How laws are made - Parliament

  • Published on Dec 1, 2013
  • The law governs our lives from the day we are born to the day we die. So where do our laws come from? This video explains how parliaments make law, explaining the process of a Bill to an Act, how legislation changes over time, why the Commonwealth makes some laws and the states others, and delegated legislation such as regulations. This video is produced by the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC), State Library of NSW with assistance from the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW. For more information about the law in NSW and Australia, see our website:

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  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly 26 days ago

    Great review of the system. I really appreciate it being posted. Thank you.

  • Todd Weber
    Todd Weber Month ago

    Since 1972 when The Australian Gov was formed . What was wrong before 1972 for a different entity registered in washington called The Australuan gov . Been selling Australia out since 1972 they have . Soon we wont own this country anymore .

  • Fransiskus Agapa
    Fransiskus Agapa 2 months ago

    Thanks very helpful. I am law student at flinders University 🎓

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago

    When it comes to civil laws, the legislators are the most stupid and irrational people who have little understanding what really happens IN THE COURTS.
    If you are a small business and you have not been paid for your work, what options do you have. There are two, to lose the money or take legal action. The client, in the second case, can then create …..( repeat create ) a false claim simple for the purpose of draining your financial resources. You are the financially weaker party and struggle to pay a voracious lawyer. They seek to lengthen the case, your solicitor is happy with that, he gets more money. In that respect he is working for the other party.
    In the end you win your case but lose much more than you were trying to recover in the beginning. HOW CAN THIS BE JUSTICE ??? THE LEGISLATORS ARE MAKING LAWS THAT BENIFIT BIG BUSINESS,

    • Fala Koala
      Fala Koala 12 days ago

      Eric can create and repeat a faulse claim? how so? could ypu give an example

  • MaynEE
    MaynEE 5 months ago +2

    #1 United Australia Party

  • James Melki
    James Melki 5 months ago +1

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    THOT POLICE 5 months ago

    This video is wrong Australia doesn't exist. It is a hoax the earth is flat and Im vegan so I don't eat meat

  • Fletcher Jakes
    Fletcher Jakes 5 months ago

    wow so insightful thanks heaps g

      THOT POLICE 5 months ago

      There is no need for that hate

    THOT POLICE 5 months ago

    James what are you doing

    THOT POLICE 5 months ago

    Gillard is candy flipping

  • James Melki
    James Melki 5 months ago

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  • Patrick Lunn
    Patrick Lunn 5 months ago

    why is sir making us watch this trash

  • James Melki
    James Melki 5 months ago

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  • Patrick Lunn
    Patrick Lunn 5 months ago +1

    this vid is actual garbage i wanna be home cranking 90s

  • James Melki
    James Melki 5 months ago +1

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  • Age lusty
    Age lusty 11 months ago

    Australian's worship a fascist ideology without even realizing it.
    I hope there are laws to protect it's people from the terrorism caused by the system.
    LustiDiD (-_-)

  • Bryce Dakin
    Bryce Dakin Year ago

    It's so cringe how they talk: "The governer general requires your presence in the senate chamber" 😅
    If it were me, I'd be like "yo get your ass to the next room", we ready to do this shit"

  • DynamicDeoxys10
    DynamicDeoxys10 Year ago


  • DynamicDeoxys10
    DynamicDeoxys10 Year ago


  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe Year ago

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  • Abdul Umar
    Abdul Umar Year ago +1

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  • John FK
    John FK Year ago +3

    not all made for us. Australians are the same as Americans except Yankees are independently patriotic and Aussies are controlled by UK. We even have to pay UK government. US got independence from UK 238 years ago, Canada 151 years ago, India 71 years ago but Australia is still under a UK government. Aussies will never be independent or patriotic. In future China will control us instead of UK. Time for an independent republic of Australia. Patriotism will help our people to work harder for a better Australian economy.

    • More Red Pill
      More Red Pill 7 months ago

      FYI The Commonwealth of Australia is a private corporation since 1973. Registered in Washington DC. Doesn’t make sense does it

    • Wow
      Wow Year ago +3

      John FK Australia, like Canada is not controlled by the UK government, it’s the queen that appoint a representative to maintain order in Australian parliament. We are completely independent and can create any laws under our constitution

  • The Don
    The Don Year ago +2

    The UK does not have a written constitution, basically we have to do what the queens government says and follow their laws. They strip us from our human rights, a "Person" in black Laws is an artificial "Person" in law, with certain Legal rights and duties, not all their rights , the CPS can not sue you as a man or a women as the CPS is a government agency which is a corporation and they prosecute persons on behalf of the government. The judge also in a court room is acting on behalf of the government they swore an oath to her Majesty, and the CPS we know is representing the crown anyways, so its 2 against one, you call this a fair trail??, or hearing??. This whole system is an entrapment and they rely on your igronence so you will make a plea and contract with them.

    • Shahid Khan
      Shahid Khan 3 months ago

      Have you tried these freeman-on-the-land arguments in court?

  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz Year ago +1


    • ThisIsMyName
      ThisIsMyName 6 months ago

      @James Koutzas

    • Daniel Munoz
      Daniel Munoz Year ago


    • James Koutzas
      James Koutzas Year ago

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  • Scott
    Scott Year ago

    "The traditional laws of indigenous Australians were not recognised".
    How can you recognise what didn't exist? Aboriginals had no Australian laws, only (individual) tribal rules. Rules that kept them in a constant state of warfare with each other, and many of their own tribesman (especially their women) in suffering and misery.
    It would have been impossible for the British to follow each and every tribes customs, and why would they? As a far more advanced people and nation, Britains laws represented the largest democratic empire on earth. An empire that did away with slavery, and pulled the greater part of the worlds population out of the stone age.
    As a good christian Arthur Phillip respected the Aborigines as human beings, and swore they would not be enslaved as was the fate of many in other parts of the world.
    If the British had recognised Indian tribal law when they settled India, they would not have done away with "Sati" - the immolation of widows. (Widows were burnt alive on the funeral pyre of their dead husbands for centuries prior)
    When the native Indians complained that they should be able to continue the practice according to their tribal law, the British said they could - as long as they accepted that British law would then mean that those responsible would be hung for murder. Not surprisingly, tribal elders were not so keen to continue with their "traditional law".
    The same could be said for "The traditional laws of indigenous Australians were not recognised". An appropriate addition to the voiceover would have been to prefix "Thankfully".

    • Yamin Kogoya
      Yamin Kogoya 8 months ago

      On Planet Earth, there are two systems of governance based on two systems of law. First one is NATURAL LAW and second is UNNATURAL LAW (HUMAN-MADE LAW). The natural law was the law that written in heart and mind of every creation on the land and this is what gave them (human, animals, nature) the most sustainable original- uncorrupted - authentic civilization that last for millennia. The unnatural law is the law that written or made up by human and only written in papers that often bribed, changed and corrupted. This human made law does not have the power and authority to protect whole creation of the land, they only protect twisted, pedophile, corrupted, drugged up, immoral and criminal elites who destroy humanity and creation. The Original Natural Law of all First Nation People on Earth have been destroyed by virus-infected modern human whose cover up all their criminal activities in the name of ' civilization'. The ONLY solution for the world's crisis is to bring back the ORIGINAL LAW - THE NATURAL CIVILIZATION - THE INDIGENOUS NATURAL CIVILIZATION. Let this information sink into your soul so that you are truly redeemed and healed from brokenness of your natural existence.

  • Jordan Burger
    Jordan Burger 2 years ago


    • Gus Libby
      Gus Libby 2 years ago +1

      Jordan Burger Then why are you watching

  • simone foster
    simone foster 2 years ago

    If want to out turnbull all you do is strike don't go to work for how ever long it takes for him to quit they're lose millions in tax people have power but are too weak and stop paying bills land rates every thing even if its only some of the population that do it i always say treat other how they're treat you if you treat you good and respect you then you do the same if they're treat you like shit do it back.

    • More Red Pill
      More Red Pill 7 months ago

      Shame the Commonwealth of Australia is a private corporation registered in Washington DC. So much of our money goes overseas. Fair tax system is ok but we are being rorted. Agenda 21 in place. Do the research:)

    • Dax Star
      Dax Star 10 months ago

      That’s a shit idea, people are paid by taxes (teachers, emergency services and ect), schools, army, public transport, hospitals and ect are all payed by taxes, so many important thing would not function or function at there fullest if that happened

  • JRA Gaming
    JRA Gaming 2 years ago

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  • i.o.i comeback2022
    i.o.i comeback2022 3 years ago

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  • D L
    D L 3 years ago +5

    Legislation being proposed in Australia would criminalize most permaculturists, farmers, gardeners, nurseries and bush regenerators by banning any plant that contains DMT - a naturally-occurring hallucinogen. Five plants are currently criminalized, but the new list will include hundreds (possibly thousands) of other species that are common garden plants and include a significant number of common native plants including the national flower, the wattle.
    All i can say is fuck the goverment

    • Fala Koala
      Fala Koala 12 days ago

      wait. let me hear that again. i can get DMT from wattle?

    • angrysammo
      angrysammo 3 years ago

      +Daniel Lešnik Hah are they really proposing that? That's pretty extreme, it's not even a problem drug. Not to mention it is mind-blowing.

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson 3 years ago +3

    An excellent presentation!

  • Benjamin K Broderick
    Benjamin K Broderick 3 years ago

    Governments will all end.

  • joncarolyn
    joncarolyn 3 years ago

  • noneof yourbusines
    noneof yourbusines 3 years ago

    Australia is still ruled from England. There exists in this world a single individual,who rules by virtue of birth,who can tell EVERY Australian from the Prime Minster to the MPs to the judges of the High Court,""NO !"" simply by refusing Her REQUIRED assent. So whatever else may be wrong with America,I'm still proud to be American because WE got out from under 'Mere Colonists' !
    Reply ·

    • June Wise
      June Wise 2 years ago +1

      Bit scary looking up the validity of your argument: 'The High Court found, in 2002, though, that allegiance to the Queen of Australia was the "fundamental criterion of membership"'. Scarier because we are lead to believe we are much more independent than reality. To say I do not hold allegiance to the queen is to state I am not a member of Australia? Well. Having said that, those that own America are just as much pawns in a feudalistic economy. Your hidden agencies rule and control your military without You being aware of what they do.

    • noneof yourbusines
      noneof yourbusines 2 years ago

      Exactly when did the assent of Her/His Majesty become NO
      longer required? Can you direct me to the legal document that states such? I should love to see it. However,I know that it does NOT exist & that both MPs AND PMs are REQUIRED to swear an oath of loyalty to the British monarch and that even drafting such legislation is criminal treason.

    • Jeff Keith
      Jeff Keith 2 years ago +3

      Ah, actually, that's not correct. Our Head of State is the Governor-General who has powers which are not available to the monarch.
      The beauty of the system is that the Head of State is an apolitical position, and is not popularly elected, maintaining the apolitical nature of the office.
      The highest court is the High Court of Australia. No rulings on law are sent to any other court.
      Your info is about 115 years out of date.

    • joeymatee
      joeymatee 3 years ago

      +noneof yourbusines hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    LOU THE OYSTA 3 years ago +1

    why do we bother with the federal government they cost a fortune they cant control multinational companies from pouring money out to shelf companies off shore they cant control fossil fuel companies they cant control banks they do what they want what a waste of money

    • Attie Pollard
      Attie Pollard 3 years ago

      +DANK MEMES. those business are made up of people who share the same ideas of that person running for office. That's not a bad thing

    • Henry H
      Henry H 3 years ago

      +lou manitta these businesses probably pour money towards the campaigns of politicians who support their interests. In other words: professional bribery. This is even worse in America where big cooperation practically control the government, that's why there is a massive income inequality - because people like Warren Buffet easily jump through tax loopholes created for them by the corrupt system.

  • Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    A white man with a short haircut is the archetype for our representative hey -_-

    • June Wise
      June Wise 2 years ago

      Don't let anyone be your archetype. Be considerate to others, but be your self.

    • Henry H
      Henry H 3 years ago +6

      +Paranoid Android thanks for saying this mate. I guess we need to be really inclusive and make the guy a black, female, transgender, lesbian Muslim just so nobody is offended.

    • Jake Kendall
      Jake Kendall 3 years ago +6

      Funny that, a white man in a predominantly white country in a predominantly male position is the archetype for said position.
      Get your head out of your ass mate

  • GameWithKarvin 21
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  • Greg Morgan
    Greg Morgan 4 years ago

    did we not become a nation after the war? how can the british is rule us or make our laws if we are sovrine? Australia is in treason and is now a terrorist state

  • Cale Nancarrow
    Cale Nancarrow 4 years ago +3

    2:42 he's on his phone 😂

  • amelia cimone
    amelia cimone 4 years ago +4

    thank you it helped me understand a lot more

  • Lauren Jane
    Lauren Jane 4 years ago

    Very helpful!

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  • Jesse Morgan
    Jesse Morgan 4 years ago +1

    Very Helpful. Thanks!

  • Ange Art
    Ange Art 5 years ago +13

    Thank you for posting this. I really needed to hear this for my upcoming exam. Very helpful.