❗ TV station workers killed by NATO Bombing: Serbia REMEMBERS ❗

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • In their memory.

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  • King rap
    King rap 3 months ago

    If needed you will get your gypsy ass baked AGAIN! You ask for it not albania nor bosnia or croatia !

  • drenii009
    drenii009 5 months ago

    Fuck serbia BIG ALBANIA100%🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • NadaVERSE
    NadaVERSE 5 months ago +3

    *ŽIVELA SRBIJA* 🇷🇸 ☦️

  • Shqiptar
    Shqiptar 5 months ago

    NATO 🇺🇸❤️

  • Rron Bajri
    Rron Bajri 5 months ago

    Supporting such a narrative is the same as supporting Sloboda Milošević's racist agenda. Milošević did not only harm Albanians, no, he tried to eliminate his opposition Zoran Đinđić, who had to escape Belgrade and move to Montenegro because his life was threatened. A visionary man of peace and progress who was later assassinated by Milošević's people, because they were scared of being prosecuted for their crimes. His death lost hope in Serbia that change could ever happen, and with most of my Serbian friends that I talk about, they say that his death was the death of Serbian hope.

    When you look at the Kosovo war you have to look before the international intervention, before the formation of the KLA (Kosov Liberation Army), where Albanians being the majority of the population in Kosovo were forbidden to go to school from the regime and therefor had go to Underground school, Albanians who during the Tito era were employed in public positions were fired from their jobs, police brutality and bribery which created an atmosphere of insecurity, all for the sake that Milošević becomes the next Leader of Yugoslavia. He needed the Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian support for that.
    This information was not reported by Serbian media because they were controlled by the regime. The only thing that the Serbian population was showen was KLA attacking police stations. Albanians in Kosovo didn't have any other choice then to use weapons.

    I feel for the innocent families who lost family members because of the NATO attack, but you have to know that this is a doing of Milošević and not the West. He was warned 3 times to send the troops back and he consistently kept laying.

    Me and my family had to refuge our home because we were threatened by Serbian troops that if we don't leave they would kill us. My uncle (a civilian) who was during the war in Kosovo was tortured together with some relatives of mine. With all of this atrocities the Serbian Gov. apologized discrimination and ethnic cleansing towards in Kosovo-Albanians.

    Even with all of the things that happened in Kosovo before the war and during the war, I don't hate Serbs. And I look forward for a future were the Balkans with cooperation and understanding. Where we talk about the recent historical truth and not what happend during the Ottoman Empire. Where Serbia apologizes for the war crimes and what happened before the war, like Germany did. Then it would be easier for the West (UK, Germany, US...) to apologize for the civilian victims who were killed during the NATO bombing. But people like you don't help with that, you only spread more hate among Serbs and Albanians. So fuck you stupid idiot!

    • Rogy N
      Rogy N 5 months ago +5

      This is wrong on so many levels. Did you know why Đinđić was killed? Did you listen his last interview? In his very last interview (which you can find on RU-clip) he was talking about Kosovo and how the Western countries are now trying to attach that issue in order to blackmail
      Serbia as long as possible which he will not allow to happen since West is the one who created Kosovo problem. Couple of days after he was killed. Then this stupid comparation that it is doing of Milošević and not the West which is just excuse for NATO WAR CRIME! Those are NATO airplanes not Miloševićs bombing civilians, dropping illegal cluster munition, illegal depleted Uranium and hitting civil targets (including Albanians too but you are in West ass so you need to avoid Albanian civilian victims of NATO bombs)! This is hard war crime for which Clinton, Blair and Albraight should be in jail. Did you know how many Serbian families need to take refugee from your KLA butchers? Did you know how many people I know who were force to run away from those terrorist bustards or who have family members kidnaped-killed by KLA? Did you know how many local Albanians were killed by the KLA since they not wanted to join their terrorist group? You were not forced to take a weapons, you were organized and forced to take weapons by the NATO and KLA gang of local criminals who provided you with weapons in order to start the war not to count major fail attack from Albania by KLA, Albanian army and NATO combine to brake through Serbian border lines which is again braking of the international law. Attacking Serbian villages and local police is how the war started and you have butcher prime minister who should be in jail for organizing and leading official terrorist group long time ago. If we do not have western puppets in our government you will be the one who will first need to apologies for organizing terrorist attacks and collaborating with NATO + NATO will need to repay all their bills from bombing of infrastructure and bombing Serbia with illegal uranium and cluster munition. Without Serbian, Russian, Brazil, India and China you will never be independent, simply we should be the ones who are making rules not you. Not to mention Spain, Greece, Slovakia and Romania that will never recognize you neither allow you to be member of anything in Europe (no UN, no Interpol, no EU, no NATO, no VISA free, no nothing). You can have Karate competitions eventually and some sport activities with imposing as much % on Serbian goods as you wish but nothing will change that you will be forever closed. Also you will need to return all Serbs and build their houses that were ethnically cleansed in the past during the war and especially after NATO arrived to create fake protection of the civilians. You Albanians acting like you were the only victims of the war and you know very well how many war crimes were done by your leadership and your USA bosses not only against Serbs but against local Albanians too. Soon when this govermment change approach on all of this will be different.

    • Mila Lewis
      Mila Lewis 5 months ago +2

      I look forward to the day when western apologists like you cease being intellectual and moral cowards and accept the fact that the USA, along with its client states, has become a rogue nation which spits on international law, funds Salafi and Wahhabi terrorists for their proxy wars and protects war criminals within the highest ranks of its institutions!
      Perhaps then, and only then, will we have a just... if not a peaceful... world.
      I also take umbrage at your dishonest portrayal of the KLA as some benign force fighting for righteous justice. Don't insult my intelligence by assuming I'm a fool who isn't aware that after the fall of the communist regime in the early 1990s, Albania’s Muslim clergy, particularly through the Muslim Community of Albania (MCA) organisation, received significant funding from Salafist and Wahhabist groups in the Middle East, which was primarily aimed promulgating radical Islam of the most abhorrent kind.
      The USA and its proxies had a raging hard-on to destroy the last remaining communist country in the Eastern Bloc... and in order to do that they fomented discord among the people by giving weapons, money and strategic help to the most heinous factions within Yugoslavia. In Croatia it was the extremist fascists who resurrected all the old emblems and insignia of the Ustasha. In Bosnia it was done with the help of the mujahideen (El Mujahid) - armed terrorists made up of foreign fighters and radical Bosniaks and financed by Saudi Arabia and the USA. Today, these same fighters are slaughtering innocent Christians and any Muslim they deem to be "takfir" in Syria... so fuck the KLA and the monsters who support them.
      Your little anecdote is no doubt meant to be touching, but I have no tolerance for those who support terrorism... no matter how they justify it. Many innocent people died during a conflict which was deliberately fomented by the west using the same strategy and the same criminal proxy armies they use to destroy sovereign nations which stand in the way of their globalist agenda.
      Neither do I buy your bullshit premise that Milosevic was a brutal dictator hell bent on destroying anyone who stood in his way by encouraging the slaughter of innocent people. If that were the case, he'd also have butchered Slovenians. That's right... people like you always conveniently forget that Slovenia, which wasn't infected with western-backed fascist and islamist scum was able to reach a peaceful accord with Milosovic after 10 short days.
      There's plenty of blame to go around sir... so do not presume for one minute that you Albanians are free from guilt or culpability. It also begs the question that if you continue to refer to yourselves as 'Albanians', then why the fuck don't you go live in Albania and leave Kosovo to its rightful, legitimate, owners.

    • Hope InDarkTimes
      Hope InDarkTimes 5 months ago +1

      If terrorist "kla" had not started the war there would be no deaths on any side. If Albanians were to accept their country and not idea of separatists there would be no problems to start with. No police, no army. Just look the way you treat Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. You dont allow them to have their judges, driving cars with registration tables, education they want ect.

  • Алекс Убопов

    Мало этих скотов бомбили за резню в Сребренице..... 8000 погибших. Самая крупная резня со времён 2-й мировой

  • Mr Berisha
    Mr Berisha 6 months ago +2

    Good job NATO, when you spread hate by TV you get bombs as reward ....

  • je suis Informaticien
    je suis Informaticien 6 months ago

    nato, america ,israel are the biggest terrorists in the world

  • VLP Jelena
    VLP Jelena 6 months ago

    neka im se to desi u kući..

  • Андрей Чаюн
    Андрей Чаюн 6 months ago


  • vanessanda
    vanessanda 6 months ago +1

    May their innocent souls find peace in Heaven!

  • Kortik
    Kortik 6 months ago +4

    April 24, same day Armenian Genocide commemoration. мы скорбим, тугујемо.

  • orao1962
    orao1962 6 months ago +7

    Huge respect dude....Sad but true that you did more to show our side of story, then most of Serbian journalists has done......

  • orao1962
    orao1962 6 months ago +3

    Slava im i neka im je laka sveta srpska zemlja.......Ne zaboraviti i ne oprostiti je obaveza svakog poštenog Srbina ...!

  • Luka Popovic
    Luka Popovic 6 months ago +3

    Serbia must be strong to protect own people from this.World needs to know and support Serbia in that.Remember "Never again".

    • Luka Popovic
      Luka Popovic 5 months ago

      @FREE MUSIC no copyright songs and sounds Pljuni i zapevaj!

  • Leonardo Flores
    Leonardo Flores 6 months ago +12

    Heartbreak memories from a barbarian tragedy!!! Like nazis nato airplanes killing civilians!!! Unforgiven!! 😠😠😠 this is so sad!!

  • ПростоМария Рос

    Мир всему миру ! Так этого хочется....

  • Шурум Бурум
    Шурум Бурум 6 months ago

    а они разве не просят туда вступить?

    • Sanja A.
      Sanja A. 6 months ago +1

      Не траже!!

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit 6 months ago +2


  • Dalibor Janković
    Dalibor Janković 6 months ago +8

    never forget, never forgive

    • arabianongpinoy
      arabianongpinoy Month ago

      Always forgive but never forget. Hate and bitterness will destroy you and lead to more grief

  • Александр Б.
    Александр Б. 6 months ago +1

    Надо не за что говорить, а доколе?

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 6 months ago +2

    Nice work pedofil Graham dont abuse children

    • Froggy Legs
      Froggy Legs 5 months ago

      adam nikqi
      You are a journalist and busy with my mama?
      And you accuse Graham Philips while you are a NECROPHILE yourself.
      I hope everyone understands you are a liar and a fantasising nobody.

    • Mila Lewis
      Mila Lewis 5 months ago

      Is that the best you have to offer? When cretins like you resort to ridiculous, mindless, slurs it only proves one thing - you have nothing intelligent to say in your defence.
      And you don't even have the wherewithal to realise that, like the little whores you are, the USA/NATO will happily betray you once you no longer serve their agenda.

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 5 months ago

      @Froggy Legs what?

    • Froggy Legs
      Froggy Legs 5 months ago

      adam nikqi
      Ask her? Who is she I can ask?
      sluta fantasera!

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 5 months ago +1

      @Froggy Legs no aske her

  • Vierotchka
    Vierotchka 6 months ago +16

    Gospody pomiluj. Memory Eternal.

  • Маша Иванова
    Маша Иванова 6 months ago +12

    За что?!
    Нельзя забывать такое.

  • Кирилл Скаридов


  • Кот Матроскин

    Грем я думаю не чесно вы пускать видео не на русском языке. Ведь нас русскоязычных твойх подписчиков тоже не мало!. Посторайся информировать на нескольких языках . А так всё отлично!!👍

    • Шурум Бурум
      Шурум Бурум 6 months ago

      выучи язык и откроешь для себя мир англоязычного ютуба....ты не представляешь чего ты теряешь....учи скорее язык

    • Кот Матроскин
      Кот Матроскин 6 months ago

      @Graham Phillips спосибо!))

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  6 months ago +1

      Дружище все на русском на ВК - vk.com/grishawphillips ;)

  • Сергей Ванин
    Сергей Ванин 6 months ago +8


  • Vo1ka2
    Vo1ka2 6 months ago +41

    НАТО - сатанинское отродье.

    • Karmen Kerman
      Karmen Kerman 5 months ago

      Idi sine slobodno ako zelis I gde zelis ali Srbiju ne diraj ti nisi Srbija....

  • Hope InDarkTimes
    Hope InDarkTimes 6 months ago +21

    Never forget!

    • King rap
      King rap 3 months ago

      We will forget and you will get your ass baked again if needed !

    • Любовь Земная
      Любовь Земная 6 months ago +7

      Hope InDarkTimes Russia also remembers!!!

  • R 1900
    R 1900 6 months ago +47

    They also bombed schools, hospitals the chiness embassy
    NATO is a war criminal now we know the mass graves were Serbs and not moslems as the USA lied and said. Many of the photos were fake according to the investigation conducted by the Netherlands.
    The USA should pay compensation like the Nazis did.

    • Mila Lewis
      Mila Lewis 5 months ago +2

      @Mr Berisha : I watched western media reports during the conflict and I saw, with my own eyes, how they blatantly lied. Many of the images and footage they claimed showed "Muslim" mourners crying over mass graves showed women wearing a crucifix around their necks and wedding rings on their right hand in the Serbian Orthodox tradition.
      It was obvious to anyone with eyes that these were Christian people mourning their dead... not Muslims as the media claimed.
      NATO has become a rogue entity used by the US, UK, France and Germany to enforce illegal regime change in sovereign nations using Islamic terrorist proxies - all to further their own interests... and western mainstream media is complicit in the lies.
      Alija Izetbegović received funding, weapons and foreign fighters from radical Islamists in Saudi Arabia... all with the blessing of the USA. The Bosnian mujahideen (El Mujahid) was made up of foreign fighters and radical Bosniaks - just like the KLA in Kosovo.
      So forgive me for siding with Serbia... as I will always side with any sovereign nation which tries to rid itself of Salafi and Wahhabi terrorist scum.

    • Bošnjanin
      Bošnjanin 5 months ago

      Very stupid comment ... but the Bosnian mass graves begging Serbs.... dude hahahahahaha

    • Mr Berisha
      Mr Berisha 5 months ago

      Was fake the Truck with Albanian bodies in Batajnica, was fake 2000 albanians bodies found in Serbia why you tired to hide the crime ? So you see you are so ignorant there are 14,000 albanians killed by serb forces so the serb payback all what they have done in Kosovo

    • Blaz Blaz
      Blaz Blaz 6 months ago +2

      Bill Clinton the rapist and pathological lier Tony Blair will never pay any conpensation to their rape victims and for their war crimes. What they will do is continue to undermine democracy in their own countries (USA and UK) and try to gain political power by lies and manipulations.

    VLADIMIR BUCHENKOV 6 months ago +18

    Mein Große RESPEKT an GRISCHA,weiter so und wir alle werden siegen!!!