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  • ladicius
    ladicius 5 months ago +21117

    “There’s a monster under my bed”
    The ultimate excuse

    • Nasir Ramli
      Nasir Ramli Month ago

      @raymond gacusan gangbang ???

    • Will Smith.
      Will Smith. Month ago +1

      I think It will more funny if when the last son came in then the mom say "wait you're not even my son" 😆

    • Dania
      Dania Month ago +1

      It's friendly, just offer a sandwich

      BODY CARE Month ago

      La un chef, un tip se ofera sa-i mai toarne whisky in pahar unei gagici.
      - Nu mai vreau, fiindca imi face rau la picioare!
      - Va tremura?
      - Nu, mi se desfac!🤣🤣🤣

    • story_offc
      story_offc 2 months ago

      @Nairobi ru-clip.com/channel/UCcqXK3PCS2K5WAs3rNy8IUg

  • Familypolle
    Familypolle 4 months ago +320

    Went home after a 7 month deployment out at sea. Haven't seen my family for 3 years because of plane ticket issues. Anyways, when I got home, I surprised my parents and siblings. My mom balled her eyes out while my died nearly shot me lol. Few hours later, I went inside my parents room and laid in their bed and just thought about memories of the past of how I use to sleep in their bed. My siblings came in after and we all just fell asleep in their bed. I woke up around 3 in the morning and was covered alongside my siblings. I looked for my parents and they were asleep in my room. It felt good to be home again.

    • Yayak yartu
      Yayak yartu Month ago

      7 месяцев или 3 года ?

    • Familypolle
      Familypolle Month ago

      @Miray Mind lol just saw that. Definitely my auto correct. I meant to put dad there.

      BODY CARE Month ago

      La un chef, un tip se ofera sa-i mai toarne whisky in pahar unei gagici.
      - Nu mai vreau, fiindca imi face rau la picioare!
      - Va tremura?
      - Nu, mi se desfac!😂😂😂

    • 【日本】♧アーニャスター
      【日本】♧アーニャスター Month ago

      @Hyuga Hinata Bruh stop-

    • Gamer Chlo's
      Gamer Chlo's 3 months ago

      @Hyuga Hinata No one did?

  • Tuerere Divine
    Tuerere Divine 4 months ago

    Poor Pops. This is too funny though. I love the way these kids love their mom so much. This is a beautiful family!❤❤❤

  • EverythingLakeFreighters
    EverythingLakeFreighters 4 months ago +2

    I love how the mom gets genuinely more concerned each time.

  • Georges Alive
    Georges Alive 3 months ago

    Haahaa I thought I was the only one going through this with our children. They really love our bed

  • Vasweti
    Vasweti 5 months ago +3586

    Recently my siblings and I went home, we were just reminiscing the good old times in my parent's room, then we all fell asleep on their bed, I woke up at midnight and found out that they put blankets on us and crushed in the guest room. 🥺🥺🥺💕 I guess even at 24, 26 and 21 years old, we are still their babies.

      BODY CARE Month ago

      La un chef, un tip se ofera sa-i mai toarne whisky in pahar unei gagici.
      - Nu mai vreau, fiindca imi face rau la picioare!
      - Va tremura?
      - Nu, mi se desfac!🤣🤣🤣

    • pakhpakh
      pakhpakh Month ago +1

      Isn't it a pure blessing, that two persons out of 10 billion population keep the same feelings about you from start to end .

    • Anshu
      Anshu 3 months ago


    • Shav253 788
      Shav253 788 3 months ago

      Not my mom we would’ve got cussed out and kicked out all at the same time.

    • Vijay
      Vijay 3 months ago

      Yay I am always gonna be the favo chi I mean the youngest child again

  • Meghadeep Dasari
    Meghadeep Dasari 4 months ago

    A video: I soo wanna see you all cuddling up with your mom and making her feel loved for whether she does for you all ! ❤️❤️

  • HarlemWorld.Art🗽🌊
    HarlemWorld.Art🗽🌊 4 months ago +2

    🤣 Such a wholesome skit… Were all guilty of doing this growing up! but The mom😍 n daughter🥰 got tha lil cake on em🍑

  • Kay Robinson
    Kay Robinson 4 months ago

    Wow such a beautiful family I love this u can see and feel the love!!!

  • snow fall
    snow fall 4 months ago +8

    Having loving parents is the best thing ever!!!

  • Layan Mehdawi
    Layan Mehdawi 5 months ago +637

    You raised a perfect family 😭💖 your kids are really lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them too

    • Jose Herrera
      Jose Herrera 4 months ago +1

      Their old , it's time for them to move out !

    • Cameron Butner
      Cameron Butner 5 months ago +1


    • Blooy1
      Blooy1 5 months ago +1

      Are you really serious 🤔🤔🤔

    • Servano Qamisli
      Servano Qamisli 5 months ago


    • Harsh Vardhan
      Harsh Vardhan 5 months ago +5

      @Rich Wallace Same to you bro 🎉🎉

  • Khansaheba
    Khansaheba 4 months ago +431

    They're grand parents and still looks stunning 😂😂
    Daughter look's like sister of mom how is it possible that lady is mother of those kids

    • Rachid Smahri
      Rachid Smahri Month ago

      ​@Anabya khan Would you like to know or establish a good relationship here? Follow her email🥰🥰

    • Rachid Smahri
      Rachid Smahri Month ago

      Would you like to know or establish a good relationship here? Follow her email🥰🥰🥰

    • BT Gamer
      BT Gamer Month ago +1

      From where have u heard that she is their real mother?🤔😂😂

    • Ezuibe Pame
      Ezuibe Pame 2 months ago +1

      It's just a video bruhh😂

    • BORN 2 ROAST 2022
      BORN 2 ROAST 2022 2 months ago +2

      Step mom😁😁😁😁

  • Joshua
    Joshua 4 months ago

    Remembered how may folks bed always makes me feel safe and always makes me fall asleep fast!

  • Jeremiah Butler
    Jeremiah Butler 4 months ago +1033

    “Let me get on the balcony” 😭😭

  • Mercy Annah Nyirongo
    Mercy Annah Nyirongo 3 months ago +1

    Everyone just wants to get on the same bed not minding who's already there, trust me you will always be a baby to your Mother ❤️✨
    "I feel like I haven't seen your driver"🤔😂

  • Omni Cupid
    Omni Cupid 5 months ago +6924

    "My kids won't let me sleep!"
    Mrs. Furrha: I cannot imagine what you're going through.

      BODY CARE Month ago

      La un chef, un tip se ofera sa-i mai toarne whisky in pahar unei gagici.
      - Nu mai vreau, fiindca imi face rau la picioare!
      - Va tremura?
      - Nu, mi se desfac!😂😂🤣

    • aisyah situmorang
      aisyah situmorang 4 months ago


    • Micheline J-Francois
      Micheline J-Francois 4 months ago

      @archith sharad ...

    • Micheline J-Francois
      Micheline J-Francois 4 months ago

      @archith sharad m m......

    • Micheline J-Francois
      Micheline J-Francois 4 months ago

      @archith sharad m m......

  • Josh Matiluko
    Josh Matiluko 3 months ago

    I enjoyed sleeping on my mom's bed always.
    There's a strange satisfaction 😍🌧️😁

  • Troy Pierce
    Troy Pierce 4 months ago

    I can relate. My wife doesn't know how to say "NO" to our adult children... but I can .

  • Abhini Rose
    Abhini Rose 3 months ago

    Yes.. Mom's bed is the most comfiest one ever💕

  • Silent world 🌗🥀
    Silent world 🌗🥀 4 months ago

    It’s always happens with our parents ❤️❤️❤️❤️ one of the nice moment😋😋😋😋

  • sharonnahshon1
    sharonnahshon1 5 months ago +40

    My grandma's bed heals all the family's sickness, thankfully I sleep on it every weekend😁

    • text story
      text story 4 months ago

      That's what my grands say. I'll get better in grandma's bed, let's go there

  • Anita Hera
    Anita Hera 3 months ago

    The mom looks so patient 😭🫠🫶

  • Mangaforyou
    Mangaforyou 3 months ago

    me do this everytime arrived at home after work
    and my mom & dad just let me and my brother crash on their bed even everyday ~
    i really love my parents room, the most relaxing place ever beside the bathroom 🤣😂

  • Nazir
    Nazir 2 months ago +1

    Me: watching all of these while in my mum's bed

  • Sunlin Land
    Sunlin Land 4 months ago

    Recuerdo esos lindos momentos, cuando todos queriamos estar junto a mama, se iva para la sala y todos tras ella, iva para su recamara y todos tras ella.
    Lindos momentos
    La mama lo es todo para los hijos buenos!

  • Chibestlove
    Chibestlove 5 months ago +84

    This is the type of family i want, love you guys and more love to you mum ❤❤❤💋💋💋

  • Felister Jesang
    Felister Jesang 3 months ago +1

    Mummy can't say anything,she loves you guys😌🥰🥰

    SICME SICME 3 months ago

    The lady is fit and stunning as a mom with four grown ups 👍

  • billionear
    billionear 4 months ago

    🤣I love how she just shrugs it off. But the monster 👿 under the bed that was my favourite!! Worked every time 👍

  • rkrishna r
    rkrishna r 4 months ago

    Ah finally some relaxation 😁

  • Tigerkitten4 aka Tk4
    Tigerkitten4 aka Tk4 5 months ago +47

    As a mom of an 11 year old I can’t tell you the amount of times he sometimes just asks to sleep in my bed. One of the times I asked him what was wrong he said “Nothing is wrong Mom I just love being with you and feel the safest next to you.” He’s such a sweet kid.

    • Lalaine Kern
      Lalaine Kern 5 months ago

      I can relate this

    • rohit parashar
      rohit parashar 5 months ago


    • richiethev
      richiethev 5 months ago

      @Tigerkitten4 aka Tk4 Oh yes that is awesome and thanks. About video games I don't play them but my son oddly enough likes me sitting next to him while watching him play video games lol🎮🤣 Gotta enjoy these moment's with them before they get too grown n' busy😄

    • richiethev
      richiethev 5 months ago

      @Parmjit Kaur Oh I defiantly will cherish these moments🤗

    • Tigerkitten4 aka Tk4
      Tigerkitten4 aka Tk4 5 months ago +1

      @richiethev My son and I do something similar every Friday we make popcorn and watch anime together followed by playing video games together until about 11pm or so. These moments we make now with them will be so special for them to look back on once they grow up. Your doing a wonderful job keeping your bond strong with your son and I love it.

  • Rahmaan realisation
    Rahmaan realisation 4 months ago

    Your mother is beautiful, and kind💞❣️

  • Siva Prasad
    Siva Prasad 4 months ago

    Mama's expression is so innocent

  • kasete kasete
    kasete kasete 4 months ago

    La mamá está preciosa 💖

  • Ronda Smith
    Ronda Smith 4 months ago

    There's NOTHING like Mom's bed💖💖

  • Cowgirl Life 812
    Cowgirl Life 812 5 months ago +977

    This is the highest level of “I still live with my parents” 😂

    • Fancy Being Awesome
      Fancy Being Awesome 5 months ago

      @G Papps That's so sweet of you

    • Savitha Sathyan
      Savitha Sathyan 5 months ago

      @Denny joy yes... 😂

    • Mr H20
      Mr H20 5 months ago +3

      @G Papps yup .. im agreed .. most people dont understand that .. living with parent was a bless for me . Some times yes u dont have privacy but its enjoyable for me , everyday after my work , relaxing with my dad and mom and watch TV together and talk about the movie . Old parent need people to interacting with them everyday or they will feel loneliness ..

    • G Papps
      G Papps 5 months ago +3

      @Mr H20 i am 36 and I proudly live with my mom. Cannot imagine what she would go through if I weren't around there for her when she needs me.

    • Denny joy
      Denny joy 5 months ago

      @Savitha Sathyan 👆 you are from Kerala

  • Juan Schwab Bobb
    Juan Schwab Bobb 4 months ago

    Lindo cuarto, se ve hermético!

  • Tara Griswold
    Tara Griswold 4 months ago

    😂😂 I love this family 👪

  • Taufik Arbak
    Taufik Arbak 4 months ago

    My reactions are genuine and priceless.

    🥑AVOCADO🥑 4 months ago +9

    "Theres a monster under my bed"
    Was the cutest thing in this video ✨🥺

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 3 months ago

    I used to love sleeping with my mom all the way into my 20’s.

  • Maxine Lester
    Maxine Lester 3 months ago

    Can totally relate 😂😂

  • Jessica Gill
    Jessica Gill 4 months ago +56

    The boy: "my kids won't let me sleep."
    The mom:"you won't let me sleep."

  • Amit Belwal
    Amit Belwal 3 months ago

    5 kids, wooh! Hard working mom!

  • 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪𝕤 𝔸𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔

    Plot twist: the dad goes to his mom's house and gets in her bed 😂
    Edited: Wow this is the most likes I've ever had thanks everyone!!!

    • Jaden adams
      Jaden adams 3 months ago +1


    • shehzad hussain
      shehzad hussain 3 months ago

      Ohh, nd here is me, added one more like to ur cmnt 😂..

    • Games Reviews
      Games Reviews 3 months ago

      And his father will do same, all goes back to 1 grand father

    • Morgan Starchild
      Morgan Starchild 4 months ago +2

      You made me chuckle and yup that's what he did!
      Best comment goes to you ✨✨

    • Mr. Y
      Mr. Y 4 months ago +1

      Then why the dad leave her

  • Kourtney Hanley
    Kourtney Hanley 4 months ago

    Lmao that's the life of a real dad 🤣

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris 3 months ago

    8 in my mom's bed all trying to get close. Feel so guilt now even tho she was laughing. We had never seen her sick and knowing she was home for the day everyone headed straight home from school to get close. Mothers r ur everything. Oh yeah, u get ur intelligence from ur mom too

  • Abdullah Khalifa
    Abdullah Khalifa 4 months ago

    Ahhhh i rlly wish i had a dad like that and a family like them

  • Yan D Putra
    Yan D Putra Month ago +3

    I'm 40 yo, when I go to my parents' I take a nap at their room too. Feels like the safest place on earth after all the daily struggle we fought against the world.

  • Chelsea Henry
    Chelsea Henry 5 months ago +53

    This is hillarious...especially the part " my kids won't let me sleep...please let me sleep here" 😂😂🙆🏾‍♀️

    • vizhi
      vizhi 4 months ago

      Mom says same here

  • Kym
    Kym 4 months ago

    I do sleep in my parents bedroom whenever i go home 😂

  • fahad khan
    fahad khan 4 months ago

    Dads finding a new plc to spend good time with mom 🤣

  • fijabi taiye
    fijabi taiye 3 months ago +1

    This video is something else, I mean I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I love it

    BENJAMIN LEONARD 4 months ago

    I love their Mom 😍

  • Alexa 🌈
    Alexa 🌈 5 months ago +43

    That bed is always the besttt my moms bed is so comfortable I love your content I’ve even watched all of your videos, keep going!

  • Formula1
    Formula1 4 months ago +1

    This family is no less than Uncle Podger's family!🤣🤣

  • DanyBoy Mascorro
    DanyBoy Mascorro 4 months ago

    Momma's got it going on!!

  • Kyleah Cato
    Kyleah Cato 4 months ago

    She’s so patient

  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza 4 months ago +2

    The end was the best! That is totally me saying that! 😂

  • Gboy_gr
    Gboy_gr 5 months ago +3198

    Thought pops was gonna belt them all except Linda of course 😂😂
    OMGGG 3k plus likes🥺❤️

    • 🎃LittleJoyGabby♡
      🎃LittleJoyGabby♡ 3 months ago

      you got 100 left over for your freaking 3K likes

      RAHUL KUMAR 5 months ago


    • Rainbow Raine
      Rainbow Raine 5 months ago +1

      Same lol

    • Me
      Me 5 months ago

      pls ithonn kanamo😭😭😭😭😭ru-clip.com/user/shorts46qiDPsxblU?feature=share..

    • no one cares
      no one cares 5 months ago +1

      @NEXT GEN Gaming 2k likes*

  • The Jucx
    The Jucx 4 months ago

    I’m 30 and still do this 🤣

  • precious magagula
    precious magagula 4 months ago

    How Lovely I'm jealous I wish I had that Mom &Dad.....to have the same excuse they have to sleep with their Mother

  • DianaRii
    DianaRii 4 months ago

    It feels so good sleeping on my parents bed
    Best bed I've ever layed on frfr

  • Idu Absura
    Idu Absura 4 months ago

    May God bless all mothers 🙏

  • Hector Agosto
    Hector Agosto 4 months ago +59

    EXACTLY how it is with my two kids. I need a King size bed, I end up taking the couch half the time with two little boys doing gymnastics in their sleep. lol. We love it though and are enjoying it as we know once they're big we'll never have that again.

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal 2 months ago

    I miss my mom so bad. Appreciate your mom while they are still breathing.

  • Stacye Wilson
    Stacye Wilson 3 months ago +1

    💙🔹😂😂Too hilarious!😂😂🔹💙

  • Asia Perkins
    Asia Perkins 4 months ago

    I just love y'all family blessing's

  • Rei Fuyuki
    Rei Fuyuki 4 months ago

    Damn dads been putting in that work 😂

  • Love 39
    Love 39 5 months ago +57

    Brings back memories. When my father would leave for his grave yard shift, I'd leave my bed to go to my mom's bed lol.

  • Irfan Sadiq
    Irfan Sadiq Month ago

    😝😜🤣😂 So darn relatable 👊🏻


    Dad: "finally some relaxation".
    Kids: are you sure about that?

  • Seeda Seeda
    Seeda Seeda 3 months ago

    Hahahaha 🤣🤣 I can't stop laughing 🤣😂

  • Lost Potato in pain
    Lost Potato in pain 4 months ago

    That was wholesome for a moment

  • Umer Al Sagoff Mohamad A Sagoff

    I thought it's only happen to me.... My room like heaven for them ❤️❤️❤️

  • A_D
    A_D 3 months ago +2

    I tried to recreate this with my step mom, and my dad threw me out from 2nd floor.

  • DeadlyGayWaffles 69
    DeadlyGayWaffles 69 4 months ago +1

    the face she made when he said his kids won’t let him sleep

  • °*:D glowymohrq
    °*:D glowymohrq 3 months ago +1

    “my kids won’t let me sleep”
    LMFAO 😂😂

  • Peter Raj rockz
    Peter Raj rockz 4 months ago

    Legend says that still there r some sons and daughters waiting outside for next video 😁

  • Mira Khoja
    Mira Khoja 5 months ago +231

    "Finally some relaxation"
    *2 mins later
    Edit: thanks for the likes ❤

  • H Phan
    H Phan 4 months ago

    For a young lady, it's hard to believe she's got five adult children 😅😂😅😂🤣

  • MR AK
    MR AK 4 months ago

    I miss my mom mother's love is so wonderful

  • Omolayo Quad
    Omolayo Quad 4 months ago

    So sweet 😂🥰🥰

  • Just Maja
    Just Maja 4 months ago +1

    Mom she really deserved the boys🔥❤

  • Nasrin Hayath
    Nasrin Hayath 5 months ago +118

    "ugh finally some relaxation"
    "Let me get on the balcony at least 😆😆"

  • BGM Lover 🔥
    BGM Lover 🔥 3 months ago

    When the bed is so good that you enjoy and produce products and they hit back for same reason years laterm

  • pencil sketch
    pencil sketch 3 months ago +2

    Legend says childs are still coming in 😂💀

  • Zoopit
    Zoopit 3 months ago

    " Let me get on the balcony " 😂😂

  • No Name
    No Name 4 months ago

    Father needs a new "Momma"

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker 5 months ago +822

    *"How many kids do u have"*
    Them: Yes

      BODY CARE Month ago

      La un chef, un tip se ofera sa-i mai toarne whisky in pahar unei gagici.
      - Nu mai vreau, fiindca imi face rau la picioare!
      - Va tremura?
      - Nu, mi se desfac!😂😂🤣

    • Ani Sin
      Ani Sin 3 months ago

      well, theyre muslims soo..

    • Carol ff Gaming
      Carol ff Gaming 4 months ago

      Muslims are told to have children as much as they could so that they will outgrown other religions

    • sony carpanter 2
      sony carpanter 2 4 months ago


    • sony carpanter 2
      sony carpanter 2 4 months ago


  • Bhujang Patil
    Bhujang Patil 4 months ago +3

    Don't knw abt the bed but this mom is a baby machine 😂

  • Rocky Rodriguez
    Rocky Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Of course mama’s bed is the best, I love this mama….

  • Dranel Arnel
    Dranel Arnel 4 months ago +32

    "Let me get on the balcony at least, I don't want this room😂

  • Simon
    Simon 4 months ago

    Sammy is cutie❤️

  • S Sanchez
    S Sanchez 5 months ago +12

    One can tell there is lots of love for one another in this family🥰

  • Tech Glide
    Tech Glide  3 months ago

    And the dad goes to his moms room saying my kids won't let me sleep just like his son said to his wife 😂😂

  • Roland Music
    Roland Music 4 months ago

    I want to have a family like this but I’m single without kids🤣

  • boobinder pussya
    boobinder pussya 3 months ago

    Mom will never say "No"

  • EJR
    EJR 4 months ago +1

    What a tiny room!

  • Eyimofe Edunjobi
    Eyimofe Edunjobi 5 months ago +866

    I actually thought the Cameraman would also request to sleep on the bed ...
    *Edit*: OMG , I got so much likes.. thank you so much ❤️

    • Nerds
      Nerds 5 months ago

      @-lab- There not Muslims cause if they where they most likely the girls would most likely wear something over there heads

    • nanabdulbari
      nanabdulbari 5 months ago +3


    • -lab-
      -lab- 5 months ago

      Muslims being muslims 😏

    • Shameel Abid
      Shameel Abid 5 months ago +4

      Better to not watch movies.

    • Arun kolathur
      Arun kolathur 5 months ago +3

      But he is invisible to others