The Problem With Grinding In Red Dead Online

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Me talking about the problems with Red Dead Online . Grinding is fun and something I enjoy doing but when people grind continuously for nothing to buy it becomes boring and endangers the future of the game.
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  Month ago +97

    I really hope that Rockstar brings this spring update out soon and that it is packed with content. They need to add something unique to this game after the last update was a disaster. I did not mention the gold bar microtransactions but the problem is also that they launched a beta with microtransactions which I have never seen in a beta. The fact that some things can only be purchased with gold bars is really bad.

    • Dutch van der linde
      Dutch van der linde Month ago +1

      Rdr2online is dying just like Aurther was lmao

    • Mathieu Collignon
      Mathieu Collignon Month ago +1

      Hey my dudes.
      Why grinding when you cant spend. I dont play rdr since few month because of the lack of mission and funny battles.
      That game is just too quiet.
      In freemode and story mode, ive been asleep many times.
      Thats the only game that makes me wanna sleep.
      True story.

    • Zmanslasher
      Zmanslasher Month ago

      I'm hoping for property's too, but I'm hoping for carriages, more ways to get around the map that we could customize. Until I finally see something to grind for aside from clothing, and guns... I would also love to see Heists in the game if they add property's.

    • Mr-BO3
      Mr-BO3 Month ago

      So true

    • Profici3nt1 XBL
      Profici3nt1 XBL Month ago

      +4K.Hernandez You have to be a CEO, VIP or Biker Pres (Buy anyone of those related properties first) then you can buy the bunker.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 22 days ago

    I want the online to be good but it isn’t

  • Its Modelo time foo
    Its Modelo time foo 25 days ago +1

    They should just add M4s, AKs, Grenades, and cars like GTA.

  • Phantomz
    Phantomz 27 days ago

    I know red dead online is not getting much content but I personally enjoy grinding.

  • me thatguy
    me thatguy 28 days ago

    I just want it to come out for PC so PC players can do online properly.

    • Nantti
      Nantti 28 days ago

      Yeah the strong auto aim sucks on consoles

  • Mike DiCarlis
    Mike DiCarlis 29 days ago

    I play daily. level 165. I grind to collect cash and gold. there will be updates coming at which I wont have an issue buying stuff bc I'll have it. Also I play with 5 others who also play daily. we have fun running our posse's and bullshitting with each other.

  • gingabee
    gingabee Month ago

    I'd also like to have more horses added to the game and to be able to own more then five.

  • fg6971
    fg6971 Month ago

    RDO was fun for awhile as i leveled up, earned money, and purchased some stuff.
    The most fun i had was probably wall breaching in Rhodes and killing lawman for xp until i was out of ammo.
    My last session was about 4 weeks ago.

  • GB Outlawzz
    GB Outlawzz Month ago

    Haven’t you noticed when people stop playing a game like GTA or RDR people want DLC but once they release theyre content it’s all expensive, it wouldn’t be as bad if people didn’t stop paying it because once they stop playing they can’t afford what they release because they didn’t play.

    II-WELNEZ-II Month ago

    Dead game. Nobody cares. Sold this piece of shit. Fuck cockstar🖕🖕🖕

  • LynyrdDaSkinner
    LynyrdDaSkinner Month ago

    Where the fun in RDO is the RP. They need to double down on that. Have a more interactive environment in free roam.

  • Drew
    Drew Month ago +1

    There's nothing to grind for

  • Mark Zac
    Mark Zac Month ago

    Gta didn’t have heists, businesses or property’s like nightclubs when it first came out

  • sc0tt 187
    sc0tt 187 Month ago +1

    I have lost all faith in rdr2 online and found myself back cruising the streets of los santos within weeks of rdr online release

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    Red dead is shit.

  • I Bang Fat Girls
    I Bang Fat Girls Month ago +1

    The problem with grinding Red Dead is there's no point in grinding at all the game is ass cheeks

  • FrLouis
    FrLouis Month ago

    I would have sold it a long time ago, unfortunately I am stuck with the digital download which I deleted a long time ago.
    This game is garbage are you kidding me.

  • Infinite Godaikin /Brent

    Any links to directly give Rockstar ideas for the game?

  • Jimminee Christmas
    Jimminee Christmas Month ago

    Have some dignity and stop playing

  • Don Charle
    Don Charle Month ago +1

    Zzzz.. love your vids. .. that said..
    Boring pvp online. Ssdd.
    Cowboy Call of Duty...

  • Battlered 713
    Battlered 713 Month ago

    Haven’t touched this game in months! Online is just dead and boring

  • iCold Synthetic
    iCold Synthetic Month ago

    Rockstar is good at making a great game, and destroying it. Red dead was an awesome game when it first dropped, people bitched and cried because they had no idea how the passive card system worked. They cried so hard, that rockstar nerfed everything that made the game great. It kinda seems like they are punishing people for playing. This game is dead with little chance of redemption.

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics Month ago

    Who tf even plays this

  • Dude Media
    Dude Media Month ago

    Read dead is okay with friends. Better than GTA Opressor Online.

  • Requix
    Requix Month ago

    They need to add more stuff to buy and have to add long term investments

  • Sylvian Mouwer
    Sylvian Mouwer Month ago

    They should add a flying unicorn, that spits rockets.

  • Dean Maximus
    Dean Maximus Month ago

    Grinding in the right area and killing the right things can net you 1,000 in 6 to 8hrs. I know someone that has over 110k

  • Rian Mckaveney
    Rian Mckaveney Month ago

    What’s up with this guys voice

  • wolf it the fifth
    wolf it the fifth Month ago

    The community is just as cancerous as GTA V

  • wolf it the fifth
    wolf it the fifth Month ago

    365th comment

  • Dirty hairy
    Dirty hairy Month ago

    It's bad enough that I can't hunt without a douchebag coming up to me and killing me for no reason then they leave the game

  • Wotshud Ayeright
    Wotshud Ayeright Month ago +1

    GTA online

  • Douglas Breno
    Douglas Breno Month ago

    This game is dead lol

  • Dylan Copsey
    Dylan Copsey Month ago

    I only play red dead for animal hunting

  • Mateusz A
    Mateusz A Month ago

    what if im getting tired and bored about grinding by myself ? What u do when u feel like me ?

  • CZ Anthony
    CZ Anthony Month ago

    RDR2 is TRASH

  • Benita Meyer
    Benita Meyer Month ago

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  • Hazard
    Hazard Month ago +2

    Preach bro. Good video

  • Black Toof
    Black Toof Month ago +2

    When the story dlc drops. Online will be dead. Bet that much on this

    • Dark Jr
      Dark Jr Month ago

      Doubt it, don't forget when gta 5 online dropped it was a shit show, no ways of making money, or things to buy, but now it's the standard for online open world games, give rdr2 online a few months to a year it will be on par with gta online after the first gear it was released

  • RabidTardigrade
    RabidTardigrade Month ago +3

    I really want a bounty hunting
    mode. Go to the sheriff of a town, get a target, go to last known location, get another clue and track them down around a couple states. And when you finally bring him in there’s a $50+ reward cuz they should take a long time to complete. That would give you good money, make it feel immersive and give you a reason yo travel around the map.

    TBOSH NERD STUFF Month ago

    did i hear that right? .50% as in like a half of 1 percent?

  • djairjordan
    djairjordan Month ago

    Properties will kind of be a waste of money because it will be too far to travel to for it to be worthwhile....I think they need to bump up the timeframe give us some ww1 era weapons some cars and better missions with worthwhile payouts....or just go full sci fi western and make it steam punk

  • Thomas Picarella
    Thomas Picarella Month ago

    What new content could they add to a Wild West game? Slave trade business? Plantations? Railroad construction by exploiting Chinese labor? Bounty hunting native Americans? Expelling Mexicans from acquired territory? There is no where for this game to go in todays PC culture.

  • mwanimation520
    mwanimation520 Month ago

    I busted my ass and grinded hard to rank 152. It was awesome in the beginning. I had the upper hand as I should. Know they are just dropping rank unlocks left and right. So stupid. What is the point?

  • Half Rocket5048
    Half Rocket5048 Month ago

    Red dead online is that one game I really want to love

  • lolmock25
    lolmock25 Month ago

    No real content simple af alomst a "robbery" for the whole game.....

  • Mattias Johannessen

    The biggest problem though: no pc release yet 🤣

  • Carlos Loff
    Carlos Loff Month ago

    Im numb

  • Eugene Frausto
    Eugene Frausto Month ago

    I think everyone just needs to give the game some time to get patched up an introduce new grinds happen with gta5

  • Ethan Montgomery
    Ethan Montgomery Month ago

    The problem when grinding rockstar games griefers

  • JonnyTM
    JonnyTM Month ago +5

    You have to be tactical smart guy not just run around like a chicken with its head cut off

  • JonnyTM
    JonnyTM Month ago

    There was a newswire just have to know where to look

  • Elmyda 1537
    Elmyda 1537 Month ago +1

    The griefing in this game is out of hand! Its was bad before, but it seems worse.......

  • Ollie Leon
    Ollie Leon Month ago

    Don’t call red dead boring on gta all u do is grind for money and there’s loads of try hards please do grinding methods of red dead

  • beanie boi
    beanie boi Month ago

    You already made a video about this can you actually make some more content

  • Akstekize Hyperyze
    Akstekize Hyperyze Month ago

    Hate online with a passion. I’m actually better at killing people with a knife because free aim with crappy weapons like a carbine repeater or cattleman revolver is so hard especially with how horrible the dead eye is. I could kill so many things if I could at least tag another player or AI but you don’t even get full ammo like on story mode when you enter dead eye. The most fun I have in red dead online is going into Saint Denis with one or two of my friends and killing every AI in sight.

  • Cogna
    Cogna Month ago +8

    GTA is a materialistic game. The fun comes from buying expensive things with your money that you grind for.
    Red Dead is not materialistic, the fun doesn’t come from buying things, it comes from being a badass cowboy. Rockstar needs to focus on adding co-op/story missions or heists instead of simply putting more things in the game to buy. Especially when the only way to buy those items is to play the same game modes or hunt over and over again.

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S 28 days ago

      It's only materialistic if you take it that way. The reason I grind personally is because everything is beau coup expensive, like 2 mil for a warehouse. There are expenses to running a business. People play RDR to feel like a badass cowboy, right? Well people play GTAO to be a badass car thief, a badass mercenary, a badass hitman, a badass billionaire playboy, a badass Michael Meyers-like slasher, a badass race car driver, a badass derby king, a badass golfer, a badass tennis player, etc. Etc. Etc. 6 years of content and all you see is a price tag?

  • v ZxmbieFN
    v ZxmbieFN Month ago

    Red dead more like dead game in 2 weeks

  • omaduskilas
    omaduskilas Month ago

    I stopped with RDR2 it’s a crock of shit game...

  • Concrete Cartel
    Concrete Cartel Month ago

    Awesome video and you touched on a lot of great stuff ( BMFCMJ )

  • TheGravityShifter
    TheGravityShifter Month ago

    I only tried Online twice. Totaling a playtime of approximately 2hrs. I hated it. It's boring, the crap is overpriced, the game is too bent on PvP stuff... it's just not fun for someone like me who prefers a lot of PvE content. I'd have more fun playing Elder Scrolls Online for one week straight, than to suffer through just one hour of RDO...

    • TheGravityShifter
      TheGravityShifter Month ago

      +il34kz First time for everything right? I felt it would make a good comparison since ESO suffers from a similar problem, and that is being super repetitive.

    • il34kz
      il34kz Month ago

      Seeing someone mention eso on a rock-star game is very unique that's a first for me

  • minetimpixel
    minetimpixel Month ago

    I would buy it if it would be on PC.

  • Jack warr
    Jack warr Month ago

    Why are you still playing this shit dumbass if you want it to succeed stop playing it. It is awful.

  • Iridium
    Iridium Month ago

    Me and a friend of mine usually hang out on GTAO. We don't do pvp, we don't even grind anymore, we just go there and do nothing (cruise, buy stuff, kill each other in creative ways...).
    I sincerely hope RDR2 comes to PC cause we are HUGE spaghetti-western fans and if we could move in the wild west, oh boy, we'd be happy af, despite the problems people say it's got.

  • RoboticMagus
    RoboticMagus Month ago

    I hope the online portion will have some content by the time the PC version comes out.

  • J Haydad
    J Haydad Month ago

    Excellent analysis (as always) of RDR2 Online Beta! I can't see why we are almost 5 months into the release of online and the "beta" name is still attached. I admin servers and write software automations for a living, I am not in the habit of "paying to test someone else's beta release!" Release that bitch and let's get to it already, R*!
    I've been waiting on that for a few months now, and left my story mode at chapter 3 to level up the online characters. My friend's nephew created a GTA Online character on my PS4, it was at level 5 in Dec and I got my RD Online character up to level 15. I then switched over to GTA, never having played any multiplayer online games before. I started out getting the RDR2 six shooter and stone hatchet, then had cash to get a garage. I've been grinding the crap out of GTA Online and am about to hit level 200 today or this weekend. RDO still being in beta makes me want to avoid it until they "release it for realz." Like The Professional, I have high hopes for RDR2 and the online component. It's just we have to wait until it happens.
    To be fair, we are mostly delivery people in GTA as well; just replace cocaine and meth with pizza and fried chicken and we are just jumped-up delivery boys no different than Phillip J. Fry. We just have more vehicles and guns, and one less kick-ass robot. I hear that Bender is Great.

  • xXxDEDEyExXx
    xXxDEDEyExXx Month ago

    I stopped playing online because of dead eye users in showdown modes. It should only be in story, not on online

  • josh477x
    josh477x Month ago

    It's a beta. That's why.

  • Ares
    Ares Month ago

    Hey professional I’m trying to make videos rn is it okay if I shout your name out in my new video?

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King Month ago

    The game is truly dead I do not think that they can come back from it they should have brought the form online game out months ago but I think that it still has a chance of succeeding and being up there with Grand Theft Auto V online but we need more content and I don't think that they care that's my pink.

    • Iridium
      Iridium Month ago

      it's not dead, it's _red_ dead

  • Demonte'
    Demonte' Month ago

    pro you're cool but i gotta disagree with u and i dont care what everybody else and the comment section says this game sucks theres nothing to do at all its absolutely trash sorry not sorry

  • Jack Stamford
    Jack Stamford Month ago

    People not playing it means it’s dead atm

  • tojo4
    tojo4 Month ago

    I hated Make it Count in the beginning too. But I learned to like it, especially when you play with your friends where you can communicate. When the game starts don't run around in the open, just sneak around and hide and let a few players kill themselves

  • Cornell Warner
    Cornell Warner Month ago

    Professional once again you sound like an idiot and a hypocrite... you have over 600 million dollars in GTA and youre not gonna spend it on anything because you got almost everything you want in the game.. but because of upcomin content you see the need to save that money. its the same in RED DEAD I have $12,000 and 150 Gold all from grindin I have alot of the things I need but because I know that years to come we will have loads of content I am still grindin just as you are because I saw the struggle I had in GTA havin $100,000 when everyone had Millions

  • Cornell Warner
    Cornell Warner Month ago

    Professional no offense but you sound like an ass by sayin you have things to spend your money on in GTA Online but noy much in RED DEAD Online. you are comparin a 6 year old game to a 8 month old game. GTA didnt get where it is in 8 months and neither will RED DEAD. quit complainin and wait your ass for the game to reach its highest potential... I didnt play GTA online on PS4 until it made 5 years online and I had to play catch up to everyone and do double grindin but I had fun and friends helped me. I havent played GTA since RED DEAD came out and Im havin more fun than when I played GTA 1st... I dont enjoy everything in RED DEAD the same but I play what I like. EVERY SINGLE DAY since October 26th. PLEASE GIVE YOUR FEED BACK ON THAT. I'll be waitin!!!!

  • iSpectral
    iSpectral Month ago

    Make a 100k subscriber unboxing 😎

  • liloreo inya
    liloreo inya Month ago

    Last time I played was when the Evans repeater was added. Until they add properties and businesses I'm done. I hope the game succeeds. I have moved on for now. Days gone is about to release and GTA should have a DLC at some point in the next month. Never big on pvp modes and I've hunted and fished way too much to be satisfied with that grind. There is nothing else to buy. Give me a home base and I'll return for at least a few days a week, but random spawns and no goal to grind for makes it pointless.

  • Toad The Parakeet
    Toad The Parakeet Month ago

    I haven't been playing in 4 months...

  • Xe ro
    Xe ro Month ago

    Red dead online was a raging fire that got extinguished and now we are waiting for a spark to start it again

  • Alisa Arroyo
    Alisa Arroyo Month ago

    I miss the shenanigans on this game, why tf is rockstar neglecting it?

  • DazStewart85
    DazStewart85 Month ago

    I sold my rdr2 it got extremely boring very quickly and the combat isnt good giving the timeframe the guns are sluggish

  • swenoel YT
    swenoel YT Month ago

    I would love to see heists, and different business in this game, that would be awesome.

  • Nihilistic Existentialist

    Normal people : Ah this games has a lot of grinding, I won't be able to afford anything
    Grinders : Ah this game has no content, where am I gonna spend my money on?

  • Jayson Hannah
    Jayson Hannah Month ago

    I stopped playing a while ago. I might come back if R* pulls their heads out of the arse but until then.
    R.I.P Red Dead Redemption

    • djairjordan
      djairjordan Month ago

      I came back for a couple days when I heard they droped the rank requirements for explosive ammo but the grind wasnt worth it and went back to bo4

  • Mcgruff K
    Mcgruff K Month ago

    I could use some help with gta I have no money and I want some things but it’s whatever

  • thealmightyva605
    thealmightyva605 Month ago +2

    I’d like property(houses+businesses)
    Hot air balloons for players to buy
    And that’s really it

  • Venatus4Sure
    Venatus4Sure Month ago

    I’m not playing because it’s clearly a shark card grab, or a massive grind, why not just make a game for casual gamers, who don’t want a grind????

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark Month ago +2

    Hey professional last year some guy released rumors that the PS5 would drop with GTA 6 being one of the release titles. A lot of people didn’t believe it but he got the specs for the PS5 right. Do you think it’s too soon for GTA 6 (or a side game like VCS/LCS)? I know the dev time was about 4/5 years however I don’t think GTA5 reached its full potential

    • Dark Jr
      Dark Jr Month ago

      It rockstar have two choices from this point, focus on rdr2 online which they will spend around 4 years only doing rdr2(like gta) or give up on rdr2 and go for gta6,but there will be a few years probably until gta6 no matter what

  • Gamer Fanatics
    Gamer Fanatics Month ago

    1 of the worst games of 2019.....blame r*! Like if u agree!

  • JustinNasty
    JustinNasty Month ago +1

    The world needs more life to it too.... if they’re gonna nerf animal spawns we at least need random encounters out in the wilderness, so it’s not just empty space between towns with duds saying hello.
    We need bandits holding up wagons of innocents we can either help or hinder.
    Marshall’s transporting prisoners we can break out.
    NPC hunters and campers, getting into shenanigans like in story mode.
    Hermits and beggars in the streets and woods who yell at us if we disturb them.
    Pretty much anything that’s already in story mode that could clearly work online just as well.
    I’m not seeing what the massive issue is here preventing RDR2 online from being good? Rockstar has all the pieces... they just need to put them together and quit sniffing paint thinner.

  • Mirja Shaw
    Mirja Shaw Month ago

    I think they should add businesses to the game so you can like own your own saloon or smuggle stuff across the map

  • Ionica Banea
    Ionica Banea Month ago

    It would be cool if you could buy land or bid on it then start the foundation and make it yourself or like hire people but it would be expensive either way but thats the point

  • Bitter_Rush
    Bitter_Rush Month ago

    I can wait till they add a heavily armored horse with a wagon that has a machine gun on it



  • Blink
    Blink Month ago

    dude the looking for group for this game has 50 people and for Gta 5 atleast a 1000 people so yeah if u understand the one gives a fuck about this trash 🗑 it’s dead and gone ...I’ve played red dead 1 online for two years you were probably a fucking little kid son ...

  • unicorn Prince
    unicorn Prince Month ago

    That's why I only play story

  • Junior Polanco
    Junior Polanco Month ago

    they dropped online too soon. For GTA we had a almost a year of just playing SP so when Online dropped it was exciting and we could get past all the quirky stuff. Rockstar wanted to monetize RDR from the get go which is unfortunate because this kind of game needs a SP DLC. I'm not playing this game because I grind money on GTA and when I do I can actually buy a bunch of stuff, you can't do that in RDR. If I'm gonna grind for a long time I want stuff that I can buy. I'm also a little bitter because we know Rockstar has updates and probably a DLC for GTA ready to go but didn't/havent released it because they want us to play RDR, but I won't be buying it. I enjoyed your play through and have no desire to play it online.

  • Red Mayhem
    Red Mayhem Month ago

    I hope they do something like the Heists in GTA V, maybe like a convoy robbery, a bank robbery, or a train robbery. They could get creative with the jobs and I think it would be fun


    I knew this was gonna happen

  • AVEBOY -234
    AVEBOY -234 Month ago

    There's nothing to grind for in this game tbh the online sucks