Bloomberg’s Belated 2020 Bid | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg floats a late-in-the-game White House bid and is met with resistance from the Democrats already in the race. #TheDailyShow #WorldWarD
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Comments • 2 267

  • Jim Burns, Jr.
    Jim Burns, Jr. 3 days ago

    GGThe word monster is derived from the low part of a mountain...a monster can only perceive prospefity was misdirecting and outlawing large softdrinks while the rent rates were quadroupled, industry gutted, and the peoples freedom made to readily take the blame as they paid rap and rock stars to psychologically predispose exactly that....all such that bloomberg could claim that laws ending freedom were the only thing that could do...what laws cannot genuinely achieve. Trump may have helped raise those rates...he may in fact be a close cohort of bloomberg and schumer..
    But bloomberg is a monster by definition....don't vote for what the media feeds you.
    Today he does the same misdirection with vaping and climate change..
    While your industry is bought out...your employers on payrole loans and all the willfully and irresponsibly raised wages going to fn land lords as you are set to judge and blame each other as bad people for snoking cigarettes....he is an example of the stupidity in leadership in Christs time..
    Do not vote for that!

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer 6 days ago +1

    After seeing what Mike says in his campaign ads, I am so enthralled with him that I will vote for him if he is the moninee! Mike is full on exposing donald trump and how that trump is on the side of the insurance companies by denying coverage to anyone with pre existing conditions! My vote this October will be for Mike Bloomberg, and especially after hearing so many New Yorkers liking what he did for the New York while he was their mayor!

  • undray Lowery
    undray Lowery 6 days ago

    Im voting for him hes a smarter trump

  • Bustedsan
    Bustedsan 8 days ago

    Anyone would do but not trump period

  • Ron C
    Ron C 13 days ago

    Bloomberg sucks more than Trevor Noah.

  • richard black
    richard black 13 days ago


  • richard black
    richard black 13 days ago

    MEH. NEXT.................

  • JERK Biak lian cung
    JERK Biak lian cung 20 days ago

    Andrew yang 2020

  • tal88
    tal88 21 day ago

    lol what an idiot. Trying to put down Bloomberg, the only chance democrats have to beat trump

  • Jared Powell
    Jared Powell 22 days ago

    Haha that add with the fake Texan in it was a joke

  • Charles Curry
    Charles Curry 22 days ago

    Trevor you need to raise up off my boy Bezos.

  • ali tamer
    ali tamer 23 days ago +1

    Love how he has to distract from bloom to make bloom look better

  • DonGius1
    DonGius1 23 days ago

    He is much much richer than trump , i think trump is afraid🤣 for bloomberg trump is an insect

  • DonGius1
    DonGius1 23 days ago

    Hey he is 77 years old, and has so much money he cant speend anymore, so let him run

  • Anon
    Anon 23 days ago

    The man has done so much as the Mayor and as a philanthropist over the years.. but all you could come up with is rich jokes. Why is being rich a bad thing?
    The only good part about this unfunny and useless video is that it at least talks about the fact that Bloomberg is running. All you comedians as a collective gave so much screen time and free publicity to Trump last time.

  • A C
    A C 24 days ago

    Bloomberg using prisoners for his campaign... Pretty sure that is the definition of slavery

  • buzzards cry
    buzzards cry 25 days ago

    This dude's a shill

  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla Blabla 25 days ago

    Warren buffet also endorsed Bloomberg, well seems like a terrible idea if all these billionaires think he’s the best solution hahah

  • Empire Textbooks
    Empire Textbooks 26 days ago

    6:30 lmao that’s such a staged smile

  • John Laesch
    John Laesch 26 days ago

    The clock is running out of time for Bloomberg and his delegates to get on the ballot in Illinois. Illinois has a challenging ballot access process that takes several months to assemble a slate and gather valid signatures for. My guess is that he is flirting with the Democratic ticket to run as an independent if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, or to put himself in as an alternative "savior" should the Dem convention move to a second ballot. What an out of touch joke... Let's elect Sanders and take this thief's money and share a little with the people.

  • TheEnoEtile
    TheEnoEtile 26 days ago

    The most important question anyone can ask Bloomberg is "are you worried Trump will win or are you more worried that a real progressive will win?" Because that's what it's about is keeping a progressive out of the office. Maybe he wins or maybe Trump does but either way the policies benefit him. Billionaires care more about billionaires than political parties.

    USA PARTISAN KID 26 days ago

    Scary. Check this out

  • Yohannes L Aemro
    Yohannes L Aemro 27 days ago +7

    Democrat is a party of retarders, They want Trump to lose at the same time they attack the candidates who can bit Trump. Lets be logical Bloomberg 2020!!

  • Roland Perteev
    Roland Perteev 27 days ago

    In fairness to Trump and his hedging of friendships, if I were to suddenly have a billion dollars, I'd be wondering if all of my new friends were paedophiles too...

  • Prior of the Ori
    Prior of the Ori 29 days ago

    Definitely pushed by the established DNC to try to flush out candidates like Bernie, Yang, and Tulsi. He's not actually running to be president. Anyone with half a brain on either side of the political isle can see right through his bullshit. I may be a liberal demo, but even I can see the corruption in my own party. Both parties suck.

  • Sjorben
    Sjorben Month ago

    Why does Donald call Bloomberg little Michael? Donald's net worth is less than 8% of Bloomberg's. Oh wait, right, he's a narcissist.

  • justin shope
    justin shope Month ago

    Watching the left stab itself to death. You people relize that Bloomberg is on your side. Higher corporate taxes, 90% tax on the top 1%, universal healthcare, immigration reform, all of it. He's help funded each and every one of the major DNC candidates in Noah's video. Now all of the sudden when he sees the truth that this is the weakest Dem feild of candidates in modern history and he might as well try, the left is like "Nope". Cant pass the purity test. White, male but worst of all rich.

  • Cyrus Bird-Walker
    Cyrus Bird-Walker Month ago

    So we should blame Bezos for this foolish quest

    ROCK VOCALIST Month ago

    No one supports him NO one is voting for him NO one even wants this asshat breathing oxygen.

  • jaca van heesch
    jaca van heesch Month ago

    i especialy like his policy on uuuuuuhm uh...…………… wait what does he stand for again?

  • ซาง สูง

    I will Vote for Mike!!!!!!!!

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    billionaires should run as republicans. trickle down economics is a right wing thing.

  • Dano1947
    Dano1947 Month ago

    An endorsement from doctor evil, that sinches it, trump wins re-election.

  • Dano1947
    Dano1947 Month ago

    Neither are you Bernster.

  • Dano1947
    Dano1947 Month ago

    Piss off Bloomy

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez Month ago

    Bloomberg another candidate...🙄

  • Adam Sweeney
    Adam Sweeney Month ago

    I actually want to vote for this guy

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Month ago

    He said , "did you see that? Nigga he shut down Bloomberg"

  • Adam B
    Adam B Month ago

    Let’s be honest, the current Democrats (warren, Biden, Harris) all focus to much on extremely liberal political correctness, yes it sounds like something trump would say, but does the average worker blue collar worker in a swing state care about transgender bathrooms and other issues of that nature? No, coming from the Midwest it’s only those on the coasts who care about those kinds of things, you’ll never sway centrists or moderates by only caring about what California wants.

  • JVS 3
    JVS 3 Month ago

  • JVS 3
    JVS 3 Month ago

    BLOOMBERG 2020!!!!
    Noah should first research what Bloomberg is about before he “one dimensional” Bloomberg because he’s a self made successful man.
    Noah is just using stupidity to try to be funny.
    As for trump the opposite of everything he says is the truth. He’s deathly afraid of Bloomberg because Bloomberg could show what a real billionaire is.
    I suggest research what Bloomberg is about.

  • Firstime Voter
    Firstime Voter Month ago

    Bloomberg a good Decoy for distraction.. Mean while my Man! Andrew Yang! is Rising... America is ready to elect The Best President of Our Time Andrew Yang as President of the United States of America!! #LetYangSpeak👍☑️🇺🇸💵😁
    Put the money in Our hands!!✋

  • satish8299
    satish8299 Month ago

    Well said, and good jokes, but seriously Bloomberg should not run, maybe for Americans it is normal. How is it possible this horriphic man Bloomberg has become ritch, he has no talent, did nothing special. The answer is by stealing from the New York tax payer, and by creative book keeping, and proberbly by trading in stocks where the begin budget was lent or he use money that was ment for public services.

  • Asa Coe
    Asa Coe Month ago +1

    The upper-class only "PREY" for their horrendous Christian-dollar-God.

  • MadMax041
    MadMax041 Month ago

    Damn, Besos MUST BE afraid of Yang if he ordered Bloomberg to run..!!! TIME TO PAY YOUR TAXES BESOS!!! LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ray Tor
    Ray Tor Month ago

    You know what is a really good idea
    Stopping random black people and search

    Or crazy hard gun law and a pop tax that will fit newyork

  • Peter Oarsman
    Peter Oarsman Month ago

    Yes Bloomberg can come in and clocked out a check because you guys all went into somewhere La La Land government La La Land and even most Democrats feel that way about you there's a little wrong with the Democratic Party I need a Bloomberg well I'll become Blueburger ice hail Bloomberg. Black Army Veterans for Bloomberg! Hail Bloomberg! Psst hey listen! are you plopping down checks? Because from what I've seen at this primary somebody really as hell needs to! nobody is the only one with half a damn chance will you wake up we need a Bloomberg in there to shake them up now to take some of the heat off Joe cause his laundry is due and no one wants to see an honorable man laundry in public!
    Nothing happened to America and we didn't all get done what we all got was social media and we got fruit defined as not absolute if you don't believe in absolute truth you have to believe that absolutely and for any society that adopt such a bully gets really tore up real quick history has shown that again and again and again

  • Drone Journey
    Drone Journey Month ago

    What’s mike proposal to solve problems? Stop Americans drinking soda? Problems solve. If u black u guilty? Stop n search the black. Problems solve.

  • Waggish Sagacity
    Waggish Sagacity Month ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but I prefer to have a sane, experienced, civilized, intelligent, and compassionate real billionaire as my president to his exact opposite faux-billionaire. I've been saying for months that the cast of would-be candidates (EXCEPT for Andrew Yang) is unsuited for the times & for the challenge. To cast all billionaires as "slave owners," greedy, callous, etc. is much too glib, and indeed, silly, for my taste. I'd rather see Michael Bloomberg "buy" the election (HOW? -- by giving voters a ride to the polling stations???) than have the front runners lose the election to Trump. It's that simple.

    PMJ4EVER Month ago

    Why is he working here? He’s not even an American.

  • Nia Sea
    Nia Sea Month ago

    Little Michael Will Fail
    a political poem.

    There is nobody I'd rather run against, than little Michael,
    He's got some really big issues.
    He's got some PERSONAL problems, and a lot of OTHER problems.
    I know him fairly well, not too well, fairly well, well enough -- But, he will not DO WELL!

    Impromptu, President Trump

  • Steve W
    Steve W Month ago

    Democrats don't do it...

  • Lonny DaDon
    Lonny DaDon Month ago

    Mr Stop&Frisk does he a single Black person or Hispanic person would ever vote for him ??? He's fuckn delusional

  • Lonny DaDon
    Lonny DaDon Month ago

    I laughed the whole clip..good one Trev

  • Ackim Michelo
    Ackim Michelo Month ago

    I know him well, very well, but not very well 😂😂😂 Trump

  • Todd Allenn Ziegenhagen Junior

    😂 I don't just want that moronic tramp of a president out of the oval office, I want him out of the country! 😒

  • Edge
    Edge Month ago

    Illuminati bowling night should totally be a thing.

  • Joana Guzman
    Joana Guzman Month ago

    Ho Trevor Noah, I love you show and I am a fan of yours but, with all your respect and with freedom of speech, before you trashed talk Mr. Bloomberg it will be nice to look on his history of helping lower income people for free in small cases were big companies with expensive lawyers want to take advantage. Please don't do what fox fake news does to his viewers you are better than that.

  • Oddly Wired
    Oddly Wired Month ago


  • Oddly Wired
    Oddly Wired Month ago