Another Top 10 Scenes Where Actors Couldn't Keep a Straight Face in Movies and TV

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • Another Top 10 Scenes Where Actors Couldn't Keep a Straight Face in Movies and TV
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    And that’s when you break. For this list, we’re taking a look at scenes that were so funny that the actors couldn’t help but crack up, even if only fleetingly. Rather than being banished to a blooper reel, these instances ultimately made the cut anyway. Our list includes scenes from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (2005-), “Fast & Furious 6” (2013), “Supernatural” (2005-), “3rd Rock from the Sun” (1996-2001), and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Another Top 10 Scenes Where Actors Couldn't Keep a Straight Face in Movies and TV.
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    10) The Most Annoying Sound in the World
    9) Son of a Bitch
    8) The Gang Loses It
    7) Ice Cream
    6) I Hated the Colonel
    5) Hello, Clarice
    4) BigAss Forehead
    3, 2 & 1???
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Comments • 1 678

  • Antarctic Vortex
    Antarctic Vortex Month ago

    Ace Ventura when he slams his face into the seat the Doctor at mental hospital bust out laughing. Spaceballs: Michael Winslow loses it saying "I having trouble with the radar sir".

  • Nicholas Emerson
    Nicholas Emerson Month ago

    Eddie Murphy's first drink of coffee=I did cocaine right before they said "action"

  • steve leslie
    steve leslie Month ago

    I thought the "Biggus Dickus" laughter was actually makes it funnier that it wasn't.

  • PansyVendetta
    PansyVendetta Month ago

    So... No Porky's? Disappointed.

  • Raziel Moreno
    Raziel Moreno Month ago +1

    "Can I get that ice cream now?"

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner Month ago

    It's always sunny when Charlie sings go f yourself always gets me with mac

  • Simpleplanqueen5
    Simpleplanqueen5 Month ago

    “when the f*ck did we get ice cream?!” 🤣

  • Travis Rochelle
    Travis Rochelle Month ago

    No Martin episodes?

  • Nolly Polly
    Nolly Polly Month ago +3

    "Took his first sip of coffee"
    If by sip, you mean snort, and coffee you mean cocaine, then yes.

  • Nolly Polly
    Nolly Polly Month ago +1

    I've never seen Anthony LaPaglia laugh! That was awesome!

  • Ben Hur
    Ben Hur Month ago

    Two that you missed. One, Ed Oneil in Married with children, when the Santa Claus skydives off course and lands on the Bundys roof,as the body falls on the patio, they all look back,as they turn their heads around, there's a little smirk on Als face. Second, in the film What about Bob,Bill Murray is eating chicken and constantly saying mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm,finally, Richard Dreyfuss screams, "Will you stop that please". Bill Murray jumps a little with small smile on his face.

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    Always Sunny is by far one of the funniest shows.

  • LMGaming 107
    LMGaming 107 2 months ago

    Dick squeezes himself

  • Jonathon Montano
    Jonathon Montano 2 months ago

    Of course Broderick would find a disturbing bit funny, he did kill two women in 1987 in a car accident and still hasn’t been punished

  • Willburr 94
    Willburr 94 2 months ago

    A lot of Always Sunny scenes are just mixed takes that work the best because they break character and laugh all the time. Some scenes you can still see them laughing but it was the best one, most of them are Rob’s scenes.

  • Eagleyes0988
    Eagleyes0988 2 months ago

    Damn near any Honeymooners ep.

  • _.marriissaa
    _.marriissaa 2 months ago +3

    jensen and jared are always hilarious together

  • Lacey Ann
    Lacey Ann 2 months ago

    Supernatural! That cast is so great. Back to back with another great show It’s Always Sunny

  • Masafumi Kobayashi
    Masafumi Kobayashi 2 months ago

    Line up scene - The usual suspects

  • RobD8870
    RobD8870 2 months ago

    Half these were on purpose. I'm thinking more. They're scraping the bottom of the barrel for material. *trying not to lulz*

  • pbelizabeth
    pbelizabeth 2 months ago

    I'm sad they didn't include the time in Friends when Ross was playing the bagpipes and Phoebe starts singing along and Rachel is visibly trying not to laugh.

  • Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter 2 months ago

    I think the scene in waterboy where Bobby sees his dad's picture for the first time and seeing his reaction. That was priceless

  • jeeplivion
    jeeplivion 2 months ago

    Why isn't the usual suspects in this? It should be number one

  • jr3m555
    jr3m555 2 months ago

    Kinda surprised Amy Pohlers reaction to Chris Pratts junk in parks and rec didnt make the list

  • Statford
    Statford 2 months ago

    Yes, watchmojo, of course the scene from Life of Brian is improvised....are you really that stupid? The extras are obviously in on it, so it is scripted...nobody snickers like that naturally, they do it loudly and clearly for the camera......

  • JackieWarner13
    JackieWarner13 2 months ago

    It's pronounced La-Par-Lee-Ah not Lag-Pag-Le-Ar

  • From North Jersey
    From North Jersey 2 months ago

    The scene in porky's with the female gym teacher describing what she found poking thru the wall in the girls showers is one of the funniest actors trying not to laugh scene ever. The rest of the movie doesn't hold up so well, but that scene is pure gold.

  • Dean Chua
    Dean Chua 3 months ago

    Oooohhh. I’m surprised that the Ross playing bagpipes scene isn’t in this one. Rachel was cracking up. 😂

  • Stephanie Lane
    Stephanie Lane 3 months ago +3

    Love Supernatural and the many many of the adlibed scenes ❤️💜💞💗

  • Skase
    Skase 3 months ago

    Number 2 xdd

  • lamont pettiway
    lamont pettiway 3 months ago

    Fast and Furious cast were close lol too funny

  • Ian Nations
    Ian Nations 3 months ago

    #6: I hated the colonel, *so I married an axe murderer*
    Talk about unnecessary pairing...

  • RoyalMela
    RoyalMela 3 months ago

    1:27 Jack Daniels?

  • Hectic
    Hectic 3 months ago

    b99 jake couldnt hold it in for the oldest bags scene

  • Cpt.Jon
    Cpt.Jon 3 months ago

    There’s another Supernatural where Dean was “so scared” but you can see him trying not to laugh

  • SoDirtyDan
    SoDirtyDan 3 months ago

    That 70s show should of made this list

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders 3 months ago +1

    Glen doesn’t say “When the f**k did we get ice cream”. Winston is the one saying it.

  • Olivia Zhang
    Olivia Zhang 3 months ago

    The “ Big-ass forehead “ reaction really got me😹😹😹

  • Nd Paris
    Nd Paris 3 months ago +1

    Would be a great list without the dull, dragging voiceover explanation.

  • Active Hen
    Active Hen 3 months ago

    Wax scene 40 year old virgin

  • Alex Stratton
    Alex Stratton 3 months ago +5

    The scene from Parks and Recreation where Andy and April are at the doctors and Andy talks about wiping and wiping and wiping and still... poop! That 100% should have been in this list

    • C
      C 3 months ago

      Altho that one's more straight up in your face hilarious, there's another scene earlier on in I think season 2 called "The Camel" where they're presenting their portrait and someone notes that it looks like Michael Jackson's carrying Greg Kinnear into the burning building so Leslie says it's because he's moonwalking. Then Aubrey just busts into laughter and then the rest kinda follow. You can tell it's a total break of character and she even apologizes lol. I suppose that's just more heartwarming tho

  • Maxpower
    Maxpower 3 months ago

    They missed the episode of Martin when he was imitating Neno Brown and dragging the fake dog around. He had the entire cast break character and laugh.

  • Quinn Taylor
    Quinn Taylor 3 months ago

    Dude that scene got me in money Python got me in trouble cuz I was laughing so loud

  • Glorious Pinckney
    Glorious Pinckney 3 months ago

    “When the fuck did we get ice cream?!”

  • Aimee Ward
    Aimee Ward 3 months ago

    Should have had the scene out of Good Morning Vietnam when JT Walsh almost loses it when he says "What does three up and three down mean, Airman?" and Robin Williams says "end of an evening?"

  • Mnc
    Mnc 3 months ago +8

    The momment I saw the title of this video thought to myself
    "Jensen Anckle´s Improvisation must be on the list"
    *How right I was*

    • No One
      No One 3 months ago +2

      I clicked on this expecting to see supernatural 😂

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 3 months ago

    Down vote for saying apparently

  • Han SoloTubehd
    Han SoloTubehd 3 months ago +6

    In MIB (1997), Tommy Lee Jones can be seen smiling after shaking Frank The Pug to interrogate him to talk.

  • Dax Bradley
    Dax Bradley 3 months ago

    Number 6, "So i Married an Ax Murderer" had better lines from that character causing Lapaglia to break. The bit where the Scottish dad was ruthlessly making fun of Heed's large head were unbelievably funny. You could tell his co-star was unprepared, too when he delivered some of it.
    "His head has it's own weather system. Yeah. What? Ye think I went too far that time?"
    (Lapaglia nods)
    "Y'er probably right. E's probably gonna cry himself ta sleep now. On a reeeally large pillow."
    (Lapaglia visibly dying at this point)

  • Kragatar
    Kragatar 3 months ago

    Biggus Dickus is the best game of You Laugh You Lose ever played.

  • Qwon Qwoshie
    Qwon Qwoshie 3 months ago +4

    Yes because all my life I wanted to see ludacris do a spit take

  • Reginald Martell
    Reginald Martell 4 months ago +3

    27 seconds of clip, 10 minutes of filler.

  • Angelita Bandino
    Angelita Bandino 4 months ago

    There are so many lame laughs here, I think only a couple of these are actually funny. It’s just goofball stuff.

  • Niyah Ny
    Niyah Ny 4 months ago +1

    I guess watchmojo has never see Martin lol I bet this list would be completely different

  • Neca Brankovic
    Neca Brankovic 4 months ago +2

    3rd rock from the Sun! ❤

  • Sean Ennis
    Sean Ennis 4 months ago +32

    I honestly have no idea how they get through a single scene in It's Always Sunny

  • Brian
    Brian 4 months ago

    #4 was epic.Rock's comeback + Ludacris' spit take=Gold. It should've been #3 and "Biggus Dickus" should've been #1,3rd Rock moment should've been #2

  • Jeremiah Rimbey
    Jeremiah Rimbey 4 months ago +2

    20 million subscribers wow, these guys literally killed the comedy in every clip and the narrator is just the worst.

  • daniel abuaf
    daniel abuaf 4 months ago

    Hello, Clarice! jajajajaja That's classic!!

  • nicole wins
    nicole wins 4 months ago +2

    How could you leave out all the Martin scenes? Dragon fly Jones? Cole lost it. Or the New jack city dinner scene with the fake dog. Cmon