ZOE VALENTINE | Season 1 | Ep. 6: “Cabinet Escape”

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Zoe receives multiple invitations to the Spring Fling Dance.

    Following the death of her older sister Cleo, Zoe Valentine is thrust into the upper echelon of Attaway High’s social hierarchy. Caught between her old life and her sister’s glamorous world of popularity, Zoe discovers herself and the sister she never knew.
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  • Raniya O Brien
    Raniya O Brien 7 hours ago

    milo looks like joey king

  • Dinnem Pitts
    Dinnem Pitts 10 hours ago

    I feel feelings for Issac he is cute

  • Hello I am a Human
    Hello I am a Human 14 hours ago


  • Hello I am a Human
    Hello I am a Human 14 hours ago

    Hi hello welcome to ma living room and what are u doing here?

  • The Nya and Quentin show

    Awwwwww I feel bad for milo I would have said yes

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson 2 days ago

    Ali: Hey Freshman want to go to the spring fling with me??
    Brody/Billie Thunderman: Yes Plz

  • Geraldine Tiagan
    Geraldine Tiagan 3 days ago

    Can we just talk about Isaac and Zoe's friendship? They are so cute together as brother/sister

  • Lou's Life
    Lou's Life 3 days ago

    When r they gonna bring this show back

  • Riyanna Jazelynn
    Riyanna Jazelynn 4 days ago

    Brody gives me strong JT vibes

  • Qamar Kakooz
    Qamar Kakooz 4 days ago

    I love Zoe she's save

  • Nicole Rosano
    Nicole Rosano 4 days ago +1

    I really hope milo and Zoe end up dating!!

  • Soah & Fillie
    Soah & Fillie 5 days ago

    Eu amo Zoe Valentine

  • Taylor Sluks
    Taylor Sluks 5 days ago

    I really ship milo and Zoe

  • HorsesomeGrace
    HorsesomeGrace 5 days ago

    Green short milo! NO NOT THE BLUE STRIPEY ONE!!! GOD DAMMIT! 🤦‍♀️

  • hadjer keyper
    hadjer keyper 6 days ago

    Since the first ep i was imagening zoe with isaac

  • Jada Fevecque
    Jada Fevecque 6 days ago

    Milo is soooooo cute😍

  • Leslie Sanchez
    Leslie Sanchez 6 days ago

    Do you think that Zoe mom has cancer or is cheating


  • Dog Walker
    Dog Walker 8 days ago

    uncle bobby and Zoe's dad are the same actor!!!

  • Lonely Soul
    Lonely Soul 9 days ago +1

    I know Isaac is gay but I ship him with Zoe,anybody else?

  • Mirel Gonzalez
    Mirel Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Si hablas español dale like y comenta comida tradicional de tu país

  • Jennifer Alex
    Jennifer Alex 10 days ago

    Isaac is not even handsome.. I think he draws his brows nd it makes him look weird

  • Lara Houmayssi
    Lara Houmayssi 11 days ago

    Like=Zoe Valentine
    Comment=chiken girls

  • Pink Shukra
    Pink Shukra 11 days ago

    This is a little tense

  • Hasina Begum
    Hasina Begum 11 days ago

    Milos so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚

  • Miss ESS
    Miss ESS 12 days ago

    It’s 2019 and there is still someone who is afraid to admit that he is gay?

  • Life is Meaningless
    Life is Meaningless 12 days ago

    Brody is whipped

  • C Pati
    C Pati 12 days ago +2

    Who else saw Matt at the beginning? Like if u did

  • Sammi Davis
    Sammi Davis 13 days ago

    Did anybody notice that the guy that was flirting with Zoe is from stranger things!!!

  • Maria Brown
    Maria Brown 13 days ago

    I really love the theme song 😍😍😍

  • Maia Henry
    Maia Henry 14 days ago

    Milo=;ow key kinds cute

  • Zoé Estwick
    Zoé Estwick 14 days ago

    Issac Why why!!!!!???😢😢😢😢😢

  • Zoé Estwick
    Zoé Estwick 14 days ago

    The most famous and cute guy in school is GAY Why ????😊😊😊

  • Zakaiya Hunte
    Zakaiya Hunte 14 days ago

    Isn’t Zoe from Odd Squads and Milo from Nicky Ricky Dicky And Dawn

  • Mcnsterz
    Mcnsterz 18 days ago

    before teaching me about boy drAma, OuR Parents, EVEN HOW To AppLy A FreAking Cat Eye. Im laughing so hard rn the other two where sad but that just made my morning.

  • Tami Skinner
    Tami Skinner 19 days ago

    plot twist: boots is gay

  • Tara G
    Tara G 19 days ago +2

    Is milos name milo or Marcus cause I swear that isaac said Marcus instead of milo

    • Tara G
      Tara G 15 days ago

      jasmine _underscore_ I was really confused when he said that

    • jasmine _underscore_
      jasmine _underscore_ 15 days ago +1

      Tara G ikr but I think it’s milo and he said the wrong name

  • Griselda Maldonado
    Griselda Maldonado 20 days ago

    Milo is so cute can you do season 2 i love Milo and Zoe ship them

  • LexiSchiiller269 !!
    LexiSchiiller269 !! 22 days ago


  • Fanni Lou
    Fanni Lou 23 days ago

    Am i the only one who though they wouldnt like this and almost 6monts later checked it out and noe they cant stop?

    Just me?


    I said ok....

    Once you have scrolled this far why not turn the 👍🏼 button blue?

  • MARWA mansoor
    MARWA mansoor 23 days ago

    Isn't Milo from Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn

  • Leatile Bome
    Leatile Bome 24 days ago +1

    What is the name of that song??😭😭😥💖

  • Kitopher Sandoval
    Kitopher Sandoval 24 days ago

    Out of all the brat shows this shows acting is better than the rest

  • Zola Lamptey
    Zola Lamptey 24 days ago +1

    Bro milo voice is DEEP 🤤🥵

  • Pelia Dantez
    Pelia Dantez 24 days ago

    " we're gonna get through this all stronger than ever...there is nothing that this family can't overcome"
    it was the best line for me...❤😞

  • Life of Kyra
    Life of Kyra 26 days ago

    Isaac is actually cute😭

  • Alferly Encarnacion
    Alferly Encarnacion 26 days ago

    Song so epic

  • Nexxia Mireles
    Nexxia Mireles 26 days ago

    Milo and Zoe are the cutest thing ever

  • Kylea Brown
    Kylea Brown 27 days ago

    Team zody: comment
    Team zilo: like

  • Yareidy Ortiz
    Yareidy Ortiz 27 days ago

    At first I thought issac had feelings for zoe

  • Ella :3
    Ella :3 27 days ago

    I think the mom is hiding the sister at the aunts house or maybe somewhere else.

  • TravelChic
    TravelChic 28 days ago

    I bet you that the guy who keeps teasing Milo for being gay is actually gay and might end up with Isaac

  • Jasmine Balbes
    Jasmine Balbes 28 days ago

    I feel like everyone would no that izik is gay

  • Jasmine Balbes
    Jasmine Balbes 28 days ago

    Omg he is gay omg

  • Erin Price
    Erin Price 29 days ago

    Brody is key line is “yes please”

  • danesha chantel
    danesha chantel 29 days ago +3

    im still here catching up and it’s june😂✌🏻

  • Laya Richardson
    Laya Richardson Month ago

    i ship zolow ( milo and zoe)

  • Tyneisha Nichols
    Tyneisha Nichols Month ago

    Who's waiting for the new episode of "On The Ropes?
    Comment down below

  • Tamara Smiljanic
    Tamara Smiljanic Month ago +1

    Nooooo Miloo 😭😭
    Why God why 😭💔
    I feel so bad for him 😖

  • Mr. Crazy
    Mr. Crazy Month ago

    *sips tea 🍵*

  • Yetzaily Medina
    Yetzaily Medina Month ago

    Ok so I'm at 4:50 and I think Milo is going to ask zoe to springfling and zoe is going to say no cuz she's going with Isaac and I feel bad for Milo cuz I want him to end up with her. Idk what to do. HELP

  • Archisha Nair
    Archisha Nair Month ago

    Kent is the best human ever.

  • jocelyn jones
    jocelyn jones Month ago +2


  • Hosannah Laurent
    Hosannah Laurent Month ago

    Milo’s voice changed from when he was in Nicky Ricky and dawn

  • Gugu Johnson
    Gugu Johnson Month ago +2

    Milo is such a sweetheart. We don't deserve him ♥️

  • Natana Dobson
    Natana Dobson Month ago

    Zoe ur mommy have a good man

  • hanna MSP
    hanna MSP Month ago +1

    #moe = milo x zoe. cutest ship😍

  • Emilia NGOMBE
    Emilia NGOMBE Month ago

    YUP the mom's cheating on her husband with that docter we all know now

  • aleyla 0709
    aleyla 0709 Month ago +2

    Zoe: Who you gonna go with
    Isaac: Myself
    Why is that me😭😂😭😂

  • Prankers Prank04
    Prankers Prank04 Month ago

    I feel like boots and Isic are gonna be together

  • Anna was here
    Anna was here Month ago

    "Or how to apply a frickn' cat eye"
    - Anna Cathcart 2019

  • Anna was here
    Anna was here Month ago

    My cat is named Milo

  • Emmanuel Nandokha
    Emmanuel Nandokha Month ago

    Milo looks like an older version of Dicky

  • Anah Clark
    Anah Clark Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that dangmattsmith is in this in like the first 1 sec?

  • Barna Babajanova
    Barna Babajanova Month ago

    Can the mother also be Sick but not cheating on her husband?🤔🤪

  • Christine Joyce Dante

    Zoe looks like yamia melendrez

  • Mayoismynamo 379
    Mayoismynamo 379 Month ago

    Oh..the mom is cheating on her dad and she just learned that Issac is gay and is loosing her best friend...

  • CL. life
    CL. life Month ago

    “Would you to make out with me?”
    “Yes please”
    “Would you like to come to the spring fling with me?”
    “Yes please”

  • Karen Tue
    Karen Tue Month ago

    This is so sad

  • BLINK Forever
    BLINK Forever Month ago

    I love this i want more shows like this! Instead of all of it being mature shows cant you just make a sorta half mature and half unmature? Idk i just want more shows like th

  • Mg vlogs
    Mg vlogs Month ago

    Can you do more Zoé valentina

  • abi bella
    abi bella Month ago

    Whats the song in the begiining..?!!

  • ilene neri
    ilene neri Month ago

    when is ep. 8 coming out

  • Araditta Sunder
    Araditta Sunder Month ago

    you know there is a milk powder brand called Milo.

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan Month ago

    Olimpia AKA zoe is amazing at acting 🎭

  • Matida Chizura
    Matida Chizura Month ago

    Wwww wait what if Alison killed Cleo ooffff

  • Zoey Montgomery
    Zoey Montgomery Month ago


  • Lisi Bena
    Lisi Bena Month ago

    I srsly love the theme song for this movie makes me wanna keep watching fr ❤😂

  • Getrude Getty
    Getrude Getty Month ago +1

    Idk but I don't feel gud when Isaac is sad

  • Michelle Skelton
    Michelle Skelton Month ago +1

    Allison is so frigging dramatic

  • DJ ME
    DJ ME Month ago +1


  • Palesa Precious
    Palesa Precious Month ago

    Zoeys attitude towards her mum😂😈😈

  • Reggie Saffa
    Reggie Saffa Month ago +1

    I think zoey should date milo

  • Madi C
    Madi C Month ago

    Oh my gosh he is gay

  • Xxgacha_cottan candy skiesxX

    I am sooooo late but idc :3

  • Rachael Baumann
    Rachael Baumann Month ago

    Who sings this song on the opening for Zoe valentine

  • S h e y
    S h e y Month ago

    plot twist boots is gayer then everyone on the show

  • Mochi style
    Mochi style Month ago

    Wait is that dang mat Smith in the start?

  • Tabz Khan
    Tabz Khan Month ago

    I feel so sorry Milo

  • Unique Cupcakes
    Unique Cupcakes Month ago +2

    She ruined my day

    And I had exams 😭😭😭😭😩😩🥺

    When she said NO

  • SDH 05
    SDH 05 2 months ago

    Ooooooooooo niqqa u gay