TED Talks (Creative Presentation Assignment0

  • Published on Jun 16, 2015
  • Here is my fullsail assignment for Creative presentation week 2.
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  • Rayvong Gaming
    Rayvong Gaming 9 months ago

    .... well then i know what i am in for lol

  • a21aaron
    a21aaron Year ago

    What grade did you get in this

  • FitnessN Finesse
    FitnessN Finesse 3 years ago

    Hi there. I love your presentation. It's so full of life. I am a new student in FSU. I'm in creative presentation. How were you able to figure out how to do it? I've done presentations before but never with a slide. Any advice?

    • CherpZLoL
      CherpZLoL  3 years ago

      +FitnessN Finesse just be yourself, and let it come to you in a fun way and try to reproduce that fun way.

  • Robert Jessee
    Robert Jessee 4 years ago

    what program did you use to make this?

    • CherpZLoL
      CherpZLoL  4 years ago


    • Robert Jessee
      Robert Jessee 4 years ago

      oh nice, it looks great

    • CherpZLoL
      CherpZLoL  4 years ago

      @Robert Jessee i downloaded the videos via TED talks, and used Imovie to put it together. not really good editing since i never use macs. im more of a windows guy