MASSIVE BEEF BONE Soup Insane FILIPINO Food at Tagaytay Philippines

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • One of the most recommended dishes I received when coming to the Philippines is Bulalo. I knew I had to get this, so I decided to get it from its source, which is in Tagaytay.
    0:45 Bulalo Point
    5:50 Balinsasayaw
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  • Chuck Potts
    Chuck Potts Day ago

    how he said tagaytay really triggers me

  • Ashlee Shanen
    Ashlee Shanen 5 days ago

    Me?being filipino wow my mouth is watering😭🤤🤤 my favorite bulalo and sinigang hehe

  • Princess Leslie Daily Vlog

    You literally made me hungry!! 💔

  • Fiona and Dwyane :3
    Fiona and Dwyane :3 5 days ago

    Hi mike..hope you also visit us here in the south.. SOCKSARGEN very willing to be your tour guide.

  • Gabriel Vicente
    Gabriel Vicente 9 days ago

    I am impressed by your gastronomous appetite. Where do you put all that food?

  • White Magic
    White Magic 9 days ago

    im a filipino i lived in mindavao butuan

  • Zel Capaycapay
    Zel Capaycapay 10 days ago +1

    Waahh when i watch this video, i thinking to go to tagaytay just want to eat bulalo. Thanks for this vid!!

  • Khyle Meca
    Khyle Meca 13 days ago


  • Von Calunsod
    Von Calunsod 14 days ago

    wow i feel so hungry na ahahahah

  • dariel dela cruz
    dariel dela cruz 14 days ago

    Try sometimes our famous dishes... Coconut stew or soup... Here in the philippines... ☺️☺️☺️

  • Bianca Bulan
    Bianca Bulan 17 days ago +3

    Hindi kaya naguggutom yung tiga hawak ng camera nia?! Ako nga nanunuod lang sa cellphone nagutom!

  • Euna sy
    Euna sy 23 days ago

    Lol that place is literally near us 😂😍

  • Jocelyn Sumaylo
    Jocelyn Sumaylo 24 days ago

    Hey Mickey thank you for visiting Philippines and trying out some of our food till next time.

  • MrsJR
    MrsJR 24 days ago +6

    You are my favorite food vlogger! I just enjoy watching you eat, so appetizing way to enjoy food. Great job, I hope someday, you will have your own food travel show in netflix. 😊

  • Rolando Cuayzon
    Rolando Cuayzon 26 days ago

    I want to have some bulalo now!

  • Henry Hernandez
    Henry Hernandez 28 days ago

    Question do you feed your camera man

  • Suck This
    Suck This Month ago

    No bone marrow lmfao

  • CJ Llanos
    CJ Llanos Month ago

    Go to Davao, Matina Town Square, go to Asian Fusion and order "Dinakdakan".

  • Richard Bautista
    Richard Bautista Month ago

    I think that peanut butter soup is called kare kare.

  • Michael Frank Bayongan

    I love your honesty and real opinion

    You're cute tho

  • Irish Golpere
    Irish Golpere Month ago +1

    Please Mike do visit our Restaurant when you visit again here in Philippines and try our Best porkchop in town Atoy's Porkchop and Artas Chorichop. Thanks! 😊

  • pam
    pam Month ago

    I didn’t know calamansi was great with kare-kare I’m mindblown

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Clumsy Ninja Month ago

    Please try exotic foods here in the Philippines 😅

  • Londa Edwards Rau
    Londa Edwards Rau Month ago +1

    I'm still laughing at your pronunciation! Cracking me up... Halo-halo. Every "a" is a soft "a" (as in "ah"). Hahlo-Hahlo. Not Haylo-haylo!

  • Jay Guzman
    Jay Guzman Month ago

    basically the plate was his spoon

  • U C Ain't Nothin Yet

    Watching this at 2am.u know how it feels...

  • Hainah Tarah
    Hainah Tarah Month ago

    While watching napapalunok laway ako, I missed so much Filipino food

  • jolly dahan
    jolly dahan Month ago

    I even eat using the cover of things.. And that is called kinawboy "Cowboy" heheheh

  • das real
    das real Month ago

    your the best

  • Eiram
    Eiram Month ago

    Waaaah so hungry. Wanna go to Tagaytay to have some bulalo 😢

  • Sarah DO
    Sarah DO Month ago

    Sarappppp huahuahua

  • justin mogol
    justin mogol 2 months ago

    Mabuhay ka mikee chen!!!! Come back to 🇵🇭 please.

  • Rena Ambat
    Rena Ambat 2 months ago

    Haha the calamansi and pepper with soy sauce is for the bulalo dip i think he doesn’t know 🤔

  • Orlando Costes
    Orlando Costes 2 months ago

    Got so hungry wathing this video at 3:42am 😂
    New subscriber from the philippines here!☺

  • Bæsik Gaming
    Bæsik Gaming 2 months ago +3

    Like here if your a filipino

    • Bæsik Gaming
      Bæsik Gaming 29 days ago

      Ok dude may problema ka?

    • jax
      jax Month ago

      Putangina mo pabida ka

  • JooneyBoy Campillanes Jr

    You hit the right spot for a good bulalo bro.. tagaytay near batangas.. they have the authentic bulalo..

  • Pop Gas
    Pop Gas 2 months ago

    The way he held that tiny saucer of rice, lol, and he even bit into it, gotta love his adventurous persona.

  • Earl Alexis
    Earl Alexis 2 months ago

    Hot denggg! That makes my mouth watery! I'm hungry right now.damn.thumbs up to that!👍👍

  • Docfirefox Reggie
    Docfirefox Reggie 2 months ago


  • SheMz 24
    SheMz 24 2 months ago

    Kare-Kare have peanut butter ingredient... yea they are all Yummy food.. everything has to be eaten with Rice... Filipinos and our broth soups.. haha and one thing about Filipinos.. we eat with Spoon and Fork at the same time.. but sometimes we just use our fingers to eat if we dont want more dishes to clean.. haha

  • kevin caballero
    kevin caballero 2 months ago

    mark weins also went here

  • Girl_in_a_green_scarf Girl

    I want bullalo. I haven’t tasted it for a long time cause it’s bad for my dad’s health. 😢

  • Kim Borja
    Kim Borja 2 months ago

    you are so lucky having to taste all those great filipino not even half of what you have had even if im a based in the US now but if i got home i will surely dive in for those greatly missed filipino dishes.thank you anyways for doing this

  • Cpurple V
    Cpurple V 2 months ago

    Just reminds me of my dad who always want sabaw. 😔

  • alzfantazy
    alzfantazy 2 months ago +7

    Damn, so hungry now! The beef was mouthwatering

  • Joseph Farrell
    Joseph Farrell 2 months ago +1

    I need a mike chen/matt stonie channel to happen.

  • Aira Von Schwitz
    Aira Von Schwitz 2 months ago

    I honestly didnt like how he ate it hahahahah,, honey you should have served yourself not eat from the pot 😂😂😂

  • Sana ohyoohyoohyo
    Sana ohyoohyoohyo 2 months ago

    But the calamansi and chillis are for the bulalo.ahaha! Gosh, you nake me so hungry..

  • big Mack
    big Mack 2 months ago

    2019 boys :) -tegeytey!

  • Chris Muñasque
    Chris Muñasque 2 months ago

    G'laway ko da' hmmmm! yum2x bulalo! :P 👌🍜

  • Cyber GachaGamer
    Cyber GachaGamer 2 months ago

    Uwu Im lived in Philippines hope you like Our Country😄

  • Mark Tapar
    Mark Tapar 2 months ago

    Nice channel :) Keep sharing good Filipino Foods.

  • reshie jung
    reshie jung 2 months ago

    Bulalooooo ansarap kumain kaso ang init ng panahon

  • Dylan Macuto
    Dylan Macuto 2 months ago

    Pork adobo better then chicken adobo

  • KharlaMae Halasan
    KharlaMae Halasan 2 months ago

    Oh my God!!! I miss karekare and bulalo...😭

  • Joy Cusick
    Joy Cusick 2 months ago

    Kare kare must be eaten with rice , the meat , vegetables n put a little bit of bagoong (shrimp paste) on top.

  • Ama bellay
    Ama bellay 2 months ago

    noooooo! You dont put calamnsi on that it should be the alamang 😞 there should be someone will teach you how to eat food

    VILLY LUCERO 2 months ago +1

    thank you for appreciating Filipino cuisine

    SUMIT 2 months ago +1

    Hey Mike want some bhat dal

  • Kristine Chance
    Kristine Chance 2 months ago +2

    Been watching your videos for Five straight hours hahaha🍴🍴🍴

  • Clarise Ann
    Clarise Ann 2 months ago +3

    I really like the moment he took a bite with his rice while holding its plate. Hahahahahaha! 😂 More power to you, Mike!

  • HA RB
    HA RB 2 months ago +2

    You always make me really hungry 😭 but i love it 💕

  • Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah
    Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah 2 months ago +1

    Mike must work out all night or either have amazing metabolism, He eats a horse and doesn't gain a pound

  • Pro Zeus
    Pro Zeus 2 months ago +1

    Been there:))

  • Ahlecks Las Vegas
    Ahlecks Las Vegas 2 months ago +10

    Hey Mike, if you like spicy, you might want to visit Bicol. Try some Bicol Express.

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo 2 months ago +1

    Naglalaway ako taena

  • Matt Cuansing
    Matt Cuansing 2 months ago +1


  • Matt Cuansing
    Matt Cuansing 2 months ago


  • Lyk_ ee
    Lyk_ ee 2 months ago +1

    You should eat rice using a spoon

  • ShabbyDani
    ShabbyDani 2 months ago

    Calamansi with patis and chili 👌

  • maria Aniban
    maria Aniban 2 months ago

    Watching you makes me feel hungry 😋😋

  • Sugakookies
    Sugakookies 2 months ago

    People wonder how he eats a whole pot/plate of food. Like dude, the food portions in the US are MASSIVE!

  • Sugakookies
    Sugakookies 2 months ago

    My goal is to eat like him. From a pot, but i can't my mom would scold me hahaha.
    I love your content, your food reviews are awesome

    • Blue Marshall
      Blue Marshall 2 months ago

      yoongi on a seesaw Do it with a Friend..... Bon Appetite. 😆

  • haha nibor
    haha nibor 2 months ago

    hahahahah ganyan sya kumain

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    alvin bartolome 2 months ago

    Its made with peanut butter

  • J.A. Trevalliv
    J.A. Trevalliv 2 months ago


  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 months ago

    I’m drooling with your food I never eat that for years . since American food is easy to prepare than those food . But I will be in Manila this May and I will visit that place .

  • Kristen Tolentino
    Kristen Tolentino 2 months ago +1

    I should taste the LOMI in Batangas especially in MADALUNOT lomi restaurant.

  • Kristen Tolentino
    Kristen Tolentino 2 months ago

    When I'm watching your videos..I am literally get hungry yet full. Urghh! I like your reaction in every bite of food you're eating.

  • mark bautista
    mark bautista 3 months ago

    Wow.. if you hadnt had a camera in front of you that wouldve been a scene... how could you eat a meal for a family alone. Hahaha. Great appetite.

  • oxtkz
    oxtkz 3 months ago

    This guy... did not do his research thoroughly.

  • neruteru
    neruteru 3 months ago

    Love how he just attacked that Bulalo

  • Francis Uy
    Francis Uy 3 months ago

    BULALO is the best!!!

  • YnochTG
    YnochTG 3 months ago

    Tbh I don’t like both of them and I’m filipino

  • Karl Hubbard
    Karl Hubbard 3 months ago


  • TenArts
    TenArts 3 months ago

    255 pesos for a plate of sisig? You gotta be shitting me, some of the best sisig I've eaten is only a fourth of the price.

  • kymmi lee
    kymmi lee 3 months ago

    How do you and Mark Weins just eat and eat and eat. AND stay so lean? I live vicariously through you guys. I want a bite of almost everything you guys try.

  • kupal ka lou craves
    kupal ka lou craves 3 months ago

    Bula-low 👌😂

  • Enormous Potato
    Enormous Potato 3 months ago

    We cant eat typical foods without rice especially fried garlic rice

  • Justin
    Justin 3 months ago +1

    That's not a rice plate. XD I think they forgot to give you one.

  • Jaypee Alquiros
    Jaypee Alquiros 3 months ago

    It's good if u put that kalamansi and chili or labuyo

  • lei kim
    lei kim 3 months ago

    I haven’t eaten anything yet and I’m watching this.
    Pure suicide 🙃

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    Christine Blogs 3 months ago

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    BTS Ken 3 months ago

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  • OpTV Gaming
    OpTV Gaming 3 months ago

    You're not supposed to eat it like that

  • Hannah Bautista
    Hannah Bautista 3 months ago

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    MNL48 Emperor 3 months ago


  • Pacquiao415
    Pacquiao415 3 months ago

    The Kare Kare sauce is made of Peanut Butter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1027ampao
    1027ampao 3 months ago

    This video just made me very hungry