwwww nice Work dude, Song?

  • Hugo
    Hugo 8 years ago


  • Jakfan1
    Jakfan1 8 years ago

    looks like an EVA helmet from halo 3

  • seiya209
    seiya209 8 years ago

    how much for one gentleman xD?

  • Steve Kedzior
    Steve Kedzior 8 years ago

    That is totally awesome dude! You rock! What material did you use in the color bars? Is it like colored acrylic sheets or something and where can you get it?

  • Nausiica
    Nausiica 8 years ago


  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  9 years ago

    @djgravitate I used closed-cell polyethylene WHITE foam. One brand is Ethafoam. This material is normally found as padding in packaging material. I found a piece of this material at work in the trash bin. You have to play around with the thickness. More will give you a very nice diffuse effect but less brightness. You decrease the thickness, you get more light, but the LEDs start to show up. The ones in the video are 4mm thick.

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M 9 years ago


  • tekparasite
    tekparasite  9 years ago

    @DoctorBtr77 I would have, but I don't know how to prevent this site from stripping the sound due to copyright violation.