• Published on Dec 15, 2017
  • Eminem's Songs read by Elders!
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    Eminem's lyrics ready by Elders! Watch to see their reaction!
    Producer Note: Hey! If you want to see our Reactors reading all of Mockingbird check it out here
    This episode features the following Elders:
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    Lyric Breakdown #41 - ELDERS READ MY EMINEM’S HIT SONGS React
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    REACT  Year ago +1047

    Producer Note: Hey! If you want to see our Reactors reading all of Mockingbird check it out here: goo.gl/XddQYe
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    • Kyle Bare
      Kyle Bare Year ago

      REACT when are you going to do elders read rage against the machine lyrics?

    • Sonja Meredith
      Sonja Meredith Year ago

      REACT plz plz plz
      TECH N9NE

    • Sonja Meredith
      Sonja Meredith Year ago

      REACT else's react to tech n9ne

    • Omar Omar
      Omar Omar Year ago

      do elders reacting to walk on water

    • SkinnyBoyGerman
      SkinnyBoyGerman Year ago

      REACT you guys should do No Limit Remix video if G Eazy

  • That_one_boy 26
    That_one_boy 26 Year ago +1

    Elders react to mudvayne plzzz

  • Asking Maya
    Asking Maya Year ago +4

    Elders react to Lil Pump

  • Markos Kaiser
    Markos Kaiser Year ago

    Do elders react to Ghost B.C.

  • Mary Dickerson
    Mary Dickerson Year ago +1


  • Adrian Remigio
    Adrian Remigio Year ago +3

    It'd be great to see them read Tool

  • Hunter Folks
    Hunter Folks Year ago +7

    Elders react to N.W.A

  • Jake Hilger
    Jake Hilger Year ago +5

    Do elders react to Jake Paul music

  • Story Thong
    Story Thong Year ago +1

    Please do radiohead

  • Tory
    Tory Year ago +2

    React to Of monsters and men ♡

  • J0s.i3
    J0s.i3 Year ago +3


  • Spllxtz
    Spllxtz Year ago +4

    Elders react to JCole

  • The Real Slim Kitty
    The Real Slim Kitty Year ago +2

    react to arose by eminem

  • Harmthuria
    Harmthuria Year ago +4

    Lyric breakdown, Nickelback

  • Wackamo - Gaming and More

    We're going to go through this storm TOGETHER

  • Jokke144
    Jokke144 Year ago +10

    Elders react to Eminem's new album!

  • filipg07 _
    filipg07 _ Year ago +9

    River Eminem ft Ed sheeran

    • Kolby Roe
      Kolby Roe Year ago +1

      Savage Duck yes thats the stuff!!!

  • Yosborn
    Yosborn Year ago +7

    elders react to N.W.A please????

  • Calvin Kron
    Calvin Kron Year ago +847

    Someone should take them saying the lyrics and sync it with the beat

  • Addy Buckler
    Addy Buckler Year ago +6

    Do nf!!!

  • Sanjiv Rastogi
    Sanjiv Rastogi Year ago +4

    Elders read out coldplay songs!

  • Yogi Singh
    Yogi Singh Year ago +169

    React to Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang....

    xII-KUROPT-IIx Year ago +3

    React to Big L !!!

  • cRY BABy
    cRY BABy Year ago +2

    Elders react to NIRVANA

  • Skelleteen
    Skelleteen Year ago +3

    Please do an Elders react to BJÖRK!!!

  • RepeatST
    RepeatST Year ago +6


  • Madhu M
    Madhu M Year ago +6

    Elders react to EMINEM live concerts pleassssssssssssssseeeee

  • Madi kayla
    Madi kayla Year ago +4

    React to lil phag!

  • Rolldawn
    Rolldawn Year ago +14

    Elders read lil pump’s songs

  • GrumpyQian
    GrumpyQian Year ago +24

    lmao let them read Kim

  • Aliyah Carlos
    Aliyah Carlos Year ago +9

    Ummm why have I not seen an elders react to KPOP yet I need that

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams Year ago +6


  • Please Don’t
    Please Don’t Year ago +2

    Elders react to salad fingers

  • Powergirl Op
    Powergirl Op Year ago +4


  • Powergirl Op
    Powergirl Op Year ago +7

    Mom's spaghetti

  • No one 707
    No one 707 Year ago +4

    Elders react to nine inch nails

  • Kristopher aguirre
    Kristopher aguirre Year ago +11

    I was looking for mockingbird

    • Mariya Myno
      Mariya Myno Year ago

      Kristopher aguirre They've done that before. There's a separate video.

  • QSandwich 17
    QSandwich 17 Year ago +2


    MANKEY YT Year ago +2

    Elders react to Migos !!

  • devanjis Madness
    devanjis Madness Year ago +2

    Have them react to 21 savage

  • Erhad Gracic
    Erhad Gracic Year ago

    They should react to the game next teens and elders

  • Gurung Stone
    Gurung Stone Year ago +36

    Whats wrong with that green-shirt guy, if someone could easily influence him just because that someone happens to be a star, then he is not as good as he thought he is

  • Ferus
    Ferus Year ago +9

    Kids react to happy tree friends :3

  • Ranya N
    Ranya N Year ago +3

    Elders read SZA lyrics!

  • SK1LLz THR1LLz
    SK1LLz THR1LLz Year ago +20

    More Eminem

  • Jussi Virtanen
    Jussi Virtanen Year ago

    Elders react to Black Lagoon

  • Jussi Virtanen
    Jussi Virtanen Year ago

    Elders react to Tom Waits

  • Leo Ferg
    Leo Ferg Year ago +3

    Mom's Spaghetti!!!!!

  • s.kjm14 MX
    s.kjm14 MX Year ago +10

    Not his best songs tho but the most viewed

    • Exotic
      Exotic Year ago

      it is
      it is his most sold song and also his most sucessful song

    • Not Aj
      Not Aj Year ago

      Exotic lose yourself best song haha

    • Exotic
      Exotic Year ago

      they actually are Lose Yourself actually is his best song out
      Without me is pretty big
      Not Afraid is also on of his best songs
      Monster with Rihanna was pretty big also
      And My Name is was very successful
      those are his successful songs they are more but those are a few

  • PaulXPZ
    PaulXPZ Year ago +11

    Would have been really funny if you had them react to lyrics from his more “controversial” songs like Under the influence, Purple pills, Criminal, etc

  • Shane Hawes
    Shane Hawes Year ago +1

    React to black sabbatg

  • Shane Hawes
    Shane Hawes Year ago +2

    Do this with cannibal corpse

    • Midnight Fox
      Midnight Fox Year ago

      Shane Hawes hammer amashed face xD love death core

  • Noah James
    Noah James Year ago +2

    Roger listens to Eminem daily now and who let the man from Dennis the menace on the show?

  • BisseOnJees
    BisseOnJees Year ago +3

    That last guy was totally on the spot right there!

  • dead nigga
    dead nigga Year ago +8

    elders react to xxxtentacion album 17 pleaseeee

  • Flora Roy
    Flora Roy Year ago +10

    Elders react to Man's Not Hot (Make them sing it... like karaoke)

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro Year ago +11

    React to NF!!!!!

  • Mexican Lui caliber
    Mexican Lui caliber Year ago +2

    The monster was not writen by eminem it was writen by jon bellion

  • Dakota Eads
    Dakota Eads Year ago +7

    Elders react to Logic 1-800 with lyrics.

  • Jennifer Rhodes
    Jennifer Rhodes Year ago +2

    React to Black Sabbath

  • A.P Songs
    A.P Songs Year ago +9

    Eminem, pop? I don’t get it

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. Year ago +7

    React to Sing About Me - Kendrick Lamar. Get this comment a lot of like and replies to make this happen

  • Fernando De La Paz
    Fernando De La Paz Year ago +114

    Should of showed them When I'm gone. They would of been sad.

  • BIGDADDY A1738
    BIGDADDY A1738 Year ago +4

    They need to do Black Hole Sun from Soundgarden

  • P Î S c E s
    P Î S c E s Year ago +8

    Please do one of these with some Gorillaz music. That would be nice to see.

  • Henrik Davidsson
    Henrik Davidsson Year ago +1

    Elders react to MGK

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Year ago +5

    Elders/adults react to NF

  • no names
    no names Year ago +5

    Kids react to eminem

  • Michael Bareng Jr.
    Michael Bareng Jr. Year ago +5

    Lyrics breakdown of Sing for the Moment by Eminem

  • truth talk
    truth talk Year ago +4

    Metallica and megadeth lyric breakdown thanks

  • morning glory
    morning glory Year ago

    Elders react to Fall Out Boy

  • Arthur Noor
    Arthur Noor Year ago +3

    React to Charlie puth already

  • Syrus Jones
    Syrus Jones Year ago +8

    Elders react to NF

  • Colton KoKo
    Colton KoKo Year ago +1

    For challenge chalice Do Never have I ever

  • bl4ckros312
    bl4ckros312 Year ago +13

    Elders react to Immortal technique Dance with the devil!!!!! Like if you think this should happen

  • Dani Spartan
    Dani Spartan Year ago +1

    Elders,teens react to krippy kush (remix)

  • XlhA
    XlhA Year ago +2

    It’s moms forgetting

  • Ketron Richardson
    Ketron Richardson Year ago +1

    Elders react to Boosie

  • Kasia
    Kasia Year ago +6

    Elders react to Melanie Martinez

  • Turner Lott
    Turner Lott Year ago +3

    Do Elders react to Geometry Dash!

  • john g
    john g Year ago +1

    Elders react to...: Cage, Necro, Jedi Mind Tricks, RA the Rugged Man, Hopsin, Childish Gambino, King Gordy, Brotha Lynch Hung, Jay Z, Nas, Ice Cube, Brand Nubian, Mobb Deep, and Geto Boys

  • gay boy
    gay boy Year ago +1

    can we have elders react to ghostmane?

  • Jack Lake
    Jack Lake Year ago +6

    Elders react to Metallica lyrics

  • SoleColt8203650
    SoleColt8203650 Year ago +5


  • HeraldOfGilboa
    HeraldOfGilboa Year ago +2

    elders,teens read Regina Spektor songs!

  • Asa
    Asa Year ago +18

    Elders react to filthy frank

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Year ago +1

    React to Pouya

    SPRTD Year ago +4

    React to Frank Ocean

  • Tedesco
    Tedesco Year ago +7

    Elders react to system of a down Lyrics

  • Random Beans
    Random Beans Year ago +10

    Elders react to system of a down or linkin park lyrics

  • MattTravis
    MattTravis Year ago +4

    Elders react.... Metallica lyrics

  • Brenner Ambrosek
    Brenner Ambrosek Year ago

    Elders react to say we can fly

  • Christopher Quintanilla

    Elders react to Leaving the Past by Immortal Technique

    • Christopher Quintanilla
      Christopher Quintanilla Year ago

      VongolaBossRoxas leaving the past has an amazing story I think would be interesting to see what they say

    • VongolaBossRoxas
      VongolaBossRoxas Year ago

      Christopher Quintanilla or creation and destructiom

  • Gaurav Gupta
    Gaurav Gupta Year ago +1

    Elders react to led Zeppelin

  • Avian Rosales
    Avian Rosales Year ago +4

    Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly

  • Tyler Raisl
    Tyler Raisl Year ago

    This is great !!!

  • Copper Qwaser
    Copper Qwaser Year ago +3

    elders react to Arch Enemy

  • megan schulze
    megan schulze Year ago +1

    Elders react to The Lumineers or maybe Highly Suspect ha.

  • forevered
    forevered Year ago +773

    I think it’s a very nice episode but you could have made the elders realize how Eminem also had a rough life and showed them songs like when I’m gone or cleaning out my closet. I feel like some elders were left with a wrong impression of Marshall

  • Tomi Lawrie
    Tomi Lawrie Year ago +17

    Could anyone else remember the lyrics after the lyrics they said😂😂😂